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21-31 OCTOBER 2014



1.1. The Tournament shall be called AFF FELDA Beach Soccer Championship


2.1. The Tournament shall be or"ani#ed and mana"ed b$ Football Association o%
&ala$sia in collaboration 'ith the Asean Football Federation.


(.1. )articipants in the Tournament shall be those 'ho are &embers Associations
o% the Asean Football Federation a%%iliated to the Federation *nternationale
de Football Association and an$ other &ember Associations in+ited b$ the
Asean Football Federation Council.

(.2. &ember Associations a%ter con%irmin" their participation and %or an$ reason
'ithdra'in" subse,uentl$ 'ill be dealt 'ith b$ the AFF Council 'ith a
ma-imum %ine o% .SD10/000.


.1. A troph$ called The AFF Beach Soccer Cup! shall be a'arded to the
Champion Team.


0.1. Each team shall re"ister not more than t'ent$1%i+e 2203 pla$ers. Such
re"istration shall be submitted to the Secretar$ o% the Local 4r"ani#in"
Committee/ i.e. the Football Association o% &ala$sia and a cop$ to Asean
Football Federation 'ith a cop$ o% the re"istered pla$er5s passport not later
than t'ent$1one 2213 da$s be%ore the commencement o% the tournament
2Form 13.

0.2. Each team shall re"ister a ma-imum o% %i+e 203 o%%icials not later than t'ent$1
one 2213 da$s be%ore the commencement o% the tournament 2Form 23.
0.(. Fourteen 213 pla$ers %rom the preliminar$ list o% t'ent$1%i+e 2203 pla$ers 'ill
be re"istered at the &ana"ers5 &eetin"/ 'hich shall be held one da$ be%ore
the commencement o% the tournament 2Form (3.

0.. A pla$er listed on the %inal list o% Fourteen 213 pla$ers ma$ onl$ be replaced
onl$ in the e+ent o% serious in6ur$ up to one da$ be%ore the 7ic71o%% o% his
team5s %irst match a%ter AFF ha+e recei+ed a detailed medical assessment and
onl$ a%ter the acceptance and con%irmation b$ the AFF appointed &edical

The AFF appointed &edical doctor shall issue a letter o% consent statin" that
the in6ur$ is su%%icientl$ serious to pre+ent the pla$er %rom ta7in" part in the
tournament. .pon appro+al/ the participatin" &ember Association shall
immediatel$ nominate a replacement %rom the preliminar$ list o% t'ent$1%i+e
2203 pla$ers and in%orm AFF accordin"l$.

AFF shall not be responsible %or an$ costs incurred due to a pla$er
replacement includin" air%ares.

0.0. 4nl$ pla$ers 'ho are bona %ide nationals o% the countr$ the$ represent are
eli"ible to participate in this competition in accordance 'ith the 8e"ulations
9o+ernin" the Application o% the F*FA Statutes.

0.:. )la$ers must produce their indi+idual passports issued b$ the rele+ant o%%icial
authorities o% the countr$ the$ represent as proo% o% nationalit$.


:.1. )articipatin" countries must declare the %irst and second colours o% their
respecti+e teams and the$ are obli"ed to use these colours %or all their

:.2. To a+oid clash o% colours/ colours to be 'orn b$ teams %or matches shall be
determined at the &ana"ers5 &eetin".

:.(. All teams are obli"ated to brin" alon" their %irst and second colours to e+er$
match. *% in the opinion o% the &atch Commissioner and the 8e%erees/ the
colours o% the t'o opposin" teams clash or it deemed necessar$ %or tele+ision
purpose/ the colours must be chan"ed/ 'hereb$ the spare out%it ma$ be used
as a 'hole or in combination.

