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Author: <Author Name>

Date: <revision date>
Revision History
Goal of Project and eature !eam
Primary !estin" #oncerns
Primary !estin" ocus
!estin" $chedule
eature History
iles and %odules:
iles &ist:
Re"istry' INI $ettin"s:
$etu( Procedures:
De)installation Procedures
Data*ase $etu( and Procedures
Net+or, Domain-!o(olo"ies #onfi"uration Procedures
Performance %onitorin" #ounters $etu( And #onfi"urations
.(erational Issues
.(erational Pro*lem 0scalation-Alert %ethods
$co(e of !est #ases
Acce(tance #riteria
1ey eature Issues
!est A((roach
Desi"n 2alidation
Data 2alidation
API !estin"
#ontent !estin"
&o+)Resource !estin"
$etu( !estin"
%odes and Runtime .(tions
Inte"ration !estin"
#om(ati*ility: #lients
#om(ati*ility: $ervers
/eta !estin"
0nvironment-$ystem ) General
3ser Interface
Performance 4 #a(acity !estin"
$tress !estin"
2olume !estin"
International Issues
0rror !estin"
3ser $cenarios
/oundaries and &imits
$(ecial #ode Profilin" and .ther %etrics
!est 0nvironment
.(eratin" $ystems
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Gra(hics Ada(ters55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
0xtended and 0x(anded %emory /oards5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
.ther Peri(heral55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
3ni6ue !estin" #oncerns or $(ecific eatures
Area /rea,do+n
eature Name
$u* eature .ne5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
su* 7575555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
su* 7585555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
su* 7595555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
$u* eature !+o5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
$u* eature !hree :etc5;55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
$(ec Revie+ Issues
!est !ools
$mo,e !est :acce(tance test' *uild verification' etc5;
Automated !ests
%anual !ests
Re"ression !ests
/u" /ashes
/u" Re(ortin"
Plan #ontin"encies
0xternal De(endencies
Headcount Re6uirements
Product $u((ort
!estin" $chedule
Dro( Procedures
Release Procedures
Alias-Ne+s"rou(s and #ommunication #hannels
Re"ular %eetin"s
eature !eam %eetin"s
Project !est !eam %eetin"s
eature !eam !est %eetin"s
Decisions %a,in" Procedures
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Revision History
irst Draft: <author> <date>
<*rief descri(tion of chan"es>
$in"le sentence descri*in" the intent and (ur(ose of the test (lan5 or exam(le B!his test (lan addresses the
test covera"e for the CCC release of the /AR area of feature ooD5
Goal of Project and eature Team
%ission statement and "oal of overall (roject team5
%ission statement and "oal of s(ecific feature team5
!his section is used to set the sta"e for testin"Es (lans and "oals in relation to the feature team and (rojectEs
Primary Testing !oncerns
A statement of +hat the main critical concerns of the test (lan are5 An itemiFed list' or short (ara"ra(h +ill
Primary Testing ocus
A short statement of +hat items testin" +ill focus on5 !he testin" concerns a*ove state +hat testin" is
+orried a*out5 ocus indicates more of a methodolo"y ) a statement of ho+ those concerns +ill *e
addressed via focus5
document name location
test (lan test (lan location
(roject s(ecifications (roject s(ec location
feature s(ecification feature s(ec location
develo(ment docs on feature dev doc location
*u" data*ase 6ueries location for raid 6ueries
test case data*ase 6ueries location for test case
schedule documents location for schedule
*uild release server location of *uild releases
source file tree location of source file tree
other related documents other locations
Pro"ram %ana"er: name and email
Develo(er: name and email
!ester: name and email
Testing "c#edule
/rea, the testin" do+n into (hases :ex5 Plannin"' #ase Desi"n' 3nit 4 #om(onent !ests' Inte"ration !ests'
