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VOL. 37 NO.

1 SIGN UP FOR STEWARD CONFERENCE The official newspaper of the

JANUARY 2009 Details, page 8. EMPLOYEES/AFSCME Council 28•AFL-CIO
NOTE: Mailed in 1/09; you may receive in early 2/09.

State Employee

Take just five minutes to call or e-mail your
TAKE legislators at 1-800-562-6000 and urge
them to support the contracts, pensions
and any one of the programs mentioned
on this page. It will be five minutes that
will make a major difference. The list of
legislators with their direct phone num-
bers, e-mail addresses and mail address-

es appears on pages 4 and 5.

And your help is needed directly with legisla-

tors. If you can take a day and come to
Fighting cuts. Page 3. MINUTES Olympia and meet face-to-face with your
Lawsuit over the contracts. Page 2. senator and two representatives, give us
a call. Call your Legislative and Political
Layoffs. Page 6. Action team at 1-800-562-6002; they can
Legislative Guide. Page 4 & 5. set up your appointments.

a time when they are needed 2,600 state employees on the

Governor’s budget ‘devastating’ most,” Devereux said, ticking unemployment rolls while
off proposed cuts to the GA-U creating 25,000 jobs in the
The budget proposed That’s what WFSE/ and Basic Health programs private sector.
by Gov. Chris Gregoire AFSCME Executive Director and closures of Yakima Valley
that’s balanced on the back Greg Devereux told the Sen- School, Naselle Youth Camp “Few economists would
of vital services and state ate Ways and Means Commit- and Pine Lodge Corrections dispute that it is easier and
employees is the wrong tee Jan. 20. Center for Women. cheaper to preserve exist-
solution for economic “The budget eliminates He also criticized the ing jobs than to create new
recovery. vital services to the public at ones…,” he said. Devereux
governor’s proposal to put

Natural Disaster MEMBERS IN NEED:

Go to our website at
Make a contribution. Send contributions to:

Relief Fund 2009 and

download the form to
apply for assistance
WFSE/AFSCME Natural Disaster Relief Fund
1212 Jefferson St. S.E., Suite 300, Olympia,
WA 98501
WFSE/AFSCME has revived the Natural Disaster from the fund.
Relief Fund for members severely affected by recent QUESTIONS? 1-800-562-6002
winter storm and flood events.

WFSE/AFSCME, WSECU join for new

Financial Education Outreach program
WFSE/AFSCME worksite “Lunch ’n Learns,” SCME website and appear
members now have a Policy Committees, biennial regularly in this newspaper.
new Financial Education convention and other appro- The program will be
Outreach “Members- priate workshops, meetings especially helpful as WFSE/
Only Benefit” thanks to a and conferences. AFSCME members and their
partnership between the Both sides signed the for- families try to weather these
union and the Washington mal memorandum of under- tough economic times. Signing the memorandum of understanding creating the new WFSE/
State Employees Credit standing Jan. 16. The kinds of informa- AFSCME Financial Education Outreach program Jan. 16 (from left): Fred
Union. The program is available tion will include: Investment Olson, Washington State Employees Credit Union board member; WFSE/
Under the program for all members. Members education on how to supple- AFSCME Executive Director Greg Devereux; WFSE/AFSCME President
adopted by the WFSE/AF- do not have to bank at the ment Social Security and Carol Dotlich; and WSECU Chief Executive Officer Kevin Foster-Keddie.
SCME Executive Board Dec. credit union to take part in the state pension benefits; how to
6, WSECU agrees to provide financial outreach education recognize and avoid phish-
timely financial tips and program. ing, identity theft and other tough economic times; money WSECU partnership brings
information for use in union Over the next few scams; building a college fund management; and talking to the two full circle. The credit
communications and to be months, the information will for children; building a per- children about money. union was founded in 1957
available for local meetings, be added to the WFSE/AF- sonal “Rainy Day Fund” for The WFSE/AFSCME- by Olympia Local 443.

If you’re a represented non-mem- INSIDE:

ber fee payer and you don’t wish to
receive this publication, e-mail us Nominate ‘Shop Steward of
at, or write: WFSE/
AFSCME, 1212 Jefferson St. S.E.,
Year’ -- 8
Family Fun Page -- 7
Suite 300, Olympia, WA 98501
Shared leave requests -- 7