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Opulent Living Empowerment

Opulent Living Empowerment is an energy, demeanor and an attitude that

you embody and emanate. A person can live opulently in a small abode or a
large estate. Opulent Living Empowerment increases your ability to attract
into your life what you need for a healthy life.

Opulent Living Empowermentchanneled and manual written by:
Mariah Windsong Couture ~October 14th, 2010 ~All Rights Reserved


Attention Resellers: From October 14th, through October 24th, 2010
Mariah Windsong and Rosemary Noel have exclusive rights to sell and pass
Opulent Living Empowerment .
Opulent Living Empowerment energy system has a fixed resale price of
$19.99 USD each or the equivalent in your currency. Always provide this
manual with any Opulent Living Empowerment, fully intact, with no

Rosemary Noel and Mariah Windsong are the only persons permitted to sell
Opulent Living Empowerment on EBay. All other persons are forbidden.

Opulent Living Empowerment may NEVER be traded for another
system. Opulent Living Empowerment is to be either sold by accepting
monies in currency or gifting in appropriate situations.

No text or any portion of this Opulent Living manual may be used on u-tube,
in movies, on social networking sites or personal websites. No text or
portion of this manual may be copied, posted on the internet, linked or
plagiarized, unless quoted briefly (50 words or less) as part of fair use in a
review, listing or other commentary.

Please contact the author at for permission to
translate this manual. If you translate you agree to send author a copy and
manual must remain exactly as original form without any changes. This
system is unique and is not related to any system currently in existence or to
arrive in the future.

Opulent Living Empowerment increases your ability to attract into your life
what you need for a healthy life. The people and things that increase your
comfort and quality of life can arrive faster and with ease.

Opulent Living Empowerment brings you the energy of Royalty. When you
live your life with the knowing that you deserve to be treated as Royalty,
you inspire others desire to serve you, giving you any assistance you need.

Why Royalty? Because Royalty inspires the best in others to be presented to
you! You will have the opportunity of interacting with the best in others!


Opulent Living Empowerment accentuates your inner confidence of your
place within Divinity. You are made by Eternal Sacred Source.
You are Divinely originated, and here on Earth the best way to express your
Divinity is through the demeanor of Royalty. Royalty implies that you are
something special. It implies that you deserve to be treated well.

Accept your Opulent Living Empowerment in the manner directed by your
teacher. Now fully activate your Opulent Living Empowerment by saying
out loud or in your mind: Opulent Living Empowerment, Activate!

Being Royal means that you walk with your head held high and are a leader.
You inspire people to take care of their own responsibilities and to lend
assistance to you, if you are in need of assistance.

This is all done simply by the way you hold your body, your facial
expressions and your voice. In this day of email communications, it is also
important to look at what you write to other people.
Would a person of Royalty be spreading gossip? Would a person of Royalty
be complaining about their life? Would a person of Royalty be holding a
victim positioning? No.

Being Royal does arrive with its own set of responsibilities. You are
responsible for your thoughts. Thoughts are very powerful and the more you
embrace your Royalty the more your thoughts will manifest into reality.

You are responsible for noticing when others do things for you. You are
responsible for encouraging others to do their work well and to compliment
them on work well done. You are responsible for looking at your past with
an observant eye and learning from your mistakes. Look at your current life
and notice if there are any habits that are old and do not serve you well.

A person of Royalty has an easier time dispensing with that which does not
serve them, because they are concerned with enjoying life and gaining as
much knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment as possible this lifetime.

Royalty have a greater amount of time that they can spend with pursuits of
the mind. Reading, theatre, absorbing intellectually stimulating information
that is perfectly balanced with relaxing times of doing absolutely nothing.

There is a rhythm to a Royal life that flows naturally. One must be in
observance of those people who are in your rule. You must access their
situations and quickly discern where to get involved and what to let be.
You must be able to acquire more knowledge and a moment later, live
opulently, completely relaxed in abandon and immersed in enjoying life.

People often are in jealously of the Royal families and stories we have heard
of Royalty. They have money and lands, usually plenty of people to serve
them. Think of what makes good Royalty and which ones squandered their
wealth and authority.

Opulent Living Empowerment gives you the empowerment to know your
place in life. Everyone can embody Royalty. Know where you have
authority over another person and use that authority wisely, caring for their
well being and nurturing their potential, encouraging their free spirit to
grow! Notice what is truly within your realm of influence to influence and
what is none of your business. Notice if you need more information to make
an informed decision and when no amount of additional information will
change the decision you need to make.

The more you work with Opulent Living Empowerments energies,
activating them on a daily basis, you will stand prouder and more easily do
what is necessary to be healthy in your life. You will know that you deserve
to receive a raise at your job or you will seek and find another one instead.

