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APAN MUDRA trust & patience

SUBMITTED BY D.K.KOTHARI, mumbai, India e-mail :-

preparation:- pray to God to remove your problem.

Reiki 2 : reiki 2 channel dissolve blockage in the finger side preferably whole palm
Draw mental & power symbol on palms for better results
Non-reiki people to rub both hands for 1-2 mts to generate similar energy.
How to do:- Join Tips Of Middle & Ring Finger With Thumb. Press slightly
Pose :- keep arms & spine erect. Hands can rest on thighs, chair handles, table, bed. Palms
preferably open to sky (in receiving mode for cosmic energy) Exhale more than
inhaling visualizing that the problems are going out with the breaths. Can be done
sitting or lying down. If need be, Can compromise on others except finger joining
Elements :- Ether & Earth Joined With Fire
Uses :- 1) Very Good For Liver & Gall Bladder
2) Helps To Remove Waste Materials Specially Toxins And Cures Urinary
Problems, removes constipation., stomach gas problem, reduces piles problem
3) helpful in reducing diabetes & obesity
4) Balancing Effect On The Mind Which Is Due To Well Functioning Liver
5) Improves Self Confidence, Patience, Serenity & Inner Harmony
6) Eases difficulty in labour & delivery, ladies diseases, menses
7) reduces problems of teeth
8) works as a weight loss mudra by eliminating waste material stored in body.
9) headaches, migraines, navel pain, anus nerve pain, vomiting, acidity
10) burning sensation in hands, feet, heart, urine
11) reduces blood impurities & blood pressures problem
12) helps in setting of navel to the right place.

Remarks :- Those Having Stones In Gall Bladder & Kidney May Get Relief. Digestion
Improvements Are There. Pregnant ladies may find it useful for smooth delivery
Also very useful for weight loss when done with sun mudra
In case of less results slightly increase pressure. That is all
Timing :- 45 Mts a day Or 3 Times A Day For 15 Minutes
Remarks :- drink more water when regularly doing it.
Based on correcting imbalances of 5 elements which constitute the body.
Disclaimer:- I am not a medical doctor . I have been trained in yoga 40 years ago. I am sharing ancient Indian wisdom.
Those who want to try , shall do so on their own risk and responsibility. In case of emergency, always consult doctor.