$ta*iliFation' Performance and #a(acity !unin"' ull Pass and $hi((in"; ) and ma,e a rou"h schedule of
se6uence and dates5 Ghat tas,s do you (lan on havin" done in +hat (hasesH !his is a *rief' hi"h level
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summary ) just to set ex(ectation that certain com(onents +ill *e +or,ed on at certain times ) and to
indicate that the (lan is ta,in" (roject schedule concerns into consideration5
Include a (ointer to more detailed feature and team schedules here5
eature History
A history of ho+ the feature +as desi"ned' and evolved' over time5 It is a "ood idea to *uild this
history u( as test (lans "o5 !his "ives a "ood feel for +hy the current release is focusin" on +hat it has
done5 It also serves a "ood frame+or, for +here (ro*lems have *een in the (ast5
A (ara"ra(h or t+o is (ro*a*ly sufficient for each dro(' indicatin" ) ori"inal intent' feed*ac, and
successes' (ro*lems' resolutions' thin"s learned from the release' major issues dealt +ith or discovered
in the release5
/asically' this section is a mini (ost)mortem5 It is eventually finishes +ith a statement re"ardin" the
develo(ment of the s(ecific version5
It is often hel(ful to u(date this history at each milestone of a (roject5
!his section "ives a *rea,do+n of the areas of the feature5 It is often useful to include in this section a
(er area statement of testin"Es thou"hts5 Ghat ty(e of testin" is *est used for each areaH Ghat is
(ro*lematic a*out each areaH Has this area had a (ro*lem in the (ast5 Iuic, statements are all that is
need in this list5
N.!0: this is only here as a hi"h level summary of the features5 !he real meat is in the area
*rea,do+n5 !his is a tad redundant in that res(ect555
iles and %odules$
Include in this section any files' modules and code that must *e distri*uted on the machine' and +here they
+ould *e located5 Also include re"istry settin"s' INI settin"s' setu( (rocedures' de)installation (rocedures'
s(ecial data*ase and utility setu(s' and any other relevant data5
1. Files List:
filename (ur(ose location on machine
2. Registry, INI Settings:
settin"7 (ur(ose
$ettin"7 (ossi*le values
settin" 8 (ur(ose
$ettin" 8 (ossi*le values
3. Setup Procedures:
75 *lah
85 *lah
4. De-instlltion Procedures
75 *lah
85 *lah
!. Dt"se Setup nd Procedures
75 *lah
85 *lah
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#. Net$or% Do&in'(opologies )on*igurtion Procedures
75 *lah
85 *lah
+. Per*or&nce ,onitoring )ounters Setup -nd )on*igurtions
'perational Issues
Is the (ro"ram *ein" monitored-maintained *y an o(erational staffH Are there s(ecial (ro*lem
escalation' or o(erational (rocedures for dealin" +ith the feature-(ro"ram-areaH
.. /c%up
0. Reco1ery
12. -rc3i1ing
11. ,onitoring
12. 4pertionl Pro"le& 5scltion'-lert ,et3ods
"cope of Test !ases
$tatement re"ardin" the de"ree and ty(es of covera"e the testin" +ill involve5 or exam(le' +ill focus
*e (laced on (erformanceH Ho+ a*out client v5s5 server issuesH Is there a lar"e class of testin"
covera"e that +ill *e intentionally overloo,ed or minimiFedH Gill there *e much unit and com(onent
testin"H !his is a *i" s+ee(in" (icture of the testin" covera"e ) "ivin" an overall statement of the
testin" sco(e5
(cceptance !riteria
Ho+ is BGood 0nou"h !o $hi(D defined for the (rojectH or the featureH Ghat are the necessary
(erformance' sta*ility and *u" find-fix rates to determine that the (roduct is ready to shi(H
)ey eature Issues
Ghat are the to( (ro*lems-issues that are recurrin" or remain o(en in this test (lanH Ghat (ro*lems
remain unresolvedH
Test (pproac#
13. Design 6lidtion
$tatements re"ardin" covera"e of the feature desi"n ) includin" *oth s(ecification and
develo(ment documents5 Gill testin" revie+ desi"nH Is desi"n an issue on this releaseH
Ho+ much concern does testin" have re"ardin" desi"n' etc5 etc55
14. Dt 6lidtion
