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1. Approval of the Previous Minutes (AICAP)
2. School reports
a.) ACT
b.) AUP
c.) CMAFI Recognizing the value of cooperation and interconnectedness, come
d.) CPAC now the delegates and advisers form the different Adventist schools in
e.) MAMC the Philippines convening this session in order to formally establish
f.) MVC the Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the Philippines;
g.) NVAC
h.) SPAC Believing that when individuals and organizations achieve greater
3. AICAP Logo things when bonded collectively, a cooperation has been sought
4. Annual council among student body organizations in Adventist schools in the
5. Election of Officers Philippines in order to expand their spheres of service, witness and
6. Others
Ensuring the aid of the Almighty God who has ordained things in the
5. 2007-2008 Academic- Leadership pas, now and in the age to come;
6. 2007-2008 Academic- Search for Most Outstanding Students
7. 2007-2008 Religious- AICAP Officers’ Spiritual Retreat We the undersigned, on behalf of our respective student body
8. 2007-2008 Religious- Induction of Officers organizations and the school we represent, do hereby declare and
9. 2007-2008 Religious- Week of Prayer affirm that we willingly, voluntarily, and deliberately agree to join
10. 2007-2008 Social- Website the Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the Philippines

Further, we agree to join hands together for the promotion of closes

links and mutual understanding among member schools and student
body organizations in order to strengthen the bond of love, friendship,
respect, and solidarity for the growth and development of our

We also agree that this cooperation will begin with the ratification of
the Constitution of AICAP and the exchange of notes that will open
the commission channels among member schools. We also agree that,
for the time being, this cooperation will not involve immediate
financial assistance, but will be limited to cultural, educational, and
religious exchanges.
We agree to review this Covenant every year, and if necessary to NAME AND OBJECTIVES
revise it to suit the conditions and needs of participating schools and
their respective student body organizations as we come to understand Section 1: The name of the Association shall be Adventist Inter-
those conditions and needs; so that this cooperation will work Collegiate Association of the Philippines (AICAP) which
strengthen our relationships through the coming years. shall be used in all its official business and activities.

We confirm this covenant by fixing our signatures this 17 th day of Section 2: AICAP shall hold office at the institution where the elected
December 2007 during the Second Official Annual Leaders’ Summit chair is affiliated unless otherwise designated and approved
of the Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the Philippines held at by the Council of Presidents as the need arises.
Cliffside Retreat Center
Section 3: The Objectives of the Association are:

3.1 To promote and stimulate the exchange of ideas and

AICAP experiences in youth development through national

conventions, seminar workshops, colloquia and meetings;
CONSTITUTION 3.2 To put an information network that will unify the student
of the body organizations;
ADVENTIST INTER-COLLEGIATE ASSOCIATION OF THE 3.3 To provide, in particular, the means for improving the
PHILIPPINES expertise of the members through leadership trainings,
inter-scholastic activities, writer’s workshops, exchange
programs, medical missions, evangelistic efforts,
PREAMBLE environmental campaigns, religious conventions, youth for
a, sports festivals, and such other programs as the
We, the members of the Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the Association may deem appropriate.
Philippines (AICAP), imploring the aid of the Divine Providence, in
order to unify the student body organizations in all Adventist tertiary
schools in the Philippines that shall serve as catalyst for dynamic ARTICLE II
change and the holistic development of the individual, the academe, MEMBERSHIP
the church, and the society; for us to instill and exemplify in the
exercise of our duties and privileges a sense of commitment and Section 1: The members of the AICAP are categorized as institutional
dedication, do hereby ordain and promulgate this Constitution. and honorary in which the former is composed of SBO of
colleges and universities owned and operated by SDA.
Section 2: An institutional member and its enrollees is a CHED and/or
TESDA recognize school which has participated in at least
three (3) consecutive national convention of the AICAP
and which pays its annual dues as defined in this 2.2 An honorary member shall enjoy the right to express
Constitution. his/her opinions on matters affecting the Association
Section 3: An honorary member is a person, duly recognized via through appropriate communication channels
invitation by virtue of certain qualifications valued by the 2.3 An honorary member has the privilege of advising
Association as contributing to its cause such as his/her the Association
expertise in his/her chosen field of profession and his/her 2.4 An honorary member who is an elected member of the
significant contribution/s to society. Board of Advisers may enjoy and exercise the rights given
to the Board of Advisers as stipulated in Article XIV, Sec.
Section 1. A charter member is an institutional member present at the DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES
formation of the Association and affixes its membership on
the agreed covenant through the signatures of its Student Section 1: Every institutional member is required to pay its
Body Organizations. membership fee and other dues as prescribed by the
Section 2. Charter members shall have first priority to serve as Chair
of the Council of Presidents on a rotation basis until all of Section 2: Every member shall promote the Association’s objectives
them shall have served as such. Thereafter, any new
AICAP member may be eligible to serve as Chair of the Section 3: Every member shall be involved actively in all the
Council of Presidents. Association’s activities