You will not second guess yourself for you will easily know the best choice
in any given situation that you find yourself within. Many people pass by
opportunities to receive a bounty of physical and spiritual blessings because
their mind is dwelling in worry. People mired in the gossip of others people
ill deeds or who constantly focus on what was done wrong to them are not
aware of good opportunities even when those opportunities are right there.

Opulent Living Empowerment will cause you to treat what you have in your
home as if it is a treasured estate house or castle. If you do not have a home
nor apartment and are staying with other people or in a shelter, you will
know to treat the couch or bedroll or chair you have slept upon well. You
will be in appreciation of what you have and that will indeed attract more
items and opportunities to you. Your energy of Royalty will make people
want to entrust you with their businesses and homes. You will easily gain
the assistance of people who want to watch your children so you can work.


Think about the position of Royalty. Royalty doesnt just have people do for
them, they will step in and do their part also if in that moment that is the best
use of their time and effort. The good of their kingdom matters more than
their comfort in this moment. What is your kingdom?

Right now, what is your kingdom? Is it the children and pets under your
care? Who depends on you for their very next meal?

If you are a business owner, your employees are in your kingdom.

If you are a landlord, your tenants are in your kingdom.

If you are a single person unemployed, any items you own, pets, children,
books and family members, plants and neighbors are in your kingdom.
What is your realm of influence? Who and what surrounds you everyday?

How do you treat the items and beings (people, pets wildlife) that are near
you every day? Are you in appreciation of those who your life intersects on
a daily basis? Appreciation and treating everyone and everything kindly is
important to receiving more into your life of what you do want.

Kindly is an important message here. Think of Royalty.
Royalty will not waste their time listening to a neighbors gossip,
they will kindly say that there are other things that require their attention.
This is true even if the other things that require their attention is
a plant that needs watering or a book that needs reading.
Ah, as Royalty, YOU are in control of your time.

Your use of time as a Royal person is very important. It is not important
what you are doing so much as how you think about what you are doing.

Are you worrying? Are you complaining while you are doing your dishes?
Or are you happy that you have running water to clean your dishes?

Are you putting off paperwork or paying a bill because it is uncomfortable?

A Royal person would do those things so that all in their kingdom is taken
care of and at anytime they know exactly what their resources are.

Yes, a Royal person may prefer to delegate, and once more resources arrive
so that there is a trustworthy person to delegate these chores to, delegation
will occur. A Royal person does what is required in the moment so that they
can magnify the resources that they currently have and they know that
encourages more resources to arrive.

Resources of people, currency, seeds, items, and anything else required to
care for those already in His/Her kingdom and anyone else who shall arrive
as their Opulent Life increases.

Opulent Living arrives fully by doing what is there to be done,
giving thanks for what you have, encouraging others to do their best, and
spending time enjoying what you have.

You, as Royalty must focus on what is good in your life and be ruthless in
cutting out that which is poisonous to your healthy life. This may be people
or items. Take a close look at how you feel after being around various
people. Take a close inner look at whether you actually like some people
who you allow to take your time and energy. A Royal person will quickly
discern who to have near them and who to banish from their kingdom.

In your life, banishing a person may mean that you limit your phone
conversation with her to five minutes.
If may mean that you no longer give her any time at all.
If we are speaking about a family member, this is more difficult.
Im not talking about a child.
I am speaking about other family members or neighbors.

Your new Royal demeanor will make it clear to people what you will
engage with and what you will not put up with and will not participate with.
You will not be haughty nor uppity. You will be Royal and have a stronger
ability to influence people for good.

Think of a gracious Queen or King who is respected,
and you know demands respect simply by their demeanor.
People will wonder what has happened to you.
You will feel the Opulent Living Empowerment Energies flow through you.

You will see in your life, what needs to be removed, whether it be a
bookcase or a piece of clothing or a person.


Opulent Living Empowerment infuses you with the energies of a
healthy, Royal person who attracts into their life all that supports their
vision of an Opulent Life.

Opulent Living means that you enjoy what you have. It doesnt matter if you
have an expensive yatch if you no longer like it! It doesnt matter if those
boots you bought cost a lot if you dont feel good in them. Give them to
someone else or sell them to someone. Opulent Living means that you are
proud of the items you have around you. This means that you keep them
clean and in good repair. That will attract more and even better quality items
into your care, for they will be well taken care of.
This is true of people also. Take good care of whoever is in your life by
listening to them and they will listen better to you.

Opulent Living Empowerment, by infusing you with the
energies of Royalty will cause you let people have their own lessons.
You will notice when you begin to save someone from their own lesson.
You will see how it would have cost you comfort or your very health.

