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Diploma in Accounting (AC110)
Faculty of Accounting Mara University of Technology (UiTM)
32600 Seri Iskandar
Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Encik Saadon
Lecturer of Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (ETR/ENT300)
Mara University of Technology (UiTM)
32600 Seri Iskandar
Perak Darul Ridzuan. 16
March 2014


Submission of Business Plan Report for ETR/ENT300

Referring to above matter, we as AC1106J students had prepared a business plan and ready to
submit this business plan to fulfill the requirement of ETR/ENT 300 course. We have tried our
best to complete this business plan and are satisfied with our work.

2. We agreed to establish our company name as ALGOJO. We choose this business due to the
factor of gaining profit and fulfilling high demand in the proposed location.

3. The preparation of this course work is important, it expose us to the business field so that in
future, we will be able to manage business successfully and efficiently.

4. We hope that this business plan will give an overall view about our business, whether in
marketing, operation, administrative or financial. Below are the partnership members of

Name Matrix Num.
Muhamad Adib Bin Roslan
Wan Hanzalah Bin Wan Shoaidi
Ariff Basyir Fei
Ahmad Muaz Bin Abdol Raof
Muhammad Amirul Bin Md Ismail

We hope that you will be satisfied with the proposal and we would like to acknowledge you for
your guidance. Thank you for all the support and cooperation.
Yours truly,



ALGOJO is a partnership company. The business is registered on 16TH November 2013 and
starts to commence on 1st January 2014. The reason why we open this business is because we
want to provide streetwear to the people residing in Seri Iskandar, Malaysia and presumably
worldwide in the near future.
The purpose we prepare the business plan are to obtain working capital.
Before we decide the location, we had some surveys to gain some information on the location
itself, the population, the interests and the existing business. From our survey, we decided to
open our company in Seri Iskandar, Perak. The main reason why we choose to open our
business here is because we think the location is strategic for our business to generate profit.
The capital for our company is gained from the partners and loan. Each of partners contributes
RM 10,000. We are making a loan which amount RM20, 000 from SME Bank.
The vision is to expand streetwear culture throughout Malaysia in coming 2026. In order to
make our vision well achieved , we have to fulfill the mission of the business to ensure that the
service provided meet the customer needs in a systematic way. Besides that our mission is to
generate a highly profitable income and provide people with a new taste of fashion by
providing a various street style apparel towards community.


This Partnership Agreement is done in order to avoid any problems that may arise
regarding the allocation of profit and on the term of agreement in the future. The agreement is
deemed effective on the date on commencement. Below are the list of partners involved in the

Table : Businesss Partners

1. Name and Business
ALGOJO is established by six partners under the Partnership Act 1961 (Amendment 1964) that
provides streetware fahion styles. The principal office of the business is located at Bandar Seri
Iskandar, Sri Iskandar Perak.
2. Term
The partnership shall begin on 16th November 2013, and shall continue until terminated.


3. Capital
The capital of the partnership shall be contributed in cash by the partners as follows :
Name Capital contribution (RM)
Muhamad Adib Bin Roslan 10,000
Ahmad Muaz Bin Abdol Raof 10,000
Wan Hanzalah Bin Wan Shoaidi 10,000
Ariff Basyir Bin Fei 10,000
Muhammad Amirul Bin Md. Ismail 10,000

Table : Capital Contribution by Partners

4. Profit and Loss

The net profits of the partnership shall be divided equally between the partners and the net
losses shall be borne equally by them. A separate income account shall be maintained for each
partner. Partnership profits and losses shall be charged or credited to the separate income
account of each partner. If a partner has no credit balance in their income account, losses shall
be charged to their capital account.

5. Partnership Property

All real or personal property, including all improvements placed or located on such property,
acquired by the partnership shall be owned by the partnership, such ownership being subject to
the other terms and provisions of thisagreement. Each partner hereby expressly waives the
right to require partition of any partnership property or any part of that property.


6. Salaries and Withdrawals

Partner shall receive any salary for services rendered to the partnership. Each partner may,
from time to time, withdraw the credit balance in their income account.

7. Interest

No interest shall be paid on the initial contributions to the capital of the partnership or on any
subsequent contributions of capital.

