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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been called the “healthiest dietary oil on earth.” This is the item that I have just started
incorporating into our diet. I have been cooking with it, adding it to smoothies, and now I am realizing the
beneits to using it as a natural body product!
Hair Conditioner " #sing coconut oil or hair conditioner is a great, healthy idea. It not only sotens the hair and
leaves it shiny, it also leaves your scalp moisturized. It will also absorb into your skin nicely as well without
leaving that greasy eeling that some moisturizers have a tendency to do. $pplying coconut oil to wet hair is what
works best. %ake the application ater you get out o the shower. &ut a pea sized drop in one hand. 'etter to have
too little than too much. (venly coat hands by rubbing them together. (venly run ingers through hair and rub
coconut oil into hair. #sing a comb to distribute oil through hair is also acceptable. )epeat i desired.
Deodorant " This has been the best thing I have discovered lately! It works wonders! I am one that has always
had to use very strong deodorant because the natural stu never worked. I have been blown away by the
eectiveness o this recipe. %y husband was a little skeptical at irst, and didn*t necessarily like applying it with
his hands, but the beneits ar out way any e+tra eort. Ingredients, Arrowroot powder (or cornstarch), baking
soda, and coconut oil. Combine e-ual -uantities o arrowroot and baking soda .I started with / cup each0. Then
add as much coconut oil to the mi+ture till you get the substance that you desire .123 Tbls0. )eplace your empty
deodorant containers with the product or store it in a plastic bowl with lid.
Skin Care " Coconut oil is also an e+cellent massage oil or the skin as well. It is an eective moisturizer on all
types o skin.
)ead more about the multiple health beneits o coconut oil here.
Liquid Soap " 4ill your empty soap dispensers with 5r. 'ronners li-uid castile soap. It is rather thin on its own
so dilution is not recommended.
Shapoo " 'aking 6oda 7 water .appro+imately 8 Tbls soda to 8 cup water02make use o your old dispensers!
Combine these two ingredients or an e+cellent shampoo. I make a paste with baking soda and water, massage
this into my scalp and rinse well. It deinitely does not have the soapy eel o your regular shampoo, but it
actually eels like it is cleaning your scalp more thoroughly. This is called the no2poo method.
9ere is another shampoo recipe using apple cider vinegar. $C: works eectively as a conditioning agent. This
substance must be rerigerated between uses.
$dd the ollowing ingredients in a blender,
8 oz. ;live oil
8 egg
8 Tablespoon lemon juice
8 teaspoon $C:.
#se as you would a regular shampoo
Conditioner 2 $pple Cider :inegar .$ppro+imately 821 Tbls. cider to 8 cup water0 " 6pray this solution to the
ends o your hair and again rinse well. Cleans and detangles. %akes hair eel very sot. I do not recommend using
an old cleaning spray bottle .I washed it in the dishwasher too!0. I did this at irst and it added a horrible smell
.probably not good or the hair, either0. #se a small spray bottle. The smell takes a little getting used too, and I
increased the water -uantity to decrease the scent. It would be worth trying to add an essential oil o some kind to
overcome the $C: smell.
$pple Cider :inegar has not only proved beneicial to take internally but also oer as many topical health
beneits too. <hen you incorporate apple cider vinegar into your body2care regimen, you will -uickly ind that
you don*t need many o the commercial beauty aids. %any o which contain preservatives, and synthetic
perumes. $pple cider vinegar .$C:0, on the other hand, is an all2natural remedy that helps the skin=scalp &h
balance. 9ealthy skin has a protective acid mantle that can be stripped away by overuse o alkaline body soaps.
The skin is the largest organ o elimination> so maintaining an acid mantle assists the normal deto+iication
!or re"reshing and deep cleansing "ace wash
$dd 8 c. o $C: to basin o warm water to use as a rereshing ace wash. 4or a steam deep cleanse, add 3
tablespoons o $C: to a pan o boiled water and lean your ace over it. Cover your head with a towel or ive
minutes, allowing the steam to open up the pores and loosen any impurities rom the skin*s surace.
9ope that helps with a ew ideas or natural body products! $ny other ideas?
I just came across this website that has many more wonderul body product recipes. 6ome are similar to what I
have tried above. Check it out!
9ere is another site a reader sent me on going shampoo ree. :ery interesting inormation! Thanks @erilyn!
Soapwort Shampoo Recipe 1
• 2 cups distilled water
• 1 1/2 tablespoons dried soapwort root (chopped) (most health food stores would carry this)
• 2 teaspoons Lemon Verbena or 2 teaspoons Catnip
(Lemon verbena is used for citrus fragrance and/or catnip is thought promote healthy growth)
Bring water to a boil add soapwort and simmer cover for about 2! minutes" #emove from heat add
herb then allow mi$ture to cool" %train the mi$ture &eeping the li'uid" (our into a bottle" )a&es enough
for *+, shampoos" )ust be used within -+1! days" %tore homemade soapwort shampoo in a cool dar&
Soapwort Shampoo Recipe 2
%oapwort root can help relieve itching and dermatitis" .se / to 0 tablespoonfuls to clean hair and scalp
without a lather"
• 1 1ablespoon%oapwort #oot
• 1 1ablespoon2ried Chamomile 3lowers
• 1 Cup boiling water
• 4 drops#osemary 5ssential 6il
Bring water to a boil" 7dd soapwort and chamomile" %immer covered for about 2! minutes" #emove
from heat" 7llow to cool" %train the mi$ture &eeping the li'uid" (our into a bottle" 7dd rosemary oil"
%ha&e" %tore homemade soapwort shampoo in a cool dar& place"