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Headings; All of these parts of

the magazine contain some
sort of main heading. The front
cover consists of 'Dizzie
Rascal', the contents page
includes 'Contents' and the
double page spread has the
heading 'From tags to riches'.
This informs the reader of
what the page is going to be
about and the headings are all
significantl big so this will
attract the target audience's
Images; !ach part of the
magazine contains some
sort of image. "hether it be
the main images or simple
small images. !ach page
has a main image in which
the target audience are
immediatel drawn to and
then some smaller,
significant images that will
#eep the audience intrigued
and will give them more
detail about the magazine.
Colour scheme; All the parts of the magazine
consists of the same colour scheme. This is so that
the target audience #now that all of the magazine
matches. For e$ample, the main cover uses white,
red and blac# and this is consistent throughout the
other pages of the magazine. This will appeal to the
audience as it will not seem li#e a random magazine.
Font; !ach part of the magazine also has a consistent font that is the
standard tpical font of an magazine, sans serif. %owever, in some te$t, the
font is uni&ue. For e$ample, on the main cover and the contents page, the title
''(!' has a different font to the rest of the headings and other te$ts, this is so
that the masthead stands out from the rest and so that the target audience
#now that this is the title of the magazine so that the can refer to it later on in
life and it also ma#es the magazine branded.
Mise-en-scene; The mise)en)
scene is roughl similar in all
parts of the magazine. The
main cover has graffiti as it's
bac#ground as well as the
double page spread. The
double page spread has graffiti
behind the model and it also
fades into the article which is a
significant effect.This will
ensure that the target
audience #now that the two
are lin#ed. The contents page,
however, does not have graffiti
as it's bac#ground but it has a
red bus which also lin#s to
Dizzie Rascal and lin#s to his
red coat in the double page
Text; All * parts of the magazine have gripping te$t that draws the reader in. The front
cover contains a &uotation which will appeal to the audience as it uses collo&uial
language and is a realistic &uote from the celebrit himself. The contents page contains
sub)headings that will e$cite the target audience as the will want to #now what else is in
the magazine. The double page spread contains a colossal main title which will pull the
readers ees from the image, to the title and then finall, to the article as the main title is
bold and gripping and has been positioned in a random manor.