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SOUTH Total Station NTS-350R Series

The South NTS R is a robust reflector less total station. It is ideal for setting out and
surveing! "ith an #000-$oint %e%or "ith coding. It has full soft"are functionalit!
&'&! R(&! )reas. U$ and do"nload soft"are included
This total station has
* +, angular accurac for $recise $ositioning or surveing.
* -.-3-+$$% distance accurac
* Intuitive %enu design for eas use
* )l$hanu%eric /e$ad for 0uic/ entering of letters and nu%bers
* 1ual /e$ad for face left.right %easure%ents
* 2ull featured on board soft"are3 Stationing! free stationing! &issing line &easure%ents! Re%ote
(levation &easure%ent! )rea calculation
* #000 $oint %e%or distributable in 4# user-defined 5ob files for eas 5ob %anage%ent
* Single %easure%ent or trac/ing
* U$.1o"nload soft"are and 67 cable included
* &ore than 80 hours continuous use "ith + Ni&H batteries
Electric Wire Measurement
No "orr about ho" to set u$ the $ris%! no need to use R(& a$$lication. It is eas to
get the data of electric "ire.
Construction Measurement
&easure the corner and "a
ll surface b ourself "ithout setting the $ris%! the efficenc is i%$roved.
Tunnel Measurement
6ris%s are not necessar.The %easuring $oint-laout easier and %ore convenient.
Dam Measurement
9ou don:t have to ta/e $ains to go around and set $ris%s.The surveing "or/ is easil
House Measurement
Obtain the data directl! traditional steel ruler %easure%ent is abandoned.
Cadastration Measurement
The corner! %eto$ "indo"s! electrical "ire! telegra$h $ole! road! "ell all can be
%easured b one $erson "ithout $ris%s.
Specification :
Measurin# Ran#e $%nder fair &eat'er condition(
)p 5/% 5;&
No Prism +00& +00&
1igital 1is$la &a<i%u%3======.====% &ini%u%30.8%%
)ccurac 863+-+66& > No $ris%3 5-3$$%
&easuring Ti%e 2ine &ode38.#s!Trac/ing %ode30.?s
)t%os$heric 7orrection )uto%atic 7orrection b In$uting 6ara%eter
6ris% 7onstant 0%%.30%%
*n#le Measurement
&easure%ent &ethod Incre%ental 6hotoelectronic (ncoding
1ia%eter of The Raster
1is/@HoriAontal.BerticalC D=&&
&ini%u% Reading 8E.5EO$tional
)ccurac +E 5E
1etection &ethod HoriAontal31ual Bertical31ual
I%age (rect
'ength 854&&
(ffective )$erture 45&& !@1T&350&&C
&agnification 30+
2ield of Bie" 8F30:
Resolving 6o"er 3E
&ini%u% 2ocus 8&
,ertical Compensation
Sste% 'i0uid-electric detection.6late vial
Gor/ing Range -.-3:
)ccurac 8E
Sensti-it. of ,ials
6late Bial 30E.+&&
7ircular Bial #:.+&&
Optical Plummet
I%age (rect
&agnification 3+
2ocusing Range 0.5& HI
2ield of Bie" 5F
T$e 1ual sides
6o"er Su$$l Rechargeable Ni-H batter
Boltage ?B17
O$eration Ti%e # hours
Dimension 0 Wei#'t
1i%ension +00J8#0J350&&
Geight 5.#;g