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Currently, quality factor in construction has been an important part in the
construction industry. The term quality itself described how well an organisation in
developing a certain project is. Quality also become significant nowadays ue to the
concerning of the customers towards the goods or products deliveres to them. It can
be said that if there is no quality in construciton, there will also be no assurance in
terms of satisfaction to the client or customers. Therefore, the standards
measurement of quality which is Quality Assessment System in Construction
(QLASSIC) is introduced to overcome and to reduce the problems related to the
quality of workmanship in the construction project.
However, in nowadays issues, lots of condemnation by a customer on the quality of
workmanship can be observed in building, especially for housing development. If
this issues is continuosly unsettled, them it will leads to no collaboration with the
contractor in the upcoming projects. Thus, the principal benefit of high customer
contenment for the contractor is a chance to stay as a probable customer in the
Consequently, this research aim is to study the quality performance work in
construction project by using case study and interview method which is three (3)
different projects within the state of Selangor and three (3) respondents from
different party in construction industry will become the sample. The main objective is
to investigate the factors that cause poor workmanship during construction.
The finding of this research is the factors that cause poor workmanship during
construction that may cause to gain a low QLASSIC score and it can be clearly seen
that different parties within the construction industry will give a different perspective
towards the factor that can cause poor workmanship during construction


With high gratitude to Allah S.A.W. who gave me the ideas and physical strength in
preparing this final project/dissertation. I wish to express my gratitude to the persons
and all parties who responded to the survey and also offered their invaluable
contribution in carrying out this final projects/dissertation.
First of all, i would like to express my appreciation and acknowledgement to my
supervisor Encik Hj. Mohd Nasruddin Ayub, who has given me guidance and
unfailing support and contribution of ideas in preparing this final project/dissertation.
Also a spcial thanks for his insightful supervision, encouragement, thoughtful critics
throughout the research and his creative suggestions.
Finally, i would like to thank my beloved parents, Zolkepali bin Nazib and Noraini
binti Abu Mansor, as well as my siblings Nur Izzati Aina binti Zolkepali and Nur
Amirah binti Zolkepali who never stop giving me their encouragement and full
support in order for mw to complete my final project/dissertation. I am also indebted
to all my friends for their moral support and encouragement during the preparation
of this final project/dissertation. Thank you for all the understanding and
encouragement given to me when i really needed it.
Thank you.