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November 30 Advent 1.....................................................................................................................................2

December 7 Advent 2........................................................................................................................................4
December 14 Advent 3......................................................................................................................................8
December 21 Advent 4....................................................................................................................................10
December 24 Christmas Eve...........................................................................................................................12
December 25 Christmas Day..........................................................................................................................14
December 28 irst a!ter Christmas.................................................................................................................1"
#an$ary 1 Ne% &ear's Day..............................................................................................................................18
#an$ary 4 (econd a!ter Christmas...................................................................................................................20
#an$ary " E)i)hany.........................................................................................................................................22
#an$ary 11 *a)tism o! the +ord......................................................................................................................24
#an$ary 18 (econd a!ter E)i)hany..................................................................................................................2"
#an$ary 25 ,hird a!ter E)i)hany.....................................................................................................................28
ebr$ary 1 o$rth a!ter E)i)hany...................................................................................................................30
ebr$ary 8 i!th a!ter E)i)hany......................................................................................................................32
ebr$ary 15 ,rans!i-$ration ($nday...............................................................................................................34
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 2
November 30 Advent 1
Worship materials for Advent were contributed by HyeRan Kim-Cragg, St Andrew!s College, Sas"atoon,
Isaiah 64:19
,ear o)en the heavens and come do%n.
Psalm 80:17, 1719 ./0 ). 714 2art 3ne4
(hine $)on $s5 (he)herd o! 6srae7.
1 Corinthians 1:39
6n every %ay5 yo$ have been enriched in Christ.
Mark 13:2437
&o$ %i77 see the (on o! 8an comin- in the c7o$ds.
To Ponder
9hat :ind o! ;od are %e %aitin- !or< 8i-hty or -ent7e< =adica7 or com!ortin-<
E>)erience and e>)eriment %ith ?;od the )otter5 %e the c7ay@ thro$-h the $se o! )7aydo$-h d$rin- %orshi).
With Children
,a7: abo$t Advent as a time o! %aitin-. ()eci!ica77y5 %e are %aitin- !or ;od. And )erha)s ;od is %aitin- !or
$s. 9hy are %e %aitin- !or ;od< And %hy mi-ht ;od be %aitin- !or $s< 6nvite the chi7dren .and ad$7ts4 to
share thro$-h )7aydo$-h creations the :ind o! ;od or ima-es o! ;od they are %aitin- !or this Advent. ;ive
)ermission !or the creations to be )7ay!$75 !$n5 bea$ti!$75 and even messy. End %ith the scri)t$re readin- or
some re!7ection on the inse)arab7e re7ationshi) bet%een ;od and $s. And that re7ationshi) be-ins %ith
Advent5 the %aitin- o! ;od and o$r %aitin-5 too5 !or the comin- o! #es$s.
Sermon Starter
;od can be seen and e>)erienced in many %ays. 6n the te>t !rom 6saiah5 ;od is the )assionate ener-y that
brin-s %ater to boi7 and a mi-hty !orce that sha:es the mo$ntains. *$t this ;od is a7so a sc$7)tor %ho -ent7y
and care!$77y to$ches and mo$7ds to -ive a sha)e to 7i!e. ;od is a creator b$t is not a!raid to destroy thin-s
that do not bear !r$it .see 8ar: 11A144. ;od is not shy to sho% an-er and !r$stration %hen %e !ai7 to ho7d !ast
to o$r !aith and t$rn a%ay !rom o$r res)onsibi7ities. *$t this ;od is a7so !or-ivin-5 constant5 and -racio$s
accordin- to the A)ost7e 2a$7 in the 7etter to the ch$rch at Corinth.
Bere is somethin- e7se to thin: abo$tA %ho ;od is de)ends5 in some sense5 on %ho %e are and %hat %e need.
or ;od to be the )otter5 there needs to be c7ay .$s4. 3ne cannot e>ist %itho$t the other. ;od's very bein-
de)ends on o$r bein-. 6n this bo$nded and inse)arab7e re7ationshi) bet%een ;od and ;od's )eo)7e5
!aith!$7ness to one another is the 7i!e7ine5 the on7y %ay !or%ard. ,he ;ood Ne%s is that ;od is a7%ays !aith!$7
and ;od is !or-ivin-. ;od never sto)s 7ovin- $s. ,he se7!C)o$rin- 7ove never r$ns dry. At the be-innin- o!
Advent5 the season o! antici)ation5 ho)e5 and %aitin-5 %e can enco$ra-e o$r %orshi))in- assemb7y to e>)7ore
%ho this ;od in #es$s is. 6n this ne% be-innin- o! the Christian year5 %e are a7so invited to re!7ect on the
)resent o! a ;od %ho !irst initiated the 7oveCre7ationshi) %ith $s5 a re7ationshi) %e a7so ca77 the ?covenant@ or
,his sermon )oint can be revisited on the third %ee:5 %hen %e read the 6saiah te>t a-ain .6saiah "1A1
ever7astin- covenant4.
Isaiah 64:19
/0 4 ?;od o! a77 )7aces@
/0 1 ?2eo)7e5 7oo: east@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 3
8/ 171 ?Christ has no body no% b$t yo$rs@
Psalm 80:17, 1719
8/ 27 ?Creator ;od yo$ -ave $s 7i!e@
8/ 143 ?9e cannot o%n the s$n7it s:y@
1 Corinthians 1:39
/0 17 ?3 ancient 7ove@
/0 317 ?6 bind $nto myse7! today@
/0 448 ?9e :no% that Christ is raised@
Mark 13:2437
/0 5 ?A77 earth is %aitin-@
/0 25 ?+o5 he comes %ith c7o$ds descendin-@
/0 "88 ?3 day o! ;od5 dra% ni-h@
4 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
December 7 Advent 2
Isaiah 40:111
Com!ort5 3 com!ort5 my )eo)7e.
Psalm 85:12, 813 ./0 ). 8024
9i77 yo$ be an-ry %ith $s !orever<
2 Peter 3:815a
,he day %i77 come 7i:e a thie! in the ni-ht.
Mark 1:18
,he )reachin- o! #ohn the ba)tiDer.
To Ponder
9hat in yo$r 7i!e5 in o$r %or7d5 needs the %in-s o! !reedom and o! )eace today<
Dis)7ay or )roEect )hotos and ma)s o! Forea to com)7ement the story o! 8oon 6:B%an .see !acin- )a-e4.
(ho% )ict$res o! others %ho have %a7:ed !or )eace5 s$ch as 8ahatma ;andhi5 or the )artici)ants o! the ;reat
2eace 8arch o! ebr$ary 118".
With Children
,his story !oc$ses on ?9ith the %in-s o! o$r mind@ ./0 "184 and )rovides the o))ort$nity to 7earn a bit
more abo$t the )eace iss$e in Forea5 as %e77 as to e>)7ore theo7o-ica77y the conce)t that ;od's 7ove is bi--er
than any nationa7 border or mi7itariDed h$manCconstr$cted bo$ndary. ,he son- comes !rom Forea5 %ritten by
6:B%an .,imothy4 8oon5 %ho %as the minister o! the 2resbyterian Ch$rch in the =e)$b7ic o! Forea
.2=3F45 a 0nited Ch$rch o! Canada )artner denomination that s$))orted the movement !or )eace in the
Forean )enins$7a. A story abo$t 8oon 6:B%an !or Chi7dren's ,ime in %orshi) %as %ritten by David FimC
Cra-- .see !acin- )a-e4. &o$ can a7so !ind the story on the 0nited Ch$rch %ebsite .%%%.$nitedC
ch$rch.caG)7annin-GseasonsGAsian4 and 6:B%an's storyte77in- demonstration on &o$,$be.
Sermon Starter
,he story o! 8oon 6:B%an can be e>)anded into a sermon !or ad$7ts. ,he story o! 8oon 6:B%an is a
concrete e>am)7e o! the !aith!$7 servant5 7i:e #ohn the *a)tist5 sho%in- the %ay ;od hea7s divisions5 and it
shares ;od's vision o! brin-in- )eace !rom !ear5 as e>)ressed in 6saiah 40. 6n some )arts o! o$r %or7d today5 it
seems as i! %ar and con!7ict %i77 never end. (i>tyCone years a!ter the armistice and the dra%in- o! the 7ine
bet%een North and (o$th Forea5 )eo)7e are a!raid that the 7ine mi-ht never be erased. 9ith that :ind o!
des)air5 the 2 2eter )assa-e o!!ers the )romise o! ;od comin- to brin- )eace5 comin- 7i:e a thie! in the ni-ht.
