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The Site
The Idea
Offering & Value
Role Promotion
User Profile
The Community

The Idea
! Online national sports commentator platform
! Community for fans to engage with each other about the sport
! Opinion-based posts about:
! Sports, Teams, Matches, Championships, Tournaments, etc.
! Each posts can be:
! Rated, ‘Liked’ or ‘Disliked,’ commented on, and shared via social
! Homepage posts will be featured by like/dislike and the number
times shared
! Starter location: Italy
! Expand to other geographical areas once foothold is created
Offering & Value
! User benefits:
! Opportunity to become the sports commentator
! Community of sports fanatics
! Establish unique profile
! Platform thrives off of:
! Fans Passion (Clip)
! Desire to be immersed in the game
! Bring fans closer to the sports/players/managers etc.
! A new platform for potential investors (advertisers, etc.) to
engage the fans with
Basic Account
! Price: free of charge
! Allows users to:
! Visit and view the site
! Visit and view a limited
number of posts
! Write short posts
! Comment and like posts
! Create unique profile
Premium Account
! Price: 30!/Year
! Same features plus…
! Premium Features allow
user to:
! Utilize more profile
! Write longer posts
! More opportunities to
move up within the site’s
Role Promotion
Common User Activities
! Reading (90%
of website-
! Login
! Tagging
! Commenting
! Signing up for a
! Sharing
! Networking
! Writing/
! Refactoring
! Collaborating
! Moderating
! Leading
Roles a User can Reach
! Fan
! Regular Supporter
! Hooligan
! Commentator
! Reporter
! Analyst
! Sport-Specific Expert
! Sport-Specific
! General Journalist
! Sport-Specific
! General Moderator
! Sport-Specific Editor
! General Editor
! Sport-Specific Editor
! Sport-Specific Chief
! General Chief Editor
User Profile
! Name
! Brief personal description
! Published posts and photos
! Specific sports interested in
! Specific teams interested in
The Community
! Sports:
! Website area dedicated
to users’ inputs
! Suggestions &
additions of other
! Teams:
! Users will be gathered
according to team
! Individual ranking
! Team ranking
! The Rules:
! Report inappropriate
and false posts
! Filter system for swear
! Decency clause in
“Terms of Use” section
when registering for
site use
The Business
Value Proposition
Potential Revenue Streams
Competitive Intelligence
Action Plan
! To create a committed community:
! Important to design a set of incentives to increase the sense of
belonging for the users
! User-Role Promotion
! System based on:
! Positive ratings
! Number of articles written
! Number of Social Interactions (sharing, likes, comments)
! Number of “Virtual Rewards”
! Virtual medals, etc. to reward the user who writes the top rated article
of the week
! Temporary Contests
! “Design Our Logo”
! “Best Sport-Photo of the Month”
! “Best Commentated Football Match”
Value Proposition
Potential Revenue Streams
! Advertising
! Sporting goods companies
! Sports teams
! Sports and fittness publications
! Partnerships
! SportItalia
! SportMediaset
! Premium Accounts
Competitive Intelligence
The Bad News…
! Intense Competition:
! Unattractive industry, but
only at first sight
! Variety of Substitutes:
! Sports websites
! Blogs
! Forums
! Social media platforms
! News websites/ Sports
The Good News…
! Innovative Platform
! Giant consolidated blog
providing information on
several sport fields
! Source of entertainment
! Interaction and
engagement in the
reporting process
! Biased opinions—vs—
professional and neutral
journalistic opinions
! Readers get the “real-
deal” from other fans
! 1. Funding:
! Determine predicted costs
! Determine necessary revenues
! 2. Creating & Developing:
! Research most popular sports in Italy
! 3. Monitor Site:
! Make necessary adjustments to ensure continued success
! 4. Expand
! To different sports
! To different geographical markets
! Will need to research market sport preferences
! Make necessary language adjustments
Action Plan