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Fripperies - Volume 1 (Nos. 1-4)
Composer: Shaw, Lowell E.
Year Composed: 1964
Availability: Commercial
Publisher: Hornists Nest
Year Published: 1964
Catalogue Number: 
HN 3
Sheet Music Format: 
A4, Score (8) & parts (4x4=16)
Players Number of Players: 
Additional Players: 
Approximate Duration: 
Technical Difficulty: 
4 pieces:
Frippery no.1: Medium
Frippery no.2: Fast
Frippery no.3: Waltz
Frippery no.4: Slow march
Treble, bass
Key signatures: 
None, 1#
C, 3/4, 6/8
Horn 1: b - g2
Horn 2: g - e2
Horn 3: g - f2
Horn 4: c - e2
Creator's Comments: 
The Fripperies are short, light-hearted pieces, intended to give the horn quartet the opportunity to play in
various styles. They were originally written to give students the chance to become at least somewhat
acquainted with the notation employed in "big band" arrangements. The following suggestions may be of
some help in setting the moods for the various members...
#1 uses the uneven eighth note patterns of the "swing" ear, and for that reason, is probably the most
difficult one in this volume to put together. THe eighths should be played with the feeling of lazy triplets,
with a stress on the shorter second note of each pair. [Explains further with musical example]
#2 must be played lightly, with even eighth notes and good accents. TO make the accents more
impressive, the general volume level should be kept quite low. The entrances after A should be right on top
of the beat to keep the tempo from slowing. Give the 2nd player a chance to get the fugal entrance out
through the rest of the texture after C. The tune can easily get lost at that spot. Straight out in tempo.
#3 is a lilting waltz. No need for any heroics on this one.
#4 starts as a spooky march, cuts loose at D, marcato bombasto, and then goes out on tiptoe. Frippery #1
should have some what the same feeling as this one does from D to J.
Stay on the light side throughout. Bear in mind that it is a cooperative venture. Enjoy!
Performance Notes: 
The one and only original volume of the Fripperies, the set that started off what has now become the best
known "light" quartet music for horns on the market.
Access to review score: Nancy Joy (NMSU)
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