Ghat ty(es of data +ill re6uire validationH Ghat (arts of the feature +ill use +hat ty(es
of dataH Ghat are the data ty(es that test cases +ill addressH 0tc5
1!. -PI (esting
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Ghat level of API testin" +ill *e (erformedH Ghat is justification for ta,in" this
a((roach :only if none is *ein" ta,en;H
1#. )ontent (esting
Is your area-feature-(roduct content *asedH Ghat is the nature of the contentH Ghat
strate"ies +ill *e em(loyed in your feature-area to address content related issuesH
1+. Lo$-Resource (esting
Ghat resources does your feature useH Ghich are used most' and are most li,ely to cause
(ro*lemsH Ghat tools-methods +ill *e used in testin" to cover lo+ resource :memory'
dis,' etc5; issuesH
1.. Setup (esting
Ho+ is your feature affected *y setu(H Ghat are the necessary re6uirements for a
successful setu( of your featureH Ghat is the testin" a((roach that +ill *e em(loyed to
confirm valid setu( of the featureH
10. ,odes nd Runti&e 4ptions
Ghat are the different run time modes the (ro"ram can *e inH Are there vie+s that can *e
turned off and onH #ontrols that to""le visi*ility statesH Are there o(tions a user can set
+hich +ill affect the run of the (ro"ramH &ist here the different run time states and
o(tions the (ro"ram has availa*le5 It may *e +orth+hile to indicate here +hich ones
demonstrate a need for more testin" focus5
22. Interoper"ility
Ho+ +ill this (roduct interact +ith other (roductsH Ghat level of ,no+led"e does it
need to have a*out other (ro"rams )) B"ood nei"h*orD' (ro"ram co"niFant' (ro"ram
interaction' fundamental system chan"esH Ghat methods +ill *e used to verify these
21. Integrtion (esting
Go throu"h each area in the (roduct and determine ho+ it mi"ht interact +ith other
as(ects of the (roject5 $tart +ith the ones that are o*viously connected' *ut try every area
to some de"ree5 !here may *e su*tle connections you do not thin, a*out until you start
usin" the features to"ether5 !he test cases created +ith this a((roach may du(licate the
modes and o*jects a((roaches' *ut there are some areas +hich do not fit in those
cate"ories and mi"ht *e missed if you do not chec, each area5
22. )o&pti"ility: )lients
Is your feature a server *ased com(onent that interacts +ith clientsH Is there a standard
(rotocol that many clients are ex(ected to useH Ho+ many and +hich clients are ex(ected
to use your featureH Ho+ +ill you a((roach testin" client com(ati*ilityH Is your server
suited to handle ill)*ehaved clientsH Are there su*tleties in the inter(retation of standard
(rotocols that mi"ht cause incom(ati*ilitiesH Are there non)standard' *ut +idely
(racticed use of your (rotocols that mi"ht cause incom(ati*ilitiesH
23. )o&pti"ility: Ser1ers
Is your feature a client *ased com(onent that interacts +ith serversH Is there a standard
(rotocol su((orted *y many servers that your client s(ea,sH Ho+ many different servers
+ill your client (ro"ram need to su((ortH Ho+ +ill you a((roach testin" server
com(ati*ilityH Is your client suited to handle ill)*ehaved or non)standard serversH Are
there su*tleties in the inter(retation of standard (rotocols that mi"ht cause
incom(ati*ilitiesH Are there non)standard' *ut +idely (racticed use of (rotocols that
mi"ht cause incom(ati*ilitiesH
24. /et (esting
Ghat is the *eta scheduleH Ghat is the distri*ution scale of the *etaH Ghat is the entry
criteria for *etaH Ho+ is testin" (lannin" on utiliFin" the *eta for feed*ac, on this
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featureH Ghat (ro*lems do you antici(ate discoverin" in the *etaH Gho is coordinatin"
the *eta' and ho+H
2!. 5n1iron&ent'Syste& - 7enerl
Are there issues re"ardin" the environment' system' or (latform that should "et s(ecial
attention in the test (lanH Ghat are the run time modes and o(tions in the environment
