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25 October 2014


RE: #UPsurge Campaign Plan for Yolanda Commemoration

Dear fellow student leaders:

Greetings of solidarity!

The 8
of November marks one year since the devastation of the storm surge
Yolanda. Likewise, this day shall mark one year of the Aquino governments
indefatigable failure in delivering services and securing support to those who
survived. Indeed, this calamity which hit the country has changed so many lives;
most made even harder, and made worse, by our very own government.

The Katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Mag-aaral sa UP (KASAMA sa UP) calls upon
all the student councils across the UP System to massively reverberate this
national concern and engage the entire nation towards action. It is essential for
us student leaders to steer the direction of this endeavor in order to finally put an
end to the present condition of those who remain victims of the states criminal

It is in this light that we request your student council to partake in a system-wide
series of activities geared towards the re-echoing of the peoples concerns with
regard to response, relief, rehabilitation, and reconstruction during times of
calamity. Through the #UPsurge Campaign, the Alliance has come up with an
initial framework of activities with which we strongly need your viable support.
Dubbed as UP for Justice: One with and for the Victims, One year of Aquinos
Criminal Negligence, #OneForJustice this series of activities is set to run from
October 27-November 8, 2014. Listed below are the proposed activities set by
your National Executive Council:

26 October Cover photo change on
KASAMA sa UP will provide cover
27 October to
07 November
12 Months in 12 Days. Publicity
materials will be posted online
nightly (9:15PM) to commemorate
the months which have passed
arriving to the current condition
of the survivors.
Centralized at:
03 November to
07 November
Black ribbons may be placed
Around Campus containing any
/all of the Following messages:
Decentralized in ALL
campuses of the UP System.
04-05 November Symbolic Oble Cloaking (black
cloth) and/or hanging of
streamers in areas frequented
by students containing the
message in our theme.
SCs may ask permission from
their respective unit heads in
order to cloak the Oblation
with a black cloth.
07 November Candle-lighting activity and
Solidarity night
Decentralized indoor activity
In ALL campuses of the UP
08 November Multi-sectoral mobilization and
Ecumenical service in comme-
Moration of the first year after
The Yolanda surge.
In key locations nationwide.
Profile picture change (i.e. pic
Exhibits and installations
Discussion on the present state
of Yolanda survivors
First-hand accounts and stories
Solidarity statements
Hashtag Campaign:

Please do take note that other activities, both local and system-wide, may still be
conducted depending on the campaign design of your college/unit. These
activities include, but are not limited to, discussion groups, forums, statements,
play/film viewing, etc. Upon coming up with specific plans/activities, kindly share
them to our online group so we may be able to streamline this system-wide
endeavor. Documentation of these activities is also requested. Should you have
further queries, concerns, and/or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact
any member of the National Executive Council.

For your perusal, we have attached to this campaign memorandum a copy of
the Yolanda Campaign Primer from one of our partner organizations in this
endeavor (also a partner last National Congress in Tacloban), the People Surge.

The Alliance is looking forward to your positive response. Damo nga salamat!


Executive Vice-Chairperson | Co-Head, #UPsurge Campaign
Councilor, UPM SHS in Palo Student Council
09358105020 |

National Chairperson
09273841392 |

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