8. Management Duties and Restriction

The partners shall have equal rights in the management of the partnership business, and each
partner shall devote their entire time to the conduct of the business. Without the consent of
the other partner neither partner shall on behalf of the partnership borrow or lend money, or
make, deliver, or accept any commercial paper, or execute any mortgage, security agreement,
bond, or lease, or purchase or contract to purchase, or sell or contract to sell any property for
or of the partnership other than the type of property bought and sold in the regular course of
its business.

9. Banking

All funds of the partnership shall be deposited in its name in such checking account or accounts
as shall be designated by the partners. All withdrawals there from are to be made upon checks
signed by either partner.


10. Books
The partnership books shall be maintained at the principal office of the partnership, and each
partner shall at all times have access thereto. The books shall be kept on a fiscal year basis, and
shall be closed and balanced at the end of each fiscal year. An audit shall be made as of the
closing date.

11. Voluntary Termination

The partnership may be dissolved at any time by agreement of the partners, in which event the
partners shall proceed with reasonable promptness to liquidate the business of the partnership.
The partnership name shall be sold with the other assets of the business. The assets of the
partnership business shall be used and distributed in the following order:

to pay or provide for the payment of all partnership liabilities and liquidating expenses
and obligations;
to equalize the income accounts of the partners;
to discharge the balance of the income accounts of the partners;
to equalize the capital accounts of the partners; and
to discharge the balance of the capital accounts of the partners.


12. Death

Upon the death of either partner, the surviving partner shall have the right either to purchase
the interest of the deceased partner in the partnership or to terminate and liquidate the
partnership business.

If the surviving partner elects to purchase the deceased partner's
interest, he shall serve notice in writing of such election, within three
months after the death of the deceased partner, upon the executor or
administrator of the deceased partner, or, if at the time of such election
no legal representative has been appointed, upon any one of the known
legal heirs of the deceased partner at the last-known address of such heir.

If the surviving partner elects to purchase the interest of the deceased partner
in the partnership, the purchase price shall be equal to the deceased partner 's
capital account as at the date of his death plus the deceased partners income
account as at the end of the prior fiscal year, increased by his share of
partnership profits or decreased by his share of partnership losses for the
period from the beginning of the fiscal year in which his death occurred until
the end of the calendar month in which his death occurred, and decreased by
withdrawals charged to his income account during such period. No allowance
shall be made for goodwill, trade name, patents, or other intangible assets,
except as those assets have been reflected on the partnership books
immediately prior to the deceased partners death; but the survivor shall
nevertheless be entitled to use the trade name of the partnership.

Except as herein otherwise stated, the procedure as to liquidation and distribution of
the assets of the partnership business shall be the same as stated in paragraph 10
with reference to voluntary termination.

13. Arbitration
Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach hereof, shall
be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules, then obtaining, of the Arbitration Act
1952, and judgment upon the award rendered may be entered in any court having jurisdiction
thereof. In witness whereof the parties have signed this Agreement.




1.1 Name of The Company
Our company has decided to use the name Algojo as our company name.
Algojo is a partnership business consists of 5 people in our partnership.
1.2 Nature of Business
Algojo provide streetwear to the people residing in Seri Iskandar, Malaysia
and presumably worldwide in the near future.
1.3 Industry profile
Our business is particularly in a selling and distributing industry. We sell an
international streetwear brand of clothing to people in Seri Iskandar.
1.4 Location of the Business
Algojo is located at No 155, Persiaran SIBC 6, Seri Iskandar Business
Centre,32610, Seri Iskandar, Perak.
1.5 Date of Business Commencement
January 2014
1.6 Factors in Selecting the Proposed Business
1.6.1 Strategic location and have potential to fulfill future demand

1.6.2 In Seri Iskandar, streetwears trend does not establish enough among
people here since there are not accustomed to this streetwear clothing
style. Therefore, competitors are not a major concern since we will deliver
a new brand of design, as well as brand new style.