Section 4: Every member shall uphold the highest ethical standard in

ARTICLE IV the performance of his/her duties

Section 1: Institutional Members ARTICLE VI

1.1 An institutional member has the right to attend and MEMBERSHIP FEES AND DUES
participate in all the activities of the Association;
1.2 An institutional member shall enjoy the right to express its Section 1. Membership fees are payments for membership in the
opinion in matters affecting it and the Association. Association

Section 2: Honorary Members Section 2. Dues are payment for retention of membership in the
2.1 Every honorary member has the right to attend and Association
participate in the activities as deemed necessary by the
Association Section 3. Amount of membership fee is P50.00/semester as decided
upon by the participants of the First National Leader’s
Summit held at MSH-CMAFI, Iligan City.
7.2 plan and organize activities of the Association
Section 4. Membership fees and dues are included in the general fees 7.3 recognize and accredit institutional members of the
of the students of their respective institutions and it shall be Association
known as the AICAP Fee. 7.4 enter into contract for and in behalf of the Association
7.5 ac as guardian of funds and custodian of property of the
ARTICLE VII 7.6 appropriate funds for all Association’s activities
THE COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS 7.7 decide with finality cases of impeachment of any officer of
the Association
Section 1. The council of Presidents (herein referred to as the COP) is 7.8 observe quorum in all meetings and decisions of the
the highest governing body of the Association which shall Association
comprise all duly elected presidents of Student Body 7.9 perform other duties and functions as deemed necessary by
Organizations of the institutional members. the COP

Section 2. The distribution of the members of the COP shall be based Section 8. An individual COP Member automatically loses his/.her
on institutional memberships. seat if he/she is no longer connected with the school of an
institutional member who occupies the second highest
Section 3. The chair of the COP should be a Seventh-day Adventist in position in the institution’s Student Body Organization.
good standing.
Section 4. He/She must be the incumbent officer of the Student Body Section 9. In case of unavoidable circumstances, the SBO President
Organization which he/she represents. reserves the right to and a representative in his behalf but
without the power to vote.
Section 5. The position of the chair shall be rotated annually among
the charter institutional members present during the signing Section 10. A simple majority (50% + 1) of the COP shall
of the covenant. The order of the rotation shall be constitute a quorum; two-thirds (2/3) of those present are
determined during the first national summit of leaders of required to decide matters.
various student organizations which are charter members of
the AICAP.
Section 6. The COP shall immediately convene every first week of DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE COUNCIL OF
July to elect among themselves the: Treasurer, Secretary, PRESIDENTS
Academic Affairs Director, Religious Affairs Director,
Social Affairs Director, External Affairs Director, and
Communications Director. (see Article IX, Sec. 7). Section 1: The members of the COP shall have the following duties
and responsibilities to:
Section 7. The COP, Sitting en banc, shall have the following powers 1.1 attend all regular and special meetings;
to: 1.2 act expeditiously on matters requiring actions and decisions
7.1 promulgate policies, rules, and shall have the following of the COP;
powers to:
1.3 attend and participate in all conventions, seminars- 2.2 record and prepare minutes of the COP meeting and furnish
workshops, conferences and other activities of the copies of the same to the members of the COP
Association; 2.3 prepare and send letters, notices, and other communications
1.4 act as custodian of all properties of the Association; 2.4 keep an accurate and updated record of all activities of the
1.5 be accountable to the general membership. Association
2.5 notify and remind officers and members of the scheduled
Section 2: A simple majority (50% + 1) of the COP shall constitute a regular and special meetings
quorum and two-thirds of those present are required to 2.6 be the archivist
decide matters. 2.7 perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the

