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International News: Ampac Introduces Design and Sample Lab

(DASL) for New Product Technologies

Ampac, the worlds leader in creative packaging solutions, introduces the Design and Sample Lab (DASL) for
quick deliver of custom sample concepts and technologies!
( Ampacs Design and Sample Lab (DASL) is an innovative new design laboratory located at
Ampacs ead!uarters in "incinnati# $io. DASL (pronounced da%%le) ouses new e!uipment and capabilities
&or design# art# printing and production o& one'o&& or small !uantities o& commercial !uality premade pouc
prototypes o& new concepts. DASL also creates new design modi&ications or new art &or consumer# pac(aging or
mar(eting evaluations.
)it te introduction o& te DASL Lab# Ampac is able to deliver custom# commercially printed pouc concepts
and prototypes to customers wit e*ceptional speed allowing te evaluation o& new designs# art and sapes in a
commercial &ormat witin days rater tan wee(s. It also accelerates te time &or si%ing and evaluating design
and art prior to going to manu&acturing.
+e DASL Lab is uni!ue because customer brands can now utili%e te new capabilities and e!uipment o& design
and sample ma(ing &rom a &le*ible pac(aging manu&acturer tat as bot te (now'ow o& materials and te
capacity to create and seal pouces tat represent commercially produced pouces. +is provides proo& o&
concept and te ability &or pac(aging development# mar(eting and manu&acturing to evaluate new pac(age
designs as tey would appear in teir plant (&or &illing) and at retail. In addition# manu&acturability and &illing
capability are ta(en into consideration &or uni!uely designed pouces so samples are more real world and able to
be commerciali%ed.
Ampacs ,ice President o& Innovation and +ecnology# Sal Pellingra states# -+e DASL Lab is a great addition
to Ampacs capabilities. It conveniently bridges te &unctions o& design# prototyping and manu&acturing &or our
customers. DASL# wit Ampacs &le*ible pac(aging (now'ow# as already enabled sales o& new product
introductions and as accelerated evaluations o& pac(age designs. .aving pysical commercial !uality
prototypes o& a new concept really aids in te evaluation and speed to mar(et o& new pac(age designs. DASL
(eeps creative at te &ore&ront o& Ampacs vision as te worlds leader in creative pac(aging solutions.-
Ampac drives pac(aging trans&ormation and per&ormance by creating pac(ages tat are more innovative#
progressive and dynamic tan tose used by competitive brands. Ampacs compreensive approac to pac(aging
is a balance o& rigorous# tecnology'driven tin(ing and e*ceptional creativity. It is a diversi&ied global
pac(aging company wit /0 manu&acturing centers in 1ort America# 2urope and Asia. 3or more in&ormation#
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