:.. 9oal7eepers must be pro+ided 'ith 6erse$s o% di%%erent colours contrastin"
'ith those o% the t'o teams bearin" their re"istered numbers 2e.". there
shall be at least t'o ;o. 1 6erse$ o% di%%erent colours %or the %irst choice
"oal7eeper and 2 6erse$s o% di%%erent colours %or the reser+e "oal7eeper3.
.nder no circumstances 'ill "oal7eepers be allo'ed to pla$ in 6erse$ bearin"
numbers di%%erent %rom that 'ere ori"inall$ re"istered.
:.0. *% under"arment or undershorts are used/ the$ must be the same colour as
the main colour o% the 6erse$<shirt or shorts

:.:. )la$ers shall 'ear re"istered numbers on their 6erse$ 2bac7 and %ront3 and
shorts. ;umbers on 6erse$ in contrastin" colours shall be 20 cm in hei"ht at
the bac7 and 10 cm in hei"ht in the %ront/ 'hile the numbers on shorts shall
be 10 cm in hei"ht in the %ront o% the shorts 2belo' ri"ht3. An$ team %ound
"uilt$ o% allo'in" pla$ers to pla$ in 6erse$s 'ith numbers other than those
re"istered shall be sub6ect to disciplinar$ action includin" %ines. ;umbers
should ran"e %rom 1 1 20 in %i"ures uni+ersall$ used/ 'ith the %irst
"oal7eeper5s number bein" 1.

:.=. The pla$ers5 surname shall also be sho'n in contrastin" colour on the bac7 o%
the shirts abo+e the number 2=.0 cm in hei"ht3. The letterin" shall be in
capitals and contain no ad+ertisin"/ desi"n %eatures or other elements. The
colour o% the pla$ers> names shall contrast clearl$ 'ith the out%its 2li"ht on
dar7 or +ice +ersa3 and be le"ible %rom a distance %or spectators in the
stadium and tele+ision +ie'ers. This applies especiall$ in the case o% striped
shirts. A plain coloured bac7"round 2either entirel$ li"ht or dar7/ dependin"
on the colour o% the letters3 a%%ords better le"ibilit$

:.?. An$ %orm o% ad+ertisin" on the out%it durin" this tournament shall be strictl$
%orbidden. The authori#ed trademar7 o% the manu%acturer shall be allo'ed to
appear onl$ once on the shirt/ once on the shorts and once on the soc7s. The
trademar7 ma$ be used alone as a lo"o or in combination 'ith the names o%
the manu%acturer but shall not e-ceed 20 cm
on the shirt and 12 cm
on the
shorts and the soc7. The emblem o% the ;ational Association ma$ also be
'orn on the shirt.

:.@. The pla$ers5 out%it must be appro+ed b$ AFF. This should also appl$ to the
"oal7eepers5 "lo+es/ on 'hich the trademar7 shall not e-ceed 0 cm

:.10. Ad+ertisin" is not %orbidden on clothin" 'orn b$ pla$ers and o%%icials 'hen
the$ are at trainin" "rounds/ in the hotel or durin" their %ree time. Ao'e+er/
no %orm o% ad+ertisin" is permitted on trac7suits or other clothin" 'orn b$
the pla$ers and dele"ation o%%icials 'ho are on the %ield o% pla$ or its

:.11. An$ breach o% the F*FA<AFC E,uipment 8e"ulations rules re"ardin"
ad+ertisin" 'ill be sub6ect to sanction b$ the tournament Disciplinar$


=.1. All matches shall be pla$ed in accordance 'ith the F*FA Beach Soccer La's o%
the 9ame as promul"ated b$ the *nternational Board and published b$ F*FA.

=.2. *n the case o% con%lictin" interpretation o% the F*FA Beach Soccer La's o% the
9ame/ the En"lish te-t shall be authoritati+e.


?.1. One R!n" Le#$!e G%!& C'&e()()n

?.1.1. )articipatin" teams shall be dra'n into t'o 223 "roups o% %our 23
teams each.

?.1.2. Teams in the "roups 'ill pla$ one round lea"ue competition.

?.1.(. Three 2(3 points shall be a'arded %or a 'in/ t'o 223 points %or a 'in
in e-tra time or a penalt$ shoot1out and none 203 %or a de%eat.

?.1.. The t'o teams comin" %irst and second in each "roup ,uali%$ %or
the semi1%inals.

?.1.0. 8an7in" shall be determined b$ the "reater number o% points
obtained in all the matches.

?.1.:. *% t'o or more teams tie on points/ their position 'ill be
determined as %ollo'sB1

2a3 "reatest number o% points obtained in the "roup matches
bet'een the teams concernedC

2b3 "reatest "oal di%%erence resultin" %rom the "roup matches
bet'een the teams concernedC

2c3 "reatest number o% "oals scored in all "roup matches
bet'een the teams concernedC

2d3 "reatest "oal di%%erence in all "roup matchesC

2e3 "reatest number o% "oals scored in all "roup matchesC

2%3 Dra'in" o% lots b$ the 4r"anisin" Committee.

