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Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the Philippines

Second Summit Meeting

December 14-18, 2007
Cliffside Retreat Center, Tagaytay City

Members Present: AUP, ACT Inc., CPAC, MAC, MSH – CMAFI, MVC, NVAC, SPAC
Time Started: 8:45 am
Opening Prayer: Joel Rey Maquinto, CPAC

2007 – 01- 08 School Reports

Voted; To approve the reports from different colleges and the university.

2007 – 09 Suspension of the Rule

Voted; To suspend Section 1, Article XVIII pursuing with the adjustment of
the COP meeting schedule.

2007 – 10 Annual Council

Voted; To move the month of the COP meeting from the first week of July to the second
week of August 2008.

2007 – 11 Election of Officers

Voted; To reschedule the election of officers of the COP for the 2nd week of August,
school year 2008-2009, during the COP meeting.

2007 – 12 Others
Voted; To implement campus – based activities as the starting point for
the AICAP promotion.

2007 – 13 AICAP Registration for SEC

Voted; To register the organization to the Security and Exchange
Commission (SEC).

2007 – 14 Letter of Recognition

Voted; To send a letter to the Administrators of each school asking for
recognition of the AICAP organization and to approve a P50.00
club fee from all bonafide students of each member institution,
where the student leaders must follow-up. Further, signatories
must involve all the attendees of the AICAP second summit.

Further, to get the recommendation of Dr. Gladden Flores to

recognize AICAP in every Adventist Tertiary School in the

2007 – 15 Programs
Voted; To integrate the name of AICAP in all the remaining programs of its institutional
member’s school for the school year 2007-2008.
2007 - 16 Leadership Training
Voted; To pursue a campus-based, AICAP-named leadership seminar as
stated in the strategic plan created by the first COP. Hence, MVC,
ACT, MAC, SPAC and CPAC will hold the said event.

2007 - 17 Quiz Bee

Voted; To have each college send at least 20 questions to the
AUP-SA President before the 2nd week of January.

Hence, each college is given their question category as follows;

AUP Math, Chemistry and Physics

ACT Computer/ IT
CMAFI Current events and Health
CPAC Theology
MAC World literature
SPAC Business
NVAC Social Science & Philosophy
MVC Education

2007 - 18 Search for the Most Outstanding Students

Voted; To have each college send two outstanding students as their representative for the
National Convention.

Further, the two student representatives must be recognized as the

most outstanding students of their institution during a recognition
day. Hence, the Recognition Day expenses will be shouldered by
its student organization fund and will take effect this coming
March 2008.

Furthermore, the qualifications shall be formulated by the COP.

2007 – 19 Special Award

Voted; To give special award to this year’s graduating students who are attendees of the
1st and 2nd AICAP Summit Meeting.

2007– 20 Citation and Design

Voted; To approve that AUP-SA will prepare the citation and design of
the certificate or plaque of recognition. Further, AUP-SA should
consult all the colleges before producing the final copy.

2007 - 21 Religious Affairs

Voted; To integrate the idea of AICAP in every member institution’s week of prayer and
to pray for all the members.

2007 – 22 Social Affairs

Voted; To approve that communications should be done through
Friendster, YM, Yahoo Groups, and e-mail accounts.
2007 – 23 Citation of the AICAP
Voted; To uphold the previous minutes with MAC as the institutional
Communication Director who shall create the AICAP website,
electronic journal and press releases using

2007 – 24 External Affairs

Voted; To uphold MVC as the external affairs director as stated in the
previous minutes of COP.

Further, a letter should be sent to Adventist institutions in the

Philippines such as the SSD and any Union, Conference, or
Mission where Educational Institutions are found asking them to
recognize AICAP.

Hence, to put into action what is stated in Article 9, section 8.

2007 – 25 AICAP Logo

Voted; To have the AICAP logo made by Mr. Marion Ong and Ms. Shanda Angel as the
official logo of the Association.
Further, the word “founded” will be added to the year 1984.

2007 – 26 AICAP Incorporators

Voted To have Ms. Aimee Tapeceria, Mr. Glenn Lagabon, Mr. Rex
Diamante, Ms. Keren Gallego, Reggie Remoroza, Rolando
Saragoza Jr., Michael Banta, Ellaine Baragona, Bea Tamargo, Al
Azanereeh Madale, Joy Cantila, and Ariel Celis as incorporators of

- To have every college send the documents of their AICAP
promotion to MAC so that it will be published to the

- To have all AICAP documents sent to every institutional

member and another copy be furnished to all the other

Meeting adjourned: 10:50 pm

Closing Prayer: Joy Cantila

Chairman: Ariel B. Celis, AUP

Secretariat: Judith Mejia

Liezel Edquilang