Description About Vedic Maths

Vedic Mathematics helped organize knowledge as a single discipline known as Veda.
Within Veda all disciplines dissolved their identities.

Vedic Mathematics availed Geometric formats for organization of whole range of
knowledge as a single discipline.

Vedic Mathematics in the process of organization of knowledge as single discipline
also dissolved its own identity in it completely.

Akash (vdk'k%)/Space, Nad (ukn%)/Sound, Jyoti (T;ksfr%)/Light and like are the
designations of Braham, the ultimate, and as such different approaches to the
ultimate. Amongst them here the approach being availed for the present course is
of Akash (vdk'k%)/Space.

The composition of word Akash (vdk'k%) avails Pratihara (izR;kgkj%) Ak (vd~)
which covers the range of first five vowels (v]b]m]_]y`) coordinated in terms of
first two Maheshwara Sutras (v b m .k~A1A and _ y` d~ A2A). As such the space
(Akash) of this organization and comprehension is of five dimensional folds (with
each fold as a real dimensional space) to supply the required geometric formats
for organization of knowledge as a single discipline.

The organization of knowledge as a single discipline on five fold geometric
formats is full of potentialities for utilization of in flow from the source (Sun)
through its rays and as such the Vedas being written on the rays of the Sun.

The Being on its take off from within the human frame for its pilgrimage to
Brahman domain rides Ativahkas(vfrokgd%)/transcendental Carriers within the
rays of the sun which carry the Being to orb of the Sun for being in unison with
Divya Pursha.

Vedic scriptures further preserve the experiential knowledge of senior
Sadhkas/Rishis, Maharishis and Brahamrishis about the further pilgrimage of
Pursha (iq:"k%)from orb of the Sun first to Sapat Rishi Lok (lIr_f"kZyksd) and
then to the Brahman Lok (czãyksd).

Present Course may reach only up till five folds of Akash with further initial leads
about the carriers frequencies within rays of the Sun and as such the
mathematical entities and tools being accepted here are: (i) Artifices of numbers
(ii) Dimensional frames of real Spaces 1 to 5 and (iii) Carriers frequencies of rays
of the sun.

Present lessons course is an humble first attempt of an individual scholar and as such
the same is bound to be of many many limitations of expressions, communication in
general, and also in respect of arrangement and sequence of lessons as well as in
respect of individual lessons contents and groupings of lessons etc.. Sadhkas may
forgive for it and proceed ahead for their own experiential self-validations by freely
permitting their transcending minds to chase the truth and glimpse the ultimate and
then to re-organize Vedic Maths Course for themselves as well as for sharing the
ambrosia of bliss of their experiential truths with fellow Sadhkas.

World with the Sadhkas (Participants of the course)
 This is a special course based upon the research in Vedic systems.

 The course aims at approaching Vedic knowledge essentially for personal bliss
through intellectual satisfaction of the urge by experiential self-validation and as
such this is meant for only those who have an urge to go for it.

 The attempt here is to arrange the course lessons in a sequence, however the
Sadhkas, during their self-validation second round of meditation sittings may
have their own order of sequential steps as per their experience through initial
intellectual chase as per the sequence and order of lessons arranged as the
present course.

 It may be desirable for the Sadhkas to initially have intellectual chase of the
referred portions of the cited scriptures and thereafter as per urge and time to go
through other portions of the said as well as the connected scriptures and
literature there upon as experiential commentaries of senior Sadhkas, Rishis and