Bere is the ;ood Ne%sA ?%e %ait !or ne% heavens and a ne% earth5 %here ri-hteo$sness is at home@ .verse
134. 9e have %or: to doA ?2re)are the %ay o! the +ord5 ma:e H;od'sI )aths strai-ht@ .8ar: 1A34. 9here in
o$r 7ives5 o$r comm$nity5 and o$r co$ntry are there 7ines that have e>isted !or too 7on-< 9here mi-ht ;od be
ca77in- $s to %a7: !or )eace !o77o%in- 8oon 6:B%an's e>am)7e<
Isaiah 40:111
/0 34 ?Come no%5 3 ;od o! )eace@
/0 "18 ?9ith the %in-s o! o$r mind@
/0 ). 883 ?Com!ort5 com!ort no% my )eo)7e@
8/ 114 ?*read o! 7i!e5 !eed my so$7@
Psalm 85:12, 813
8/ 157 ?6 am a chi7d o! ;od@
8/ 173 ?2$t )eace into each other's hands@
8/ 187 ?9e -ive o$r than:s@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 5
Mark 1:18
/0 18 ?,here's a voice in the %i7derness@
/0 28 ?Bera7dJ (o$nd the note o! -7adness@
/0 21 ?Bar: the -7ad so$nd@
/0 43 ?;o5 te77 it on the mo$ntain@
The Story of Moon IkHwan for Childrens Time
,his is a story o! a -reat Christian. Bis name is 8oon 6:B%an. Be 7ived in Forea. 6n Forea5 yo$ say the
!ami7y name !irst. (o 8oon %as his !ami7y name 7i:e +a:er5 or 8$rray5 or FimCCra--. And a77 his !riends E$st
ca77ed him 6:B%an. 6:B%an %as the son o! a minister %ho 7ived in Forea many years a-o. 6n those days5
Forea %as not !ree b$t %as r$7ed by #a)an. ,he #a)anese r$7ers at times treated Foreans very cr$e77y and
even tried to ma:e them !or-et their o%n 7an-$a-e. ,hose %ere hard times !or the Forean )eo)7e5 b$t many
!o$nd ho)e in the story o! #es$s and many became Christians. 6:B%an's !ather decided that he %anted to
become a Christian and -ot s)ecia7 )ermission to -o to ,oronto5 Canada5 to st$dy to be a minister. Be st$died
at the same schoo7 my -rand!athers and 6 st$died at to become ministers.
6:B%an decided he %anted to be a minister 7i:e his !ather. Be st$died hard and became a very -ood st$dent.
Be es)ecia77y 7i:ed st$dyin- the *ib7e in its !irst 7an-$a-es5 Bebre% and ;ree:. 9hen he became o7der5 he
he7)ed to trans7ate the *ib7e %ith other 2rotestant and Catho7ic Christians into )o%er!$7 Forean %ords that
everyone co$7d $nderstand. ,oday5 many )eo)7e read this *ib7e. 6t is ca77ed the #ong$ong%yun&u" or the
Korean Common 'ranslation
*ein- a Christian st$dent in those days %as not easy. (ometimes they %o$7d )rotest %hat the #a)anese
-overnment %as doin-5 and the )o7ice %o$7d come. (ome st$dents %ere beaten %ith stic:s. (ome st$dents
%ere ta:en and )$t in Eai7. And some st$dents even died. *$t 6:B%an and his !riends co$7dn't he7) it. ,hey
had to try to stand $) !or %hat %as ri-ht. And beca$se they be7ieved in ;od's 7ove !or them5 they %ere !$77 o!
co$ra-e. 6n those days 6:B%an be-an to hear a son- in his heart. 6t %as a son- that -ave him ho)e. 6t %ent
somethin- 7i:e thisK .sing ?9ith the %in-s o! o$r mind@ /0 "18 verse 14
3ne day5 the Forean )eo)7e 7earned that the #a)anese army had been de!eated in a bi- %ar. A77 Foreans %ere
-oin- to be !ree. Everyone %as dancin- and ce7ebratin-5 b$t not !or 7on-J *eca$se the Foreans had no
-overnment o! their o%n5 t%o other co$ntries came in to ma:e s$re thin-s ran smooth7y. 3ne co$nty
contro77ed the North5 and another co$ntry contro77ed the (o$th. ,he t%o bi- co$ntries didn't 7i:e each other
and so each o! them convinced the Forean )eo)7e on their side not to 7i:e the other side. (oon Forean )eo)7e
%ere !i-htin- each other5 and there %as a bi- %ar. 9hen they -ot tired o! !i-htin-5 they dre% a 7ine do%n the
midd7e o! the co$ntry and divided it in t%o. And they didn't 7et )eo)7e on one side o! the 7ine -o to visit or
even ta7: to )eo)7e on the other side.
6:B%an and some o! his !ami7y members %ere on one side o! the 7ine %hi7e other !ami7y members %ere on
the other side. 8any other Forean !ami7ies %ere divided in the same %ay. Chi7dren co$7d not see their
)arents. *rothers and sisters %o$7d never see each other a-ain. (ome )eo)7e5 7i:e my %i!e Bye=an5 %o$7d
never :no% their -rand)arents or co$sins. 6:B%an %as very sad abo$t %hat had ha))ened to his co$ntry b$t
he didn't :no% %hat to do. 3ne day5 as he sat st$dyin- his *ib7e5 he -ot an idea. Be %o$7d )rotest by %a7:in-
!rom one side o! the co$ntry across the 7ine to the other side.
And that is e>act7y %hat he did. A!ter 6:B%an had to7d his !ami7y and !riends his )7ans5 he started to %a7:
north .beca$se he 7ived on the so$th side4. Be %a7:ed over the hi77s o! Forea $nti7 he came to the 7ine. And
%hen he came to the 7ine5 he E$st :e)t %a7:in-. ,he men in the army said5 ?9aitJ &o$ can't do thatJ@ *$t
6:B%an didn't 7isten. Be E$st :e)t %a7:in-. ?&o$'77 -o to Eai7J@ they screamed5 b$t 6:B%an E$st :e)t %a7:in-
L)ast the -$ns5 )ast the tan:s5 and ri-ht over the 7ine. And nobody sto))ed him. ,hen he :e)t %a7:in- )ast
the -$ns and )ast the tan:s on the other side5 b$t he didn't )ay any attention to them either. Be E$st :e)t on
sin-in- his son-K .sing ?9ith the %in-s o! o$r mind@ /0 "18 verse 24.
Be %a7:ed $nti7 he reached his !ami7y's home. ,hey %ere so ha))y to see him they ran o$t o! their homes and
-ave him a bi-5 bi- h$-. And everyone started to cry beca$se they %ere so ha))y and so sad that they had
been a)art !or so 7on-. 9hen 6:B%an had had a -ood visit %ith them5 he ret$rned home.
9hen he -ot to the 7ine a-ain5 he sa% many )eo)7e %aitin- !or him. (ome )eo)7e %ere rea77y ha))y to see
6 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
%o$7dn't 7et him see anyone e7se5 not even his mother. ,hey thre% him in Eai75 and he never -ot to see his
mother a-ain beca$se she died !rom o7d a-e be!ore they 7et him o$t.
8any years 7ater %hen 6:B%an died5 there %as a h$-e !$nera7 !or him. Cro%ds marched his body thro$-h the
city. 3ne )erson %ho %as there to7d me that as they )assed the o7d schoo7 %here 6:B%an had st$died the
*ib7e and ta$-ht !or many years5 the c7o$ds o)ened and mi77ions o! !7a:es o! )$re %hite sno% !e77 on the
co!!in and on a77 the )eo)7e there. 6t %as a si-n o! ;od's b7essin-. Everyone had a son- in their hearts. 6t %ent
somethin- 7i:e thisK.sing ?9ith the %in-s o! o$r mind@ /0 "18 verse 34.
6:B%an's 7i!e -ave ho)e to many Foreans and Christians aro$nd the %or7d. No% yo$ have heard o! 8oon
6:B%an and %hat he did in Forea. And i! yo$ 7i:e5 yo$ can carry the son- 8oon 6:B%an san- in yo$r heart5
too. 6t is %ritten do%n and recorded in o$r hymn boo:5 (oices )nited "18. +et's sin- it to-ether.
Davi !im"Cra##, #rosvenor *ar" )C, Sas"atoon, Sas"
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 7
December 14 Advent 3
Isaiah 61:14, 811
,he s)irit o! the +ord is $)on me.
Psalm 126 ./0 ). 8504
(o% in tearsM rea) in Eoy.
1 Thessalonians 5:1624
=eEoice a7%aysM )ray %itho$t ceasin-.
ohn 1:68, 1928
#ohn testi!ied to the 7i-ht.
To Ponder
,hin: o! a moment !i77ed %ith Eoy %hen yo$ co$7dn't :ee) !rom smi7in-5 sin-in-5 or 7a$-hin-.
27an !or an inter-enerationa7 service and ma>imiDe the e>)erience o! Eoy by em)7oyin- the senses. ,he 6saiah
te>t is !$77 o! evocative ima-esA anointin-5 -arments5 and -arden )7ants shootin- $). 9e can ima-ine the sme77
and !ee7 o! oi7 )o$red on o$r s:in5 the !ee7 o! a s)ecia7 c7oth5 the co7o$r o! a !resh shoot5 and the taste o! the
!r$it it %i77 bear. Bo% do these e>)eriences brin- a sense o! Eoy< Can %e !o77o% this theme o! Eoy 7i:e a thread
thro$-h the stories o! the 8essiah5 the Anointed 3ne5 #ohn the *a)tist5 and #es$s as 7i-ht o! the %or7d<
With Children and Sermon Starter
6nstead o! a sermon s)o:en by the )reacher5 inter-enerationa7 )artici)ation is enco$ra-ed !or this service.
