Infrastructure for the

Mining Industry

GHD has an integrated approach to delivering infrastructure for
mining projects. From mine concept to mine closure, the GHD
mining and infrastructure teams work closely with you to provide an
extensive range of services.
Through our 6,000 people in a network of offices in 15 countries,
GHD has a range of technical specialists to support every stage of
infrastructure for your mining project’s life cycle. We understand
both the business and technical issues involved in delivering
optimum project outcomes, and have the capability and commitment
to assist you to successfully and profitably develop the infrastructure
for your mining prospect, operation or expansion plans.
For example, our approach to infrastructure development considers
the integration of the geological and mine planning, with the
environmental and geotechnical, all with an appreciation of safety
and capital and operational costs.
Our projects span the globe – Asia, Australia, South America, China,
Middle East and Africa – addressing diverse regional factors, and
delivering significant benefits to our clients through improved mine
development and costing strategies. Infrastructure areas that GHD
can address are broadly listed and examples for each area are
Mining development and feasibility studies;
Mine site facilities, such as materials handling ;
Environmental studies and management plans;
Power supply and reticulation;
Airport, Port/shipping, Roads and rail;
Mining town development;
Water supplies, dams and treatment plants;
Tailings dam
Geotechnical engineering;
Ports and shipping facilities;
Mine fuel supply;
Mine security

Macarthur Overburden Removal
Feasibility Study
Macarthur Coal Limited
(30/10/06 – current)
GHD carried out additional investigations into an alternative
conveying configuration, prior to embarking on a Feasibility Study.
The study addressed one configuration only and involved necessary
geo-tech investigation, preliminary design and construction analysis
to achieve a ±10% Capital Cost Estimate.
Tampakan Infrastructure The Tampakan copper/gold mining project in Mindanao, the
Philippines, is a proposed 30Mtpa to 45Mtpa mine, producing
700,000 to 900,000 tpa of copper concentrate.
GHD were commissioned in 2006 by Sagittarius Mines, the local
subsidiary of Indophil Resources NL, to undertake mining
infrastructure pre-feasibility and masterplanning services. Within the
scope was to review a variety of options, develop preliminary
layouts and to prepare cost estimates.
Specifically, the areas of focus were:
Cargo & Marine Facility
Roads & Bridges
Power Generation & Transmission
Copper Concentrate Slurry Pipeline
Fuel Supply
Base Camp/Township
BHPB Ni West Mt Keith Mine
Material Handling
(17/11/06 – current)
Discounted Cash Flow with Range Analysis and Risk Assessment
from CAPEX and OPEX determination of the Mt Keith operations.
were performed to determine different material transport options
feasibility and profitability over the mine life.
Simberi Gold Feasibility Study
(1/9/05 – 4/1/06)
This job will pull together the various independent work undertaken
by Allied Gold previously and develop a Feasibility Study on material
transportation options for Funding Review.

Isaac River Mine Development
Concept Study

The study of the infrastructure requirements to support a 6 million
tonne coal mine in the Central Queensland area. Discounted Cash
Flow analysis, Range analysis and risk assessment were performed
from CAPEX and OPEX assessment.
BHPB Ni West Mt Keith Mine
Material Handling
(17/11/06 – current)
To carry out a Mine Materials Handling Study for BHB Billiton Nickel
West Mount Keith Mine. Alternate methods of material removal from
the pit have been assessed including aerial conveyor systems
directly out of the pit
Belvedere Coal Logistics Study
(18/10/06 – 12/2/07)
This job involves the determination of Coal Loading cost on site, Rail
freight costs, Port loading charges and a analysis of the approval
steps along the way. This study will look at two alternative
production tonnages 8mtpa and 12 mtpa and will consider the
potential impact on rail freight and port charges if the Wandoan Rail
Link comes to fruition.

Coal Development Feasibility
Bangladesh (2003 – current)
GHD provided technical support in the lead up to the Feasibility
Study for the development of an open pit coal mine and power
station development in north west Bangladesh. This included coal
resource, hydrogeology and geotechnical issues, mining methods,
power station systems, social, environmental, economic and land
data management assistance. GHD prepared of the Feasibility
study scope and the Competent Persons Report for the project
listing on London market. GHD supervised exploration drilling to
improve the coal basin definition. GHD is currently initiating the full
Feasibility Study works program to be undertaken in 2004-05.
Loy Yang Power Mine
Development (1992 – ongoing)

