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Autodesk Certied

Instructor Program
Optimizing the productivity and value of
Autodesk software with premier training
from certied Autodesk instructors
Develops instructional skills and
provides a competitive advantage
Now teachers can take their career to the
next level by earning their Autodesk

Instructor (ACI) certication online. Designed
for teachers and professionals who instruct with
Autodesk software, the ACI program provides
premier teacher training to sharpen instructional
technique and improve student skills. Autodesk
Certied Instructors also gain one of the most
valuable teaching credentials in the industry.
Candidates can complete their certication
through the traditional 3-day onsite ACI Workshop,
or be evaluated via video submission through the
new online option.
Certication and recertication available
in these Autodesk products:
Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Revit



Civil 3D

Improves ROI on Autodesk products

The ACI program was designed to produce a highly
qualied group of instructors who can train users
and organizations to help them obtain the greatest
return on their Autodesk software investment.
The online teacher training provides instructors
with in-depth education principles for adult
learners as well as practical applications including
instruction technique, content organization, and
adapting teaching style. During the ACI Workshop,
candidates receive comprehensive coaching,
evaluation, and resources to ensure that they
know how to successfully prepare their learners
for the challenge of working in industry.
Provides a valuable industry credential
Autodesk Certied Instructors are globally
recognized as technical experts who have
mastered the requirements to provide ofcial
Autodesk training. By earning this credential,
candidates join an exclusive network of
instructors who stand out based on the high
quality instruction and certication received
from Autodesk. Instructors of this prestigious
community can gain a competitive advantage
through the additional industry training,
knowledge of the latest trends, networking
opportunities with industry professionals, and
career development through the Autodesk
Certied Instructor program.
Autodesk Certied Instructor Program
Whats new
New online teacher training
New option for certication
completion through video
submission online
More certication locations
Updated curriculum
Downloadable content
Complete certication online
Convenient certication
Stay current with industry
Validate knowledge on select
Autodesk products
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Benets of becoming an Autodesk Certied Instructor
Professional development
Greater industry knowledge
Valuable industry recognition
Continued training and development
Ofcial Autodesk Certied Instructor Certicate
Use of ACI branding
Instructional improvement
Expert teaching techniques
Better learning outcomes
Increased learner satisfaction
Greater ROI for Autodesk users
Ability to develop courses based on Industry
Standards documents
Networking opportunities
Access to the Autodesk Certied
Instructor community
Opportunity to be showcased on the
Autodesk Certied Instructor community
Opportunities to represent Autodesk at
industry functions
Program based on industry standards
The ACI program provides an in-depth evaluation
of an instructors prociency with Autodesk
solutions and the instructors ability to train
others. The evaluation is based on standardized
requirements for various skill levels on Autodesk
software. These requirements are described in
the Industry Standard documents that provide
clear benchmarks and denitions for instructing
and help instructors acquire the skills necessary
to teach these solutions. The Industry Standards
documents specify the content that ACI candidates
should know before applying to become an
Autodesk Certied Instructor.
How to get certied
1. Pass the Autodesk Professional Certication
exam at
2. Submit an online application at: https://aci.
3. Complete the ACI Teacher Training e-Courses
A passing score of 70 points or higher is
required to proceed to ACI Workshop or online
certication completion
4. Complete the certication process through an
onsite ACI Workshop or be evaluated via video
submission online

Ideally Autodesk would prefer to witness
instructors teaching, but since this is not always
practical, Autodesk has designed two options for
instructor certication:
Option 1 - Candidate submits a video
teaching a live class
Option 2 - Candidate attends a 3-day
ACI Workshop
In both cases, a candidate is assessed on
instructional skills and the ability to deliver lessons.
Scoring is determined by two criteria:
1. Knowledge of the software and the industry or
market for which the software was developed
and used.
2. Instructional skills including the ability to
organize content, engage with and adapt
to the needs of the learners, and ultimately
transfer knowledge.
To be eligible for the ACI program,
a candidate must
Pass the current Autodesk Professional
Certication exam
Have at least one-year experience teaching
Clearly understand the content framework in
the Industry Standards documents
ACI Certication valid for three years
The Autodesk Certied Instructor accreditation
is valid for three years starting from the rst ACI
product certied. ACI members may add new
product versions or cross-certify to additional
products by passing the Autodesk Professional
Certication exam for those products, however,
Autodesk Certied Instructors must qualify
their teaching skills every three years in order to
maintain recognition.
To apply or learn more about becoming
an Autodesk Certied Instructor,
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Autodesk Certied Instructor Program