&o$'77 need abo$t nine )eo)7e.
,he dove .)re)ared be!ore4 as the symbo7 o! the ()irit is made to !7y thro$-h the %orshi) s)ace by one
)erson .)artici)ant 145 )erha)s in the )erson's hand as a chi7d )7ays %ith a toy air)7ane5 or on a 7on- stic: so it
can s%oo) over )eo)7e's heads. 9hi7e the ()irit is ?!7yin-5@ t%o )eo)7e .)artici)ants 2 and 34 ta7: abo$t %ho
#ohn is5 re!errin- to the te>t. 6n the conversation5 %hen #ohn says5 ?the 8essiah is comin-5@ a voice
.)artici)ant 44 !rom the con-re-ation sho$ts5 ?9hat %i77 ha))en %hen the 8essiah is comin-<@ ,hen others
.inc7$de chi7dren4 enter !rom di!!erent directions. 3ne )erson .)artici)ant 54 brin-s !rom the bac: a )7ant %ith
ne% shoots5 %hi7e another .)artici)ant "4 )roc7aims ?or as the earth brin-s !orth its shoots5 and as a -arden
ca$ses %hat is so%n in it to s)rin- $)@ .6saiah "1A114. A )erson .)artici)ant 74 comes !rom the %est to the east
%earin- a s)ar:7in- c7oa: or sha%75 %avin- the -arment %ith EoyM another .)artici)ant 84 comes !rom the
!ront to%ard the bac:5 %a7:in- and r$nnin-5 %earin- and %avin- a di!!erent :ind o! robe. ,hen5 one more
.)artici)ant 14 sho$ts Eoy!$77y5 ?=eEoice a7%ays5 )ray %itho$t ceasin-. 9e cannot :ee) !rom sin-in-.@ ,hen5
the )ianist )7ays ?=eEoice in the +ord a7%ays@ ./0 2414 .E)ist7e4. ,he choir or m$sic 7eader 7eads the ro$nd a
co$)7e o! times $nti7 everyone !ee7s con!ident. A77 sin- it %ith Eoy.
,his inter-enerationa7 )artici)ation ends %ith the rit$a7 o! anointin-. Bave t%o to !o$r bo%7s o! oi7 .o7ive oi7N
or other scentC!ree oi74 )ositioned aro$nd the sanct$ary. 2eo)7e are invited to come !or%ard. ,%o )eo)7e at
each station -ive a b7essin- by ma:in- the si-n o! )eace .or the cross4 on the !orehead o! the other. Conc7$de
%ith sin-in- ?9hen hands reach o$t beyond divides@ .8/ 1"14. o77o% the anointin- %ith the )rayers o! the
NOato$n o7ive oi7 is avai7ab7e in 0nsett7in- ;oods 2eace *o>esA %%%.$nitedCch$rch.caG-etinvo7vedG$nsett7in-C-oodsGchoicesG)eaceCbo>.
Isaiah 61:14, 811
/0 2 ?Come5 tho$ 7on-Ce>)ected #es$s@
/0 71 ?Arise5 yo$r 7i-ht is come@
/0 381 ?()irit o! +i!e@
8/ 45 ?&o$ are ho7y@
8/ 17 ?+isten5 ;od is ca77in-@
8 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
Psalm 126
/0 51 ?#oy to the %or7d@
/0 ). 884 ?&o$ sha77 -o o$t %ith Eoy@
1 $h%ssalonians 5:1624
/0 35 ?;ood Christian !riends5 reEoice@
/0 241 ?=eEoice in the +ord a7%ays@
/0 577 ?6've -ot )eace 7i:e a river@
&ohn 1:68, 1928
/0 7 ?Bo)e is a star@
/0 87 ?6 am the 7i-ht o! the %or7d@
8/ 11 ?Come5 come Emman$e7@ .6ncor)orate severa7 sin-ers5 inc7$din- di!!erent voicesLyo$n-5
o7d5 ma7e5 and !ema7e. (in- it d$rin- the anointin- ceremony andGor the )rayers o! the )eo)7e.4
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 9
December 21 Advent 4
2 !am"el 7:111, 16
9ho %i77 b$i7d ;od's ho$se<
#"ke 1:4755 ./0 )). 8188114
(on- o! 8ary
Psalm 89:14, 1926 ./0 ). 8044
6 %i77 sin- o! ;od's stead!ast 7ove.
$omans 16:2527
;7ory to the on7y %ise ;od thro$-h #es$s Christ.
#"ke 1:2638
,he an-e7 ;abrie7 visits 8ary.
To Ponder
Bo% and %hat do yo$ :no% o! 8ary< 9hat ro7e mi-ht 8ary )7ay in yo$r !aith 7i!e<
6nvite three %omenLone teen5 one o! midd7e ad$7thood years5 and one seniorLto re!7ect on 8ary's 7i!e !rom
the )7ace %here each is in her 7i!e Eo$rney. ,he themes o! ho)e5 )eace5 Eoy5 and 7ove co$7d sha)e the
With Children
+earn the son- ?6! o$r ;od had sim)7y saved $s@ ./0 1314M it teaches abo$t ;od's sa7vation. (ince its re!rain
means ?6t is eno$-h5@ it a7so carries a !ittin- messa-e to co$nteract the commercia7iDation o! Christmas.
=ather than ?9hat sha77 6 -et !or Christmas<@ the son- e>)resses -ratit$deA ?6! ;od has done that5 it is
eno$-h.@ +earnin- the Bebre% %ord da-yei-nu %ith s$ch a catchy t$ne5 the chi7dren to-ether %ith the %ho7e
con-re-ation may be ab7e to embody the divine s)irit o! se7!C-ivin- and be tr$7y ready to receive this h$mb7e
and -7orio$s baby #es$s5 ;od incarnate 7ove .Christmas is a mere three to !o$r days a%ay4. &o$ mi-ht a7so
have !$n ma:in- $) some verses that %o$7d %or: !or the AdventCChristmas season.
Sermon Starter
6n the =e!ormed tradition5 $n7i:e the Catho7ic and 3rthodo> traditions5 %e do not )ay m$ch attention to 8ary.
9hi7e %e do not have to over7y hi-h7i-ht 8ary as the 8other o! #es$s .or the 8other o! ;od45 it %o$7d be
meanin-!$7 to )ay some res)ect to her and see: to $nderstand her Eo$rney. 6ndeed5 she is a )ro)het in her o%n
ri-ht. rom hearin- the ne%s !rom the an-e75 to discernin- her ca775 to cons$7tin- %ith her co$sin E7iDabeth5 to
acce)tin- and )roc7aimin- ;od's vision !or the %or7d5 8ary mode7s a remar:ab7e and !aith!$7 Eo$rney !or $s.
Bers is the Eo$rney o! AdventA ho)e des)ite the !ear o! )re-nancy5 )eace des)ite the con!7ict and the dan-er
!rom Fin- Berod5 Eoy des)ite the sorro% o! the dai7y di!!ic$7t rea7ity5 and 7ove des)ite the hatred o! the :i77in-
enemy. And this Eo$rney ends %ith Christmas5 -ivin- birth to a baby5 a ne% be-innin- !or the ne% %or7d5 a
ne% cha)ter !or a ne% history.
2 'am(%l 7:111, 16
/0 30 ?Bai7 to ;od's o%n anointed@
8/ 1 ?+et $s b$i7d a ho$se@
)(k% 1:4755
/0 23 ?#oy sha77 come@
/0 27 ?,omorro% Christ is comin-@
/0 312 ?2raise %ith Eoy the %or7d's Creator@
8/ 120 ?8y so$7 cries o$t@
10 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
*omans 16:2527
/0 37 ?;7oria@
/0 151 ?Bo7y5 ho7y5 ho7y5 my heart adores yo$J@
)(k% 1:2638
/0 12 ?(he %a7:ed in the s$mmer@
/0 14 ?,o a maid %hose name %as 8ary@
/0 1" ?8ary5 %oman o! the )romise@
8/ 134 ?,here %as a chi7d in ;a7i7ee@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 11
December 24 Christmas Eve
Worship materials for Christmas +ve through the Second Sunday after Christmas were contributed by Robin
King, ,ori -iller, and the congregation, %ashaw--irror *C, %ashaw, Alta
Isaiah 9:27
A chi7d has been born !or $s.
Psalm 96 ./0 ). 81"4
(in- to ;od a ne% son-.
Tit"s 2:1114
+ive a -od7y5 $)ri-ht 7i!e.
#"ke 2:114, %1520&
#es$s' birth.
To Ponder
Bo% is yo$r Christmas 7ess than )er!ect this year< 9here mi-ht ;od's %onder enter<
8any )eo)7e %i77 attend Christmas Eve services %ho may not come to ch$rch at any other time o! the year.