that may cause difference in the featureH &ist the com(onents of critical concern here5 Are
there (latform or system s(ecific com(liance issues that must *e maintainedH
2#. )on*igurtion
Are there confi"uration issues re"ardin" hard+are and soft+are in the environment that
may "et s(ecial attention in the test (lanH $ome of the classical issues are machine and
*ios ty(es' (rinters' modems' video cards and drivers' s(ecial or (o(ular !$REs' memory
mana"ers' net+or,s' etc5 &ist those ty(es of confi"urations that +ill need s(ecial
2+. 8ser Inter*ce
&ist the items in the feature that ex(licitly re6uire a user interface5 Is the user interface
desi"ned such that a user +ill *e a*le to use the feature satisfactorallyH Ghich (art of the
user interface is most li,ely to have *u"sH Ho+ +ill the interface testin" *e a((roachedH
2.. Per*or&nce 9 )pcity (esting
Ho+ fast and ho+ much can the feature doH Does it do enou"h fast enou"hH Ghat testin"
methodolo"y +ill *e used to determine this informationH Ghat criterion +ill *e used to
indicate acce(ta*le (erformanceH If modifications of an existin" (roduct' +hat are the
current metricsH Ghat are the ex(ected major *ottlenec,s and (erformance (ro*lem areas
on this featureH
20. Scl"ility
Is the a*ility to scale and ex(and this feature a major re6uirementH Ghat (arts of the
feature are most li,ely to have scala*ility (ro*lemsH Ghat a((roach +ill testin" use to
define the scala*ility issues in the featureH
32. Stress (esting
Ho+ does the feature do +hen (ushed *eyond its (erformance and ca(acity limitsH Ho+
is its recoveryH Ghat is its *rea,(ointH Ghat is the user ex(erience +hen this occursH
Ghat is the ex(ected *ehavior +hen the client reaches stress levelsH Ghat testin"
methodolo"y +ill *e used to determine this informationH Ghat area is ex(ected to have
the most stress related (ro*lemsH
31. 6olu&e (esting
2olume testin" differs from (erformance and stress testin" in so much as it focuses on
doin" volumes of +or, in realistic environments' durations' and confi"urations5 Run the
soft+are as ex(ected user +ill ) +ith certain other com(onents runnin"' or for so many
hours' or +ith data sets of a certain siFe' or +ith certain ex(ected num*er of re(etitions5
32. Interntionl Issues
#onfirm localiFed functionality' that strin"s are localiFed and that code (a"es are ma((ed
(ro(erly5 Assure (ro"ram +or,s (ro(erly on localiFed *uilds' and that international
settin"s in the (ro"ram and environment do not *rea, functionality5 Ho+ is localiFation
and internationaliFation *ein" done on this (rojectH &ist those (arts of the feature that are
most li,ely to *e affected *y localiFation5 $tate methodolo"y used to verify International
sufficiency and localiFation5
33. Ro"ustness
Ho+ sta*le is the code *aseH Does it *rea, easilyH Are there memory lea,sH Are there
(ortions of code (rone to crash' save failure' or data corru(tionH Ho+ "ood is the
(ro"ramEs recovery +hen these (ro*lems occurH Ho+ is the user affected +hen the
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(ro"ram *ehaves incorrectlyH Ghat is the testin" a((roach to find these (ro*lem areasH
Ghat is the overall ro*ustness "oal and criteriaH
34. 5rror (esting
Ho+ does the (ro"ram handle error conditionsH &ist the (ossi*le error conditions5 Ghat
testin" methodolo"y +ill *e used to evo,e and determine (ro(er *ehavior for error
conditionsH Ghat feed*ac, mechanism is *ein" "iven to the user' and is it sufficientH
Ghat criteria +ill *e used to define sufficient error recoveryH
3!. 8s"ility
Ghat are the major usa*ility issues on the featureH Ghat is testin"Es a((roach to discover
more (ro*lemsH Ghat sorts of usa*ility tests and studies have *een (erformed' or +ill *e
(erformedH Ghat is the usa*ility "oal and criteria for this featureH
3#. -ccessi"ility
Is the feature desi"ned in com(liance +ith accessi*ility "uidelinesH #ould a user +ith
