10 adventures to experience in India in the last Quarter

Authored by: www.adventureclicknblog.com

India provides a whole gamut of adventure experiences one can have in a life time. Now that the monsoon
season has come to an end, the time has come to embrace the mighty Himalayas & go for that trip you have
been thinking. Here we are listing down 10 adventure trips you should go for in the last 4 months of 2014.

India provides a whole gamut of adventure experiences one can have in a life time. Now
that the monsoon season has come to an end, the time has come to embrace the mighty
Himalayas & go for that trip you have been thinking. Here we are listing down 10 adventure
trips you should go for in the last 4 months of 2014. They are picked up by the editor
of www.adventureclicknblog.com & in no particular order of preferences. My only tip is give
yourself enough time to acclaimatize before you start the journey, trust me, you will thank
1. Ladhak – Just go there. Nuff said… Biking & Cycling
You can divide the world population into 2 separate categories, people who have gone to
Ladakh & the rest. Ladakh is the answer to all your issues & you actually will find yourself
there. You are happy, sad, depressed, life is catching up with you or whatever it is, just go
there. I suggest you go there in a cycle or motor bike. Follow the route of Manali-
Leh/Ladakh-Srinagar. A total of 8 days if motor biking & 20 days if you are cycling. If you
are not experienced, go with an organizer (do not repeat my mistakes) & do not forget to
pick up your friends. I went there when I lost my job & never looked back in my life.

2. Go for River Rafting (Our pick is Rishikesh & Coorg)
India with so many rivers have become a river rafting destinations across the globe. You
have a problem of plenty while choosing which one to go. One of our suggestions is to go
for Rishikesh & experience the might Ganges. Coorg, known as the Irel& of India has a 30
minutes river rafting stretch in River Barapole. At both places, the infrastructure for rafting
is very well developed & you have 3-4 well defined stretches available for you & also you
will get many organizers so that you can actually bargain & save some money. Rishikesh is
special to me as it was my first ever solo adventure trip in 2009. Being a woman traveler, it
means a lot.

3. The legend of Nubra & Markha Valley
Another entry from Ladakh region, National Geographic consider these 2 as one of the best
adventure destinations across the globe. Both of these are stunning beautiful & moderately
difficult. You can complete them in 7 days & make sure you prepare yourself physically
really well. The hike is relatively easy at a leisurely pace, but the trick lies with surviving the
temperature & harsh weather.

4. Pin Parvathi Trekking in the Green Apple Valley of India (50 Km from Kullu)
Apart from a woman adventure traveler, I am also a Yoga Therapist & a Naturopathy
practitioner. So when my friends asked me to join for Pin Parvathi Pass (9 Days & 17000 ft
height) Trek, I was little busy & said that sometime later but when I realized it’s the hub of
green apples which is like a medicine to your soul, I went there & this is one of the best &
toughest trek India. It starts from Kasol / Manikaran. At the end of 9 days in which you
have spent almost 4 days at minus 10 degrees temperature, it is always nice to go for a hot
water spring bath in Manikaran.

5. Hike to Western Ghats (Our pick is Kumara Parvatha / Kudremukh
/ Agumbe / Chembra)
I do not deny that peak monsoon season is the best time to visit Western Ghats, but for me
who does not like letches, post monsoon is the best time to witness the greenery of
Western Ghats. Pick any of the above as all of them are equally stunning. All 3 are
moderately difficult one day trek / hike. Always go for local food there, you will love it. Do
not forget to spend enough time in the waterfalls & just sit there for some time.

6. Learn Skiing (Our pick is Auli, Gulmarg & Tawang)
Skiing in Gulmarg & Auli is a wonderful combination of incredible powder skiing & the
unique culture of India. Due to its geographic location both of them get some of the
heaviest snowfalls in the Himalayas. You get the best resources in terms of trainers &
equipment for skiing at both places. You can also go for skiing certification program at
both the places. If you like to go to unknown places, go to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. I
recently visited them in April this year.

7. My first Scuba Diving (Our pick is Lakshadweep & Andaamans)
Life under the sea can only be explained by seeing it yourself. There is no other way out.
With pristine coral reefs at Lakshadweep & Anadamns, both these places are paradise for
divers. Go for a 3 day diving experience. 2 days t&em training & on the final day you can
dive alone. The diving sessions usually last for 30-45 minutes. Go after September. It is
one of my to do list entry.

8. Paragliding / Fly like a bird (Our pick is Kamshet & Bir Billing)
Go for a 7 day training / certification course. You will enjoy it the most. Kamshet looks
stunning with its post monsoon greenery & the season starts in mid-September. Bir Billing
is the paragliding capital of India. You get all kinds of flying experience, easy, moderate,
tough & extremely challenging. Someone told me that one can actually fly / paraglide from
Dharamshala to Manali (have you heard of it before???) if you are an experienced

9. Rock Climbing at Hadbi Chi Shendi in Igatpuri
My personal experience says that Rock Climbing is the toughest adventure one can
experience although it is yet to be fully popularized in India. Among many rock climbing,
the height of the pinnacle is roughly 150 ft & this is sitting on top of a hill that is about
350 feet high. Many people go there but only few can actually climb it. The climb can be
rated as ‘tough’.

10. Face your fear – Go for some extreme Aero Sports e.g. Sky Diving or Bungee

Bungee jumping is actually scary even in TV. Go to Rishikesh for it, they have the best
infrastructure & very well qualified instructors. For skydiving our pick is Amby Valley &
Puducherry. The season will start in mid-September. The tandem jump is from approx.
3000 ft above the ground level & yes it is scary. One question for you guys, once you do it
try remembering what you were thinking during that jump. I could not remember my
Puducherry experience.