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Open-source Microcontrolled System for Industrial Application

OpenPLC is an open-
souce alternative for industrial
and home automation.
Its concept is based on
a platform widely used in
industry called PLC -
Programmable Logic Device
This project uses the
ATmega328 as the main
processor, which is the same
processor used on Arduinos. It
means that OpenPLC is 100%
compatible with all Arduino
skeches already written.
OpenPLC main features:

Four Protected 24V Digital Inputs
Four Protected 24V Digital Outputs, while two of them are fast PWM Outputs
Four Protected 24V Analog Inputs
USB Communication - also used for programming
SPI & I2C buses for peripherals and I/O expansions
Open Source IDE with c++ programming
Open Source IDE with Ladder programming
Expansion Cards - Digital I/O, Analog I/O, Ethernet & more...
16MHz ATmega328P as main processor
The picture above illustrates OpenPLCs inputs and outputs and its
communication buses. The digital inputs will be opto-isolated and
the outputs will be divided in two parts: relay outputs (Pin7 & Pin8)
and fast transistorized outputs (Pin6 & Pin9). The analog inputs will
have a circuitry to isolate and convert 24V in 5V linearly.
To prove the OpenPLC's
processing power, its first
application will be a temperature
control in a resistor.
An electric current will be
applied to a resistor, generating
heat. An industrial temperature
sensor will be attached to the
resistor and its measures will be
sent to OpenPLC.
Using a PID algorithm, it will
control the speed of a fan to cool
the resistor making it stabilize at a
preset temperature
This project aims other applications to demonstrate the
potential of hardware and software of the OpenPLC.
Such applications may involve reading sensors and
controlling motors and actuators that have voltage and current
compatible with common PLCs on the market
Other Applications
Item Description Due Date Assigned to Status
1 Survey of resources and choice of the processor
August 27, 2012 Thiago Completed
2 Preparation of the presentation to the Class Advisor
August 27, 2012 All Completed
3 Presentation to the Class Advisor
August 28, 2012 All Completed
4 Separation of processor resources (inputs, outputs, communication)
August 28, 2012 Thiago Completed
5 Development and simulation of the input circuit
September 11, 2012 Rbio & Wagner Scheduled
6 Development and simulation of the relay output circuit
September 25, 2012 Thiago & Alex Scheduled
7 Development and simulation of the fast output circuit
October 2, 2012 Rbio & Wagner Scheduled
8 Development and simulation of the analog input circuit
October 9, 2012 Thiago & Alex Scheduled
9 Test the input and output circuit on a breadboard
October 16, 2012 Alex Scheduled
10 Development of the example circuits
October 23, 2012 Thiago Scheduled
11 Tests of the example circuits
October 30, 2012 Wagner & Rbio Scheduled
12 Development of the PCI
November 2, 2012 Rbio & Thiago Scheduled
13 Assembly of the PCI
November 6, 2012 Wagner Scheduled
14 Assembly of the first prototype
November 6, 2012 All Scheduled
15 Development of the first report
November 6, 2012 Rbio Scheduled
16 Preparatory presentation to FIC - Feira de Integrao Curricular
November 13, 2012 All Scheduled
17 FIC - Feira de Integrao Curricular
November 19, 2012 All Scheduled
18 Delivery of the final report
November 27, 2012 Rbio Scheduled