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Calcium Ions Alkaline

Water Enhancer
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The importance of “ Calcium Ion Alkaline Water”

A: Introduction:

1. The Inevitable Industrialization: The acid poison comes from our big
environment…the woe of industrial society.

· Processing Preservative – Pigment, antiseptic, artificial additive, refined sugar/salt,

alcohol and etc.
· Vegetable Contamination – Pesticide, chemical fertilizer, sterilizing agent, anti-
mildew agent, fresh-reservation agent and etc.
· Medicine & Drug – Anti-histamine, Steroid, Aniline Hydrochloride, Amphetamine
and etc.
· Air Pollution – Suspended Particle, Fluoric and Chloride carbonized item, lead,
rubber powder, smoke toxic and etc.
The big environment has caused great damage to our health and body condition to be acidic.

· According to statistic: 85% of cancer patients have been detected to be in acidic body
· Acid body condition will endanger the normal cells, which will die gradually.
· An alkaline body condition must be quickly created, and by drinking water is the
most economical and efficient ways to achieve the result.

2. The Effect Of Alkaline Water: The next water revolution in future……

A cup of clean water would not be able to satisfy the human demand for health because the
degree of acid body condition is getting more and more rapid. There is absolutely a need for
alkaline water to discharge the poison remains inside the body. Therefore, the next
revolution in water industrial is alkaline water, which not only will become the mainstream
of drinking water, but also will be the hottest choice of water plant around the world.
The main mineral in our alkaline water is “Calcium Ion Powder”. Calcium Ion powder is
pure and natural which will be ionized after adding water without being processed by gastric
acid and is absorbed by small intestine directly. It is a great breakthrough as calcium is hard
to be absorbed inside the human body.

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B: What Is Calcium Ion Alkaline Water?

Calcium Ion Alkaline Water

i: Neutralize the poison · It has high pH to neutralize the excessive
“acid level” inside the body.
· It may effectively remove the free radical,
which is the best anti oxidation agent.
· It has strong penetration ability, which may
enter and exit body cells rapidly, allowing the
cells to replenish water quickly, and remove
poison that must be metabolized soon.

ii: Improve body condition · Create alkaline body condition, balance the
pH level, proliferate cells and inhibit bacteria
from growing.
· Calcium ion, magnesium and potassium ions
with positive charge are easy to be absorbed
and utilized by human body, so they may
reinforce the internal organs, enhance blood
circulation and discharge uric acid and poison
inside our body.

iii: Activate oxygen · Has more negative hydroxide ion, which may
increase the oxygen dissolution amount in the
· The cells and blood may get sufficient

iv: Ion resistance · By putting the high calcium mineral group

together that each contains strong alkaline
level, using a high-tech resistance (inhibition)
formula to produce a poison-free and
harmless alkaline particle.

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Calcium Ion Alkaline Water

Test and Experiment

After 4 hours of submerging the metal nails in Calcium

Ion Alkaline Water and Tap Water respectively, it’s
clearly shown that metal nails in tap water turn rusty.
Meaning Cal Ion Water created a protecting layer and
prevented it from oxidizing.

Metal Nail Experiment

We know that raw meat nowadays such as chicken, beef

etc contain growth hormones due to selective breeding
and growth-promoting method. Calcium Ion Alkaline
Water able to remove and clean up the toxic in it.

Raw Meat Experiment

High in PH level is equivalent to High in alkaline level.

Calcium Ion Alkaline Water promotes and benefits cell
membrane to move actively and grow. It’s also anti
bacteria and germ to mutate and multiply.

Egg Yoke Experiment

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Only good water like Calcium Ion Alkaline Water will

have high conductivity level, high level of transferring
mineral and high stage in energy level.

Electric Conductor

As Calcium Ion Alkaline Water’s Molecule is small, the

penetration effect is faster and higher than normal water.
Even the cal ion water is repeatedly used for 3 times, its
still able to bring out the fragrant and the taste of the tea.

Tea Leave Experiment

When any fruit and vegetable are soak with alkaline

water, its will be fresher, crunchy and tasty. The quality
will be like freshly pluck and harvest from the field.
Calcium Ion Alkaline Water contains more oxygen than
any other water.

Fruit &Vegetable

*** Does your drinking water have the same effect as Calcium Ion Alkaline
Water on the above experiment???

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C: Advantage of Calcium Ion Alkaline Water Enhancer

High Ion has strong charge, which may easily exchange all of the
Solubility organic/inorganic matter at ion and non-ion status

Strongest More than pH 8.0 quality, able to inhibit bacteria from growing.

Max. The oxygen molecules is more than the hydrogen molecule in

Oxygen alkaline water, it detected big change on hemoglobin when observed
Content at 300 folds of microscope.

Fastest Ionic water has the smallest molecule but strongest infiltration
Penetration ability, which may easily neutralize toxic.

Best Alkaline water has the least resistor but best conductivity, which is
Conductivity helpful for conduction of human body biologic current.

Best Anti- Alkaline water is highly anti oxidant that no rust on nails after being
Oxidation submerged; anti-oxidation is anti-acid and anti-aging.

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D: The Principal and Function

Active Carbon
Fiber Filter
Strongly absorb the particle,
chlorine, chemical compound.

Positive Resin
Adopting German’s Bayer Food-
Class filtering materials to absorb
inorganic elements such as sodium
and phosphorous from water, to
soften the water’s hardness.

Calcium Ions Mineral Ceramic

Calcium Ions Mineral Ceramic is a natural and beneficial ocean
element. It is the most important (and specific) element of
bone and calcified cartilage.

Infra – Red
To revitalize water, causes resonance with water molecules. It
ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood
thus improving our blood circulation and health condition.

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