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Name of Character: Age:

Name of Opera:
Why did the composer/librettist choose this particular title?
Score information; o! many acts? o! do they relate? Consider the orchestration""" etc"?
Why did the composer choose this tempo# does it change# and !hy? $oo% at the form# time signature#
and rhythm of the aria# !hy !as it chosen?
What historical information is important to understanding the story and character&s moti'ations?
Given Circumstances
When are the e'ents ta%ing place?
What is happening in the character&s o!n life or operatic story?
Where is my character and does it change at all in the story?
Who is my character including relationship to other characters
Age and (arital Status:
Other family members or important relationships:
What )ust happened that causes your character to sing?
What has happened in the opera that affects the singing of this Aria? *brief synopsis+
What does my character !ant for the entire piece , Super Ob)ecti'e?
-ualities of Super Ob)ecti'e
Should help you to acti'ely engage !ith the other characters
Should facilitate the actions of other characters
Should capture the uni.ue .ualities of your character
Should generate things you can do to manifest ho! your character feels
Should emphasi/e any gro!th or de'elopment that your character undergoes
Should support e'erything you must sing and do
What are your character&s Ob)ecti'es and Acting 0eats?
-ualities of ob)ecti'es
1t helps you fulfill your Super2Ob)ecti'e
1t fits the music and its implications for the scene or stan/a
1t supports all your !ords and actions in the scene or stan/a
1t causes you to need something from another character
1t e3cites you to act
4i'ide your piece into scenes
Start a ne! scene !hene'er a ma)or character enters or e3its
What do 1 do action by action# reaction by reaction during the scene?
What do 1 !ant from other characters in the scene?
What do 1 need in the scene?
What am 1 trying to accomplish in the scene?
What does the music suggest about my feelings as 1 sing my te3t and do my actions?
What single need or goal might moti'ate all my beha'iors in this scene?
4i'isions of Aria or Scene:
What are the Ob)ecti'es or Acting 0eats in the 'arious di'isions?
What is the 1nternal 4ialogue or Subte3t for your character?
=1nternal 4ialogue/Subte3t is the thoughts and flo! of feelings in your character&s mind# based
on the te3t but not necessarily the same !ords your character is saying" 1t moti'ates e'erything you do#
so your character is belie'able>
On your score# !rite in subte3t under the te3t" ?ou must %no! !hat e'ery !ord means in order to do
Name the personality traits of your character and find the ones that you ha'e in common !ith your
Character's Personality Traits Common Traits You Have with Character
What famous or !ell2%no!n indi'idual reminds you of this character and !hy?
1f you had to pic% an animal that !ould best represent your character&s traits and moti'ation# !hat
animal !ould it be and !hy?
4oes your character achie'e his/her goals *ob)ecti'es+ by the end of the aria/scene? Why or Why
not? What are the obstacles pre'enting your character from achie'ing his/her goals?