=emind them %hy they sho$7d %onder. ,hey may %e77 come !or the e>)ected5 b$t Christmas is rea77y abo$t
%onderin- at the $ne>)ectedness o! the story. 6've a7%ays %anted to -et a 7ive don:ey and tie it $) o$tside by
the !ront door. 2erha)s )eo)7e mi-ht %onder %ho's here. 3r one mi-ht have some stra% at the door and invite
)eo)7e to ta:e a hand!$7 to the man-er in the sanct$ary be!ore they sit do%n. Arran-e !or the service to be
interr$)ted by a 7o$d :noc:in- at the doorLit co$7d be she)herds or a yo$n- co$)7e 7oo:in- !or a )7ace to
:ee) %arm. 6nc7$de cand7e7i-ht5 s$re5 b$t ho% abo$t co7o$red -7o% stic:s and brace7etsJ En-a-e their
With Children
2$rchase or borro% a sno% -7obe that !eat$res 8ary5 #ose)h5 and #es$s. (ho% the chi7dren this scene5 b$t
remind them that there's more to the story. 6nvite them to te77 %ho e7se %as in the story and he7) them to
describe5 in their o%n %ay5 %hat ha))ens in the storyM they mi-ht even act it o$t. (ome may :no% )arts o! the
story5 others may not5 b$t by -$idin- their te77in-5 it %i77 be more co7o$r!$7 than +$:e's.
Sermon Starter
,hat sno% -7obe ca)t$res and )reserves one )er!ect moment5 somethin- %e o!ten try to do %ith Christmas.
*$t the birth o! #es$s is not one moment or one ni-htM it's so m$ch bi--er and it's so m$ch 7ess )er!ect. .,he
chi7dren %i77 most 7i:e7y have demonstrated this !or yo$ in Chi7dren's ,ime.4 No matter ho% hard %e try to
)7an and contro7 o$r Christmas e>)erience5 it sti77 comes do%n to a story abo$t a tri) demanded5 7essCthanC
idea7 trave7 arran-ements5 severe accommodations5 anima7s5 and sme77y stran-ers. And %here is ;od< (ittin-
in the midst o! it a775 %aitin- !or $s to noticeJ #$st 7i:e every day.
Isaiah 9:27
/0 40 ?*e!ore the marve7 o! this ni-ht@
/0 47 ?(ti775 sti775 sti77@
/0 50 ?Be is bornG67 est nP@
/0 82 ?A 7i-ht is -7eamin-@
/0 1" ?9i77 yo$ come and see the 7i-ht@
8/ 158 ?Dream a dream@
Psalm 96
/0 251 ?;od created heaven and earth@
8/ 180 ?(in-5 sin- o$tJ@
12 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
8/ 182 ?;rate!$7@
)(k% 2:114 %1520&
/0 44 ?6t came $)on the midni-ht c7ear@
/0 45 ?#oy is no% in every )7ace@
/0 48 ?Bar:J the hera7d an-e7s sin-@
/0 41 ?No cro%ded eastern street@
/0 "7 ?(i7ent ni-ht5 ho7y ni-ht@
8/ 147 ?;od5 he7) $s to treas$re@

Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 13
December 25 Christmas Day
Isaiah 62:612
2re)are the %ay !or the )eo)7e.
Psalm 97 ./0 ). 8174
+et the earth be -7adJ
Tit"s 3:47
(aved by -raceM heirs o! ho)e.
#"ke 2: %17&, 820
(he)herds and an-e7s.
To Ponder
At %hat )oint5 as a %orshi) 7eader5 do yo$ !ee7 that yo$ are tr$7y ce7ebratin- the birth o! Christ<
or many5 Christmas Day has a ?mornin- a!ter@ !ee7 to it and certain7y it can !ee7 7i:e that in ch$rches %here
there is a bi- Christmas Eve service. ,hat's %here 8ary and #ose)h %ere5 tooLa!ter a77 that e>citement the
ni-ht be!ore5 no% %hat< (ome time to re7a> and re!7ect< Did they need to -et on %ith their 7ives< 9hat abo$t
that cens$s b$siness< 9hether yo$ had a cro%d or a !e% )eo)7e the ni-ht be!ore5 7et yo$r %orshi) s)ace 7oo:
7i:e it %as $sed. 6nvite )eo)7e to come in their )aEamas or re7a>in- c7othes. Bave co!!ee and hot choco7ate
With Everyone
*e-in %ith conversation5 not a ca77 to %orshi)5 and ta7: abo$t ?%hat ha))ened.@ Not everyone is com!ortab7e
%ith inter-enerationa7 %orshi) services5 so be-in this mornin- %ith an in!orma7 disc$ssion that invo7ves
everyone. 6! yo$ have a 7ar-e sanct$ary5 yo$ mi-ht choose to be in a sma77er s)ace or the room %here yo$
have co!!ee. Conversation co$7d 7ead to a bit o! a homi7y5 a !avo$rite caro75 and the )raise and )rayer )art o!
the mornin-. *e s$re to inc7$de 7ots o! caro7s. (tart %ith ?9hat did yo$ do this mornin-<@ Ans%ers mi-ht
inc7$de a Christmas traditionLstoc:in-s and )resents5 or a s)ecia7 brea:!ast5 or even E$st comin- to ch$rch.
9hat ma:es it s)ecia7< Christmas Day ce7ebrations tend to !oc$s on $sLthe receivin- and -ivin- o! -i!ts5 a
s)ecia7 mea75 bein- %ith !ami7y and !riends. ,hat's -ood5 and %e ce7ebrate that. *$t %e can beca$se #es$s
comes to $s. 9e don't a7%ays -o to #es$s5 b$t #es$s a7%ays comes to $s. Bo% mi-ht %e be s)endin- time
%ith #es$s today<
/0 35 ?;ood Christian !riends5 reEoice@
/0 3" ?An-e7s5 !rom the rea7ms o! -7ory@
/0 43 ?;o5 te77 it on the mo$ntain@
/0 45 ?#oy is no% in every )7ace@
/0 70 ?,here's a star in the East@
/0 7" ?(ee amid the %inter's sno%@
/0 78 ?(in- ti77 s$ndo%n@
/0 15 ?*orn in the ni-ht5 8ary's Chi7d@
8/ 47 ?*orn in h$man 7i:eness@
14 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
December 28 First ater Christmas
Isaiah 61:10'62:3
;od c7othes me %ith sa7vation and ri-hteo$sness.
Psalm 148 ./0 ). 8714
+et a77 creation )raise ;od.
(alatians 4:47
No 7on-er a s7ave b$t a chi7d o! ;od and an heir.
#"ke 2:2240
#es$s is )resented in the tem)7e.
To Ponder
(o no% %hat< 9hat o! Christmas -oes %ith yo$ into the Ne% &ear< 9hat %o$7d yo$ 7eave behind<
6t's sti77 ChristmasJ 6! yo$ haven't yet e>)7ored the -i!t o! Christmas5 here's a chance. 8ary and #ose)h brin-
their )recio$s -i!t to be reco-niDed in the rit$a7s o! the tem)7e. (imeon and Anna receive a -i!t5 too5 in seein-
#es$s. ;ive everyone a bo%5 !irst to remind them that they are a -i!t5 b$t a7so to remind them o! a -i!t that
they have received that's s)ecia7.
With Children
6nvite chi7dren .andGor ad$7ts4 to ta7: abo$t a -i!t they received this year. 9hy is it s)ecia7< 9e va7$e -i!ts !or
a variety o! reasons. ,a7: abo$t %hy %e -ive -i!ts at Christmas. 6! there's time .or d$rin- ch$rch schoo745 read
'he Smallest #ift of Christmas by 2eter B. =eyno7ds .Cand7e%ic: 2ress5 20134. ,he story o)ens the door on
%hat %e rea77y va7$e.
Sermon Starter
#$st as ear7ier %ith the she)herds5 there is m$ch here !or 8ary to )onder in her heart5 and !or $s5 too. ,his
ne% 7i!e5 this -i!t o! ;od5 comes %ith an enormo$s !$t$re. As the %onder and $ne>)ectedness o! Christmas
ni-ht -ives %ay to the )ractica75 reQ$ired rit$a7s o! the days that !o77o%5 %e mi-ht re!7ect on the -i!ts in o$r
7ives that carry %ith them the res)onsibi7ity o! 7ivin- them o$t. Not E$st the -i!ts o! Christmas5 b$t the -i!ts o!
o$r 7ives. 9ith the Ne% &ear a !e% days ahead5 one co$7d connect this idea %ith 8ission and (ervice.
