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1. This is one of the most thought provoking, soul stirring and mystifying poem of Ted Hughes.
2. The poem delineates the gradual thought process of any poet which has been personified into a
wild fox and this very personification makes the poem a tasty and palatable treat for the people
having high literary taste and further earns for it a wider acclaim.
3. The poet begins his poem with an ordinary touch of empty minus and gulfed by the
surrounding darkness tranquility and a sense of uncertainty.
4. At the outset of the poem the poet’s mind is loaded with intellectual pressure, creative torpidity
and his mental approach towards writing something really captivating drowns into some
blackness of energy and verve.
5. All of a sudden the blackness of his mental approach is gradually swallowed by the arrival of
some eerie creature.
6. The poet propounds his senses capabilities through the active assistances of his sixth sense and
with his mental eye he seems to develop the progressive movement of a carnivorous creature
and this creature fills the poet’s mind with its solid existence and the stink of this animal and
its entity act as the creative process and the fumes of his intellect.
7. Now the physical traits and features of this aesthetic creature begin to evolve and the obscurity
of poet’s mind begins to wither away because the poet has been awakened by his native
intellectual skills and poetic potential.
8. This entire situation leads the poet towards the clarification of his mind and the climax of that
poetic activity accelerating.
9. This ideological state is now turning into his creative splendor and now it is brightening up
and making the poet`s mind come out from the nothingness, formlessness, chaos &
turbulences & all this situation profoundly exhibits this literary process.
10. The poet after being freed from the vagueness and ambiguity of his mind withers away and a
beautiful concrete composition has come to light and the process of abstraction is cleared away
because the thoughtful process has molded itself into a solid state o a blank paper.