GHD and its staff have provided a wide range of mining and related
services to Loy Yang on a continuous basis since planning for this
project commenced in the early 1970’s. Services performed include
whole of life and medium term mine planning, mine plant reliability
modelling, mine operational support, geotechnical engineering,
hydrogeology, environmental management, tailings management
and dam surveillance for this large 30 Mt/annum mine.
Coal Development Prefeasibilty
Bangladesh (1999 – 2002)
Preparation of a Concept Study and a Prefeasibility (Phase 1) study
of an open pit coal mine and power station development in north
west Bangladesh including assessments of coal resource,
hydrogeology and geotechnical issues, mining methods, capital and
operational costs, infrastructure requirements and costs, power
station system interaction and economic assessment. Further
geophysical investigations and resource assessment work was then
completed to improve the project definition.
Flynn Mine Concept &
Prefeasibilty Studies
Victoria (2002 – 2003)
GHD undertook conceptual design for this green field open cut coal
mine project at Flynn in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley for Australian
Power and Energy Ltd (APEL). Our engagement included
exploration, geological modelling and resource evaluation, mine
planning, mining methods assessment, hydrogeology, geotechnical
engineering and regulatory approvals. We are well placed to assist
APEL with detailed engineering for both the mine and processing
plant as this project is developed.
Kalimantan Mine Development
Indonesia (1998)
Development of mine design, mine scheduling, coal quality
assessment and coal quality blending to achieve optimum mine
development for two planned major operations in Kalimantan.
Mine Safety Training Program
India (1998 – 2002)
This $A3,500,000 project for the Indian Government involves the
provision of training in mine safety practices to support the
development of improved work practices and systems, legislation
and mine safety information systems. It incorporates the training of
groups of Indian mine safety inspectors in Australia and coordination
work in India.
Geological Resource Assessment
Philippines (1999)
This geological assignment formed part of a BHP Engineering
bankable feasibility study for a coal project in northern Luzon. The
project required collection and validation of historical geological data
on the deposit and provision of specialist advice on the
requirements for a resource estimate. The projects field
requirements included assessment of geological drilling procedures,
supervision of drilling works, core logging and core sampling plus
training and supervision of local geological and technical staff.

BMA Crinum Mine – East Crinum
Design and supervision of new trunk conveyors and a 1.5km ramp
conveyor for the Crinum East mining operation.

PT Adaro Coal Transport System GHD has designed a 66km conveyor system for PT Adaro’s mine in
Indonesia handling 40 Million tones per annum of coal. The conveyor
is to replace a dedicated mine road system which has become a
significant community issue.
Goro Nickel Project Haul Road
(15/2/06 – 16/11/06)
Design the haul road between the Goro orebody and ROM pad in New
Caledonia. Road will cross two ravines and very steep country.
Embankments and culverts across ravines of major significance, both
hydrologically and geotechnically. GHD to produce preliminary designs
for Permitting Authorities by 31 March 2006.
Aurukun Project - Rusal
- Rusal Australia Pty Ltd
To provide input to Rusal's scoping study for their deliberations on the
Aurukun Project. GHD was commissioned to provide input to the mine
infrastructure - roads, bridges and airfield - as well as ports information
of two potential mine wharfs and three refinery wharf sites. The
requirement was for a quick (~2week study) providing a +/-30%
Millennium No.1 Mine Geotechnical
-Millennium Coal Pty Ltd
GHD were engaged to carry out the geotechnical investigation of the
proposed mine infrastructure. This included the GHD designed rail
loop, haul road, access road and water storage dams as well as the
coal handling facilities designed by others

Isaac River Mine Development
Concept Study
Client:- BMA Coal the largest thermal and coking coal exporter in
Australia. Mines and located in the Bowen Basin in Central
Queensland and the Hunter Valey in New South Wales.
Project- :Isaac River Mine Concept Study. The development of a $500
million open cut coal mine. To be developed by 2010
GHD's Role:-The study of the infrastructure requirements to support a
6million tonne coal mine in the Isaac river mining area
six locations were studied by an extrpolation and subjective logic
method. A capital cost estmiate to +40% was included.
A secodary part of the study was the establishment of a future works
plan for the PFS.
Phulbari - Infrastructure Feasibility
- Asia Energy Plc
Phulbari Infrastructure feasibility study for a major coal min in
Bangladesh was completed for Asia Energy. Key issues were
transport and potential port facilities.
Bengalla Coal Mine
- Bengalla Mining Company
Bengalla Mine Infrastructure EPCM - Design of Access Roads & O/B

Mineconsult Saddlers Creek
- MIneconsult Pty Ltd
Preparation of Infrastructure concept designs and cost estimates to
support the Saddlers Creek feasibility study

Anvill Hill Mine Development
Initial stages for the proposed Anvil Hill mine in the Hunter Valley.
Current commission is to provide all infrastructure services to
support the approvals process.
Hail Creek Mine – Site Facilities
and External Works, Qld
Hail Creek Partners
Covered all works associated with mine site facilities and the open
cut mine which had been planned to produce 4.5 Mtpa of coal.
Works included heavy equipment and fuelling facilities, high and low
voltage power distribution, water supply and wastewater treatment,
all roads and drainage including haul roads, administration and
amenity buildings, single men’s quarters and airstrip. Study
established all engineering requirements, layout, typical sections,
reliable quantities and estimates for capital costs.
Bengalla Coal Project ($11M)
1992 - 1998
EPCM Civil Infrastructure. All infrastructure services (road and rail
access, services, water management, buildings, fuel) from initial
concepts and approvals support to detailed design and construction
phase, including project management services to the BMC project
Kidston Gold Project, Qld
GHD completed extensive investigations, testing, engineering
evaluation, design, documentation and supervision of all major
principal structures, including buildings, ball mill, and all processing
plants. GHD also provided design, documentation and supervision
of mine site roadworks and external main road upgrading works;
drainage, aerodrome works and miscellaneous site works.
Guinea Alumina Project for
Earthworks and civil design for the alumina refinery in Guinea
subcontracted to Bechtel. Detailed design of the earthworks for the
power station, precipitators and warehouse and workshop area for
early site works. Design of the 7000 person construction camp and
currently designing the 1500 person permanent camp. Also
undertaking port facilities design, airport design and administration
building design.
Bunbury/Capel Operations – WA
Westralia Sands
GHD provided consulting and design services to Westralian Sands’
Bunbury/Capel operation for several years, in the disciplines of
waste handling, transport and structures. The following projects are
Foundation investigations for processing plant
Investigation of membrane liner systems for effluent disposal
Design and documentation of haul roads to the North Boyanup
Design of a bridge over the Elgin drainage channel
Investigation and report on the safe disposal of low-level
radioactive waste from residential area at Capel
Intersection designs and traffic studies relating to in-plant traffic
and haul routes.
Hail Creek Mine Site Facilities
This study established engineering requirements, layout, sections,
quantities and cost, establishment and maintenance costs. The
engineering study covered all works within the mine site, including
heavy equipment and fuelling facilities, and
administration/accommodation building, amenity buildings and site
men’s quarters.

