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Our Lady of Sorrows Church Adoration.

The Chapel is an
oasis of prayer for all, at any
From the Pastor’s Desk time.

My Dear People: The Eucharist celebrates Jesus as

Savior; it celebrates the
Today is the feast of the Holy salvific act of Jesus on Cavalry
Family and we can well imagine and the resurrection. This is
that all three love each other the reason we named the chapel,
intensely. “The Chapel of Our Savior.” At
this time of the year when we
Family life is not easy. It celebrate the birth of the Savior
means giving and forgiving. It we celebrate His life of ultimate
means SERVICE. service, starting with His
service in family life and
When Jesus washed the feet of His ultimately the service of dying
followers He told them, “As I do to save us from our sins. If we
this for you, you are to do this need help to better our family
for one another.” The Christian life, we need to ask especially
life is a life of service. What on this Feast of the Holy Family.
we do on the job should be seen
as a service to God’s people. With prayers and blessings,
Doing things for parents, Fr. Muller
children, and siblings is SERVICE
to others.

Just before Christmas we heard MASS INTENTIONS

Yolanda Sullivan give an
inspirational talk to the Adult Monday, Dec. 28 Richard C &
Education class on SERVICE. Johnson B. Jeffers
Yolanda stated she learned William J. Stephens
service from her parents when she Spec. Int. of Ann Bruno
Tuesday, Dec. 29Donors to the OLS School
was a toddler. She really Foundation
learned it when she married and Charles Anthony Schillaci
especially when she had a Mary Lynn Shelton
challenged child. Wednesday, Dec. 30 Sue Dominick
Charles Anthony Schillaci
Mary Lynn Shelton
Our speaker complimented OLS Thursday, Dec. 31 Special Intention
Parish on our service to others. Charles Anthony Schillaci
She saw the Advent tree and Donald Taccone
commented that we were building a Friday, Jan. 1 Ferris Stephens, Sr.
school in Bangladesh. Then she Walter Raney
Spec. Int. of Carol Vinicombe
said we provide an enomorous Saturday, Jan. 2 Frank Dominick
service to the city Frances Campisi
24/7. I listened intently to see Bill Stephens & The Intentions of the
what was this service. After her Blessed Mother
dramatic pause she said people Sunday, Jan. 3 People of the Parish
Anita Noto
come from all over the city at Lucy Gagliano Haynes
all hours of the day and night to
pray at our Chapel of Perpetual
The Chapel needs permanent
PRAY FOR VOCATIONS Committed Adorers for:
Honor your father and mother, your wife, Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. (to share
your husband, your children, your hour)
brother, your sister. Family ties bind
us in love and root us in faith. What Friday at 3:00 a.m.
will you do to strengthen your family Saturday at 4:00 p.m.
ties? (Sirach 3:2-6, 12-14). For Our goal is to have a least two
families, may they nurture the gift of people on each hour. These are
faith and encourage one another to the hours needed, but do select
follow Jesus.
an hour that best fits your
schedule. Please call Ida Wilker
NEW MASS SCHEDULE FOR NEW YEAR’S at 879-7040 or Mary Claire
Thursday, December 31, vigil Mass Brouillette at 871-2909.
6:00 p.m. “When you awake in the night,
Friday, January 1, 6:30 a.m., transport yourself quickly in
7:30 a.m., spirit before the Tabernacle,
12 Noon, and 6:00 p.m. saying: ‘Behold, my God, I come
to adore You, to praise, thank,
First Friday Devotions will be and love you, and to keep you
held on Friday, January 1, at company with all the Angels’.”
6:00 a.m., followed by Mass at St. John Vianney
6:30 a.m. _________________________________
First Saturday Devotions will be ___
held on Saturday, January 2, at
7:15 a.m. followed by Mass at COLUMBARIUM INFORMATION
7:45 a.m. OLS Catholic Church can take care
Thank you from the guests at of its parishioners from birth to
First Light Shelter A very warm the time we pass to Our Lord.
and grateful thank you to all the Our Columbarium Gardens, located
children in grades 4-8 at OLS PSR just in front of the rectory, is
and their parents for the a beautiful, reverent and secure
wonderful gifts that you gave us location to consider for a final
this Christmas. Your kindness to resting place. Pre-planning
us, who you don’t even know, has funeral arrangements is an act
made our Christmas happier and that can give loved ones peace of
our hearts more determined to mind in a time of emotion and
work to improve the brokenness in confusion. We also have
our lives, so that we can soon specially made urns for the
return to lives as productive niches that are available in the
citizens and have a place of our Ave Maria Shoppe. Contact the OLS
own in which to live. In the office, 871-8121, to help you and
meantime, we offer to you our your family members pre-plan and
prayers of thanksgiving and our organize for this important time.
hopes that you have a very
blessed and joyful Christmas. Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic
_________________________________ School—Open House and New Student
___ Registration
Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic
Chapel of Our Savior School cordially invites you to
our OPEN HOUSE for prospective
students and their families to be
held Sunday, January 24, 2010,
between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
Join us any time during these
hours, meet our teachers and
staff, tour our school and
discover our faith-enriched
community for learning.
Applications will be available in
the school foyer and on the
school website
Applications do not roll over
from year to year. If you were
on a waiting list for 2009, you
must reapply for 2010. Please
call 879-3237 if you need further

A trip to Ireland and Northern

Ireland is presently being
organized to coincide with Father
Kelly’s twentieth anniversary of
priesthood. The trip covers
Celtic and Christian Ireland with
visits to Our Lady of Knock
Shrine, Croagh Patrick, the
Giant’s Causeway, Rock of Cashel,
Cliffs of Moher, Belfast, Ring of
Kerry and Dublin City. Mass will
be offered each day. The dates
for the trip are June 19 – July
2, 2010. The tour is open to
everyone. For further
information, contact Madaline
Latham, Marco Polo Travel Agency,