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Hello Caretakers,

Edit 30/11/14
See here for where Snow_Wh1te admits there is no proof who has allegedly been
harassing him So why has he spent the last 3 years making accusations against
Also note the above post for yet another alternate origin story for how this was
supposed to have started!
See here where he says I have no proof of wrongdoing by him, such as, erm, the
rest of this document and everything it links to which came from him!
Here for where he is very rude to ValleyCat and runs her down for quoting the
Fetlife ToU at him, even though he hides behind the ToU himself in the above
And here for where he says he will do time for this cunt. This should give you a
good idea of what a class act he is.

Edit w/c 16/11/14 - Sn0w_White has now changed his fetlife account name to
Sn0w_Wh1te and his avatar photo, one imagines in an ineffectual attempt to
disassociate himself from the content linked to below.
As this is the sort of wonderful idea the Caretakers tend to come up with, I shall
assume that their next move will be to port his account to another account ID, for
similar purposes.
This is an open letter to the Fetlife Caretakers requesting that you permanently
ban Fetlife user Sn0w_White, ID ref. 2806752 as he has now for the second
occasion posted my legal name in a hate blog making malicious allegations of
harassment, in violation of both Fetlife ToU and the protocols of the alleged
BDSM community.

You can see the first instance where he does this here and the second here, after
which he rather bizarrely continues with his inane ranting here and here before
Ive actually seen the original post!
This is actually at least the 3rd occasion my name has been posted as, as you can
see here it has previously been posted by Fetlife user TheLazyFrog, ID ref.
3085261, who is a friend of this person, and who I understand has been removed
from the alleged BDSM community after she was exposed for posting peoples
legal names on the Predator Alert Tool for Fetlife, after spending months
complaining about other people allegedly putting her and her friends on this
database. TheLazyFrog is better known as MarmiteGirl, RavenRose,
CarolynesRose, VelvetRoseUK or VelvetKiss.
(Scroll down to about halfway through for the information I refer to)

Both of these people are quite happy to play the system from both ends, and to
harass other Fetlife users privately at the same time as claiming to be victimized
in order to manipulate people who perceive themselves to be part of the BDSM
community into attacking their targets on their behalf. The sad fact is that people
will not only do this but will do so gleefully while believing themselves to be doing
their community a favour.
Making claims of being harassed by an anonymous sock account is a Fetlife
permanent victims trump card, as it results in the community believing that
person uncritically and without asking for any proof, and at the same time, leaves
the actual target unable to defend themselves in any way as it is impossible to
prove a negative.
It is my understanding that Sn0w_White has been using these methods to harass
people going back several years and to when he had his previous fetlife accounts
in the names akaKelly and LisaKelly. A number of people have contacted me to

say that he has used these kind of methods previously to harass people off of
fetlife and to isolate them and to get people to behave obnoxiously or abusively
towards them on his behalf.
Perhaps the most shocking account of Sn0w_White s behavior came from one
lady who contacted me to alleged that he had been abusive to her on several
occasions at kink events between 2010 and 2013, but only when there were no
witnesses in earshot. She claimed that shortly after she dressed up as Snow White
for Leeds Pride 2013. Lisa Kelly then changed his screen name to Sn0w_White.
The idea there is presumably that as soon as she wore that outfit again to a kink
event, Lisa Kelly would write yet another hate blog claiming that she was only
doing it to harass him and that it was proof she had been harassing him all along.
This kind of behavior is characteristic of a devious bully and sociopath.
Over the course of this year I have purposely screencapped instances of abusive,
manipulative and sociopathic behavior by Sn0w_White as evidence. These are as
See here for where Sn0w_White writes a blog apparently asking why
people are attacking him and apparently making an apology to the people
he suspects of this, at the same time as posting on a hate thread directed
at one of the same people, with help from his chum CarolynesRose.
See here for where Sn0w_White abuses Fetlife user BiteMyBewbies for no
particular reason
here for where he alleges that he does not know who is harassing him
here for where he accuses Fetlife user Raucshe of harassment
here and here for where he accuses Fetlife user grey witch or GW of
here for where he gets a thread about the methods used by pathological
liars shut down I wonder what he had to fear from that?
here for where Sn0w_White supports CarolynesRoses hate blog directed at
her alleged harasser in retaliation for the screen capturing of her earlier
hate blog targeting a vulnerable young girl and member of the alleged

BDSM community who she had taken a particular dislike to. She was sadly
supported in this by the girls former Mummy Fetlife user Moushtie, ID
ref. 1415571
here where he implies he is going to assault someone called YCM
here for where he tries to drag an event into his drama by alleging his
harasser has made a problem for it
here and here for a general hate thread directed at unspecified people who
he and CarolynesRose deem to be arseholes
here and here for where he posts hate against unemployed people
And finally here and here where he posts photographs of his very
distinctive front door

Not only is it totally hypocritical of this person to write a rant about passing on
personal details and then accuse other people by screen name or legal name, it is
also clear from the above that the person allegedly harassing Sn0w_White
changes according to his requirements at the time.
While I have no actual idea if anyone has ever sent any harassing messages to
him, the best case scenario here is that he is making very serious allegations
without having any idea of their accuracy and without giving any thought to their
consequences for people.
It also seems extremely telling to me that someone claiming to be harassed
would then post pictures of an unusual or distinctive feature of their home in
which it can be seen that there is a clear view of it from the street!

I am asking you to ban Sn0w_White for both his own and other peoples

Kind regards