You, as Royalty will notice the sovereignty of other people, their freedom to
experience their own lessons, no matter how painful those lessons are.

Royalty knows that there is a Higher Intelligence than their own and they
respect whatever Deity is their own. Each person has their own entry points
into Eternal Sacred Source. Usually those entry points are under the tutelage
of various Ascended Masters, gods, goddesses, Angels or power animals.
This is dependent on both what religion you were raised with and how much
the desire of your soul to communion with various facets/faces of Divinity
has influenced the who within Divinity you reach out to.

A wise person of Royalty knows that to truly live Opulently, they need a
strong connection with Divinity. A wise person of Royalty will discern what
facets or faces of Divinity resonate for them and grow a familiarity with
these. For some people it is nature itself and the elements and the void.

Opulence arrives to you when you are in harmony with what you choose to
have in your kingdom and when you appreciate those people and items that
surround you.
Opulence favors the prepared, appreciative, and inquisitive mind.


Opulence loves those who spend time enjoying what they have and who
spend their time wisely, working when the opportunity presents itself.

Opulence flows strongly to those who make opportunities for people who
want to further their usefulness and spiritual awareness.

Opulence is a force of Divinity that aligns itself with those who are willing
to drop the victim positioning of what was done to them and connect to their
Royal birthright of being a descendent of Divinity itself.

Know that you are here for a reason and therefore your needs will be met,
and you will have fun also.

Respect others as you also require respect for people to have the privilege of
being in your presence. Embody Royalty and express your unique Divine
attributes as your living inspires others to also fully engage in living here in
this 3 dimensional reality here on Earth. Being fully present here, while also
gaining the awareness of other times and places will increase your ability to
live Opulently.

Everyone has a different idea of what Opulent Living means for them.
That is ok and wonderful. I assure you that it probably wont look like you
expect, but it will be better!

You may activate Opulent Living Empowerment for other people, but it will
be much more effective if they accept Opulent Living Empowerment for
themselves. This energy prefers to work directly with the individual.

If you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher, you can confidently Opulent
Living Empowerment in the manner of your choosing.

Advise your student on the best way to receive the attunement you have sent
out. Opulent Living Empowerment manual must be included fully intact
with no changes when its attunement is provided.
Opulent Living Empowerment may be passed if you are not a Reiki or
Seichim Master by wanting to oh so very much. Intention is powerful and
will cause Eternal Sacred Source to respond! Please ask your energy team,
your helping healing guardians in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source, to
bring you a Sphere of Light. It doesnt matter if you can see it or not.
It doesnt matter if you can perceive it or not.

Trust that the Sphere of Light is there and ready to receive the dose of
energy frequency that is Opulent Living Empowerment.

Activate and pray, asking for all of your helping healing ones in the Light of
Eternal Sacred Source to send the perfect Opulent Living Empowerment for
(name of student) into the Sphere of Eternal Light. Ask that it be sealed and
carried to (name of student).

Ask that it be securely protected by that persons guardians in the Light of
Eternal Sacred Source until the person calls in their Opulent Living
Empowerment. Intend that Opulent Living Empowerment release perfectly
to them at that time. And so it is complete!

Now notify your student that their Opulent Living Empowerment is ready to
be called in and tell them to relax and spend a few minutes receiving their
Opulent Living Empowerment manual.

Opulent Living Empowerment is an original energy system channeled by
Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture, RGMT and is unlike any by Mariah or
any other person previously or any system that may arrive in the future.

October 14th, 2010 ~All Rights Reserved


Disclaimer: Legal Reasons, Mariah Windsong Couture states that this Opulent Living Empowerment
attunement/empowerments is/are for entertainment purposes only. It is not affiliated with any form
of natural energy healing, and is not to be confused with any other system of attunement, empowerment
or initiation now, in the past, or to come in the future. This empowerment/attunement is not meant to
replace any professional medical or legal advice. Mariah Windsong Couture is not engaged in rendering
medical service or diagnosis of any kind. Mariah Windsong Couture has made every effort to provide
accurate information and takes no responsibility for recommendations made and no guarantees are
issued toward the validity of information. By receiving the empowerment/attunement in this manual
you are agreeing to indemnify Mariah Couture from and against any and all claims of libel, defamation,
and violation of rights of privacy or publicity and infringement of intellectual property or loss or damage
allegedly caused. Mariah Windsong Couture is not responsible for claims made by others in advertising
this empowerment. You further agree to indemnify Mariah Windsong Couture from all liabilities and
expenses including lawyers fees arising from such claims based on this manual. October 14th, 2010

Some content falls under the fair use permission to copy.
All photos I own a lifetime royalty free license to use commercially.

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