Future Prospects of the Business
Our store is located at SIBC Seri Iskandar, a very convenient and strategic
place, located at a center of this district. As a sole provider of streetwear in Sri
Iskandar, we will deliver our best services to the community, by bringing various
styles, designs and sizes, just for you! We are selling a wide variety of clothing, be
it imported or local. Brand such as Vans, Macbeth, Obey Propaganda and also
Nike can be easily found at our store, as this line of products are highly demanded
by people nowadays. As a newly founded organization, we have some future
planning to be implemented, in order to expand our business, till the point it is
well established and well known to the whole country.
For starts, we are already planning to expand our business to other area,
namely Kuala Lumpur. Why Kuala Lumpur? This is because streetwears culture
and ideology are already there for us to begin with. Skaters, dancers, and other
street style culture are enormous while already being established there for a very
long time. Therefore, we think it would be very suitable to open an additional
store there in the future.
Next, we might change our premises status from renting to owning this
particular building here in Seri Iskandar. As we are going to stay in this business
for a long time, we might end up making this building our own fixed asset.
For now, we are particularly a simple retailing business, which is
distributing supplied clothing to people. But for our major future planning, we are
very committed to produce our own clothing brand, as soon as we are well-
established and wise in this field of business.


Logo of the Company

This logo symbolizes our simplicity and boldness in delivering our ideology
towards the public. In street style apparel, sometimes it is always about delivering
message. This will help teenagers deliver messages in a more healthy way, instead
of showing it in a more aggressive attitude.
We chose Algojo as the name of our shop, as Dato M Nasir is our idol
figure, since childhood. Therefore, we decided to tribute a line in one of his song,
right into the name of our shop.
The 6 stars portray Rukun Iman which is the main virtue of faith in Islamic
religion, which we chose to uphold the most in the operation of our business.
MMXIV means the year of our business commencement. It is merely
written in a roman letter to portray its exclusivity and elegance.
Our slogan ukur baju badan sendiri potrays an old saying in Malay stating
that you can measure your own body size while also deliver a hidden message
stating that measure your own ability before taking any action. Gah berdiri
Algojo di sini means that we are looking forward to deliver our best services to
our customers.




Purposes of the business
This business plan is prepared by Algojo for the purpose of obtaining
working capital loan from SME Bank for the amount of RM20,000. Partners will
also contribute their own capital which RM 10,000 each.
This business plan is also a guideline for managing the proposed business. It
is to allow us to view and evaluate the proposed business venture in an objective,
mission and vision. By that, we could have a solid and well-grounded information
to comprehend with the planning and decision-making process. Hence, a good
decision making skill must be developed so that our business can compete
through the market and thus, meeting an absolute demand among community
Other than that, business plan is also used to analyze and helping with the
evaluation of future prospect. It is used as a basis to determine the viability of
proposed business venture so that a better judgement can be made accordingly,
before any steps are taken.
Besides that, the business plan is used to convince relevant parties such as
financial institutions, private or individual investors and government agencies
about the investment potential of the project. This is because the business plan is
one of the communication tools to convince incoming potential investors in the
future. This business plan will bring up the confidence and attract interest of
those parties.



Companys Background

Name Of Company

Business Address No 155, Persiaran SIBC 6,
Seri Iskandar Business Centre,
32610, Seri Iskandar,
Telephone Number 05 4681357
Form of Business Partnership
Main Activity Selling international streetwear
clothing brands

Date of Commencement 1
January 2014
Date of Registration 31
May 2013
Registration Number 220090-A
Name of Bank CIMB Bank
Maybank Bhd

Account Number CIMB Bank : 1660 - 0003036 077
Maybank Bhd : 1540-80109 951




Partners Background

Name of Partner : Muhamad Adib Bin Roslan
IC Num : 891019-10-5811
Permanent Address : F1 Apartment Kakitangan, Kolej Yayasan Saad Petisurat 495, 75670
Correspondence Address :
Tel. No. : 0124567890
Date of Birth : 19th October 1992
Age : 22
Marital Status : Married
Academic Qualifications : Bachelor in Business Administration
Course Attended : Business Admin
Skills : Communication, Marketing and Finance
Experience : Kuala Muda Barbershop barber between 2010 to 2012
Present Occupation : Businessman
Previous Business Experience : Selling computer hardware


Partners Background

Name of Partner : Ahmad Muaz Bin Abdol Raof
IC Num : 890111-04-5385
Permanent Address : No 58, Persiaran Perdana 59, Seksyen 7 Taman Iskandar Perdana,
32610 Seri Iskandar Perak
Correspondence Address :
Tel. No. : 0196095150
Date of Birth : 11 Jan 1992
Age : 22
Marital Status : Single
Academic Qualifications : Diploma In Business Administration
Course Attended : Fundamental of Entrepreneurship
Skills : Communication
Experience : Communication
Present Occupation : Business Man
Previous Business Experience : Selling beverage