Aurukun Bauxite Project
Chalco Aluminium
Environmental, Social and Engineering Adviser for the development
of the Aurukun Bauxite Resource and associated Alumina Refinery
and Red Mud Disposal sites during prefeasibility stage of project.
The project includes a planned bauxite mine at Aurukun (south of
Weipa, QLD), benefication plant, tailings and water supply dam,
conveyor, port, jetty and associated infrastructure. GHD has been
working with Chalco and Bechtel as the adviser assisting with the
Final Bid and Development Agreement to the State Government,
Indigenous Land Use Agreeement negotiations and Environmental
Authority and consultation for the Mineral Development Licence.
The advice has also included the Alumina Refinery, port, jetty and
Residue Storage Areas either at Townsville, Bowen or Gladstone.
GHD has been the principal environmental and social adviser and
associate engineering adviser to Bechtel from late 2005 to present.
Xstrata Coal NCA Coal Project
Mine Closure Planning
Xstrata Coal Pty Ltd currently operates the Collinsville and
Newlands coal mines as a part of the NCA Project, which
encompasses the Newlands and Collinsville mines, and Abbot
Point, a deepwater export port dedicated solely to these mines.
All Xstrata Coal operations and projects are required to prepare a
Life of Mine Document and Plan, as outlined in Xstrata standard XC
BDEV_STD 1.01. Mine and closure planning is integrated into
Xstrata Coal’s Life of Mine Plan, and this process is outlined in
Xstrata standard HSEC STD 3.1. Under this standard, all operations
with greater than five years to mine closure are required to prepare
a Conceptual Closure, Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Plan.
GHD Brisbane proposes to provide a Conceptual Mine Closure Plan
for the Collinsville and Newlands coal mines. It is proposed to
undertake this project on a schedule of rates basis.
Ma’aden Aluminium Project
(Saudia Arabia):

GHD completed an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to
World Bank Standards, including all specialist studies with field work
in Saudia Arabia. The project includes a greenfield bauxite mine
and associated infrastructure located in northern Saudi Arabia, rail
link to an alumina refinery, aluminium smelter, 1800 MW power
station, desalination plant and port facility located on the east coast.
The field work involved specialist teams from the Brisbane office
conducting flora, fauna, soils, air and general obervation of sites
within the coastal and offshore environment. Specialist studies were
conducted for air, noise, flora and fauna, waste, water (marine,
surface and groundwater), social and economic assessments. This
project commenced in mid 2003 and was completed by late 2005,
however further studies were conducted different discharge
scenarios from the desalination plant and port layouts.

Mt Leyshon Site Remediation -
Phase 1
Newmont Australia Pty Ltd
GHD Pty Ltd (GHD) was commissioned to provide consulting
engineering services to assist Newmont with the remediation and on
going surface maintenance of the now closed Mt Leyshon Gold
Mine, near Charters Towers, 120km in land from Townsville, North
Queensland, Australia..
The site has been rehabilitated throughout the operating life of the
mine and in general is performing well. Some small portable offices
are the only structures on site located off the southwest corner of
the pit.
Current issues on the site relate to areas of rehabilitation that have
not worked and areas that have not been rehabilitated.
Priority issues that were addressed first comprised:
PHASE 1 – Urgent for 2004
1. Supergene Dam Area
2. Southern Spine Drain
3. Minor scouring throughout the berm structures
Future issues are:
PHASE 2 – 2005 onwards (not part of this commission):
1. The scats stockpile
2. The raw water dam
3. The Mt Maw extension pond
4. Seepage from the tailings dams
5. On-going erosion repairs at benches and drain outlets
Mt Authur Coal Mine NSW
Westrac Acoustic Attenuation for
CAT 789. ($0.75M) 2004
Acoustic modelling, truck solid modelling and acoustic attenuation
design, documentation and project management to provide world’s
best acoustic attenuation for the CAT 789 haul trucks