s(ecial accessi*ility re6uirements still *e a*le to utiliFe this featureH Ghat is the criteria
for acce(tance on accessi*ility issues on this featureH Ghat is the testin" a((roach to
discover (ro*lems and issuesH Are there (articular (arts of the feature that are more
(ro*lematic than othersH
3+. 8ser Scenrios
Ghat real +orld user activities are you "oin" to try to mimicH Ghat classes of users :i5e5
secretaries' artist' +riters' animators' construction +or,er' airline (ilot' shoema,er' etc5;
are ex(ected to use this (ro"ram' and doin" +hich activitiesH Ho+ +ill you attem(t to
mimic these ,ey scenariosH Are there s(ecial niche mar,ets that your (roduct is aimed at
:intentionally or unintentionally; +here mimic real user scenarios is criticalH
3.. /oundries nd Li&its
Are there (articular *oundaries and limits inherent in the feature or area that deserve
s(ecial mention hereH Ghat is the testin" methodolo"y to discover (ro*lems handlin"
these *oundaries and limitsH
30. 4pertionl Issues
If your (ro"ram is *ein" de(loyed in a data center' or as (art of a customerJs o(erational
facility' then testin" must' in the very least' mimic the user scenario of (erformin" *asic
o(erational tas,s +ith the soft+are5
Identify all files re(resentin" data and machine state' and indicate ho+ those +ill *e
*ac,ed u(5 If it is im(erative that service remain runnin"' determine +hether or not it is
(ossi*le to *ac,u( the data and still ,ee( services or code runnin"5
If the (ro"ram "oes do+n' or must *e shut do+n' are there ste(s and (rocedures that +ill
restore (ro"ram state and "et the (ro"ram or service o(erational a"ainH Are there holes in
this (rocess that may ma,e a service or state deficientH Are there holes that could (rovide
loss of data5 %imic as many states of loss of services that are li,ely to ha((en' and "o
throu"h the (rocess of successfully restorin" service5
Archival is different from *ac,u(5 /ac,u( is +hen data is saved in order to restore
service or (ro"ram state5 Archive is +hen data is saved for retrieval later5 %ost archival
and *ac,u( systems (i""y)*ac, on each otherJs (rocesses5
Is archival of data "oin" to *e considered a crucial o(erational issue on your featureH If
so' is it (ossi*le to archive the data +ithout ta,in" the service do+nH Is the data' once
archived' readily accessi*leH
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Does the service have ade6uate monitorin" messa"es to indicate status' (erformance' or
error conditionsH Ghen somethin" "oes +ron"' are messa"es sufficient for o(erational
staff to ,no+ +hat to do to restore (ro(er functionalityH Are the Khear*eatK counters that
indicate +hether or not the (ro"ram or service is +or,in"H Attem(t to mimic the scenario
of an o(erational staff tryin" to ,ee( a service u( and runnin"5
Does the customer li,ely have a (revious version of your soft+are' or some other
soft+areH Gill they *e (erformin" an u("radeH #an the u("rade ta,e (lace +ithout
interru(tin" serviceH Gill anythin" *e lost :functionality' state' data; in the u("radeH
Does it ta,e unreasona*ly lon" to u("rade the serviceH
Is there data' scri(t' code or other artifacts from (revious versions that +ill need to *e
mi"rated to a ne+ versionH !estin" should create an exam(le of installation +ith an old
version' and mi"rate that exam(le to the ne+ version' movin" all data and scri(ts into the
ne+ format5
&ist here all data files' formats' or code that +ould *e affected *y mi"ration' the solution
for mi"ration' and ho+ testin" +ill a((roach each5
42. Specil )ode Pro*iling nd 4t3er ,etrics
Ho+ much focus +ill *e (laced on code covera"eH Ghat tools and methods +ill *e used
to measure the de"ree to +hich testin" covera"e is sufficiently addressin" all of the codeH
Test .nvironment
What are the requirements for the product? They should be refected in the
breadth of hardware confguration testing.