?.1.=. The Tournament Committee has the ri"ht to reschedule the %inal
matches o% an$ "roup<"roups i% such matches are deemed to a%%ect
the result o% the other matches concerned/ the$ ma$ be
rescheduled to be pla$ed simultaneousl$ in t'o di%%erent +enues.

?.2. Semi Final and Final &atches

?.2.1. A%ter the completion o% the 9roup Competition/ the %irst and
second placed teams o% each "roup 'ill pla$ Semi1Final matches as

Dinner 9roup A +s 8unner1up 9roup B
Dinner 9roup B +s 8unner1up 9roup A

?.2.2. The 'inners o% the Semi1Final matches shall meet in the Final
&atch and the losers %or the match to decide the (
placin" as

Loser SF 1 +s Loser SF 2
Dinner SF 1 +s Dinner SF 2


@.1. The duration o% e+er$ match shall be three 2(3 e,ual periods o% t'el+e 2123
minutes/ 'ith a three 2(3 minutes inter+al bet'een each period o% pla$ as
stipulated in the F*FA Beach Soccer La's o% the 9ame.

@.2. *% the score is le+el a%ter normal pla$in" time/ e-tra time o% three 2(3 minutes
shall be pla$ed. *% the score is le+el a%ter the e-tra time/ penalt$ 7ic7s shall be
ta7en %rom the ima"inar$ penalt$ mar7 in accordance 'ith the F*FA Beach
Soccer La's o% the 9ame.


10.1. 4nl$ F*FA 8e"istered Beach Soccer 8e%erees appro+ed shall be appointed to
re%eree in the Tournament and the$ 'ill be paid an appro+ed rate o% pa$ment
as per the AFF rate.


11.1. 8e%erees5 8eports shall be made in the %orms pro+ided and such reports shall
be handed to the Secretar$ o% the Local 4r"ani#in" Committee or his
representati+e not later than three hours a%ter the termination o% each

11.2. The AFC<AFF 8eport %orms should be completed b$ the 8e%eree and
%or'arded to the 9eneral Coordinator 'ho 'ill subse,uentl$ %a- to AFC<AFF


12.1. A pla$er 'ho recei+ed t'o cautions durin" the tournament shall
automaticall$ be suspended %or the match %ollo'in" the match in 'hich he
recei+ed the second caution.

*% the pla$er recei+es the second caution durin" the Team5s last match in the
"roup sta"e/ the suspension 'ill be carried %or'ard to the Semi1Final 8ound i%
,uali%ication has been attained.

12.2. Sin"le $ello' card recei+ed in the "roup sta"e competitions 'ill not be
carried %or'ard to the Semi1Final and Final matches.

12.(. A pla$er and<or o%%icial 'ho recei+ed a red card 2direct or indirect3< sent o%%
durin" the Competition shall automaticall$ be suspended %rom the match
%ollo'in" the match in 'hich he recei+ed the red card<sent o%% and ma$
remain suspended until his case has been decided b$ the Disciplinar$

12.. A suspended pla$er and<or o%%icial shall not be allo'ed on the substitution
bench and technical area.


1(.1. A Disciplinar$ Committee shall be %ormed consistin" o% a Chairman and %our
23 members.

1(.2. The Chairman shall be the Aead o% Dele"ation and the &embers shall be %our
23 'ho ma$ ta7e part in the discussions or +ote 'hen the rele+ant item is
bein" ad6udicated.

1(.(. All members o% the Disciplinar$ Committee includin" the Chairman/ shall ;4T
be members o% the Local 4r"anisin" Committee.

1(.. *% the team o% the Chairman is in+ol+ed/ then the meetin" shall be chaired b$
one o% the members present.

1(.0. The Disciplinar$ Committee shall meet 'ithin 2 hours o% the end o% the

1(.:. The Disciplinar$ Committee shall deal 'ith the %ollo'in"B1

1(.:.1. *n case o% pla$ers bein" dismissed %rom the %ield o% pla$.

1(.:.2. An$ misconduct b$ an o%%icial or pla$er/ 'hich has been reported
to or come under the notice o% the committee.