Mount Tom Price Airport for Rio
Detailed design for the upgrade of the Mount Tom Price airport for
Rio Tinto Iron Ore. The airport is to be designed to be capble of
large passenger jets like the Boeing 737.
Design of an Airport for Guinea
Subcontract with Bechtel to provide the design of the airport for the
Guinea Alumina project in Guinea.
Norfolk Island Airport Pavement
Upgrade Works
- Administrator of Norfolk Island
Design, documentation and project management for the upgrade of
Norfolk Island's Airport pavements.
Griffith Airport Passenger
Terminal Upgrade
Provide detailed design and project management services for
upgrade of Griffith Airport Terminal.
MKO Airport - Design and
Mt Keith Airport Upgrade - Design and Tender Documentation
Maryborough Airport Master Plan

Preparation of Master Plan for Maryborough Airport, together with
ANEF study and detailed plan (large format / mixed use) of
Maryborough airport development precinct.
Oakey Pavement Upgrade
GHD was engaged by the Department of Defence to undertake an
investigation to determine the feasibility and requirements to
upgrade the aircraft pavements at Army Aviation Centre Oakey to
accommodate C130 operations. The project included a
geotechnical investigation to determine the condition, structure and
subgrade for the existing pavements, assessment of the existing
pavement structures under the proposed aircraft traffic and
determination of existing PCN values as well as the requirements to
upgrade for the C130 traffic. The feasibility of extending one of the
existing runways was also undertaken


GPA Stockpile 17&18 Construction

Provision of Superintendent Services for the construction of the
Stockpiles 17-18 Development at the RG Tanna Coal Terminal,
Services included construction supervision and contract administration.

Halifax Bay Port Facilities At Halifax Bay, Dallhold Nickel appointed GHD as Project Manager for
the construction of a new port facility and materials, handling system to
receive 5.0 Mtpa of ore. Works included a 5km long dredged channel, off-
shore breakwater, 1.4km trestle, berth and installations for tug (2) and
barge (4x3,000 tonne) operation, 2,200 tonnes/hour barge unloader, a 5
km long cable belt overland conveyor and infrastructure. Duties included
design, construction management, procurement, expediting, industrial
relations, safety programs, commissioning and training of operators.

Belvedere Power and
Accomodation Study
CVRD (current)
Study to assess the capacity of the Moura infrastructure to
accommodate the power requirements and 1000 worker camp
accommodation requirements for the Belvedere mining project
110MW Cogeneration Plant Mission
Energy, WA
BP Kwinana
Preliminary engineering for a cogeneration plant supplying steam
and electricity to the BP Refinery with the sale of excess power to
SECWA. Fuelled by natural gas and refinery gas, the facility is
based on 2x37MW gas turbines, supplementary fired HRSGs and
a 40MW extraction steam turbine. Optimisation and detailed
costings performed.
Pioneer Cogen Project Design and documentation of a cogeneration plant for Pioneer
Sugar Mill.
450MW Combined Cycle Plant, WA
Compact Steel Pty Ltd
Feasibility study of a cogeneration scheme that included the
development of a 3 unit 180MW combined cycle plant fuelled by
steel mill exhaust gas and natural gas, and an additional 3 x
60MW combined cycle plant fuelled by natural gas for SECWA
sales. Combined cycle plant capacity subsequently increased to
450MW. Concept development, technical performance review,
cost estimates and financial analysis.
100MW Power Station Port
Hedland, WA
BHP Iron Ore
Conceptual design studies, specification, and cost estimates for
the 100MW power station at Port Hedland (2x37MW combustion
turbines, two HRSGs, and 1 x 35MW steam turbine).
Mt Keith Nickel Project, WA
Electrical, process control work and finite element analysis for five
grinding mills.
Kidston Gold Mine Detailed negotiation with FNQEB regarding route and costs
associated with 319km of 132kV transmission line. Detailed
preliminary design of 132kV/22kV/6.6kV substation and for the
electrical communications and instrumentation systems
throughout the mine site, all buildings and processing plants and
the town reticulation.

Peko Mines, Tennant Creek,
Northern Territory
Design of 33kV/3.3kV/415/240 volt transmission and reticulation
system providing power to four mines in the Tennant Creek area.

Macarthur River Mine Haul Road This 110km two lane roadway carries the largest road trains in
Australia from the mine to the port in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Extensive sections of the pavement suffered premature distress
prior to and immediately after opening. GHD carried out forensic
investigations into the causes of the failure including commissioning
Main Roads to perform deflectograph testing and triaxial
characterisation of material properties. A detailed assessment was
made of material properties and their performance under load with
GHD designing the remedial works and proposing an ongoing
monitoring program.
Yarrabee Mine Coal Haul Road
Mines Administration Pty Ltd
Design, contact documentation and construction supervision of
36km coal haul road, rail loop and coal loading facility, including
1000 tph conveyor and rail loading bin for 300,000 tonnes per
annum coal project near Blackwater. Design and project
management of a further 5km of roadworks, railway balloon loop
and civil works for coal loader.
Goro Nickel Mine
New Caledonia
GHD undertook investigation and design for this nickel mining
project, including haul road design, pavement design, structure
foundations, water supply and tailings dams, wharf and water
Gag Island Nickel Mine
GHD undertook investigations and design for the haul road design,
foundation structures, township development, water supply and
tailings dams, wharf, water management and an airfield.