41. 4perting Syste&s
Identify all operating systems under which this product will run. Include
version numbers if applicable.
42. Net$or%s
Identify all networks under which this product will run. include version
numbers if applicable.
43. :rd$re
Identify the various hardware platforms and confgurations.
Gra(hics Ada(ters
This includes the requirements for single or dual monitors.
0xtended and 0x(anded %emory /oards
.ther Peri(heral
eripherals include those necessary for testing such as !"#$%&'
printers' modems' fa(es' e(ternal hard drive' tape readers' etc.
44. So*t$re
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Identify software included with the product or likely to be used in con)unction
with this product. *oftware categories would include memory managers'
e(tenders' some T*$s' related tools or products' or similar category
0ni1ue Testing !oncerns or "pecific eatures
&ist s(ecific features +hich may re6uire more attention than others' and descri*e ho+ testin" +ill a((roach
these features5 !his is to serve as a sort of Bhot listD5
(rea 2rea3do4n
!his is a detailed *rea,do+n of the feature or area ) and is *est done in an outline format5 It is useful as a
tool later +hen *uildin" test cases5 !he outline of an area can "o on 6uite lon"5 3sually it starts +ith a
menu *rea,do+n' and then continues on +ith those features and functionalities not found on any menu in
4!. Feture N&e
$u* eature .ne
su5 161
eature testin" a((roach matrix: this +ill re(eat for each su*item' includin" any
class of testin" relevant to any item5 Put in NA if not a((lica*le5 &ocation of this
matrix in the hierarchy determines sco(e5 or exam(le' data validation rules
"lo*al to anythin" under $u* eature .ne should "o under B$u* eature .neD5
Inheritance should *e im(lied5
#lass Info AutoH %an5H
Desi"n 2alidation
Data 2alidation 2alid data 4 ex(ected results :e5"5
Invalid data 4 ex(ected results :e5"5
Bno LME' L-E or LNE;
Ho+ to validateH
API !estin" Ghat are the APIEs ex(osedH Ghat
are the (ermutations of callin" these
APIEs :order' s(ecific ar"s' etc5;H
#ontent !estin" Ghat content exercises this featureH
Ghat content does this feature
(roduce' modify or mana"eH
&o+)Resource !estin" Ghat resource dimensions to testH
Ghat to do +hen resource is lo+H
$etu( !estin" Ghat ty(es of setu(sH
Ho+ to confirm feature after a setu(H
%odes 4 Runtime
Ghat modes and runtime o(tions
does this haveH
Ghat should *e tested durin" these
Ghat are ex(ected results in different
Intero(era*ility Ghat do +e intero(erate +ithH Do
+hat action +ith itH
Inte"ration !estin" Ghat do +e inte"rate +ithH Do +hat
action +ith itH
#om(ati*ility: #lients Ghat clientsH Doin" +hat actionsH
#om(ati*ility: $ervers Ghat serversH Doin" +hat actionsH
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/eta !estin"
0nvironment-$ystem Ghat environmental issues a((ly to
thisH Ghat to do to ex(oseH
#onfi"uration Ghat environmental issues a((ly to
thisH Ghat to do to ex(oseH
3ser Interface Ghat are the interface (ointsH Ho+
to exercise themH
Performance Ghat are the tar"et (erformance
Ghat +ill you do to exercise theseH
#a(acity Ghat is the tar"et ca(acityH
Ghat +ill you do to test thisH
$cala*ility Ghat is the tar"et scale' and ho+H
Ghat +ill you do to test thisH
$tress Ghat dimensions do you (lan on
stressin"H Ghat is ex(ectationH Ho+
+ill you stress itH
2olume !ests Ghat actions +ill *e included in
volume testsH
International Ghat are the international (ro*lems
of this itemH
Ro*ustness Ghat ro*ustness :crashes' corru(tion'
etc5; errors are antici(atedH Ho+ +ill
