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Assignment on APR

Lifebuoy Maha kumbhmela campaign :

Maha kumbh mela is the largest religious festival in India . The people from all over the India
near 100 million people come together to pray lord siva and they live together one month. The
indian govt has created temporary village for the devotees. Lifebuoy aims to make a difference
by creating accessible hygiene products and promoting healthy hygiene habits. With this in
mind, Lifebuoy aims to change the handwashing behaviour of people. The desire to be clean,
active and healthy is intrinsic to every one irrespective of age or economic status. Lifebuoy
understands this need and champions the cause for hygiene and health around the world.
life buoy wants to promote this they thinking too innovative to communicate to the people so
they found this as an opportunity to communicate about this need of washing the hands before
to eat . they come with an innovative idea that they wants to communicate to the people . they
used Roti as the medium . they print quote on Roti did you wash your hands with lifebuoy.
With 2.5 million Rotis to the 5 million people they convey that message to the people . there is
one thing is missing in this ad those who can read they only can understand this message . in
India most of the people are illiterate . other than that this most innovative and right opportunity
to convey that to huge massive media .
Lifebuoy has tied up with 1000 local dhabas at kumbh mela which has huge foot falls
and also sanitation facilities
They designed a special stamp bearing message lifebuoy se haath dhoya kya for
dhaba walas they stamped this on every Roti they make .
They also placed lifebuoy soap and liquid hand wash at the wash basin .
To complete this campaign they posted a huge no of posters and hoardings aroung the
This campaign caters to those who were came to kumbh mela .

Vodafone earmuffs ad in kumbhmela :

With reference to the lifebuoy ad campaign they found an opportunity to innovative than
the other brands . the maha kumbh mela held in January month so the winter season . so
here they got an idea giving earmuffs with vodafone branded logo with devotional
songs. During the winter Vodafone India ran a campaign to spread awareness about its
range of Value Added Services, at the Maha Kumbh Mela - the largest religious festival
in the world, visited by over 100 million people. So most of the devotees would like to
hear devotional songs so, In keeping with the mood of the festival, it was decided to
promote Devotional Music from Value Added Services. OgilvyAction India embedded a
devotional music player into a vital winter accessory:armuffs. These Musical Earmuffs
were branded with the Vodafone logo and a message that instructed people to 'Dial 123
to listen to devotional songs'. Thousands of Vodafone Musical Earmuffs were distributed
to people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. some of the most inaccessible
sections of Indian society, at a fraction of the cost.

Colgate turned the maha kumbhmela into maha tech mela :

The challenging situation inspired the colgate think beyond the traditional methods .
they found that maha kumbhmela as opputunity to convey the message . they found
Mobile as the medium to convey the message because this device that they always carry
with them. And one more thing is most of the devotees are from rural areas so to attract
the all classes of devotees they come up with voice based communication using the
indian legendary figure AMIN SAYANI . and one more challenge was to target the
millions of devotees from the all over the country . so they tied up with the leading
Indian telecom partner AIRTEL and chase for location based targeting The voice call
was made the moment a visitor entered within 3-5 km radius of Maha Kumbh Mela. This
way, any local Airtel subscriber or those roaming on Airtel, were targeted the moment
they entered this virtual circle around Maha Kumbh Mela . To drive rural toothpaste
penetration, building a proposition of Colgate as a modern and scientific product has
been one of the core agendas for Colgate. As part of this agenda, Colgate has been
engaging with the rural audiences through various rural activation programs.
So colgate found maha kumbh mela was such opportunity with over 100 million people
around the world .