Isaiah 61:10+62:3
/0 23 ?#oy sha77 come@
/0 232 ?#oy!$75 Eoy!$7 %e adore yo$@
/0 2"0 ?;od %ho -ives to 7i!e its -oodness@
8/ 217 ?Bey ney yana@
Psalm 148
/0 217 ?A77 creat$res o! o$r ;od and Fin-@
/0 22" ?or the bea$ty o! the earth@
/0 231 ?6 sin- the mi-hty )o%er@
/0 ). 822 ?A77 )eo)7e that on earth do d%e77@
,alatians 4:47
/0 "2 ?3nce in roya7 David's city@
/0 "1 ?A%ay in a man-er@
8/ 157 ?6 am a chi7d o! ;od@
)(k% 2:2240
/0 42 ?Do%n to earth5 as a dove@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 15
/0 55" ?9o$7d yo$ b7ess o$r homes and !ami7ies@
/0 1"4 ?;o no% in )eace@
8/ 147 ?;od5 he7) $s to treas$re@
8/ 182 ?;rate!$7@
16 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
!an"ary 1 Ne# $ear%s Day
)**lesiastes 3:113
or everythin- there is a season.
Psalm 8 ./0 )). 7307324
9e are cro%ned %ith ;od's -7ory.
$e+elation 21:16a
A ne% heaven and a ne% earth.
Matthe, 25:3146
9hen 6 %as h$n-ry5 yo$ -ave me !ood.
To Ponder
+oo:in- at the Ecc7esiastes )assa-e5 re!7ect $)on %hat time it is in yo$r 7i!e ri-ht no%.
Amon- a77 the many traditions there are !or ce7ebratin- Ne% &ear's5 ch$rch5 sad7y5 isn't o!ten one o! them.
,he ch$rch's ne% year is at Advent5 %hen the 7it$r-ica7 cyc7e o! seasons chan-es. *$t the ?march o! time@
chan-es years on the !irst o! #an$ary5 and ho% %e meas$re o$r 7ives be-ins a ne% ca7endar. ,oday is the hin-e
bet%een the o7d year and the ne%5 a time o! re!7ection and )romise5 a time o! t$rnin- !rom %hat %as to %hat
%i77 be. 3ne Ne% &ear tradition shared by more than one c$7t$re is ?!irst !oot5@ the idea that the !irst )erson to
ste) across the doorste) brin-s -ood 7$c:. 6n ;reece5 that's o!ten chi7dren5 the most innocent and o)en to ne%
e>)eriences. 9hy not introd$ce this tradition to yo$r ch$rch serviceJ *e-in o$tside the doors to the ch$rch or
sanct$ary. 3)en the doors and 7et the chi7dren -o !irst5 te77in- everyone to be s$re and sit some%here other
than %here they $s$a77y doLthat %i77 be cha77en-in- eno$-h !or some.
With Children
As: the chi7dren %hat they %ant to be %hen they -ro% $). As: them i! they can be that tomorro%. *e ready
!or some to say yesJ *ein- %hat %e %ant to be can ta:e time5 inc7$din- -ettin- bi--er and o7der5 7earnin- and
havin- e>)eriences. 6t ta:es the 7ove and care o! others5 7ivin- as #es$s ta$-ht $s. +isten to .or %atch a video
c7i)4 ?9hen 6 ;ro% 0)@ !rom -atilda the -usical and ta7: abo$t -ro%in- $).
Sermon Starter
6t's too bad that %e most readi7y identi!y the Ecc7esiastes )assa-e %ith ce7ebrations o! 7i!e5 !$nera7s5 and
memoria7 services. ,here's a time !or everythin-5 and %e co$7d a77 add to the 7ist there5 b$t the im)ortant )art
is that ;od means !or $s to 7ive %e77 and to 7ive !$77y. ,his is a7so the )oint o! the 8atthe% )assa-e. +et -o
the E$d-ment )art and !oc$s instead on the idea that %e 7ive as the shee)5 not the -oats5 beca$se that is 7i!eC
-ivin- and 7oveC-ivin-. ,here's a7%ays time !or that.
-..l%siast%s 3:113
/0 22" ?or the bea$ty o! the earth@
/0 703 ?6n the b$7b there is a !7o%er@
/0 70" ?;ive than:s !or 7i!e@
8/ 83 ?+et my s)irit a7%ays sin-@
8/ 1"5 ?,here is a time@
Psalm 8
/0 22" ?or the bea$ty o! the earth@
/0 242 ?+et a77 thin-s no% 7ivin-@
/0 308 ?8any and -reat@
/0 ). 730 ?;od5 o$r ;od5 yo$r -7orio$s name@
*%v%lation 21:16a
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 17
/0 718 ?3 ;od5 yo$ -ave yo$r servant #ohn@
8/ 115 ?*eho7d5 beho7d5 6 ma:e a77 thin-s ne%@
8/ 120 ?8y so$7 cries o$t@
Matth%/ 25:3146
/0 582 ?,here's a s)irit in the air@
/0 512 ?Come5 no%5 yo$ b7essed@
/0 "00 ?9hen 6 needed a nei-hbo$r@
8/ 114 ?*eho7d5 the !ace o! Christ@
8/ 13" ?9hen hands reach o$t and !in-ers trace@
0%/ 1%ar
/0 45 ?#oy is no% in every )7ace@
/0 528 ?;od o! 7i!e@
/0 521 ?;reat ;od5 %e sin-@
/0 530 ?A77 bea$ti!$7 the march o! days@
18 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
!an"ary 4 &econd ater Christmas
eremiah 31:714
,he -rievin- )eo)7e %i77 be -athered in Eoy.
Psalm 147:1220 ./0 )). 8"88"14
;od b7esses #er$sa7em %ith )eace and ab$ndance.
)-hesians 1:314
Ado)ted5 !or-iven5 and b7essed %ith ab$ndance.
ohn 1: %19&, 1018
,he 9ord %as in the %or7d5 b$t the %or7d did not :no% him.
To Ponder
9hen have yo$r %ords created tro$b7e !or yo$< 9hen have yo$r %ords been a b7essin-<
6t's sti77 ChristmasJ *$t the rea7ity is that many )eo)7e have a7ready )$t their Christmas decorations a%ay5
their ho7idays are over5 and it's bac: to the ro$tine o! %or:5 schoo75 and )7ay. No% is the time !or Bo%ard
,h$rman's ?,he 9or: o! Christmas@ in 'he -ood of Christmas and .ther Celebrations .riends 0nited
2ress5 118545 Q$oted in #im (trathdee's hymn ?6 am the 7i-ht o! the %or7d@ ./0 874. 9e don't )$t Christmas
a%ayM %e )$t it to %or:.
8a:e some cards that have ?9ord@ )rinted on one side. As: )eo)7e to record on the other side o! the cards
ho% they %o$7d ma:e the ?9ord made !7esh@ into action. Co77ect the cards %ith the o!!erin- and ma:e a %a77
o! %ords .or a %indo%Lit %or:s better on -7ass4.
With Children
*rin- an oran-e. Ca77 it yo$r Christmas oran-e. As: the chi7dren to describe ho% an oran-e tastes. ,a7: abo$t
a77 the %ays yo$ co$7d describe an oran-e. No matter ho% yo$ describe it5 it's E$st not the same as tastin- it.
And %hen yo$ do5 it tastes -ood and it -ives yo$ ener-y. ;od's hard to describe5 too5 b$t %e sti77 try to
describe ;od by $sin- 7ots o! %ords. (o #es$s came to sho% $s %hat ;od %as a77 abo$tA 7ove. &et5 even the
stories o! #es$s are E$st %ords $nti7 %e start to do %hat they describe. ,hat's -ood5 and it -ives $s ener-y.
Sermon Starter
9e've a77 had the e>)erience that %ords can -et $s into tro$b7e. 6t's %orth notin- that the 0rban Dictionary
describes the ori-in o! the street s7an- ?9ord@ as ?that's the tr$th@ or ?my %ord is my bond.@ ?9ord@ is the
%ord that says o$r %ords are tr$e. =ea77y< (ho$7dn't o$r actions do that5 too< *rin- in #ohn's %isdom
7an-$a-e and 7oo: at ho% %ords -et $s into tro$b7e5 -ood and bad. Attached to them is the $nderstandin- o!
action. ,a:e itJ
&%r%miah 31:714
/0 13 ?9hen heaven's bri-ht %ith mystery@
/0 273 ?,he Fin- o! 7ove@
/0 ). 884 ?&o$ sha77 -o o$t %ith Eoy@
8/ 40 ?Never endin- Eoy@
Psalm 147:1220
/0 530 ?A77 bea$ti!$7 the march o! days@
/0 ). 8"1 ?Ba77e7$Eah5 3 #er$sa7emJ@
8/ 71 ?9hen the %ind o! %inter b7o%s@
-2h%sians 1:314
/0 "2" ?6 heard the voice o! #es$s@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 19
&ohn 1: %19&, 1018
/0 "0 ?3 come5 a77 ye !aith!$7@
/0 82 ?A 7i-ht is -7eamin-@
/0 87 ?6 am the 7i-ht o! the %or7d@
/0 413 ?3 s)7endo$r o! ;od's -7ory bri-ht@
8/ "4 ?*eca$se yo$ came@
8/ 82 ?*athe me in yo$r 7i-ht@
8/ 10" ?6 am the dream@
8/ 157 ?6 am a chi7d o! ;od@

20 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
!an"ary ' E(i(hany
Worship materials for +piphany through the 'hird Sunday after +piphany were contributed by /ohn -oses,
'rinity )C, Charlottetown, *+0
Isaiah 60:16
Arise5 shineM !or yo$r 7i-ht has come.
