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OUR MISSION: We exist to teach people how to live as

Jesus lived: with purpose intention and mission. Wherever

you life, work, and exist you can impact and love others in
profound and transformational ways when you LOOK,
Join us in serving the people of
South Africa
Leading youth group at Ocean
View Methodist Church and
mentoring the youth on a
weekly basis
Working in Ocean View High
with guys and girls doing a
value-building course called
Shine and Strength
Helping on media projects for
Ubuntu Football and Look
Listen Love
Tutoring the boys of Ubuntu
Football in their school
Coaching and assisting with
soccer training and
Assisting other organizations
with work such as day
care, after-school
programs, tutoring,
counseling, building
projects, and more.
Partnering with Hillsong
Church in other townships
where they have various
outreach projects
Many other opportunities we
use YOUR gifts to fit you
into a place where you can
serve Jesus and people!

We love
each other
because he
loved us
-1 John 4:19 NLT

Meet the Prince family
Casey and Sarah Prince are from Raleigh, NC and
moved to Cape Town, South Africa in 2009 to serve as
missionaries. Casey founded Ubuntu Football
Academy that aims to create the next great leaders in
Africa through soccer. Sarah is an associate pastor at
Ocean View Methodist and serves in preaching,
mentoring, and overseeing youth, Sunday school and
womens ministry. Her vision is to unite churches
throughout the Ocean View community to love in
Kingdom ways. They also partner with local
organizations and seek to work alongside local people
in building them up and serving the needs. Casey and
Sarah have two children, Kieren age 5 and Keller age 2.
Keller is on the autism spectrum and special needs are
a big part of their heart in township communities.
They have a heart for young people who want to serve
Jesus and know those far from Him.

Sarahs blog:
Ubuntu Football Academy blog:

Sarah on twitter: @sarahcprince
Casey on twitter: @rcprince

Experience the South African culture
Explore all South Africa has to offer on your days off
with activities such as hiking, shark cage diving,
museums and more.
Work directly with local students everyday
Have a leadership role in the development of long-term
Have the opportunity to attend Hillsong Church in Cape
Town each weekend
Gain skills to live missionally at home and abroad
Establish relationships with other mission-minded people
Basically have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE


If you are interested in coming
to work with Look Listen Love
or Ubuntu Football please
contact Sarah at We
will take you through an
application process that includes
a Skype conversation with your
family and speaking to your
mentors/youth leaders. We
want to make sure you are ready
to serve in such a unique place
in the world! We have our
volunteers live in the township
community where we live with
families that we know and trust.
You will pay for your plane
ticket and costs of food, board,
travel, etc will be about $1000 a
month. There is much to
consider but we would love to
talk with you more about it!
Ocean View, a township located about forty-five miles outside
of downtown Cape Town, is a coloured township that was
formed in the late 1960s. As part of the Group Areas Act, all
coloured people were forced out of their homes in what was
defined as the white communities and relocated to Ocean View.
Its identity is still very much impacted by the history of
apartheid and many Ocean View citizens still hold deep
resentment for being treated so poorly.
While most Ocean View residents live in small brick houses or
apartments, the high population growth is causing this township
to be overcrowded. Other struggles include extensive drug and
alcohol use, HIV/AIDS, high unemployment, violence, gangs,
prostitution, and a lack of education.
There has been a huge identity problem in Ocean View caused
from the classification of being coloured. Many explain that
they were not white enough during apartheid, and now that the
apartheid is over, the government party has changed, they are
no longer black enough. Theyre stuck in the middle with an
overwhelming lack of hope and confidence for the future.
A lack of unity within the community is also very evident and is
a key factor to the problems in the township. There are almost
200 churches in Ocean View, thus further dividing the Christian
community. While some efforts are being made to improve
conditions in Ocean View, these separations are holding them
back from making substantial progress.
Although there are many deep-rooted problems facing this
community, God is at work in Ocean View and there are some
people that are beginning to take ownership over the potential
and identity of their community by stepping into leadership
roles and moving towards real change.
"If the Great
Commission is true,
our plans are not too
big; they are too
Pat Morley
"We must be global Christians with a global
vision because our God is a global God."
John Stott