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Neoclassical paintings ( 1750-1860 )

Subject matter : History & Mythology of Ancient Greece and

Medieval history, deep appreciation for Gothic
Homer was frequent su!ect and inspiration for
"heir wor#, as was $igil, %ophocles, and &lutarch
Themes : %toicism and Heroism
Composition : 'ole %implicity %ymmetry, clean lines
and emphasis
(n the su!ects faces to help tell the story.
)motion more restraint and control
Color : %harper colors, *hiaroscuro + vivid contrast
,ight and dar# colors-, which rings more drama
.ring life to multidimensionality of o!ects.
ther Characters : %omre colors w/ rilliant highlights, was
more ordered
,ess grandiose, serious, unemotional, and
sternly heroic
!ac"ues-#ouis $a%i&
&lace of .irth : &aris, 0rance
.irth 1ate : August, 23
1eath 1ate : 1ecemer, 89
&lace of 1eath : .russels, .elgium
)ducation : *ollege des ;uatre<
'ations, Academie Royale
'ic#name : 0ather of "he =hole
Modern %chool
Characteristic :
%everely academic
*olor lac#ing in richness and warmth
)>ecution hard and uninteresting in its very perfection
%u!ects insipired y passing fashion of an age + it was living
and moving in spirit of classical antiquity-
%eem cold and lifeless
Magni?cent composition
)>pressive tension
%patial impact
Jacques-Louis David, The Oath of the Horatii.
oil on canvas, 3.3 x 4.25m.
Commissioned by Louis XVI, painted in Rome, exhibited at the salon o !"#5 $%us&e
du Louv'e(
Characteristic :
Linea' composition
.e'oic /'andeu' $Rome ( 00 1xp'essive tension
-omb'e colo' +0 b'illiant hi,hli,ht
Less 1motional
-te'nly .e'oic
.isto'ical sub2ect
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
-ho't name 3 In,'es
4ate o bi'th 3 5u,ust, 26
4ate o death 3 8anua'y !4
:lace o ;i'th 3 %ontauban, )'ance
Cha'acte'istic 3
<udes $5natomical disto'tion ( elon,atin, bac=s $ C'eatu'es not ind in the
natu'e (
.isto'ical paintin,s
Colo' palette d'a+in,s o lines mo'e p'ominent than colo's
Li,htin, latness
Jupiter and Thetis
4ate o C'eation 3 !#!!
.ei,ht 3 3.45 m
Len,th 3 2.5" m
%edium 3oil
-uppo't 3 Canvas
Cu''ent location 3 5ix*en*:'ovence, )'ance
4isplayed 3 %usee /'anet
Characteristic 3
Composition 3 ta=es up nea'ly enti'e o canvas
Colo' 3 lu'id $spoo=y( 0 sombe' colo' palette > cont'ast $'ed*,'een( ,
d'a+in,s is mo'e p'ominent than colo's
Li,htin, 3 lat
1motion 3 less emotional > e'otic ,estu'es 3 se'ious
;'ushst'o=es 3 ti,ht b'ush+o'= to achieve smooth su'ace
5ncient ,'ee= mytholo,y
Jacques Louis David.
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