ARTICLE IX Section 3: The Treasurer shall

POWERS AND FUNCTIONS OF THE OFFICERS 3.1 act as trustee of the Association’s funds
3.2 implement a systematic collection of fees, etc. as prescribed
The Executive Officers of the Association shall have the following by the By-Laws
powers and functions: 3.3 prepare financial reports and submit the same to the
Commission on Audit
Sections 1:The chair shall 3.4 be a signatory with the Chair of all disbursements to the
1.1 be the executive officer of the Association and shall Association’s funds
directly be accountable to the COP 3.5 keep all financial documents such as pass books, income
1.2 preside over all meetings of the Executive Officers and statements, cash flows
members and carry out policies, rules and regulations 3.6 prepare annual financial reports and present the same to the
promulgated by the COP members of the Association
1.3 recommend any appointment in any position, except 3.7 keep an inventory of the properties of the Association
members of the COP 3.8 perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the
1.4 create committees as may be deemed necessary to ensure COP
the success of the Association’s activities
1.5 recommend policies and regulations for adoption of the Section 4: The Academic Affairs Director shall
COP 4.1 organize academic activities
1.6 be one of the signatories to the disbursement of funds of the 4.2 perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the
1.7 conduct his official functions in complete transparency
1.8 perform such other functions as may be assigned to him by Section 5: The Religious Affairs Director shall
the COP. 5.1 organize religious activities for the association
5.2 perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the
Section 2: The Secretary shall COP
2.1 prepare the agenda of the COP meeting in consultation with
the Chair Section 6: The Social Affairs Director shall
6.1 organize social activities
6.2 perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the ARTICLE XI

Section 7: The communications Director shall

7.1 ensure the production of the AICAP quarterly electronic Section 1: The AICAP National Convention shall be held annually on
journal the home institution of the chair of the COP or any other
7.2 be in charge of the maintenance of the AICAP website and place decided upon and approved by the COP.
other electronics media
7.3 prepare press release and keep files thereof Section 2: The main activities to be accomplished during the National
7.4 perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Convention are the ff: presentation and approval of
COP resolutions submitted by individual, institutional and/
organizational members; presentation and approval of new
Section 8: The External Affairs Director shall individual, institutional and/or organizational members and
8.1 establish linkages with government and private institutions, if deemed necessary the amendments and ratification of the
industrial companies, mass media, interconnect with the AICAP Constitution (Article XVII, Sec. 2); accomplish of
alumni and other denominational and international reports; presentation of invited honorary member, lectures,
organizations symposia, colloquia and others.
8.2 organize external activities of the association
8.3 set up environment campaigns
8.4 organize community service programs
8.5 perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the ARTICLE XII

Section 9: The COP shall hold a meeting every first week of July to Section 1. Individual officers of the Association may be impeached on
establish the new officers after the rotation of the chair, the the grounds of culpable violation of the constitution,
venue being the home institution of the chair or any other malversation of funds, using the name of the Association in
place designated by the COP bad faith, bringing disrepute to the name of the
Association, immorality, and related grounds by a 2/3 vote
of all the incumbent officers
TERM OF OFFICE Section 2. Any impeachment complaint may be initiated/filed in
writing by any member of the Association in good standing
Section 1. The position of the chair shall be rotated among the charter to the Board of Advisers which shall determine the
members present during the signing of the covenant for the sufficiency in substance and form thereof
first round
Section 3. Impeachment procedures shall be determined by the COP
Section 2. The institutional members of the Council of Presidents in accordance with the generally accepted principles of due
shall be elected for term of one year. process and impeachment proceedings, and which shall
form part of the Association’s Constitution.
Section 4. Membership shall be terminated on grounds stated in DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS OF THE CHAIR OF THE BOARD
Section 1 of this article OF ADVISERS

Section 1. The chair shall be elected by a simple majority vote (50% +

Section 2. The chair of the board shall be a signatory to the
Section 1. Past members of the COP except those who are disqualified disbursement of funds and all official letters, documents,
accordance with Section 10 are automatically honorary and contracts
members of the Board of Advisers (BOA) and shall have
the right to particular in the meetings of the COP but Section 3. The chair of the board shall hold a term of one year to
without the power to vote. begin at the same time as the term of the COP

Section 2. Student Body Organization advisers, one per institution are

automatically institutional members of the BOA. ARTICLE XV
Section 3. The BOA shall elect a chair from among its members.
Section 1. The commission on Audit shall consist of four (4) members
Section 4. Honorary members shall be given the privilege to attend including an accountant from an accounting firm duly
the deliberations of the meetings and has the right to express his/her approved by the BOA
opinion on matters affecting the Association but without the power to
vote. Section 2. The Accountant may come from a designated accounting
firm as approved by the BOA.
Section 5. The BOA shall form the Commission on Audit.

