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Courtesy of the Timberwalk Welcome Committee at: hellotimberwalk@aol.

com Volume 2, Number 3 / May - June 2014

Is It A Watch, or a Warning?
Per Palm Beach County Fire Safety, storm
shutters are advised to be in place when there is a
Tropical Storm/Hurricane Warning, the period of
time, 24 to 36 hours, and prior to a possible threat
of storm conditions to the area. Once Warnings /
Watches have been withdrawn the storm shutters
should be removed from the unit/building so as
not to prevent access in the event of fire in a unit, or
that building.
To maintain the integrity of the entire building
each unit owner is expected to have their shutters
installed prior to a Hurricane Warning, 74 mph
sustained winds, 24 to 48 hours, prior to the
predicted landfall of hurricane conditions.
Therefore, seasonal, occasional residents and
Landlords may need to hire a local company or
individual, of their choice, to insure these safety
procedures are followed.

“Did You Know?”
At the time of construction each Timberwalk unit
had a pest control system
installed. There is a locked
exterior port near the unit’s
front entry for insecticide
distribution via interior wall
tubing to the bathrooms and
kitchen; exterior service of the
unit is included. This service is solely provided by
HomeTeam Pest Defense-(800)-881-1909. After the
initial service entry into the unit is not required.
This is an individual owner/resident option that
HomeTeam bills quarterly to the customer.

Timberwalk Calendar
Monthly HOA Board meeting, the 4th Tuesday of each month,
(except November & December), at 7:00PM, in the Club House;
all residents are welcome.
 Review driveway cleaning-Property Manager
 Annual tree trimming (contractor)

Notice for Guests, Occupants and Family
The following excerpt is from the recently
approved 8.2 Amendment revision.
“The occupants(s) of a Unit, in the absence of the
Owner, for periods in excess of thirty (30) days shall be
deemed tenant(s) and subject to approval by the
Association in accordance with Article 8.2.(1) of this
Declaration. Including within the foregoing are those
occupants(s) who declare themselves as guest or relatives
of the Owner.”
“Owners shall provide the Association, in advance of
occupancy, such information as may be requested by the
Association to identify all tenants, guest, and other
occupants, and all vehicles belonging to tenants, guests,
and other occupants, on forms acceptable to the
Association (this provision shall not apply to non-
paying guests of less than 30 days).”
“The Association may further require a background
investigation…credit history, criminal history,
residential history or otherwise.”
“The prospective [tenant] shall make himself or herself
available for a personal interview prior to the approval.”

“I Have A Question?”
Q: Why are only a few oak trees being replaced with
palms trees? – C. C.
A: Per Town of Jupiter (TOJ) specifications only
oaks that have damaged unit services (water,
electric, sewer, etc.) are eligible for replacement
with palms. The Board negotiated for compliance
with the TOJ’s Timberwalk PUD by replacing with
the palms, thereby not being required to replace the
troublesome oaks with more oaks.

Communicate With a Board Member
Have a comment or question about the
Timberwalk Association, or management? Send
your message to one, or all of the Board members.

President--John Parsons,
Vice Pres.-Rick Walesch,
Sec.-Shelley Dumas,
Director- Mark Gura,
Director-Anthony Zinni,