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2014 TOC E-Book List

TOPIC Book/Chptr Author Title Publisher Year
All Book Cox, III J ames F. and
Schleier, J r. J ohn G.
Theory of Constraints Handbook McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
General 1 Goldratt, Eliyahu M. Introduction to TOC---My Perspective McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SECTION 2: Project Management
CCPM 2 Walker, Edward The Problems with Project Management McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
CCPM 3 Budd, Charlene Spoede
Cerveny, J anice
A Critical Chain Project Management Primer McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
CCPM 4 Realization Getting Durable Results with Critical Chain---A Field McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
CCPM 5 Newbold, Rob Making Change Stick McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
CCPM 6 AGI-Goldratt Institute Project Management in a Lean World---Translating Lean
Six Sigma (LSS) into the Project Environment
McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SECTION 3: Manufacturing and Distribution
SCL 7 Blackstone, J r. J ohn H. A Review of Literature on Drum-Buffer-Rope, Buffer McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SCL 8 Srikanth,
Mokshagundam (Shri)
DBR, Buffer Management and VATI Flow Classification McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SCL 9 Schragenheim, Eli From DBR to Simplified-DBR for Make-To-Order McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SCL 10 Schragenheim, Eli Managing Make-To-Stock and the Concept of Make-To-
McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SCL 11 Schragenheim, Amir Supply Chain Management McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SCL 12 Smith, Chad and Ptak,
Integrated Supply Chain McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SECTION 4: Decision Making: Accounting, Finance,
F&M 13 Budd, Charlene Spoede Traditional Measures in Finance and Accounting,
Problems, Literature Review, and TOC Measures
McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
F&M 14 Smith, Debra and
Herman J eff
Resolving Measurement/Performance Dilemmas McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
F&M 15 Barnard, Alan Continuous Improvement and Auditing McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
F&M 16 Barnard, Alan,
I l R i dE
Holistic TOC Implementation Case Studies McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SECTION 5: Strategy, Marketing and Sales
Strategy 17 Cooper, Marjorie J . Traditional Strategy Models and Theory of Constraints McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Strategy 18 Kendall, Gerald Theory of Constraints Strategy McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Strategy 19 Dettmer, H. William Strategy McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
MKT&S 20 Goldratt-Ashlag, Efrat The Layers of Resistance - The Buy-in Process According to
McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
MKT&S 21 Herman, Maurice and Less Is More, Applying the Flow Concepts to Sales McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
MKT&S 22 Lang, Lisa Mafia Offers: Dealing with a Market Constraint McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SECTION 6: Thinking Processes
TP 23 Mabin, Victoria J . and The TOC Thinking Processes McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
TP 24 Cohen, Oded Daily Management with TOC McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
TP 25 Scheinkopf, Lisa J . Thinking Processes Including S & T Trees McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
2014 TOC E-Book List
TP 26 Suerken, Kathy TOC for Education McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
TP 27 Cheng, Christina Theory of Constraints in Prisons McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SECTION 7: Services
Services 28 Ronen, Boaz
Pass, Simeon
Services Management McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Services 29 Ricketts, J ohn Arthur Theory of Constraints in Professional, Scientific, and McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Services 30 Klarman, Alex
Klapholz, Richard
Customer Support Services According to TOC McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Services 31 Wadhwa, Gary Viable Vision for Health Care Systems McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Services 32 Wright, J ulie TOC for Large-Scale Health Care Systems McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
SECTION 8: Complexity
Complex 33 Holt, J ames R. and Theory of Constraints in Complex Organizations McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Complex 34 Ferguson, Lisa A. Applications of Strategy and Tactics Trees in Organizations McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Complex 35 Walsh, Daniel P. Complex Environments McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Complex 36 AGI-Goldratt Institute Combining Lean, Six Sigma and the Theory of Constraints
to Achieve Breakthrough Performance
McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Complex 37 Covington, J ohn Using TOC in Complex Systems McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Complex 38 Cox, III J ames F. and
Schleier, J r. J ohn G.
Theory of Constraints for Personal Productivity/Dilemmas McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
Bibliogry appendix Cox, III J ames F. and
Schleier, J r. J ohn G.
Selected Bibliography of Eliyahu M. Goldratt
McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010
F&M book Lang, Lisa Increasing Cash Velocity: The Theory of Constraints
Approach to Cash Velocity in Performance Management /
Thrroughput Publishing 2011
SCL 17 Lang, Lisa Velocity Manufacturing in Trendsetters Celebrity Press 2011
12 Yang, Dai Theory of Constraints in Design for Six Sigma for Service 2005
SCL book Ching, Clarke Rocks into gold: A biztech parable 2009
Dictionary book Cox, J ames F. III, Lynn
H. Boyd, Timothy T.
Sullivan, Richard A.
Reid, and Brad Cartier
Theory of Constraints International Certification
Organization Dictionary, 2nd Ed.
McGraw-Hill Publishers 2012
F&M book Lang, Lisa Maximizing profitability: The theory of constraints
approach to maximizing profitability (workbook plus CD)
Throughput Publishing 2006
Strategy book Lang, Lisa Achieving a viable vision: The theory of constraints
strategic approach to Rapid sustainable growth
Throughput Publishing 2006
CCPM book Scott, Chris "Critical Chain" - Project Management… A Concept Used
by the Great Military and Aerospace Companies of the
TSGT Publishing at
SCL book Athavale, Rajeev Echoes of TOC Volume 1 Leanpub 2013
2014 TOC E-Book List
SCL book Athavale, Rajeev Echoes of TOC Volume 1I Leanpub 2013
SCL book Athavale, Rajeev Theory of Constraints – Do It Yourself Kit for Small &
Medium size Enterprises for Manufacturing
Leanpub 2013
SCL book Athavale, Rajeev Theory of Constraints – Do It Yourself Kit for Small &
Medium size Enterprises for Distribution.
Leanpub 2013
CCPM book Athavale, Rajeev Theory of Constraints – Do It Yourself Kit for Small &
Medium size Enterprises for Projects.
Leanpub 2013
General book Harel, Henry Where is the constraint! A theory of constraints DIY ToolkitSiAl Publisher Israel 2012
CCPM book Kim, Gene, Kevin Behr
and Geogre Spafford
The Phoenix Project: A novel about IT, DevOps, and
helping your business win
SCL book Lolla, Shridhar The path: Leveraging operations in a complex and chaotic 2013
CCPM book Woepple, Mark Visualizing Projects Pinnacle Strategies 2013
Govt I-book TOC Sales & Marketing International Public Sector Effectiveness Conference 2013 (f TOC Sales and Marketing 2013
SCL book Müller, Wolfram and
Kurras, Silvan
Critical Chain Projektmanagement für Projektmanager -
Selbst-Lern-Kurs (German)
Leanpub 2013
The chapters/sections in the TOC Handbook are available separately as ebooks at Amazon
Critical chain - Project management
Logistics solutions
Supply chain solutions
Performance measurement/accounting/ management
accounting/decision making
Thinking processes
Theory of constraints - general
Management of people
Sales process
TOC for Education
What to expect: To be included in this TOC e-format listing, the e-book has to be primarily TOC. If a chapter on
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