Section 6. The BOA shall form the Grievance Committee ARTICLE XVI

Section 1. All disputes arising from the interpretation of this

Constitution shall be settled by the Dispute Committee
appointed by the BOA within 15 days from the time the
said dispute has been brought to its attention.

Section 2. The dispute Committee shall be composes of three advisers

who will elect its Chair from among themselves.
Section 3. The adviser of the institutional member who is involved in ARTICLE XIX
the dispute shall inhibit himself/herself from membership TRANSITORY PROVISIONS
in the Dispute Committee.
Section 1. The Chair of the Council of Presidents and other AICAP
Section 4. Question/s addressed to the Dispute Committee shall be officers who shall serve in the transitory period shall be
answered within a period of two weeks from the time such elected during the first national leader’s summit that shall
question/s has/have been raised before the Dispute be held in MSH-CMAFI, Iligan City on the 22nd day of
Committee by any disputant. December 2006.

Section 2. The Chair of the Council of Presidents who shall serve in

ARTICLE XVII the academic year 2007-2008 shall be chosen by the
AMENDATORY PROVISIONS delegates to the first national leader’s summit. Thereafter,
the Chair of the Council of Presidents shall serve on an
annual rotating basis following the mode of selection
Section 1. This Constitution shall be amended through the initiative of agreed upon by the same delegates to the first national
the COP or a petition of at lest twenty-five percent (25%) leader’s summit.
of the COP.
Section 3. The budget of the transitory period shall be borne out by
Section 2. The proposed amendment shall be ratified by the majority contributions coming from the charter members. The
votes cast in a plebiscite to be held in any of the national amount collected shall be held in trust by the national
conventions and shall take effect immediately. institutional member where the incumbent Treasurer is


Section I. This constitution shall take effect upon the signing of the
covenant by the charter members of the COP by a simple
majority vote (50% + 1) of all members present in the
plebiscite called for such purpose.

Section 2. Any policy, rule, and regulation contrary to the provision of

this Constitution shall be considered repealed and

Section 3. General provisions of law and jurisprudence shall be

applicable in a suppletory manner.
2006 – 02 Rotation of Office of the Chair.
COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS (COP) To choose the rotation sequence of the
Transitory Period chairmanship in COP.

Date: December 23, 2006 AUP 2007-2008

Time Started: 9:37 CMAFI 2008-2009
Venue: MSH – CMAFI MAMC 2009-2010
CPAC 2010-2011
Present: AUP, ACT. Inc. CPAC, MAMC – SMA, MSH – SPAC 2011-2012
NVAC 2013-2014
Opening Prayer: Omar K. V. Tubungbanua, MVC MVC 2014-2015

Voted: 2006 – 03 AICAP Fee’s Endorsement Deadline
2006 – 01 Election of Officers To set February 28, 2007 as the date when
To elect Council of Presidents officers. every institutional member must return the
Letter of Approval for the AICAP Fee to the
Chair Aimee Tapeceria, AUP COP. Further, it must have already approved
Secretary Reggie Remoroza, ACT by the Administrators of the respective
Treasurer Roger Mcgenn Arranguez, institutions.
SPAC Voted:
Academic Affairs Director Asher Salvan, NVAC 2006 – 04 Adjournment
Religious Affairs Director Leopold Balidiong, CPAC To adjourn the meeting.
Social Affairs Director Leonardo Taer Jr., CMAFI
Communications Director Emerson De La Paz,
MAMC-SMA Chair: Aimee Grace Tapeceria
External Affairs Director Omar K. Tubungbanua, Secretary: Reggie Remoroza
MVC Time Ended: 10: 45 pm
Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the

“Covenant, Constitution, 1st

COP Meeting
Minutes and Charter Members’
Adventist University of the Philippines