Psalm 72:17, 1014 ./0 ). 710 2arts 3ne and ,%o4
;od's anointed de!ends the )oor.
)-hesians 3:112
*o7dness and con!idence thro$-h !aith.
Matthe, 2:112
,he visit o! the 8a-i.
To Ponder
,hin: o! an ?o$tsider@ %ith %hom yo$ have shared the -os)e7. ,hen thin: o! an ?o$tsider@ %ho has shared
the -os)e7 %ith yo$.
,his %o$7d be a -ood time to b$rn incense .i! no one has a77er-ies4. 2erha)s it co$7d be 7it as the !irst )rayers
are o!!ered5 symbo7iDin- the risin- o! o$r )rayers to ;od. Cost$med 8a-i mi-ht enter the sanct$ary as the o7d
E)i)hany hymn ?*ri-htest and *est o! the (ons o! the 8ornin-@ .,he .=ed4 Bymn boo:4 4324 is s$n-. Bave
more than three 8a-iM %e don't :no% ho% many there %ere5 rea77y5 and this %o$7d -$ard a-ainst the ?been
there5 done that@ attit$de to%ard s$ch a )rocession. Another t%istA have the 8a-i cost$med as scho7ars and
scientists rather than as :in-s.
With Children
*e-in by as:in- %hat -i!ts the chi7dren mi-ht choose !or the baby #es$s. ,his can be the 7eadCin to 7ettin-
them e>)erience the -i!ts o! the 8a-iA incense5 -o7d .maybe -o7dCcovered choco7ate money45 and myrrh.
.,here are severa7 myrrhCbased )rod$cts on the mar:et.4 ,a7: abo$t the )7ants !rom %hich myrrh and
!ran:incense are derived. +et the chi7dren %onder abo$t %hy the 8a-i bro$-ht these )artic$7ar -i!ts. 9hat
did #es$s' )arents do %ith the -i!ts< 3ne )ossibi7ity is that they mi-ht have $sed the -o7d to )ay !or !ood and
she7ter %hen they became re!$-ees r$nnin- a%ay !rom Fin- Berod.
Sermon Starter
?,his is the reason that 6 2a$7 am a )risoner !or Christ #es$s !or the sa:e o! yo$ ;enti7es@ .E)hesians 3A14. At
E)i)hany5 %e ce7ebrate the comin- o! the 7i-ht5 the revea7in- o! the Christ to the ;enti7es5 the o$tsiders. 6t is
!or the sa:e o! these o$tsiders5 2a$7 says5 that he is a )risoner !or Christ. or %hose sa:e does the ch$rch e>ist
in o$r time< 6s it )rimari7y a ?members on7y@ c7$b5 dedicated to the com!ort o! those %ho )ay their d$es< 6s
its -oa7 s$rviva7 at any )rice< 3r is it sti77 tr$e that the ch$rch e>ists !or others< 6! so5 ho% do %e bear %itness
to the 7i-ht so that it may tr$7y bri-hten the )ath !or a77 )eo)7e< ,his is es)ecia77y cha77en-in- %hen the -7are
o! the arti!icia7 7i-hts that i77$mine o$r c$7t$ra7 7andsca)e ma:e the stars a77 b$t invisib7e to many )eo)7e.
Isaiah 60:16
/0 71 ?Arise5 yo$r 7i-ht is come@
/0 "21 ?Eterna7 7i-ht5 shine in my heart@
/0 "71 ?+et there be 7i-ht@
/0 ). 871 ?,he race that 7on- in dar:ness )ined@
8/ 82 ?*athe me in yo$r 7i-ht@
Psalm 72:17, 1014
/0 13 ?9hen heaven's bri-ht %ith mystery@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 21
8/ 14" ?,he :in-dom o! ;od@
-2h%sians 3:112
/0 18 ?Bo% bri-ht7y beams the 8ornin- (tar@
/0 33" ?Christ %hose -7ory !i77s the s:ies@
/0 578 ?As a !ire is meant !or b$rnin-@
8/ 1"1 ?9hen hands reach o$t beyond divides@
Matth%/ 2:112
/0 81 ?As %ith -7adness men o! o7d@
/0 82 ?A 7i-ht is -7eamin-@
/0 85 ?8idni-ht stars ma:e bri-ht the s:y@
/0 81 ?rom a distant home@
/0 13 ?9hen heaven's bri-ht %ith mystery@

22 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
!an"ary 11 )a(tism o the *ord
(enesis 1:15
,he !irst days o! creation.
Psalm 29 ./0 ). 75"4
;od's voice is over the %aters.
.*ts 19:17
2a$7 ba)tiDes %ith the ()irit.
Mark 1:411
#es$s is ba)tiDed by #ohn.
To Ponder
9hat is the most movin- ba)tism in %hich yo$'ve )artici)ated< 9hat made it so movin-<
*e-in the service %ith a dramatiDation o! the ba)tism o! #es$s. A chi7d's %adin- )oo7 co$7d be dressed $) to
resemb7e a )oo7 o! %ater in the river #ordan. Bave #ohn the *a)tist5 a))ro)riate7y cost$med5 )roc7aim ?the
oneKcomin- a!ter me@ .verse 74. Bave #es$s a))roach and be ba)tiDed. A7tho$-h 8ar: does not s)ea: o!
#ohn's re7$ctance to ba)tiDe #es$s5 the actorG)resenter mi-ht mime this. ,he choir or a )erson not visib7e to
the con-re-ation co$7d be the voice sayin-5 ?&o$ are my (on5 the *e7oved@ .verse 114. ,hen move into one o!
the e>ce77ent %ater son-s5 s$ch as ?=iver r$nnin- in yo$ and me@ .8/ 1"34.
With Children
2re)are !or this time by sendin- a note home on the )revio$s ($nday as:in- the chi7dren to brin- )ict$res o!
their ba)tism. ,hese co$7d be dis)7ayed in advance. &o$ mi-ht have a bit o! !$n tryin- to identi!y the )eo)7e
in the )hotos. 9onder to-ether %ith Q$estions s$ch as ?9hy are %e ba)tiDed<@ and ?9hy %as #es$s
ba)tiDed<@ No need to be catechetica7 at this )oint. #$st receive the ans%ers and as: the chi7dren to :ee)
thin:in- abo$t the Q$estions. 6! it is )ractica7 .maybe even i! it is not45 7et the chi7dren ta:e o!! their shoes and
soc:s and %ade thro$-h the ba)tisma7 )oo7. 6! n$mbers are not too 7ar-e5 yo$ mi-ht %ant to e>tend the
invitation to the rest o! the con-re-ation. A-ain5 the choir or other voice mi-ht say !or each )erson %adin-5
?&o$ are my sonGda$-hter5 the be7oved.@
Sermon Starter
6t is easy !or $s to $nderestimate the in!7$ence o! #ohn the *a)tist. A!ter a775 o$r story says that he %as on7y to
)re)are the %ay !or #es$s. And yet5 accordin- to the !irstCcent$ry historian 7avi$s #ose)h$s5 his )reachin-
ca)t$red the ima-inations o! tho$sands5 and the movement o! nationa7 re)entance5 %hich he be-an5 %as a
!orce to be rec:oned %ith. 6n the Acts readin-5 %e catch a -7im)se o! ho% e>tensive the *a)tist's in!7$ence
%as. Bis disci)7es had -one o$t to the #e%s o! the Dias)ora %e77 be!ore #es$s' !o77o%ers. ,he )eo)7e %hom
2a$7 !inds at E)hes$s seem to be be7ievers in #es$s b$t they :no% on7y #ohn's ba)tism. (o 2a$7 ba)tiDes them
a-ain ?in the name o! the +ord #es$s.@ .NoteA there is no ,rinitarian !orm$7a here.4 A sermon mi-ht e>)7ore
Christian be-innin-s and 7oo: at ho% thin-s %e ta:e !or -ranted emer-ed !rom a variety o! )ractices.
