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Answer the following questions with good explanation in your own words.

1. What is a forest ? describe the definition of forest in general and ecology concept.
2. Why do we need to study the growth of a tree and the anatomy of a tree?
3. What are the benefits of tree?
4. Characterize the forest based on :
a. Its function
b. Type of forests
5. Describe the formation of annual ring of a tree !
6. What do you know about canopy tree?
7. What are the characteristics of angiosperm and Gymnosperm ? how are they
different ?
8. How trees communicate with another tree?
9. What are the differences between bushes and trees?
10. why does the photosynthesis and respiration are not needed to be studied in the
study of forestry practices ?
11. Are there any negative impact on the psychology of the tree ? explain further.
12. What are the benefits of reserved forests?
13. What are the impacts for human being when the numbers of forests decrease
14. Why does a tree shed its leaves in dry season?
15. How do we differentiate between the strobilus of male and female of a tree?
16. As a student, What will you do when you see a tourist destroying the forest?
17. How does a forest prevent the erosion ?
18. Why do we need to study about the forest ecosystem?
19. Why is nitrogen very useful for the plants? Explain briefly.
20. What do you know about evaporation.
21. Describe the process of Nitrogen cycle.
22. What are the role of storm in nitrogen cycle?
23. Describe and explain briefly the process of cycle of water.
24. Describe the definition of ecosystem.
25. What are the function of water for the forests?
26. How are the water cycle in the city differ from the water cycle in natural
environment ?
27. Explain briefly the differences between aerobes and anaerobes respiration.
28. what do you know about biotic and abiotic ?
29. What are the characteristics of ecosystem ?
30. What are the effects of deforestation ?
31. What are the role of forest to global warming ?
32. What can be resulted in dark reaction ?
33. Explain briefly what do you about succession. What are the difference between
primary and secondary succession ?
34. What will be happened to the forest when the animals are hunted for food. Is there
any impacts for the forests? Explain briefly.
35. Explain briefly about savanna forest ?
36. What do you think about the extinct animal that is hunted by the illegal hunters?

Answer all the above questions in the form of :
a. A4 printed paper
b. Left and top margin 4 cm, right and bottom margin 3 cm
c. Cambria font style, size 12.
d. 1,5 in space
e. The exact, same writing style of answers will not be considered. Therefore,
please answer all the questions by using your own words.
f. This assignment must be submitted within 1 November 2014 to Aprizal,