you loo, for themH
0rror !estin" Ghat are the relevant error
conditions that the (ro"ram ex(ectsH
Ghat are the error situations you (lan
on simulatin"H
3sa*ility Ghat are the usa*ility issues a*out
this itemH
Accessi*ility Ghat are the accessi*ility issues
a*out this itemH
3ser $cenarios Ho+ +ould a user ty(ically use this
Ghat tests +ill you do to simulate
user scenariosH
/oundaries and &imits Ghat are the *oundary conditions
surroundin" this itemH
Ghat are the limits of this itemH
%ax 2aluesH %inimum 2aluesH
$(ecial #ode Profilin"
and .ther %etrics
$chedule GhenH
#ode Paths and
Ghat are the different +ays to invo,e
or activate this itemH Ghat are thin"s
you can do just *efore this item that
are su((osed to chan"e the +ay it
o(eratesH Ghat should N.! chan"e
the +ay it o(eratesH
su5 162
su5 163
$u* eature !+o
$u* eature !hree :etc5;
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Test !ase "tructure
Ghere +ill test cases *e storedH Ghat is the namin" schemeH Ghat is the or"aniFin" structureH Ho+ do test
cases correlate to the test (lanH
!he test case structure follo+s the area *rea,do+n structure hi"hli"hted a*ove5 !est cases +ill *e stored in
the !#% data*ase5 !#% +as chosen *ecause it su((orts ar*itrary de(ths of hierarchy' and *ecause it $I&
*ased ) allo+in" a "reat deal of flexi*ility in re(ortin"' data*ase mana"ement' etc5
In !#%' the left (ane holds the hierarchy' the ri"ht (ane holds instances of test cases5 !he left (ane +ill
follo+ the hierarchy throu"h all the levels of feature detail' and then add one more level to ex(ress test
class ty(es5 or exam(le' one mi"ht see the follo+in" hierarchy in the left (ane:
Data 2alidation
!est cases can exist at any level' *ut it is recommend that they *e entered at the terminal level of the
hierarchy so that they can *e easily associated +ith similar classes of testin"5 Ghen a "iven level is
selected' the list of test cases associated +ith it is sho+n in the ri"ht (ane5
!his hierarchy allo+s one to avoid needin" to follo+ num*erin" schemes :+hich are a (ane to maintain and
or"aniFed;' allo+s you to ex(ress a testJs location in the tree +ith a Kitem5item5item5itemK namin"
convention' and allo+s one to determine to +hat de"ree different classes of tests are covered for each
feature5 It is recommended that if a class is *ein" s,i((ed that an ex(lanatory entry *e (laced in the ri"ht
(ane justifyin" +hy tests of that class are not relevant5
!he intent is to ma,e this document drive the creation and evaluation of the test cases5
"pec Revie4 Issues
Indicate location and method *ein" used for re(ortin" (ro*lems a"ainst the s(ecification and desi"n5
Test Tools
&ist +hatever test tools +ill *e used' or need to *e +ritten' and for +hat (ur(ose5 It is often *est to (oint to
an external location for more details' as tools usually re6uire an entire (lan and architectural summary of
their o+n5
"mo3e Test 7acceptance test8 5uild verification8 etc69
!he smo,e test determines +hether or not the *uild is "ood enou"h to *e su*mitted to testin"5 !his section
"ives a statement of +hat the *asic smo,e test consists of' ho+ it is desi"n' and ho+ it +ill *e (erformed5 A
(ointer to suite locations is hel(ful here too5
(utomated Tests
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Ghat de"ree of automation +ill *e used testin" this areaH Ghat (latform-tools +ill *e used to +rite the
automated testsH Ghat +ill the automation focus onH Ghere are the automated tools' suites and sources
chec,ed inH
%anual Tests
