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Rosecast Premium June 9-16, 2010



Price Levels made with Rosecast Trader Software

1080.25 CR Geocentric Uranus!

1069.00 CR Heliocentric Jupiter!

1054.75 PIVOT (6
harmonic Pluto)

1048.75 CR

1041.50 CR

Rosecast S&P 500 Investor signal is now LONG (June 7 close).

Next potential short: June 15, 2010 to June 17, 2010

June 24/25 2010 looks like a potential swing low.

GLORY DAYS – Forecasting 1% drops in the S&P 500 Index!

June 16 is the next potential GLORY DAY

Rosecast WEEK June 9 to June 16, 2010

Astrological Factors to Notice

June 9: Mars is opposing (180) Chiron and Mercury is squaring (90)
Neptune. These two aspects create a strong support area at 1049-1051 in
the S&P 500.
Mercury is contra-parallel to Pluto in Declination.
Heliocentrically Earth is in square aspect to Jupiter.

June 10: Sun is parallel to Venus in Declination. Mercury is entering its own
sign of Gemini.

June 11: Venus is contra-parallel the Node (Mean) in Declination. Mercury
is squaring (90) Mars. This aspect is likely to increase volatility in Mercury
and Mars dominated markets like stocks (Mercury) and Metals (Mars) and
Oil (Mars) and Cattle (Mars). This aspect is potentially bearish, but can
sometimes invert into a bullish market, depending on the other planets in
the horoscope. Also observe the applying square between Uranus and
Pluto in this context.

June 14: Venus is trine to Uranus; this is usually a bullish aspect for
stocks, particularly tech stocks which are ruled by Uranus. This aspect can
signal a reversal in various currencies.

June 15: Venus is trine to Jupiter, this is a signature that can often be
found at market tops and swing highs. Mars is in trine aspect to Pluto.
This is a bullish aspect for Dow Jones stocks and Gold and also a potential
aspect for a Dow Jones swing high as Mars is also trining Natal Venus
(NYSE horoscope).

June 16: Ceres is in square aspect (90) to Saturn (observe a reaction in
Corn and other agricultural markets ruled by Ceres); Juno is in opposition
to Pluto. Mercury is parallel to Venus in declination. Moon is in square
aspect to Sedna, not good! This day looks like a big drop by just looking at
these simple aspects.

Non-astrology review of the week: The best days are June 13 to 15. These
days are good for buying something new and new beginnings, also
meeting news friends because of Venus, Uranus and Jupiter. The sexual
energy is very extremely high from June 14 to June 16, because of Mars,
Pluto and Juno in Trispect (all three are sexual planets). This means that
both women and men will behave more sexually than usually and sex in a
relationship will be enjoyed more than usually. Also this is a good start for
the World Soccer Championship as Mars and Pluto are also sports planets
and increase stamina and action and will provide for thrilling games. A
good time to go out and do sports and party.

Stocks: The markets are still under pressure from various not so good aspects
on June 9 and June 11. I see June 9 potentially more bearish than June 11, but
I have opted fro June 7 to change the signal as a trend change between June 7
and June 8 was clearly indicated. 1051 -1049 should be a good buying
opportunity today, if the market can decline so low during the day.
Next week should have a very strong start. Overall I am expecting a rally until
June 15 and then a decline on June 16. June 24 is another potential swing low.
In the ideal case June 7 (1050) will stay the closing price low of June.

EUR/USD, GBP: My outlook is very similar to those of stocks. However we
could see a high in the Euro already on June 14 when Jupiter will cast a
beneficial sextile aspect to Neptune in the horoscope of the Euro. Until June
14 Euro and GBP will show bullish tendencies.

Gold, Oil:
Oil: I think that Crude Oil runs a chance of slowly starting a bull run. June 25 is
a potential swing low on the way up. This week is still mixed until June 10, but
the low has likely been seen on June 7. I think that the forming square aspect
between Jupiter and Pluto can bring some quick rallies during July. Summary:
Mixed until June 25 with an upward tendency, after June 25 could suddenly
become very bullish.

Gold: Outlook similar to that of Oil, just that Gold is already doing very good
and is likely to even do better in July. A run-away rally in Gold as the debt
crisis worsens is in store for this summer. Continue to hold long positions.
The Rosecast Gold Investor signal is LONG since May 6, 2010 and is likely to
stay long until July 26, when Sun (ruling planet of Gold) is in Trispect to
Jupiter and Pluto.


We are short Bond prices and long the yield on the 10 year and 30 year US
Treasuries. June 15 and June 25 are our next potential trend change days and
should be observed carefully. We do not have a long term view for Bonds, but
would think that the long term trend will change this August (late August).
Therefore we will change signals by observing how the market reacts to our
key-dates in June, July and August.