6nterestin-7y5 the )resence o! the Bo7y ()irit is e>)erienced immediate7y thro$-h the -i!ts o! ton-$es and
)ro)hecy. 9hat are %e to ma:e o! that<
,%n%sis 1:15
/0 231 ?6 sin- the mi-hty )o%er@
/0 2"5 ?Creatin- ;od5 yo$r !in-ers trace@
/0 282 ?+on- be!ore the ni-ht@
/0 284 ?#oy!$7 is the dar:@
/0 217 ?A77 )raise to yo$@
/0 535 ?or the m$sic o! creation@
8/ 123 ?Day a!ter day@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 23
/0 235 ?3 %orshi) the Fin-@
8/ 55 ?9atch once more the %inds%e)t storm c7o$ds@
3.ts 19:17
/0 370 ?(end yo$r Bo7y ()irit@
/0 371 ?3)en my eyes5 that 6 may see@
/0 37" ?()irit o! the 7ivin- ;od@
/0 382 ?*reathe on me5 breath o! ;od@
8/ " ?Bo7y ()irit5 come into o$r 7ives@
8/ 23 ?Come5 3 Bo7y ()irit@
Mark 1:411
/0 100 ?9hen #es$s comes to be ba)tiDed@
/0 101 ?(on-s o! than:!$7ness and )raise@
/0 710 ?(ha77 %e -ather at the river@
8/ 3 ?=iver@
8/ 82 ?*athe me in yo$r 7i-ht@
8/ 1"3 ?=iver r$nnin- in yo$ and me@

24 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
!an"ary 18 &econd ater E(i(hany
1 !am"el 3:110, %1120&
;od ca77s (am$e7.
Psalm 139:16, 1318 ./0 )). 8"18"24
;od has searched and :no%n me.
1 Corinthians 6:1220
&o$r body is a tem)7e o! ;od's ()irit.
ohn 1:4351
#es$s ca77s 2hi7i) and Nathanae7.
To Ponder
Bave yo$ had a moment o! hearin-G!ee7in- ;od s)ea: to yo$< Bo% did yo$ :no% it %as ;od<
*e-in the service %ith a )erson .(am$e74 7yin- as i! as7ee) at the !ront o! the ch$rch. =ead thro$-h the te>t
!rom 1 (am$e7. Another )erson co$7d )7ay the )art o! E7i. ,he voice o! ;od co$7d be o!!sta-e. *oth (am$e7's
and E7i's 7ines are easi7y memoriDed. At the end o! the readin- %here (am$e7 says5 ?()ea: !or yo$r servant is
7istenin-@ .verse 1045 the con-re-ation mi-ht res)ond %ith5 ?()ea:5 !or %e are a7so 7istenin-.@ &o$ co$7d then
move into ?Bere 6 Am5 +ord@ ./0 5014.
With Children
6! the story o! the ca77in- o! (am$e7 has not been dramatiDed at the be-innin- o! the service5 a dramatic
version co$7d be )er!ormed no%. ,he drama or s:it co$7d be )re)ared in advance5 or yo$ mi-ht invite the
chi7dren to create it themse7ves. 9onder %ith the chi7dren %hat it mi-ht have been 7i:e to have been (am$e7.
9hen he heard the voice in the ni-ht5 %as he a!raid< 9as he con!$sed< Bo% %o$7d they !ee7< &o$ mi-ht then
move to %onderin- abo$t ho% %e hear ;od s)ea:in- to $s. 8aybe the most im)ortant thin- is that %e 7isten.
Sermon Starter
8any )reachers %i77 7i:e7y shy a%ay !rom the 1 Corinthians readin- %ith its ta7: o! )rostit$tion and
!ornication5 as these are associated %ith )ractices in )a-an tem)7es. Bo%ever5 there is every o))ort$nity here
to ta7: abo$t ?%here %e 7ive.@ ,o state the obvio$s5 %e a77 have bodies. (ome o! $s %or: hard to :ee) them in
sha)e. (ome o! $s %orry that o$r bodies are brea:in- do%n. Nonethe7ess5 this is %hat %e have and to a -reat
e>tent the body de!ines %ho %e are in o$r o%n and others' eyes. 3$r body5 says 2a$75 is ?a tem)7e o! the Bo7y
()irit@ .verse 114. ,he ()irit d%e77s in $s5 c7ose5 intimate. ,his echoes the )ersistent intimate )resence o! ;od
in 2sa7m 131. 9e are a77 ho7y bein-s5 made sacred by divine )resence. ,his is not the on7y thin- that can be
said abo$t $s. 9e are in!inite7y com)7e>. And yet5 the ()irit abides. 6t is %hen %e res)ond to ;od's ca77 that
%e become tr$7y o$rse7ves5 %ho ;od 7on-s !or $s to be.
1 'am(%l 3:110, %1120&
/0 501 ?Bere 6 Am5 +ord@
/0 575 ?6'm -onna 7ive so ;od can $se me@
/0 581 ?9hen %e are 7ivin-@
/0 581 ?+ord5 s)ea: to me@
8/ 17 ?+isten5 ;od is ca77in-@
8/ 1"1 ?6 have ca77ed yo$ by yo$r name@
Psalm 139:16, 1318
/0 384 ?,he 7one5 %i7d bird@
/0 387 ?+ovin- ()irit@
/0 ). 8"2 ?&o$ are be!ore me5 ;od@
8/ 131 ?&o$5 Creator ;od5 have searched me@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 25
/0 571 ?Eterna7 =$7er o! the cease7ess ro$nd@
8/ " ?Bo7y ()irit5 come into o$r 7ives@
8/ 18 ?+ord5 )re)are me to be a sanct$ary@
8/ 24 ?*reath o! ;od5 *reath o! )eace@
8/ 48 ?6 can !ee7 yo$ near me ;od@
8/ 83 ?+et my s)irit a7%ays sin-@
&ohn 1:4351
/0 117 ?#es$s Christ is %aitin-@
/0 581 ?9hen %e are 7ivin-@
/0 582 ?,here's a s)irit in the air@
/0 "05 ?#es$s5 teacher5 brave and bo7d@
/0 "30 ?3 Christ5 in thee my so$7@
/0 "41 ?+ord #es$s5 yo$ sha77 be my son-@
8/ 110 ?irstCborn o! 8ary@
8/ 213 ?,a:e $) his son-@

26 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
!an"ary 25 +hird ater E(i(hany
onah 3:15, 10
#onah ca77s Ninevah to re)ent.
Psalm 62:512 ./0 )). 7717804
*e sti775 my so$75 and %ait !or ;od.
1 Corinthians 7:2931
,he time is short !or the )resent !orm o! the %or7d.
Mark 1:1420
#es$s ca77s (imon5 Andre%5 #ames5 and #ohn.
To Ponder
9hen have yo$ had to chan-e yo$r attit$de to%ard someone< 9hat made it hard or easy<
Decorate the ch$rch %ith o7d !ishin- nets5 b$oys5 and maybe a 7obster )ot. 6n )7aces %here these )ro)s are not
readi7y avai7ab7e5 !resh%ater recreationa7 !ishin- -ear co$7d be $sed5 e.-.5 nets5 rods and ree7s5 cree7s. ,his
theme connects the bac: story o! the #onah readin- %ith the ;os)e7A ?6 %i77 ma:e yo$ !ish !or )eo)7e.@
With Children
,e77 the story o! #onah's )reachin- in Nineveh as dramatica77y as yo$ can. Bave some sac:c7oth .b$r7a)4 and
ashes !or the chi7dren to see and to$ch. E>)7ain that the )eo)7e o! Nineveh needed to chan-e their %ays and
%earin- sac:c7oth and ashes %as a si-n that they %ere -oin- to do this.
6n their o%n %ay5 the Ninevites ans%ered ;od's ca775 E$st as #onah ans%ered it. +i:e the Ninevites5 #onah had
to chan-e his attit$de and his %ays. Be tho$-ht ;od %as 7imited and he didn't thin: ;od's mercy sho$7d
inc7$de )eo)7e %ho %ere 6srae7's enemies. Bo% do %e need to chan-e< (ometimes it's not easy. #onah tried
rea77y hard not to chan-e. Another )ossibi7ity mi-ht be to recast #onah as a boy or -ir7 as:ed to do somethin-
heGshe rea77y doesn't %ant to do5 s$ch as sho% a ne% :id aro$nd schoo75 :ee) an o7der )erson com)any at a
!ami7y -atherin-5 or he7) someone %ith readin-.
Sermon Starter
,he *ib7e does not a7%ays a-ree %ith itse7!5 than: ;od. oc$s on the *oo: o! #onah as a dissentin- voice5 a
co$nter)oint to the e>c7$sivity o! EDraNehemiah. .&o$ may have to do some in!ormation !i77Cin here !or
yo$r con-re-ation.4 ,he story o! #onah is a )arab7e that cha77en-es $s to ima-ine the %ideness o! ;od's
mercy. 6n that res)ect5 it is 7i:e the *oo: o! =$th %here the hero is a 8oabite %oman5 another hated
!orei-ner5 %ho becomes an ancestor o! the -reat Fin- David and a7so o! #es$s. 6n the Ne% ,estament5 the
+etter o! #ames comes to mind. 6n a co77ection o! +etters dominated by the -race em)hasis o! 2a$75 it insists
on the im)ortance o! %or:s. ,hese dissentin- voices create a hea7thy tension. 6! %e hear them5 they a77o% $s
to be in conversation %ith o$rse7ves and others. ,he *ib7e does not a7%ays si7ence dissentin- voices and that
can be a mode7 !or $s. ,his re7ates to the theme o! ca775 beca$se ca77 is abo$t discernment. No matter %hat
;od ca77s $s to do5 %e are hea7thier i! %e 7isten to more than E$st the )eo)7e %ho say ?AmenJ@ to $s.