Ghat sorts of items +ill *e tested manually rather than via automationH Ghy is manual testin" *ein"
chosen over automationH Ghere are the manual tests defined and locatedH
Regression Tests
Ghat is your "eneral re"ression strate"yH Are you "oin" to automateH Ghere are the re"ressions storedH
Ho+ often +ill they *e re)runH
2ug 2as#es
Ghat is your strate"y for *u" *ashesH Ho+ manyH Ghat "oalsH Ghat incentivesH Ghat areas are tar"etted
to *e *ashedH /y +hoH
2ug Reporting
Ghat tool:s; +ill *e used to re(ort *u"s' and +here are the *u" re(orts locatedH Are there any s(ecial
(ieces of information re"ardin" cate"oriFation of *u"s that should *e re(orted here :areas' ,ey+ords' etc5;H
Plan !ontingencies
Is there anythin" that may re6uire testin"Es (lans to chan"eH /riefly descri*e ho+ you (lan to react to those
.xternal :ependencies
Are there any "rou(s or (rojects external to the team that are de(endent on your feature' or that your
feature is de(endent onH Ghat testin" (ro*lems and issues does this createH Ho+ are delivera*les from
external "rou(s "oin" to *e tested and confirmed +ith your o+n featureH Gho are the individuals servin"
as (rimary contact and liaison in this relationshi(H
Headcount Re1uirements
Ho+ many (eo(le +ill it re6uire to im(lement these (lansH Are there currently enou"h (eo(le on staff ri"ht
no+H Ghat effect +ill hirin" more or less (eo(le have :sli( in schedule' 6uality' or somethin" elseH;5
Product "upport
Ghat as(ects of this feature have *een a (ro*lem for su((ort in the (astH Ho+ are those (ro*lems *ein"
addressedH Ghat as(ects of this feature +ill li,ely cause future su((ort (ro*lemsH Ho+ are those (ro*lems
*ein" resolvedH Ghat testin" methodolo"y is *ein" used to (revent future su((ort (ro*lemsH Ho+ is
information *ein" sent to su((ort re"ardin" (ro*lems and functionality of the featureH
Testing "c#edule
/rea, the testin" do+n into (hases :ex5 Plannin"' #ase Desi"n' 3nit 4 #om(onent !ests' Inte"ration !ests'
$ta*iliFation' Performance and #a(acity !unin"' ull Pass and $hi((in"; ) and ma,e a rou"h schedule of
se6uence and dates5 Ghat tas,s do you (lan on havin" done in +hat (hasesH !his is a *rief' hi"h level
summary ) just to set ex(ectation that certain com(onents +ill *e +or,ed on at certain times ) and to
indicate that the (lan is ta,in" (roject schedule concerns into consideration5
Include a (ointer to more detailed feature and team schedules here5
:rop Procedures
Define the methodolo"y for handin" off the code *et+een Develo(ment and !estin"5
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Release Procedures
Descri*e the ste()+ise (rocess for "ettin" the (roduct from the net+or, testin" version to ready)to)shi(
master dis,ette sets5
(lias;<e4sgroups and !ommunication !#annels
&ist any email aliases and +hat they are for5 &ist any *ulletin *oards' ne+s"rou(s' or other communication
(rocedures and methodolo"ies here5
Regular %eetings
or each meetin"' +hen' +here' +hat is "eneral a"enda5
4#. Feture (e& ,eetings
4+. Pro;ect (est (e& ,eetings
4.. Feture (e& (est ,eetings
:ecisions %a3ing Procedures
Gho revie+s decision (oints for the follo+in" sorts of thin"s: *uild a((roval' *u" tria"e' feature si"n off'
test (lan si"n off' develo(ment desi"n si"n offH Ghat is the (rocess for the various decisionsH
75 Areas in Red:; are fla""ed as such to ex(ress s(ec items that are non)existin"' incom(lete'
unclear' or *ein" considered as issues5
85 Areas in /lue:; are fla""ed as such to ex(ress an im(ortant issue that needs definition and-or
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