1(.:.(. An$ 'ritten re,uest or a complaint on disciplinar$ matter made b$
the mana"er o% a participatin" team. Such a 'ritten re,uest or
complaint shall be handed to the Secretar$ o% the Local 4r"anisin"
Committee 'ithin three hours o% the incident. An$ other matter
'ill be dealt 'ith b$ the Tournament Committee.

1(.:.. The Disciplinar$ Committee ma$ onl$ suspend a pla$er %rom ta7in"
%urther part in the matches o% the Tournament.

*% more se+ere action is deemed necessar$/ the &ember
Association to 'hich the pla$er belon"s must be in%ormed and an$
%urther action shall be the responsibilit$ o% such &ember

1(.:.0. 4ther cases o% misconduct/ 'hich ma$ re,uire disciplinar$ action.

1(.:.:. All decisions o% the Disciplinar$ Committee on ,uestions o% %act
shall be %inal and shall not be sub6ect to appeal/ 6udiciall$ or


1.1. The Tournament Committee shall consist o% a Chairman and t'o members.
The &atch Commissioner shall chair the Tournament Committee. The
&embers shall be the Chairman o% the Local 4r"anisin" Committee and the
8e%eree Assessor.

1.2. All decisions o% the Tournament Committee shall be %inal.

1.(. The Tournament Committee shall be responsible %orB1

1.(.1. Tournament match schedulin"/ 'hich shall include dates/ 7ic7 o%%
times and +enues.

1.(.2. Ensurin" that matches are pla$ed in accordance 'ith the Beach
Soccer La's o% the 9ame and in con%ormit$ 'ith these 8e"ulations.

1.(.(. Ta7in" an$ disciplinar$ action/ includin" the imposition o% %ines
and<or penalties/ in accordance 'ith these re"ulations and Article
0= 2Disciplinar$ &easures3 o% the F*FA Statutes/ e-cept those
re%erred to the Disciplinar$ Committee b$ these 8e"ulations.

1.(.. Decisions in cases o% %orce ma6eure.



10.1. AFF shall appoint an Appeals Committee consistin" o% a Chairman and t'o
AFF &embers. The AFF )resident shall chair the Appeals Committee.

10.2. &embers o% the Appeals Committee shall ;4T be members o% the Local
4r"anisin" Committee or the Disciplinar$ Committee.

10.(. The Committee 'ill deal 'ith all appeals/ protests/ etc. arisin" %rom the
tournament and also has the 6urisdiction to hear appeals a"ainst decision o%
the Disciplinar$ Committee. All decisions o% the Committee shall be %inal.


1:.1. The AFF shall appoint a 8e%eree Assessor 'ho shall be responsible %or the
dail$ appointment and assessment o% the 8e%erees

1:.2. The 8e%eree Assessor shall appoint the 8e%eree %or all matches to o%%iciate in
this tournament.


1=.1. The 4r"anisin" Federation shall %orm a Securit$ Committee 'hose Chairman
shall be a securit$ o%%icer holdin" a hi"h position in the )olice Force o% the

1=.2. Each participatin" team shall include a hi"h1ran7in" police o%%icer to
accompan$ the team and he<she shall be a member o% the Securit$

1=.(. The Securit$ Committee shall %ollo' all "uidelines/ rules and re"ulations and
measures recommended b$ F*FA to ensure there is securit$ on and o%% the
%ield at all times.

1=.. The 4r"anisin" Federation shall be responsible to pro+ide securit$
arran"ements to all participants/ o%%icials and re%erees to pre+ent +iolent
incidents. Such securit$ arran"ements shall co+er the stadium and its +icinit$/
the trainin" "rounds/ hotels/ "ames +illa"e/ etc.


1?.1. Sub6ect to the %ollo'in" pro+isions/ protests are ob6ections o% an$ 7ind to
occurrences that ha+e a direct e%%ect on &atches or"anised in the
Competition 2state and mar7in" o% the pitch/ accessor$/ match e,uipment/
eli"ibilit$ o% pla$ers/ stadium installations/ %ootballs/ etc.3 and an$ matters
related to breach o% these 8e"ulations.