Busselton Compensating Basin
CB3 - Design
Detailed design and preparation of tender documents for
Compensating Basin CB3 and the upgrade of the Sabina Diversion
Drain as part of the Busselton Flood Protection Project. CB3 will
comprise a 4km long embankment, with a maximum height of about
6m. The basin will have a storgae capacity of 2GL.
Wenlock Scoping Study
(1/3/07 – current)
Create a scoping study for Cape Alumina Ltd, a wholy-owned
subsiduary of Metallica Ltd. The study is for the design and
development of a 5Mtpa Bauxite mine at Wenlock, near Weipa on
Cape York.
Gag Island
GHD in association with a local consultant undertook a detailed
feasibility study for the town and town infrastructure for a mine,
beneficiation plant and port facilities project involving 950 houses,
sewerage, water supply, roads, power, communication facilities,
airport, commercial, educational, recreation and religious
infrastructure for a remote island in East Indonesia.
Nebo Coal Project,
Thiess Peabody Mitsui
A study of the town infrastructure of Moranbah and Nebo for a
feasibility study and an Environmental Impact Study of the Nebo
Coal Project. The study involved housing for 2,600 people at
Moranbah and 1,700 people at Nebo.
Lihir Goldmine Project
Kennecott Explorations (Aust) Ltd
GHD prepared a detailed feasibility study of communication
networks for a major goldmine on Lihir Island, a small island north of
Rabaul. It included 24 channel microwave bearer links to the island
and a public network exchange. Private communication facilities
included PABXs at the mine site, accommodation complex and
office together with short-range microwave links. Satellite links for
voice and data were both provided to the USA and Port Moresby. A
local radio and television re-broadcast facility was proposed. In
order to handle voice and data communications to mobile mining
and maintenance staff a land-mobile network was proposed that
would be integrated with the PSTN.
Comalco Alumina Project
Comalco Alumina Ltd
GHD prepared a concept Master Plan for $1B of State infrastructure
associated with a $4B proposed alumina refinery. The master
planning included an overall assessment of requirements for and
costs associated with a 15,000 person township.

BHPB Olympic Dam Primary
Water Supply Study
(13/12/06 – current)
Pre-Feasibility Study of Primary Water Supply for BHP Billiton
Olympic Dam Mine. Project is for a 154 to 192MLD Desalination
Plant at Port Bonython, Whyalla, South Australia, 320km pipeline
approx 1.4m diameter with 2 to 3 Six Megawatt Pumpstations and a
1000ML storage facility at Roxby Downs township. Current
estimated capital works cost is $700M plus. Study is being
undertaken with Parsons Brinkerhoff as primary subconsultants and
Currie & Brown as QS subconsultants. Deliverables include approx
180 drawings, a pre-feasibility report and a cost etsimate to
plus/minus 25%.
Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold
GHD was commissioned to investigate the cost of harvesting
brackish water that has assimilated on Hannan’s Lake, near the
KCGM borefields, after the 1995 cyclone ‘Bobby’. GHD also
investigated an alternative consisting of a dam on a watercourse
draining to the lake.
Ross River Dam Spillway

Provision of consultancy services (PM, Design and CPS) for Stage 1
lowering of spillway for Ross River Dam in Townsville for NQ Water.
GHD undertook preliminary risk assessment of the benefits of
lowering the dam spillway. We undertook design and tendering. We
are also engaged to provide CPS for the $2.5M spillway lowering
The project involves the removal of over 2,700T of mass concrete
from an operational dam spillway in a manner that does not induce
any stress onto the structure to remain. The contractor involved is
also using diamond wire cutting and hydraulic splitting in conjunction
with coring and Bristar to split the concrete blocks into manageable
This is the first stage of an overall upgrade to the Ross River Dam
expected to cost $100M.

Fitzroy River Study, Yaamba Oil
Shale Project, Qld
Peabody Australia Pty Ltd
Numerous studies undertaken to provide detailed design of river
diversion using mathematical computer modelling and possibly
physical modelling of a section of the Fitzroy River. As the oil shale
underlies the Fitzroy River and its flood plain river diversion and
flood protection were a task as open cut operations had to be
protected against extreme floods. Studies included:
Pre-feasibility study which investigated the requirements for
road, rail and river diversion and mine flood protection
An analysis of infrastructure requirements, product pipeline and
alternative port facilities was included
Analysis of the Fitzroy River and its diversion using computer
modelling techniques.
Worsley Alumina Refinery This complex system, with lakes, diversion channels, runoff from the
plant area and from red mud areas, and cooling loads was modelled
to allow an increase in capacity to be evaluated. The simulation
work showed that an increase would result in a rise in a critical lake
containing process water. A further commission has been received,
to evaluate options available to reduce the rise in the lake levels

Mt Keith Nickel Dam
Investigation and design of 18m high earthfill embankment, 4km
length, for use with a 7 riser central thickened discharge tailings
Ross River Dam Upgrade - Stages
2 to 5
Design and construction management of Ross River Dam Upgrade
Stages 2 to 5
Olympic Dam
Geotechnical evaluation of foundations and embankment
construction materials of karsitic soils.
Argyle Tails and Water Supply
Argyle Diamond Mines
Investigation, design and construction supervision of ten dams in
earthquake zone, including 30m rockfill embankment, 60m gravel
embankment and a 36m earthfill embankment. Total volume of
earthworks for dams exceeds 20 million cubic metres.
Fimiston 2 Dam
Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold
Investigation, design and construction supervision of a 28m earthfill

