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T h e

C l i n t o n
Democratic Club
held its monthly
me e t i n g o n
Wednesday, Oc-
tober 15 at Trat-
toria 35 in Bay-
side, Queens. The
club welcomed
Co n g r e s s ma n
Steve Israel and
As s e mb l y ma n
Ron Kim as they
spoke about their
campaigns for re-
Congressman Is-
rael emphasized
the importance of
electing Democrats to the House, citing we have yet to pass groundbreaking legisla-
tion due to the blockage from Republicans. As the countdown to Election Day has
begun, Congressman Israel urged his fellow Democrats present to have their voices
heard by voting on November 4. Assemblyman Kim thanked members for their
support and asked the club to take some time to make some phone calls and knock
on doors. He said his re-election will send a message to his opponents and their
negativity as constituents of the 40th assembly district deserve fairness and equality
in their community.
Council Member Paul Vallone thanked Congressman Israel for being a great
partner in government and said it was honor to work with him on behalf of the resi-
dents of Northeast Queens. The Council Member also updated members on recent
legislation down in City Hall, including the recent change to the city speed limit.
The club also welcomed officers of the 109th Precinct, who gave members an update
on crime in the neighborhood and offered very helpful tips. The Clinton Democratic
Club also paid tribute to one of their original members, Carmela Clark, who passed
away earlier this month. Clarks family was presented with a memorial plaque and a
posthumous honorary citation from Council Member Paul Vallone.
The Clinton Democratic Club will hold its next meeting on Wednesday, No-
vember 19 at Trattoria 35. The club asks all to bring nonperishable items and canned
goods for their annual food drive.
The Clinton Democratic Club Welcomes Congressman Steve Israel and
Assemblyman Ron Kim

October 2014 Volume 6, Issue 5
The Clinton Democratic
Club Monthly Newsletter
President: Chuck Apelian
Vice President: Marsha Kahn
Secretary: Roxane Carrabis
Treasurer: Michael Serao
Media & Public Relations:
Breeana Mulligan
Sergeant at Arms: Greg Farren
District Leader: MaryAnn Dorsa
Past Presidents: Paul Vallone
John Dorsa
Next Meeting
November 19th
Pictured: District Leader & Vice Chair of Queens County Democratic Party Mary Ann Dorsa,
Council Member Paul Vallone, Congressman Steve Israel, Clinton Democratic Club Vice Presi-
dent Marsha Kahn, Clinton Democratic Club President Chuck Apelian, Captain Miller and Detec-
tive Kevin ODonnell of the 109
Not pictured: Assemblyman Ron Kim
Thank You for Your Halloween Candy Donations!
Our next
meeting is on
19th. Please
items and
canned goods
for our annual
food drive!
Page 2 The Clinton Democratic Club Monthly Newsletter
Thank you to all who have donated candy at our annual Halloween collection. The
109th Precinct collected the donations after the meeting and will distribute to chil-
dren on Halloween. Once again, thank you and have a happy & safe Halloween!
In Memory of Carmela Clark
Early in October, the Clinton Democratic Club lost one of its original members and
dearest friends, Carmela Clark. At our meeting, we paid tribute to Carmela and pre-
sented family members with an honorary citation from Council Member Vallone
and a memorial keepsake signed by the entire club. May she rest in peace.