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Student Spotlight
Colleen Tutella

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Alumni Spotlight
David McGowan

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Welcome to this week’s edition of SBA News!

This week we have our first 1L Student Spotlight,
featuring Colleen Tutella of section 4A. We also
have a recent alumni, David McGowan, featured
in our Alumni Spotlight. David is currently an
Assistant District Attorney and you can learn
more about him on page five. On the
announcement page you will find information
about the SBA’s two main events this week: the
Conference on Sustainability and the Halloween

Next week the SBA News will have a spotlight on
the SBA Social Committee as they have been
SBA Vice President Monica Bellevue and
SBA President Tom Davis at this weekend’s
Alumni Banquet and Awards dinner
chosen as the Committee of
the Month after planning and
hosting a very successful Fall

We wish you all a productive
week and a fun Halloween!

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 8: October 27, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
! Last evening was the second BOG meeting of the school year. The next meeting will
be November 23 at 6pm. Minutes and votes will be posted to the website when they
become available.
! Following the successful Fall Ball, the Social
Committee will be hosting a Halloween Bash on
Thursday at 10pm at the Gem Lounge.
Costumes are encouraged!
! OFFICE HOURS with Tom: Tuesday @ 12:30-
1:30pm & Thursday @ 6:30 – 7:30pm
! Congratulations to all Suffolk Law graduates
who passed the Bar! Additionally, in regard to
MA passage rates per school, SULS moved up
two spots from last year!
! Check out the SBA website (which you are on)
for lots of information regarding the SBA. Here you will find all the emails of SBA
committee members and club presidents, a forum where students may voice their
opinions, a calendar of events, information about the Appropriations Committee, and

SBA Executive Announcements & Happenings
This panel will
address policy and
legal challenges on
how to move the state
and nation to a more
environment. For
more information
visit the “calendar”
tab on the SBA

Suffolk Law students at the Alumni
Banquet and Awards Dinner

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 8: October 27, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Tip of the week
Proper hydration is very
important to keep your
body working to the best
of its abilities. Drinking a
sufficient amount of water
throughout the day will
help you feel better and
could help keep you
healthier. If you are
dehydrated you may feel
sluggish and you may
have a decrease in
cognitive function. Eating
fruits and vegetables can
also help with hydration!
SBA Executive Budget

1A $500.00
1B $500.00
1C $500.00
4A $500.00
1L Cup $2,500.00
2L (at large) $2,500.00
3L (at large) $3,000.00
4L/7L (at large) $1000.00
Section Total: $11,000
Reserves $10,000.00
Operations $8,000.00
Orientation $2,000.00
General Total: $20,000
Academic Affairs $4,500.00
Alumni Affairs $4,500.00
Appropriations $200.00
Diversity and Inclusion $3,500.00
External Affairs $3,300.00
Graduation $4,000.00
Marketing and Advertising $1,000.00
Student Affairs - Concerns $1,000.00
Student Affairs – Social $32,500.00
Sustainability $1,000.00
Committee Total: $55,500.00
Bar Association Liaisons (ABA,
Liaison Total: $1,500.00

Total Executive Budget:
We are very pleased with the outcome of how SBA Executive
Committee funding is being invested this year. Thanks to a
massive team effort of all SBA members, we were able to invest
500% more to Student Concerns, 225% more to Academic
Affairs, 200% more to Sustainability, and 175% more to

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 8: October 27, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Colleen Tutella is a 1L Evening Section student. Colleen received a B.S. in
Electrical Engineering from Lafayette College and a M.S. in Drug Regulatory
Affairs from Northeastern University.

What is your current job?
I am Associate Director, Regulatory Process and Standards at Shire, a biotech
company in Lexington, MA.