Partners Background

Name of Partner : Wan Hanzalah Bin Wan Shoaidi
IC Num : 861228-03-5667
Permanent Address : No.34 Lembah Hitam , Tronoh
Correspondence Address :
Tel. No. : 0179545909
Date of Birth : 28
December 1986
Age : 28
Marital Status : Single
Academic Qualifications : Ba (Hons) in Business Administration (Finance)
Course Attended : Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Skills : Public Relation
Experience : McD staff
Present Occupation : Undergraduate
Previous Business Experience : Selling souvenirs and gift


Partners Background

Name of Partner : Ariff Basyir Fei
IC Num : 870416-10-5369
Permanent Address : No. 14, Persiaran Perdana 54, Seksyen 6 Taman Iskandar Perdana,
32610 Seri Iskandar Perak
Correspondence Address :
Tel. No. : 0132734583
Date of Birth : 16
April 1987
Age : 27
Marital Status : Single
Academic Qualifications : Diploma In Art & Design
Course Attended : Fine Arts
Skills : Creative designing
Experience : Artist in art exhibition
Present Occupation : Graphic Designer
Previous Business Experience : Project manager, event planner


Partners Background -

Name of Partner : Muhammad Amirul Bin Md Ismail
IC Num : 870620-10-6107
Permanent Address : No 58 ,persiaran iskandar perdana 59 Seksyen 7 Taman Iskandar
Perdana 32610 Seri Iskandar Perak
Correspondence Address :
Tel. No. : 0133261182
Date of Birth : 20
june 1987
Age : 27
Marital Status : Single
Academic Qualifications : Bachelor in Business Management
Course Attended : Fundamental of Entrepreneurship
Skills : Communication
Experience : Sales promoter in Book Fair
Present Occupation : Bank Officer
Previous Business Experience : Selling Household appliances




Algojo is located at No 155, Persiaran SIBC 6, Seri
Iskandar Business Centre,32610, Seri Iskandar, Perak.
Below is the plan to our premise




6.1 Nature of business
To open up a business, one must emphasize on administration to ensure that the
business run smoothly because the performance, growth, and survival of the
business depends on managerial skills and capabilities. A manager must have the
administration skills such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the
business. The tasks are to set the salaries, protecting employees welfare and also
providing enough facilities for customers. He or she must also arrange an
organizational structure, planning a working schedule, and calculating all budgets
relating to administration department. Besides that, they are also responsible in
ensuring an active partner will get the reasonable salaries and also includes
important monetary aspect such as SOCSO and EPF. Thus, Algojo, sees
administration function as a vital task where it compresses all the elements to
make sure the effectiveness in terms of performing organization activities.
The success of a business usually depends on the owners strong entrepreneurial
spirit and knowledge. In addition, the growth and performance of the business is
associated with the owners managerial skills. Management functions refer to the
activities of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the business output.
Planning is one of the most crucial factors to be honed as a manager. As the
manager of the business operations, the entrepreneur must determine his
business mission and visions while also setting the business objectives and goals.
These will ensure that the business operations will meet the target profit and
while also fulfilling customers satisfaction. In our store, manager will make a clear
and effective plan in developing the business so that it will meet the business
goals and targets.


In our business entity, organizing refers to the activities of designing a business
structure, dividing and assigning jobs and tasks among members besides handling
the infrastructure and operation methods. It involves determining the task to be
done, which will do it and how that task will be managed and coordinated. In our
business, the manager plays an important role, such as assigning the members
with different task, and also create solution to problem that may arise
The act of getting the job done through other people is referred to the managerial
function as leading. In general, business owner needs other people to help him in
managing the business operation effectively. As a leader, the manager has to
ensure that the job is carried out effectively and efficiently and also has to
motivate his workers to perform well in their tasks. In our tuition partnership, the
manager must try to understand every individual and group behavior, be able to
motivate and discussing with other members in any subject matter.
Controlling is defined as monitoring functions to ensure that activities carried out
are in the right track towards achieving the goals set out by the business. If the
business is not striving towards the goals, immediate corrective actions need to
be taken in order to adjust the plan to the existing situation. In our business, the
manager has to get feedback from customers regarding our clothing and vice
versa in order to get effective monitor business activities. A good communication
among all members must be made in order to enable them to give and receive
feedbacks from each other easily.