Cadjebut No.2 Dam
BHP Minerals
Geotechnical evaluation of foundations, investigations and design of
a 24m high earthfill embankment.
Calliope Nickel
New Caledonia
Site selection for tailings dams up to 50m high for proposed nickel
processing plant.
Gag Island Nickel Mine, Indonesia Investigation and design of a nickel mining development on Gag
Island, including a 15m earthfill water supply dam.
Worsley Alumina Project – WA Investigation, design and supervision of refinery catchment lake, a
24m high earthfill dam on 10 to 40m deep compressible foundations
including chemical grouting.
33m high, 287m long earthfill water supply dam
Three pipehead dams 20m high with chemical grouting
Six tailings dams up to 70m high and totalling 8km length.

Worsley Refinery, WA
Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd, Red
Mud Disposal
Development of a new system of tailings disposal following a world
study tour. This led to Australia and USA patents.
Upstream tailings dam construction to 40 metres height.
Rehabilitation of tailings:
Construction of three tailings dams.
Tailings pipelines and decant systems.
Water Storage:
Refinery catchment lake dam, 30 metres high with chemical
grouting to isolate caustic water from the head waters of a fresh
Fresh water lake dam, 32 metres high, with associated spillway.
Chemical Disposal:
Solar evaporation ponds (2), double liner of clay and plastic
Pipehead dam to intercept any seepage from above storages.
Pump Systems:
Three pump stations including one mounted on an articulated
barge. Associated pipelines.
Redirection of runoff with 5km of freshwater channels and other
drainage structures.
Water management modelling for surplus water.
Seepage control and monitoring.
Boddington Gold Mine – WA
Worsley Alumina JV
Design of the raising of an existing tailings dam, involving upstream
and downstream raising techniques, foundation and borrow pit
investigation, geology, analysis of stability, seepage, drainage,
storm control, filters and erosion protection. Particular emphasis on
differential settlement of old/new components of the dam. In addition
updated five year plan for residue tailings disposal as well as
undertook surveillance and performance assessments of two dams.
Investigation and design of extensions to tailings pipelines and
pumping systems including field and laboratory testing, scale up of
slurry rheology and design of pipeline prototype.
QAL Dam 2 Stage 6 Raising

Review of existing design for final downstream raise of the Red Mud
Dam No. 2 at QAL, Gladstone; update of design to take account of
existing conditions and proposed future raising by upstream raising;
preparation of construction drawings, specifications and schedules;
preparation of definitive design report and cost estimate.

CAR Residue Area - Overall
CAR Residue Area - Overall Management of Services
Boddington Gold Mine – WA
Worsley Alumina JV
EPCM contract valued at $13M for Residue Project. Integrated total
design of dams, slurry systems, pumps, roads etc, together with
overall management responsibilities.
Goro Nickel Mine – New
Greenvale Nickel JV
Design, construction and operation over a four month 24 hour/day
test program of a major pilot plant. Preparation of ore slurries and
11km long slurry pipeline, storage agitation thickening and pumping
at various moisture contents as part of a major mining feasibility
Savage River Mines – Tasmania
Tailings Dam, Savage Resources
Design and construction advice for 65m high earth and rockfill Main
Creek Tailings Dam for valley containment of tailings. Designed to
maximise use of the mine waste in order to minimise costs and
enable the dam to be built as an extension of the mining process.
Dam also used as main mine haul road.
Mt Keith Centralised Tailings
WMC Projects & Engineering
Significant increases in production at the Mt Keith Nickel Mine in
WA’s eastern goldfields near the town of Leinster meant that a new
tailings system was required. Development of the unique system
took considerable time spent in research, in-situ testing and process
development. The adopted solution includes nine discharge towers
up to 45 metres high spread across the storage, creating a
deposition pattern similar to nine interconnected volcanoes.
Selection of this scheme from numerous options was verified during
a nine month study including pilot scale testing of tailing thickeners,
discharge towers and scaled down beaches. Over a five month
period, GHD designed:
three pump stations;
20 kilometres of piping;
instrumentation and controls;
18 kilometres of embankments;
internal causeways that lead to the towers; and
14 kilometres of drains.

Goro Nickel Mine, New
Caledonia/Gas Island Nickel Mine
GHD was responsible for the management and execution of
geotechnical investigations and the design for two project options in
New Caledonia and Indonesia for Queensland Nickel Pty Ltd. The
work involved an extensive programme of drilling (on-shore and off-
shore), seismic traversing, test pitting, trial slopes (both mine and
spoil pile) and construction of a trial mine pit to a maximum depth of
50m (Goro) and open cut operations to 30m depth (Gag Island).
The basic geotechnical problems addressed were:
Pit Slope Stability
Spoil Pile Stability
Haul Road Design
Bulking of Material
Structure Foundations
Water Supply, Tailings And Sedimentation Dams
Slurry Dewatering
Stability of Ore During Shipment
Project Overall Water Management
Kidston Gold Mine – Qld GHD was responsible for part of the geotechnical design of this
project located in North Queensland. The basis geotechnical
problems addressed were:
Hydro-geology, including pit de-watering
Tailings Disposal
Water Supply
Structure Foundations
Haul Roads
Overall water management integrating groundwater, pit
dewatering, plant runoff and tailings management
Hannan’s South Project – WA GHD carried out all geotechnical work for this project that is located
south of Kalgoorlie in WA. The basic geotechnical problems
addressed were:
Stability of pit slopes up to 60m high
Spoil pile stability
Foundation design
Mine dewatering
Flood diversion
Overall project water management