1?.2. .nless other'ise stipulated in this article/ protests shall %irst be submitted in
'ritin" to the &atch Commissioner 'ithin t'o 223 hours o% the &atch b$ the
team concerned and %ollo'ed up immediatel$ 'ith a %ull 'ritten report 2in
the case o% a protest on pla$er5s eli"ibilit$/ it shall include e+idence<proo% to
support the protest3/ includin" a cop$ o% the ori"inal protest/ to be sent in
'ritin" to the AFF 9eneral Secretariat accompanied b$ a %ee o% .SD 000 2.S
dollars %i+e hundred onl$3. The plainti%% &ember Association shall con%irm the
protest b$ re"istered letter/ to be sent to the AFF Secretariat no later than
t'o 223 da$s a%ter the &atch in ,uestion.

1?.(. )rotests a"ainst an$ incidents that occur durin" the course o% a &atch shall
be made to the re%eree b$ the team captain immediatel$ a%ter the disputed
incident and be%ore pla$ has been resumed. The protests shall be con%irmed
in 'ritin" to the &atch Commissioner b$ the head o% the team dele"ation no
later than t'o 223 hours a%ter the &atch.

1?.. ;o protests ma$ be made a"ainst the 8e%eree5s decisions re"ardin" %acts
connected 'ith pla$/ such decisions bein" %inal.


1@.1. )articipatin" teams shall pla$ e+er$ match.

1@.2. *%/ throu"h the %ault o% an$ participatin" team/ a match cannot ta7e place or
be pla$ed in its entirel$/ the Tournament Committee shall declare the match
to be %or%eited a'ardin" +ictor$ and resultant three 2(3 points to the
opposin" team as 'ell as the score 010/ or more/ i% the opposin" team has
alread$ achie+ed a hi"her score.

1@.(. All cases related to 'ithdra'als/ 'al7o+ers and abandoned matches 'ill be
dealt 'ith b$ the Tournament Committee. The decisions o% the Committee
re"ardin" these matters are %inal.


20.1. The interpretation o% these rules and all matters not pro+ided %or shall be
dealt 'ith b$ the Tournament Committee in consultation 'ith the Asean
Football Federation 'hose decision shall be %inal.


21.1. *n the e+ent o% an$ disa"reement in the interpretation o% these rules/ the
Asean Football Federation 'ill be the %inal authorit$ on all technical



1.1. 8e%eree5s 8eport to"ether 'ith Time7eeper 8eport in the prescribed %orms
shall be completed and returned/ one 213 cop$ to AFC and another to AFF/
a%ter the completion o% each match.

1.2. The o%%icial AFC &atch 8eport Form must be completed b$ the Secretar$ o%
the 4r"ani#in" Committee a%ter each match and sent to the AFC Secretariat
'ithin 2 hours.

1.(. A detailed statement o% accounts sho'in" the "ross receipt and the amount
deducted %or "o+ernment or municipal ta-es must be sent to the AFC
Secretariat dul$ completed/ 'ithin (0 da$s o% the tournament. Le+$ is
pa$able to F*FA and AFC in accordance 'ith their re"ulations.

1.. The AFC 8e%erees Assessment %orms must be completed b$ the member1in1
char"e o% 8e%erees a%ter each match and sent to AFC Secretariat 'ithin 2

1.0. The desi"nated &atch Commissioner5s 8eport Form as 'ell as the &atch
Data Sheet includin" results and cases o% cautions/ e-pulsions and serious
incidents 2i% an$3 shall be completed and transmitted to the AFC Secretariat
immediatel$ a%ter the match. The ori"inals must be posted to the Secretariat


2.1. The 4r"ani#in" &ember Association shall send a report o% the Tournament to
the 9eneral Secretaries o% AFC and AFF 'ithin (0 da$s o% the completion o%
the tournament. The report ma$ be brie%/ but shall be as complete as
possible and shall contain necessar$ items such as names o% competin"
countries/ names o% re%erees and assistant re%erees/ the di%%iculties met 'ith
the recommendations o%%ered %or the bene%it o% %uture tournaments.


The 4r"ani#in" Committee shall pro+ide the %ollo'in"B1

(.1. AFF 4%%icials and 8e%erees

(.1.1. Accommodation in a hotel E t'o da$s be%ore the commencement
o% the tournament and one da$ a%ter the assi"nment.

