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Therefore remind in case the reminder profits.

All good in this work is from Allah, and any evil in this work is from my own self.

This is a reminder to the true believers,

And a warning to the Negligent,
And a clear evidence against the arrogant,
And this is an apology to Allah (swt).

Asalamu Aleikum Warahmatulah!

My dear brothers and sisters,

Complement of the season to you. Hoping every thing is o.k.? May Allah the
Almighty take control of our affairs. Before I proceed to the main subject of the matter, I
will like you to know that in life things are always in two forms, either good or bad, fail
or excel, win or loose, sorrow and pains or happiness and joy etc. This is the order at
which this world is created and it shall reflect to our hereafter, which the order is paradise
or hell, happiness and joy or sorrow and pains. But the difference between these is that
the former will end while the later will stand forever. Whatsoever you are subjected to,
either joy or sorrow in this life will end but what ever you achieve by your actions in the
hereafter will stand forever. May Allah the Almighty grant us His favour both in this life
and the hereafter most especially. I will have to summary my words because a word is
o.k. for a wise.

I want to remind you that you are created by a Supreme Being who created the Heaven
and the Earth and all that is in between them, He is the creator of the Angels, Spirit and
Jinns, He in His great perfection created mankind from clay and make His subsequent
creation from sperm, He is ALLAH The Almighty, The One and only who created man
with eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hand, legs, fingers, and above all He gave him faculty of
reasoning and thought him what is good and what is evil. After the creation of man, He
ALLAH assigned with him (man) angels who will keep the record of his actions either
good or evil. He is your Lord who made men his witness on earth to testify on each other
both in this life and in the hereafter.

Dear, you are one of those men and women your Lord has created, Creation of purpose.
If I may ask you, have you ever taken your time to ask yourself the following questions:-
1. Of what purpose were you created to live and die?
2. Of what purpose do you see, speak and hear?
3. Of what purpose do you have hands and legs?
4. Of what purpose do you have a magnificent faculty of thinking?
5. Of what purpose had your Lord assigned with you Angels to record all your actions either
good or evil?

Dear, take a good look around you, Your environment is characterized by blind people
who cannot see, deaf and dumb who cannot hear or speak, cripples who cannot walk,
mad men and women with other low animals who cannot think right, and of all, Death
who has no more time to live.
6. Of what purpose are all these happening?
Look at your own self very closely, you will find out that you can see, hear, speak, walk,
think right and of all you are living. Don’t you think that these are blessings, and who
ever have created and perfected you up to this level, have a purpose of doing so.

Then, what could this purpose be?

Verily, this purpose is WORSHIP.
Your Lord Allah have stated in the Glorious Qur`an what is translated as (I created not
the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (alone) Suratul-Adh-
dhariyat, verse 56).
This worship being firstly to obey His commandment by leaving all He had commanded
you to abstain from and doing what He had commanded you to do to your best ability.

Secondly, is to be grateful with all the blessings He had bestowed upon you as little
mention above, because you know if He had wish He can make you, blind but you see,
deaf and dumb but you speak and hear, cripple but you walk, sick and weak but you are
healthy and strong, He can make you live mentally handicap but you think right, He can
make you like other low animals but He gave you faculty of thinking, thought you and
show you the plain WAY, He can take your life before now but you are alive, look at the
food you eat, the house you live in, the cloth you wear etc. Verily, of all these, you
should be the one to love, be grateful, worship and obey He who had made you what you
are today.
Don’t you know that you and I are not better than those who are blind, deaf, dumb,
cripple or even mad? Or are we better than those of our age mates who are in the
hospitals right now? Or those of our mates who died in their youthful ages? Do not be
deceived by your youthful age that you will be like this forever, you were not like this for
the past 10 years ago and you will not remain like this in 10 years to come.
Ask yourself, what will happen to you in some years to come? You and I will die
everything will pass away, the world will pass away except the FACE of our LORD,
‘ALLAH’ (s.w.t.) then He will bring you back to life to account for your every actions
either good or bad no matter how small it may be, He will ask you of your life and
strength on what did you use it, also your wealth how did you earn it and how you spent
it, that day every body will forsake you, your mother, your father, your brothers, your
sisters and friends will be on their own.

Remember, we are all going to die sooner or later, is a matter of time and meet our lord
‘ALLAH’ (s.w.t.). Today, this hour, this minute, second might be your last chance to
change your past and repent to your lord who will have mercy on you, forgive you and
guide you. Whatsoever you are doing that will earn you sins, stop them, be grateful to
your lord “ALLAH” and worship Him as He had commanded you. Use your eyes to see
good things, your mouth to eat and speak good things, and your ear to hear good things.
Use your time and strength to serve Him your Lord ‘ALLAH’ (s.w.t.) before you become
weak, and use your life in general to worship Him before you die.
Death The Inevitable Journey

A time in life when we have to meet our Lord, is like a farewell occasion.
Farewell occasion, most time is a painful occasion. A time when we have to bade our
love ones and friends or that place we are socially attached to and even to those who are
not so dear to us, a goodbye. At farewell occasion we become emotional and diplomatic
in our utterances, we wish everyone well while sometimes you don’t even stand a chance
to talk, a time you will wish everybody will see what you see, feel what you feel, hear
what you hear, then will be the time to say a goodbye that will last forever, you will go to
the unknown place (THE GRAVE) the house of silent people, the home of darkness and
the home of loneliness, no body will want to go down with you except your last dresses
and your good or evil deeds. Though we are made to path and path to meet in the next life
were everybody will be on his or her own.

Please my dear brothers and sisters, prepare yourselves for that day, you have now, not
later because it might be too late. So, if you wish you can check the following Islamic
web sites for Islamic books or audiotape cassettes with lectures.

May our Lord ‘Almighty Allah’ forgive us our sins and guide us to His path (AMEEN).

With heavy heart I will have to stop here by saying Wa asalamu Aleikum Warahmatulah.