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No LAN Components Relation
1 CAT-6 cable cable connect one device to another device to establish
the network
2 Network Switch devices in the network connected thro!h the
network switch
" Network #bdevices in the network connected thro!h the network
$ Network %nter&ace card N%C card is connects the s'stem
motherbaord to network
( TC)*%) he %nternet protocol site is the networkin! model and a set o&
commnications protocols sed &or the %nternet and similar networks
6 +i-,i A) +%-,% A) connect the wireless nodes in the network
- .thernet )rotocol .thernet is a &amil' o& compter networkin!
technolo!ies &or local area networks /LANs0
1 2AC addressthis ph'sical address is translated in to lo!ical address
and it is assi!ned to each device in the network
3 %) address An %nternet )rotocol address is a nmerical label assi!ned
to each device participatin! in a compter network that ses the %nternet
)rotocol &or commnication
14 sbnet maskA sbnetwork5 or sbnet5 is a lo!icall' visible sbdivision
o& an %) network. The practice o& dividin! a network into two or more
networks is called sbnettin!
11 R6 $( connector A re!istered 7ack /R60 is a standardi8ed ph'sical
network inter&ace9both 7ack constrction and wirin! pattern9&or connectin!
12 Network :peratin! S'stem Network :peratin! S'stem re&ers to
so&tware that implements an operatin! s'stem o& some kind that is oriented
to compter networkin!
1" N%C speci;cation /driver0 The Network <river %nter&ace Speci;cation
/N<%S0 is an application pro!rammin! inter&ace /A)%0 &or network inter&ace
cards /N%Cs0
1$ %)v$ %nternet )rotocol version $ is the &orth version in the
development o& the %nternet )rotocol %nternet5 and rotes most tra=c on the
1( ,ile Server %n comptin!5 a ;le server is a compter attached to a
network that has the primar' prpose o& providin! a location &or shared disk
16 )rint Server A print server5 or printer server5 is a device that connects
printers to client compters over a network. %t accepts print 7obs &rom the
compters and sends the 7obs to the appropriate printers5 >ein! the 7obs
locall' to accommodate the &act that work ma' arrive more >ickl' than the
printer can actall' handle it
1- %)v6 %nternet )rotocol version 6 is the latest revision o& the %nternet
)rotocol5 the commnications protocol that provides an identi;cation and
location s'stem &or compters on networks and rotes tra=c across the
11 broadcast domain A broadcast domain is a lo!ical division o& a
compter network5 in which all nodes can reach each other b' broadcast at
the data link la'er. A broadcast domain can be within the same LAN se!ment
or it can be brid!ed to other LAN se!ments.
13 Collision domain A collision domain is a section o& a network where
data packets can collide with one another when bein! sent on a shared
medim or thro!h repeaters5 particlarl' when sin! earl' versions o&
24 ?LAN %n compter networkin!5 a sin!le la'er-2 network ma' be
partitioned to create mltiple distinct broadcast domains5 which are mtall'
isolated so that packets can onl' pass between them via one or more roters@
sch a domain is re&erred to as a virtal local area network5 virtal LAN or
21 2AC Table A 2AC address is the serial nmber o& a network card - or
a similar identi;cation nmber sed in other machines5 incldin! switches
and roters
22 <#C) Server The <'namic #ost Con;!ration )rotocol /<#C)0 is a
standardi8ed networkin! protocol sed b' servers on an %) network to
allocate %) addresses to compters
2" <#C) Client #C)-enabled clients can obtain their %) address and
related con;!ration parameters d'namicall' each time the' start and 7oin
'or network
2$ <NS he <omain Name S'stem /<NS0 is a hierarchical distribted
namin! s'stem &or compters5 services5 or an' resorce connected to the
%nternet or a private network
2( Application server An application server can be either a so&tware
&ramework that provides a !enerali8ed approach to creatin! an application-
server implementation5 withot re!ard to what the application &nctions
are5or the server portion o& a speci;c implementation instance
26 Network Topolo!' Network topolo!' is the arran!ement o& the varios
elements /links5 nodes5 etc.0 o& a compter network