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True learning is born out of experience and observation practical experience is on of the best type of
leanings that one can remember throughout the life. After passing through II semesters in learning
theoretical aspects of administration and management, the day come to apply these in corporate world
in content of modern industrial enterprise that has to go through its different terminal to achieve that
corporate goals. The main object of practical training is to develop practical knowledge and experience
and awareness about industrial environment and business practices in the student as a supplement to
theoretical studies of administration and management in specific area like finance, marketing, HRM,
system management etc. it increase the skill, ability and attitude of a student to perform specific job in
industrial environment.

Fortunately, I got golden opportunity to visit and complete my one and half month training at GACL
vadodara. Here, I got chance to see the functioning of all departments and imbibe a lot learning of the

Gujarat alkalis & chemicals ltd. Is a wide industry manufacturing chemicals, the main products
include caustic soda lye, caustic soda flake, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, methyl chloride,
phosphoric acid, etc. it has developed in many fields not only in the fertilizer and chemical but in other
engineering industries also, today guess is a legend in the world of business and industry at a home
and abroad.




The satiation and euphoric that accompany the successful completion of task, would be incomplete
without the mention of the people who made it possible.

I sincerely thank Mr. D. R. Bhatt, HR manager and Mr. J. R. Bhatt, Dy. HR manager of Gujarat
Alkalis & Chemicals Limited and for giving me an opportunity to take up this project.

I would also like to thank my company guide Mr. S.D. Desai Deputy General Manager (Finance). I
thank him for being a constant source of inspiration, mentor and above all for his encouragement.

I would like to express my profound sense of gratitude to Professor Dharmesh Rawal (Director of
TNRCMS) and Mrs. Syama Gokul (professor) and my Faculty guide for guiding me as well as
providing me the support to conduct this project.

I would be selfish if I do not mention names of Mr. S.D. Desai, Deputy General Manager (Finance),
Mr. J.C. Panchal Deputy General manager (purchase), Mr. Dholakia, Manager (store), Mr.
P.K.Joshi (safety) Mr. Navle (TKO) Mr. Ratnagar, (marketing), Mr. Dave and many other who
gave me their valuable time from their busy schedule to help me in learning various components of
working capital management at Gujarat Alkalies & Chemical’s Limited.

With a deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness, I sincerely and whole-heartedly thank my fellow
colleagues and the staff team at Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Limited for giving me value
suggestions and advice throughout the execution of the project. This project would not have been
concluded successfully within time without their support and help.

Shailesh Mathukia



I, shailesh mathukia, hereby declare that the project report entitled a study of whole organization and
working capital management for all departments of “GUJARAT ALKALIS AND CHEMICALS
LIMITED” – VADODARA under the guidance of “Mrs. SYAMA GOKUL” submitted in a particular
fulfillment of requirements for the award of degree of M.B.A. to “SAURASHTRA UNIVERSITY –
RAJKOT” it is my original work and study carried out during 20th april-2007 to 31st may-2007 and
impractical finding in this report are based on the data collected by myself. This is not submitted for
the award of any other degree/ diploma/ fellowship or other seminar titles of price to any other
institution / organization / university by any other person.

Place : Vadodara Shailesh Mathukia

Date : 31st may-07 M.B.A. – III (TNRCMS)

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