To expand streetwear culture throughout Malaysia in coming 2026.
To ensure the service provided meet the customer demands in a systematic
To generate a highly profitable income.
To provide people with a new taste of fashion by providing a various street
style apparel towards community
By creating a business and working environment more friendly and
Making our store become a well-known retailers in Seri Iskandar
Expanding our selection of product, probably worldwide brand in our field
of selection.


6.2 Organizational Chart

6.3 List of Administration Personnel
Position No of Personnel
General Manager 1
Administration Manager 1
Marketing Manager 1
Operation Manager 1
Financial Manager 1
Operational Assisstant 1


6.4 Schedule of Tasks and Responsibilities

Tasks and Responsibilities
General Manager 1. To make sure the business run
smoothly based on the
2. To monitor the business
operation under control.
3. To identify the business
objectives, rules and business
procedures in order to achieve
the objectives.
4. A leader in meetings or
seminars regarding the

Administration Manager 1. Organize their divisions so that
the staff know exactly what role
each has to play.
2. Schedules, prepares agenda,
maintains minutes and
performs administrative duties
3. Maintain and
organizes file and records for all
efficient operation of the office.
4. Determine the remuneration
and allowances for staff.

Marketing Manager 1. To promote our business and
services to the public.
2. Updating the promotion style
while also creating new ideas
to attract customers.
3. Give good services to attract
the customers.
4. Analyze the strengths and
weaknesses of competitors


Operation Manager 1. Handling customer complaints
and suggestions in a pleasant,
efficient, and professional
2. Operational manager basically
concerned with the production
of goods and methods of
services being delivered

Financial Manager 1. Responsible of the cash flow
and budgeting plan of the
2. Analyzing, controlling, and
record the cash flow of the
3. Keeping all the financial records
and business account in safe
4. Preparing annual account and
advisor in financial aspects
5. Preparing paycheck


6.5 List of Office Equipment
Items Quantity Price/per
Unit (RM)
Total Cost
Office desk 2 300 600
Computer set 1 1600 1600
Cabinet (8 Compartment) 2 150 300
Fax & Telephone Machine 1 450 450
LCD Projector 1 300 300
Sofa Set 2 800 1600
Meeting table 1 1000 1000
Refrigerator 1 250 250
Water dispenser 1 100 100
Coffee Table 1 200 200
Stationaries - - 150
Total - - 6550

6.6 List of Fixture & Fittings
Items Quantity Price /per
Unit (RM)
Total Cost
Air Conditioner (ceiling cassette) 1 3100 3100
Water sprinkle 2 300 600
CCTV set 1 1000 1000
Flame Extinguisher 1 150 150
Total - - 4850


6.7 Administration Budget
Fixed Assets
Expenses (RM)
Other Expenses
Fixture & Fittings 4850
Office equipment 6550
Rental 2000
Utilities 200
Renovation 7000

Business Registration Fee
(per year)
Business License 150
11400 2200 11610
Total 25210


6.8 Office Plan Layout


6.9 Shop Plan Layout


6.10 Business Hours
Algojo operation starts as below. We choose the following time because
most of our target market free during the time we opened. On Saturday and
Sunday we lengthen our operation hours as it is the time where people look for
product on their free time.
Business time: Weekdays
Monday Thursday : 10.30 am 9.30 pm
Business time: Weekends
Saturday & Sunday : 10.30 am 11.30 pm




7.1 Product Description

Product Description

Selling local and independent brand of
clothing for teenagers and adults

Algojo provide shirts and other type of
streetwear clothing from various
brands that is considered to have
emerged not from studios, but from the
grassroots. Street fashion is generally
associated with youth culture, and is
most often seen in major urban centers

We are very committed towards our
customers satisfaction and critics. So
any positive and negative feedbacks are
always welcomed.

Our shop is conducive guaranteed.
Including air-conditioned environment
and other basic necessary features such
as toilet and fitting room.

Brands (Clothes)



The Hundreds


Diamond & Co. Supply

Obey Propaganda







Brands (Sneakers)



Nike Stefan Janoski


7.2 Target Market
The target market is defined as the groups of customers that have needs and
want that can be satisfied by the business through the supply of services and also
Our shop is situated at Seri Iskandar, which is very near to many learning
institutions, namely Universiti Teknologi Petronas, UiTM Perak, and KPM Seri
Iskandar. Based on research done, there are about approximately 80,000 students
in total around this area. Therefore, our product may get a higher demand from
this group of people. Total population for this area is 200,000 consisting working
people, resident and students. 55% of the population is students, while 40% is the
working people and the remaining 5% is the resident here.