(.1.2. 8oomin" arran"ements %or appointed AFF 4%%icials and &atch
4%%icials are as %ollo'sB

AFF 4%%icials 1 Sin"le rooms
&atch 4%%icials 1 T'in sharin" rooms

(.1.(. *nternational bu%%et meals/ three times a da$

(.1.. 8easonable laundr$ 2( pieces per da$ 1 no dr$ cleanin" and

(.1.0. *nternal transportation %or inspection/ dail$ matches and

(.1.:. Free medical treatment includin" appro+ed hospital %acilities

(.1.=. Secretariat rooms %or AFF 4%%icials at the team5s hotel and at the
stadium to be %ull$ e,uipped 'ith the %ollo'in" e,uipmentB

i. T'o 223 laptop<computers 'ith internet connection
ii. 4ne 213 laser printer connected to both computers
iii. 4ne 213 scanner connected to both computers
i+. )hotocop$ machine 2 unit 21 at hotel F 1 at stadium3
+. Fa- and phone 'ith *DD line 21 at hotel F 1 at stadium3
+i. Dhite board
+ii. Stationeries
+iii. Sim cards

(.1.?. A meetin" and brie%in" room %or the re%erees in the hotel
e,uipped 'ith 'hiteboard and stationer$ to"ether 'ith audio1
+isual e,uipment 2DGD<GCD pla$er and TG3

(.1.@. Four 23 sets o% match recordin" 2DGD3 to be made a+ailable latest
the %ollo'in" mornin" o% the match %or distribution as %ollo'sB

i. T'o 223 pla$in" teams
ii. AFF
iii. 8e%eree Assessor<&atch 4%%icials

(.1.10. Aost Association 'ill pro+ide insurance co+er %or the duration o%
the tournament includin" repatriates

. Te#'/

.1.1. Accommodation in a hotel E t'o da$s be%ore the commencement o% the
tournament and one da$ a%ter the teams5 last match.

.1.2. 8oomin" arran"ements %or each teams are as %ollo'sB

Team 4%%icials 1 1 sin"le room t'o 223 t'in sharin" rooms
)la$ers 1 = t'in sharin" rooms
E,uipment room 1 1 empt$ room %or e,uipment stora"e

TotalB 11 rooms %or each team

.1.(. *nternational bu%%et meals/ three times a da$.

.1.. A li"ht snac7 on team5s match da$s.

.1.0. Laundr$ %or pla$in" and trainin" "ear 26erse$/ short and a pair o% soc7s

.1.:. *nternal transportation %or trainin"/ matches and si"htseein". A car to be
made a+ailable %or the Team &ana"er.

.1.=. Free medical treatment includin" hospital %acilities %or in6uries and
emer"enc$ incurred and sustained durin" the tournament e-cept sur"er$.

.1.?. Dater/ ice and re%reshments %or the teams durin" the match da$s/ durin"
trainin" and at the hotel.

.1.@. A brie%in" room in the hotel e,uipped 'ith 'hite board and audio1+isual
e,uipment 2DGD<GCD pla$er and TG3

.1.10. The respecti+e &ember Associations must conclude the necessar$
"eneral insurance policies %or their pla$ers and o%%icials 'hilst the Aost
Association 'ill pro+ide insurance co+er %or the duration o% the
tournament includin" repatriates.


The Asean Football Federation shall pro+ide the %ollo'in"B1

0.1. AFF 4%%icials and 8e%erees

0.1.1. AFF 'ould be responsible %or the air%are Econom$ class %rom
capital cit$ to capital cit$ o% the +enue %or the competition.

0.1.2. Dail$ allo'ance o% .SD100 per da$.


:.1. Dopin" Control tests/ i% necessar$/ 'ill be carried out in accordance 'ith the
procedure as set out b$ F*FA.


=.1. The host to pro+ide the %ollo'in" trophies and medals %or the championshipB

Challen"e<Champions troph$
*ndi+idual medals %or Champions/ 8unners1up and (
place 21@ medals o%
Fair pla$ troph$ 2as mentioned belo'3
Commemorati+e memento %or o%%iciatin" &atch 4%%icials in the %inal
match 2 pieces3


?.1. *n e+er$ match o% this competition/ %air pla$ should be acti+el$ promoted
throu"h the Fair )la$ %la"s/ cards/ posters/ etc.

?.2. The 4r"ani#in" Countr$ 'ill present a Fair )la$ Troph$ to the best team/
'hich 'ill be pic7ed b$ the Disciplinar$ Committee based on mar7s allocated
in the F*FA 9uidelines %or choosin" the Fair )la$ Dinner.