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Dzonga Mhlongo Heritage (DMH) seeks to
demonstrate the dignity, the pride and honour in
the calling to traditional healing. Though times
have changed, the practice of traditional healing
has not changed. What has changed is the
presentation of traditional healers. DMH sells
authentic traditional healing inspired clothing and
lifestyle apparel that can easily be incorporated
into everyday modern lifestyle while paying
homage the practice of traditional healing and
being tasteful in appearance
Authentic traditional healing elements
are incorporated into all the items,
sourced from raw materials and
indigenous people currently making the
materials, thereby creating employment.
Njeti Suit : Shift dress R320 + Njeti Blazer R320
Peplum Dress (Njeti) R340
Peplum Dress (Palu) R340
Peplum Skirt (Njeti ) R280
Hessian dress (Palu) R400
Cocktail pants R260 & vest R220 (Ingwe) Cocktail pants R260 & vest R220 (Zebra)
Long cocktail dress R440 (Ingwe) also available in Zebra
Curtsey dress R350
Weekend dress R260
DMH Clothing is
available in all
Small - XXLarge
White Mpangele White palu Red Mpangele
Head scarf R120
Freestyle Half dress R220
Freestyle dress R260 Palu bag R120
Mpangele Vest R160
Full Njeti skirt R280 Njeti Waistcoat R260
Njeti-Palu Skirt with Palu blazer (R320) Njeti-White skirt with Njeti Stretch Tshirt (R180)
Asymmetrical skirts R260 + Head-scarf R120
“to preserve the sacred practice of
traditional healing, by demystifying
the practice and providing an outlet
to incorporate the practice into
modern day lifestyles. “
North dress Sun dress
Shift dresses: R320
P&NJ dress Ingwe dress
Cocktail Shift dresses: R320
Red Sun dress R290
Red Sun dress R320 + White Njeti zip jacket R350 Palu dress R220 + Palu coat R280
Red Palu Zip Jacket R350 + Cape (White) R360
Red Njeti Skirt R220
Mpangele Tshirt R160
3/4 Njeti skirt R260 & Njeti vest R160 All-in-one top (Njeti) R280 & Tights (Njeti) R160
Njeti Waistcoat R180 (also available in Palu)
Njeti Sun hat R110 Njeti Vest R160
Cross-over dress (Palu) R280 & Tights (Palu) R160 Cross-over dress ( Nj eti ) R280
Njeti Denim dress R280
Mid Njeti Denim Dress R280
Palu Denim dress R280
Sunshine dress R320
SafarI dress (white) R350
Safari dress (red) R350 - Also available in Yellow
Waistcoat (Palu) R260
Palu-Njeti dress R290 Palu-Njeti dress R290 Palu-red blazer R320
3/4 Pants (Palu) R240 + Casual Jacket (Palu) R220
Palu Heart bag R110
Full skirt (Palu) R280 + Blazer (Palu) R350
African shirt (Palu) R220
Palu Tshirt R160 Sun Tshirt R160
Mpangele Tunic dress - R220 Mpangele Tunic dress (B&W) R220 + Mpangele
Tshirt R160 + Red Skirt R220
Lifestyle accessories are built using
materials used by traditional healers, in
the same manner as they would if they
are when used by traditional healers.
Thus items are decorative whilst being
functional in nature.
Njeti cushions (clockwise from left):
Medium heart (R80) Large heart (R120) Rectangular (R80)
Round Njeti cushion (R90) Square Njeti cushion (R80)
Tel: +27 11 027 8690
Fax: +27 86 690 4213
Artwork R650