7.3 Market Size(Clothes)
Estimated No.
Of Customer
Standard Price
(RM Per Shirt)
Amount Per
Year (RM)
Student (55%) 2,860 44 125,840 1,510,080
people (40%)
2,080 44 91,520 1,098,240
Resident (5%) 260 44 11,440 137,280
TOTAL 2,745,600

7.4 Market Size (Sneakers)
Estimated No.
Of Customer
Standard Price
(RM Per Shoe)
Amount Per
Year (RM)
Student (55%) 66 285 18,810 225,720
people (40%)
48 285 13,680 164,160
Resident (5%) 6 285 1,710 20,520
TOTAL 410,400

Total Market Size = RM 2,745,600 + RM 410,400 = RM 3,156,000
7.5 Competitors
Name Of Company Address
Rare House Bundle No 12, Persiaran SIBC 2, 32610 Seri
Iskandar Perak
CTU Bundle No. 15 Jalan PP6 Bandar Universiti
32610 Seri Iskandar Perak
Bundle World (Multiple Famous Brand
Of Clothing
No 9, 10 Persiaran Dataran 6, 32610
Seri Iskandar Perak


7.6 Strength and weakness of competitor
Name of company Strength Weakness
Rare House
All clothes are
accordingly to
their size, labeled
and tagged,
making it easier
for customer to
browse easily at
their premise.

Premise is quite
small and have
limited pool of
selection to be
CTU Bundle Very well-known
among the
resident because
they are the oldest
among our

uncomfortable to
shop at due to lack
of facilities,
namely fan.

Bundle World Have numerous
amount of clothes,
especially jeans
and trousers
Premise is big,
which consists of 2
Most of the
clothes are low
quality and look
slightly overused.


7.7 Market Share
Before :
Company Percentage (%) Total Per Year (RM)
Rare House Bundle 40% RM 1,262,400
CTU Bundle 25% RM 789,000
Bundle World 35% RM 1,104,600
Total (RM) 100% RM 3,156,000

After :
Company Percentage (%) Total Per Year (RM)
Rare House Bundle 40% RM 1,262,400
CTU Bundle 20% RM 631,200
Bundle World 30% RM 946,800
Algojo 10% RM 315,600
Total (RM) 100% RM 3,156,000


7.8 Sales forecast
Year Month Sales forecast (RM)
1 January
New year sales
CNY sales
March 21,040
April 21,040
May 21,040
June 26,300
Eid Mubarak sales
Merdeka Sales
September 21,040
October 26,300
November 31,560
Christmas eve
Year end sales
Total RM 315,600
2 (110% x RM 315,600) RM 347,160
3 (115% x RM 347,160) RM 399,234


7.9 Marketing strategy
Service strategy

We are working towards giving 100% satisfaction to our customer in the
quality and brands of clothing we provided.
Serve our customer with multiple choices of local and international
streetwear brands of clothing in our shop.
Making sure that the brands we choose to sell is adherence to the demand
of our customer


7.9.1 Price Strategy
Cost-based pricing
Our partnership is using cost based pricing as it is the most common way used by
all retailers nowadays. Basically, you just add a standard percentage mark up
based on cost of items. Therefore, the mark up act as a profit margin for our
Calculation of mark-up profit
Cloth selling price
: RM 39
: RM 49
Mark-up percentage is 35%
Cost of Cloth
: RM 25.35
: RM 31.85
Sneaker selling price
: RM 285
Mark-up percentage is 40%
Cost of Sneaker
: RM 203.57


7.9.2 Place Distribution

7.9.3 Promotion
Basically, we have 7 promotion strategies on how to gain customers from time to
time. They are :-
Distributing flyers and brochures by hand and also from house to house
Distribution of business card
Distribution of stickers
Sponsoring gig events
Opening our own booth at many clothing events, such as Tempatan Fest,
Ipoh Calling and many more.
Social network
Hanging banner in the neighborhood.

Customer Retailer Supplier Manufacturer


Flyers are handed out at public such as in front of the shopping area,
distributing at housing area in the neighborhood, and also giving it
personally to friends and relatives.