Worsley Alumina Project, - WA GHD was responsible for all geotechnical work on the Worsley
Alumina Plant, south of Perth, and retain an ongoing responsibility
for tailings management. Basis geotechnical problems include:
Hydrogeology and effect of plant seepage on groundwater
Cut and fill for plant site
Plant foundations
Water supply
Tailings (red mud) disposal
Overall water management
Alice Springs to Darwin Railway,
Ballast Source Investigation
The aim of investigation was to identify, investigate and prove
sufficient ballast quarry sites (minimum 6) within economic haul
distance of the proposed railway corridor, for the production of 2.4
million cubic metres of ballast. The investigation involved:
Desk top study
Helicopter and vehicle reconnaissance
Approval to conduct field investigation from relevant authorities
Engineering geological mapping
Geophysical survey
Trial excavations

CQPA Stockpiles 19, 20 & 21
Detail Design & Doc.

GHD was commissioned to expand the current coal stockpiling
capacity of CQPA's RG Tanna Coal terminal with the addition of
Stockpiles 19, 20 & 21. The works included the addition of two
overhead stockpile conveyors, moveable tripper, three reclaim
comveyors and tunnels, three transfer towers depositing coal onto
the existing ship-loading conveyors, and ancilliary items such as
light towers and a dozer refuelling station, stockpile drainage and
settling ponds as well as ground remediation work to overcome poor
ground quality.
The project has an estimated total approximate value of $130 million
and GHD's fees will be in the region of $3.5 million. In completing
this project, J ob manager for the works, Simon Frost, called upon
the recent experience gained by GHD's Brisbane office, which
included upgrades to CQPA's Stockpiles 15 through to 18 and the
addition of a third rail dump station as well as many other similar
material handling projects.
Crinum East Ramp Conveying
Carry out preliminary design for the in-pit ramp conveying system

BMA Crinum East Overland
Transport Options
Carry out a Coal Haulage Transport Study from the top of the
Crinum East Ramp to the Gregory Plant and its top size reduction to
minus fifty millimeters (-50 mm).
PT Adaro Overland Conveyor -
Concept Development
Concept Development for 66km PT Ardaro Overland Conveyor and
dump station.
Macquarie Generation Conveyor
Upgrades ($0.3 M) 2000 - 2003
Assessment, redesign and capacity upgrade of a number of coal
feed conveyors for the Bayswater Power Station, ranging from 2000
tph to 3300 tph.
GPA Stockpile 17&18
Construction Management
Provision of Superintendent Services for the construction of the
Stockpiles 17-18 Development at the RG Tanna Coal Terminal,
Services included construction supervision and contract
Liddell ROM Plant ($1.2 M) EPCM for the project. Initial design concepts, design,
documentation and construction phase services for a 1200 tph ROM
plant with primary, secondary and tertiary crushing and screening
and feed to CPP

Kooragang Island Coal Terminal
GHD was responsible for the initial studies and concept design
works and subsequently appointed as construction manager for the
$100M expansion upgrade of the Kooragang Island Coal loader in
Newcastle, NSW. The project involved:
Extension of the present loading berth by 315 metres to permit
two vessels to be berthed simultaneously
Dredging work to provide access to the berth and to utilise the
dredged sand as landfill for additional onshore stockpiles
Extension of the stockyard conveyors and runways for stackers
and reclaimers including duplication of the reclaim belt
The current expansion increased the arrival throughput capacity by
7Mt/a to 25 Mt/a.
Port of Brisbane
Preliminary design and costing of a high capacity 30 Mtpa coal
export terminal. Loading facilities cater for vessel sizes up to
170,000 dwt and included trans-shipment of coal from barge to
stockpile. Three million tonnes storage was provided with a flexible
stacking reclaim system to cater for a variety of coals.
Aurukun Alumina Project Feasibility study of materials handling facilities for Shell Minerals for
a proposed bauxite mine at Aurukun Project, involved design of
bauxite beneficiation plant, 40km overland conveyor system and
port terminal.
Telfer – Input Overburden
Crushing and Conveying
Western Australia
Feasibility design and capital and operating cost estimates for a new
overburden input crushing and conveying system at BHP’s Telfer
Line Store Mine, WA.
Marandoo – Tom Price Overland
A feasibility study for a 35km overland conveyor as an alternative to
rail haulage of iron ore.

