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Updated: OS/2014 Drake University School of Education, 2011

Drake University School of Education Student Teaching Final Evaluation

6. Assessment: Theteacher Doesnot understand or Primarily relies onone Understands and uses a
Christina continues to excel
understands and uses multiple useassessment formof assessment variety of assessments
inthis area. Shehas
demonstrated her
methods of assessment to engage strategies effectively. and/or shows limited for multiple purposes.
understanding of the Gold
learners intheir own growth, to use of assessments for
Assessment process by
monitor learner progress, and to instructional purposes.
taking observations which
guide the teacher's and learner's
she uses to plan individually
appropriate activities for
children. Christina
frequently checks for
understanding with her
students and modifies her
instruction as needed to help
all children learn.
7. Planning for Instruction: Instructional plans are Instructional plans Consistently plans Christinaplansactivities
Theteacher plans instruction inadequate indetail or show some details detailed instruction
that support our NP
that supports every student in are not submitted. regarding curriculum usingavariety of
meeting rigorous learning goals goals, content methods to meet
whichalignsour MISIC
by drawing upon knowledge of standards, and curriculum goals,
content areas, curriculum, cross- students' needs and/or content standards, and
usesher knowledgeof
disciplinary skills, and pedagogy, planning for students' needs.
as well as knowledge oflearners instruction is implementactivitiesthat
and the community context. inconsistent.
meettheir needs.
Unsatisfactory Developing
(Beginningteacher (Beginningteacher
competencyisnotbeing competencyis
met.] developing.)
8. Instructional Strategies: The Lessons show alimited Implements some Consistently Christina
teacher understands and uses a understanding of lessons that implements lessons incorporated many
variety of instructional strategies purposeful incorporate avariety of that incorporate a instructi0nal
to encourage learners to develop instructional strategies instructional strategies variety of instructional strategies during her
deep understanding of content and/or there are no and gives students strategies and provides foodstudy. She
areas and their connections, and opportunities for some opportunities to opportunities for planned cooking
to build skills to apply knowledge students to apply apply knowledge. students to apply activities as well as
inmeaningful ways. knowledge. knowledge. other hands onways
of exploring food.
Shealso used the
apple tasting activity
to teach math and
literacy skills.