Business Card

Business card includes our logo, contact information and address of our
Business card is distributed by hand or can be collected individually at our
reception counter


Stickers are distributed along with every purchase made.

Sponsoring events
In the near future, we will be one of the co-sponsor of Mesco Music Festival
at Ipoh, this event is called Youth of Today and this is a huge chance for us
to make ourselves become more established in this industry.

From time, to time, we might end up joining major clothing event such as
Tempatan Fest, which is a huge streetwear event in Malaysia nowadays.



Social Network
We also advertise our product through major social sites such as Facebook,
Instagram, and Twitter


7.10 Marketing Budget
Marketing Budget Table
Items Fixed Asset
Other Expenses
Signboard 2000
Promotion :
- Flyers
- Stickers

0.10 x 300 = 30
1.00 x 300 = 300

Business card 0.5 x 200 = 100
Banner 80
2000 510
Total 2510




8.1 Introduction
Operations management is defined as the process of managing every
single resource to produce output through the transformation process. It consists
of three main components, i.e. business input, transformation system and output.
Entrepreneurs should plan their operations activities to ensure that the business
will meet customers demand and expectations, which include parameters such as
quality, quantity and time. For our store, we focus more on the quality of the
clothing that we provide to customers. Operations plan demonstrates the
operational aspect of the business that is crucial in transforming the business
input into output. It will ensure the business to be able to produce the product or
to provide the services that the business had planned in the marketing plan.
To make the operation run according to the plan that had been set up before, the
planning must be futuristic in nature. So, the operation management needs to do
lots of research and study on how to run the business efficiently and in most
effective ways. Operation manager also have to always try to find new strategy to
make sure the business operates smoothly and be able to adapt with a new
incoming problems in the future


8.2 Process Planning

Customer can try the clothes they want first
Our operational assistant will assist them in providing
information regarding the products
Customer came to our shop and look at the products we have
Customer will decide whether they want to buy the product or

8.3 Operation layout
Layout based on marketing


8.4 Production planning
Calculation of output per day
Average sales forecast per month = RM 22,880
Price per unit = RM 44
Number of output per month = RM 22,880
RM 44
= 520 units
If the number of working days per month is 26 days
The amount of output to sale per day is:
=520 units
26 days
= 20 units


Calculation of output per day
Average sales forecast per month = RM 3,420
Price per unit = RM 285
Number of output per month = RM 3,420
RM 285
= 12 units
If the number of working weeks per month is 4 weeks
The amount of output to sale per week is:
=12 units
4 weeks
= 3 units

8.5 Schedule of Remuneration/Manpower planning
Since we are implementing partnership system, our profit and loss are distributed
evenly among partners. Therefore, we do not have any remuneration except for
the Operational Manager, the one who handling all matters at the shop at day-to-
day basis and a staff who will providing all sort of assistance to our operational
Position Monthly
Operational Staff 900 18 117 1035

8.6 List of shop equipment
Item Quantity(Unit) Cost per unit(RM) Total cost (RM)
Stationaries - - 150
Clothes hanger - - 300
Shoes rack 1 250 250
Desk 1 290 290
Clothes rack 2 25 50
Stool 3 10 30
Bench 1 260 260
Sofa set 2 300 600
Display shelves 6 400 2400
Counter desk 1 180 180
Total 4510


8.7 Machine and & Equipment Planning
Item Quantity Price/unit
Total Price(RM)
Cash register 1 1,100 1,100
1 2980 2980
Total 4,080


8.8 Operation budget
Item Fixed
Shop equipment
Machine and Equipment:
Motor vehicles
Carriage Inward & Stamp Duty
Insurance Motor Vehicles


Total 23,590 21,147.75, 450


8.9 Location planning

No 155, Persiaran SIBC6,
Seri Iskandar Business Centre,
32610, Seri Iskandar,


8.10 Operation Hours
Algojo operation starts as below. We choose the following time because
most of our target market free during the time we opened. On Saturday and
Sunday we lengthen our operation hours as it is the time where people look for
product on their free time.
Operation time: Weekdays
Monday Thursday : 9.30 am 10.30 pm
Operation time: Weekends
Saturday & Sunday : 9.30 am 12.30 am


List of supplier

Moose Limited
8110 Remmet Ave
Los Angeles CA 91304
United States
+1 818 206 8520