What are you looking forward to most about your time at Suffolk/ what
brought you to Suffolk law?
First off, I am very excited to be in a class section packed with talent,
experience, education, and diversity – the 4A 1L section truly amazes me
with the depth and talent of its members. After that, I’m most looking
forward to pursuing a degree that I first became interested in twenty years
ago, and the opportunity to embark upon my second career. When I was in
high school thinking about college, I wanted to be a lawyer, but instead, I majored in engineering and
began a career in biotech – which I’ve now been in for 15 years. I never did stop thinking about going
to law school, but I always came up with a reason against it: “I’m too old!”, “I don’t have the energy
for this.”, “I make a good salary, why give that up?”, and “How will I manage the financial burden?”
This over-analyzing, self-doubting, and rationalizing came to an end in December of 2013, when I was
invited to attend the Massachusetts Conference for Women. As I listened to story after story about the
different experiences women had that led them to their current careers, I heard one theme emerge –
successful women sharing that they too were unsure about how every detail involved in pursuing
their goals would work out, or even what the end result would look like; but they knew they had a
passion for something and began to take the necessary steps towards it. I knew that it was time to
take action, and I signed up for the LSAT that evening, after the conference – the rest is history.

Are you planning to focus on a certain area of law?
I am interested in drug regulatory affairs so I would like to focus in an area related to that –
Intellectual Property, Health Biomedical, and/or Administrative Law.

What do you enjoy doing outside of law school?
I enjoy meeting friends for coffee, hiking, and hanging out with my two Goldendoodle dogs, Bella and

Colleen’s Favorites…
Favorite place to study at school: I like the quiet study room on the 5
floor because of the inspiring
views of Boston. I get to sit in a law library across from the Granary Burying Ground where signers of
the Declaration of Independence rest, Beacon Hill where our laws are created, and the historic Park
Street Church, – how amazing!
Favorite coffee shop near school: Starbucks
Favorite study break: Taking a walk or watching something from my ever-growing DVR collection.
Favorite movie: Rudy!

Student Spotlight
Colleen Tutella

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 8: October 27, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Alumni Spotlight
David McGowan --- Class of 2007
David McGowan, a member of Suffolk Law’s class of 2007, is
currently an Assistant District Attorney and over the past few
years he has been the lead appellate attorney in three major
Boston cases. This interview was conducted by Erin Knight, Co-
Director of the SBA Alumni Affairs Committee.

What is your current position and where?
Assistant District Attorney, Suffolk County District Attorney’s
Office. Currently, I am assigned to the Narcotics and Asset
Forfeiture Unit and also serve as Chief of Arson and Fire

Where did you attend undergraduate?
Boston College

What journals/activities/concentrations did you participate in at Suffolk Law?
Vice President, Moot Court Board; Journal of Trial and Appellate Advocacy; National Moot
Court Team; ACS.

What do you consider the best part of your job?
I am an attorney that is excited to go to work each morning because my responsibilities are
both challenging and combine my long-held desires to advocate for vulnerable

What was your favorite class while at Suffolk?
Evidence with Professor Cavallaro.

What is your greatest professional achievement?
Everything in our office is a team effort and I am incredibly proud to have been the lead
appellate attorney in three of Boston’s most notorious massacres: Commonwealth v. Siny Van
Tran, 460 Mass. 535 (2011); Commonwealth v. Carnes, Jr., 457 Mass. 812 (2010); and
Commonwealth v. Clemente, 452 Mass. 295 (2008).

One piece of advice?
Take advantage of SULS’s location – there are countless opportunities to grow as an
attorney within a few blocks of the school. Try not to sit for the bar without having
watched a jury trial, an appellate argument, or hearing in state or federal court.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 8: October 27, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba

Contact Information
Name Position Email
Tom davis President
Monica Bellevue Vice President
Neil Lindquist Chief of Staff
Callie grossman Chief of Operations
Kelley Sweetser Treasurer

“We the Students of Suffolk University Law School, in order to support and
encourage academic excellence and professional development; to preserve the
right of students to acquire a quality legal education in a just and reasonable
environment; to provide a means of communication between students and the
Law School; and to maintain a connection with alumni, do herby establish
this Constitution for the Student Bar Association of Suffolk University Law
SBA Constitution Preamble
For a full contact list of all SBA Directors please visit our website at
Vice President Monica Bellevue and
President Tom Davis