Northern Bowen Basin Rail Link
Construction Phase
Provide design support, design intent verification and assistance
in the resolution of non-conformances through a site based team
supported by technical staff based in Brisbane and through staff
visiting site, for the construction phase of the Northern Bowen
Basin Rail Link.
Minerva Rail Loop Prelim Design
GHD were commissioned to complete the preliminary design of
the rail balloon loop to the Minerva Mine.
Wambo Rail Spur and Loop ($0.6)
Design and documentation for the proposed Wambo Rail Spur
and Loop from Mount Thorley to Wambo Mine. All track,
signalling and comms, civil works and structures designed and
Macquarie Generation Rail
Unloader. ($1.6 M)
Initial concepts to construction support for a 2500 tph rail unloader
for Macquarie Generation. All road, rail, mechanical, structural,
electrical and environmental engineering services provided
Yarrabee Coal Project, Qld Detailed engineering design and construction supervision of
railway balloon loop, 40km haul road and coal loading facility for
the Yarrabee Coal project. The inclined coal loading conveyor to
the load out bin passes over the Capricorn Highway, the Central
Railway Line and a railway passing loop. This saved the cost of a
grade separation structure at the Capricorn Highway. The loading
conveyor is fully enclosed to prevent spillage onto the road or the
Gregory Mine Railway Design of specific aspects for the 68km Gregory Railway spur
which links the BHP open-cut coal mine at Gregory to the main
central line near Blackwater. Project included hydrology, design of
drainage structure, trackwork quantities, and compilation of all
specifications and documentation for the calling of tenders. The
Mackenzie River Bridge – a prestressed structure 440m long,
formed part of the design.
Curragh Railway Project As Project Managers responsible for programming, planning,
establishment of control procedures, administration and
accounting, survey, design and supervision of construction of
railway works associated with the Curragh Coal Mine
Development in Central Queensland. Project included at 14km
branch railway and loading loop to serve the mine, 40km of track
duplication work, housing, locomotive and wagon servicing
facilities, rolling stock and central track control facilities.

CQPA Stockpiles 19, 20 & 21 Detail
Design & Doc.
GHD was commissioned to expand the current coal stockpiling
capacity of CQPA's RG Tanna Coal terminal with the addition of
Stockpiles 19, 20 & 21. The works included the addition of two
overhead stockpile conveyors, moveable tripper, three reclaim
comveyors and tunnels, three transfer towers depositing coal onto
the existing ship-loading conveyors, and ancilliary items such as
light towers and a dozer refuelling station, stockpile drainage and
settling ponds as well as ground remediation work to overcome
poor ground quality.
The project has an estimated total approximate value of $130
million and GHD's fees will be in the region of $3.5 million. In
completing this project, J ob manager for the works, Simon Frost,
called upon the recent experience gained by GHD's Brisbane
office, which included upgrades to CQPA's Stockpiles 15 through
to 18 and the addition of a third rail dump station as well as many
other similar material handling projects.

Gladstone Port Facilties for CAR1
Alumina Refinery
GHD designed the bauxite receival facilities and alumina export
facilities for the CAR 1 project. Now designing the expansion for
the second stage of this project.

POL - Container Terminal Stage 1 Design and documentation of the Stage 1 of the future container
SPC - Port Botany COI Independent review of options for expanding the container port at
Port Botany and assessment of how the preferred option may
affect environmemtal impacts outlined in the EIS on public
exhibition. Work may involve presentations to a State Govt
Commission of Inquiry

Coal Import Port Trincomalee
Power Station
Sri Lanka, Asian Development
Bank, Ceylon Electricity Board
In association with Black & Veatch, MacKnight were appointed to
carry out a feasibility study for a marine coal unloading terminal at
Trincomalee. The project, undertaken in association with
consultants who examined options for the power station itself and
stockyard, entailed the examination of six alternative berth sites,
defining shipping, small craft facilities, and alternative dredging
options. Wind and wave conditions in the approaches to the
alternative berth sites were evaluated. An extensive analysis of
existing oceanographic measurements was carried out, in order to
synthesise the complex wave climate at the sites. Once the
optimum berth sites were determined, they were evaluated with
alternative on-shore power station sites to determine the most
attractive overall scheme. Complete designs were carried out at a
final selected site.
Yabulu Nickel Port, Qld
Queensland Nickel
Detailed maritime transportation study for ore carriers and shallow
draft barges. Materials handling assessment. Oceanographic data
collection, off-shore site investigations. Wave climate, dredged
approach and vessel navigation modelled. Design of trestle
1,350m long, wharf, berthing and unloading facilities. Design of
moorings for barges during cyclones. Design of pusher/barge
systems. Value $100M.
Port Hedland, WA Simulation modelling was undertaken for a new user wishing to
export up to 50 Mt/a in addition to the 40 Mt/a exports by the then
current users of this major iron ore export in the Pilbara region of
Western Australia. The objectives of the modelling were to
establish the necessary level of new facilities for the new user in
the context of the existing traffic and to determine the interaction, if
any, of the new user’s fleet with those of the existing users.
A major task of the modelling was to ensure that priorities were
properly represented for vessels entering and leaving the port. A
major navigational constraint with the existing channel was the
limitation to three of the number of vessels leaving on a high tide.
At the levels of throughput modelled the number of tugs and their
utilisation were significant.
Overall the results showed that the total throughputs could be
handled and that delays were essentially a function of the capacity
of the individual users’ installed facilities although fleet interaction
occurred at higher throughputs.

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