&onah 3:15, 10
/0 271 ?,here's a %ideness in ;od's mercy@
/0 27" ?3 ;od %ho sha)ed creation@
8/ "2 ?,here is room !or a77@
8/ 138 ?8y 7ove co7o$rs o$tside the 7ines@
Psalm 62:512
/0 "52 ?*e sti775 my so$7@
/0 "54 ?A77 my ho)e is !irm7y -ro$nded@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 27
8/ 84 ?6n yo$ there is a re!$-e@
1 Corinthians 7:2931
/0 708 ?8y +ord5 %hat a mornin-@
/0 711 ?(7ee)ers5 %a:e@
Mark 1:1420
/0 504 ?Bo% c7ear is o$r vocation5 +ord@
/0 5"2 ?#es$s ca77s $s@
/0 5"3 ?#es$s5 yo$ have come to the 7a:eshore@
/0 5"7 ?9i77 yo$ come and !o77o% me@
/0 5"8 ?Dear +ord5 7ead me day by day@
8/ 113 ?#es$s sa% them !ishin-@
8/ 17" ?,hree thin-s 6 )romise@
8/ 201 ?;o5 ma:e a di!!'rence@

28 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015

February 1 Fourt a!ter E"#"a$y
Worship materials for the 1ourth Sunday after +piphany through 'ransfiguration Sunday were contributed by
Wanda %urse, #uilds *C, %lenheim, .nt
/e"teronom0 18:1520
;od %i77 raise $) a )ro)het a!ter 8oses.
Psalm 111 ./0 ). 8334
,he !ear o! ;od is the be-innin- o! %isdom.
1 Corinthians 8:113
Concernin- !ood o!!ered to ido7s.
Mark 1:2128
A man %ith an $nc7ean s)irit is hea7ed in Ca)erna$m.
To Ponder
9hat -ods o! this %or7d -ri) $s< 9hat demons )7a-$e $s< 9hat -os)e7 %ords s)ea: to those demons<
Each )erson is -iven a )iece o! )a)er and invited to %rite a tho$-ht that tro$b7es them5 a dream that )7a-$es
them5 a demon that ha$nts them5 or a concern that cons$mes them. A!ter the sermon5 invite those %ho %ish to
do so to brin- their )a)ers to the !ront and5 thro$-h the tearin- o! them5 re7ease their tho$-hts5 dreams5
demons5 and concerns as they )7ace the shredded )a)er into a bo%7 or bas:et. ,hen 7oo: into the !7ame o! the
Christ cand7e and receive the )romise o! ne% 7i!e. .Dis)ose o! the shredded )a)er in a sensitive %ay.4
With Children
,a7: abo$t dreams. (hare a dream yo$ had that %as bea$ti!$7M share one that concerned yo$. *rin- in a dream
catcher and share the story o! the dream catcher. .;ood reso$rces inc7$de 'he Sharing Circle2 Stories about
1irst 3ations Culture .Nimb$s 2$b7ishin-5 20034 by ,heresa 8e$seCDa77ien5 and ;randmother's
Dreamcatcher by *ec:y =ay 8cCain .9hitman5 11184.4 =e7ate ho% sharin- o$r concerns %ith ;od5 the
()irit o! 7ove5 he7)s to 7i!t the b$rdens %e carry. A b$rden shared is a b$rden 7i!ted.
Sermon Starter
,his story in the ;os)e7 o! 8ar: occ$rs immediate7y !o77o%in- the ca77in- o! (imon5 Andre%5 #ames5 and
#ohn. ,hey enter the syna-o-$e in Ca)erna$m and there5 in a very )$b7ic )7ace5 #es$s be-ins to brin- -ood
ne%s to the %or7dM he be-ins to revea7 the :in-dom o! ;od. #es$s s)ea:s and acts %ith a di!!erent :ind o!
a$thority than that o! the scribes. +et $s 7isten !or the )assion in #es$s' voiceLin his %ords. A man in the
-ri)s o! an $nc7ean s)irit has s7i))ed into the syna-o-$e. 9hat -ods o! this %or7d -ri) $s< 9hat demons
)7a-$e $s< Bo% does #es$s s)ea:in- %ith a$thority re7ease the -ri) they have on $s< 2erha)s %e are invited
in this )assa-e to deve7o) a sense o! #es$s' a$thorityLho% it is $nderstood in o$r 7ives and ho% it can ma:e a
di!!erence in the %or7d. ,he story that is to7d is one o! hea7in- b$t a7so one o! trans!ormation. ,hose in the
syna-o-$e %ere amaDed. 8ay %e be amaDed as %e77.
D%(t%ronom4 18:1520
/0 111 ?Creative ()irit5 come to $s@
/0 255 ?,he 7ivin- ;od be )raised@
/0 272 ?3)en yo$r ears5 3 !aith!$7 )eo)7e@
/0 "14 ?,o $s a775 to every nation@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 29
/0 342 ?&o$ servants o! ;od@
/0 410 ?,his day ;od -ives me@
/0 "42 ?*e tho$ my vision@
8/ 10 ?Come and see: the %ays o! 9isdom@
8/ "3 ?+on- be!ore my Eo$rney's start@
1 Corinthians 8:113
/0 321 ?3 #es$s Christ5 may -rate!$7 hymns@
/0 418 ?;o !orth !or ;od@
/0 "03 ?6n 7ovin- )artnershi) %e come@
/0 "17 ?3 !or a %or7d@
Mark 1:2128
/0 82 ?A 7i-ht is -7eamin-@
/0 215 ?Bo)e o! the %or7d@
/0 32" ?3 !or a tho$sand ton-$es to sin-@
/0 3"1 ?3 Bo7y ()irit5 enter in@
/0 "20 ?(i7ence5 !renDied5 $nc7ean s)irit@
8/ 12 ?Come to$ch o$r hearts@
8/ 48 ?6 can !ee7 yo$ near me ;od@
8/ 74 ?9hen )ain!$7 mem'ries@
/0 84 ?3 radiant Christ5 incarnate 9ord@
/0 12 ?6n the dar:ness shines the s)7endo$r@
30 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
Febr"ary 8 Fith ater E(i(hany
Isaiah 40:2131
,hose %ho %ait $)on ;od sha77 rene% their stren-th.
Psalm 147:111, 20. ./0 )). 8"88"1 2art 3ne4
;od hea7s the bro:enChearted.
1 Corinthians 9:1623
6 have become a77 thin-s to a77 )eo)7e !or the ;os)e7's sa:e.
Mark 1:2939
(imon's motherCinC7a% and many others hea7ed.
To Ponder
9hen have yo$ )$shed beyond yo$r o%n 7imits< 9hat made yo$ do so< Are there 7imits yo$ need to )$sh
beyond ri-ht no%<
6nvite the con-re-ation to thin: abo$t vario$s :inds o! )ositive to$chin-L)hysica7 and nonC)hysica7. Bo%
can a to$ch $)7i!t yo$< Bo% can it chan-e yo$r o$t7oo: on yo$r day or yo$r 7i!e< Bo% is to$chin- im)ortant
as %e attem)t to !$rther the :in-dom o! ;od< 9hat are a))ro)riate bo$ndaries<
With Children
Here!s the church Here!s the steeple .pen the doors See all the people Close the doors and let them pray
.pen the doors, and they have all gone away
Disc$ss each sentence o! this !ami7iar rhyme. ,a:e the chi7dren into the ch$rch and to )rayer. ,hen disc$ss
%here everyone has -oneLto serve5 %e tr$st. 6nvite the chi7dren to thin: o! %ays they can serve o$tside o!
the ch$rch b$i7din-.
Sermon Starter
,he ;os)e7 o! 8ar: ta:es $s !rom a hea7in- in the sacred s)ace o! the syna-o-$e 7ast %ee: to a hea7in- in the
)rivacy o! a home. (imon's motherCinC7a% is i77 %ith a !everM #es$s ta:es her by the hand and 7i!ts her $). (he
then be-ins to serve. ,his -ives $s )a$se to thin: abo$t ho% %e raise )eo)7e $) to %ho7eness and ho% %e
serve in o$r dai7y 7ives5 in o$r comm$nities5 and beyond. *$t the story does not sto) there. 3thers come to
o$r doors5 and %e are invited to o)en o$r doors to comm$nityL!riends and stran-ers a7i:e. #es$s is c7ear that
he cannot remain in Ca)erna$mM a oneC7ocation ministry %as not !or #es$s. 9e are cha77en-ed to 7oo: beyond
o$r o%n doors !or the s)readin- o! the :in-dom's messa-e. Bo% do %e -o beyond o$rse7ves5 es)ecia77y in a
time %hen so many ch$rches are str$--7in- to :ee) their doors o)en< Bo% do %e ta:e the messa-e o! 7i-ht
and ho)e into o$r comm$nities and beyond<
Isaiah 40:2131
/0 218 ?9e )raise yo$5 3 ;od@
/0 220 ?2raise to the +ord5 the A7mi-hty@
/0 288 ?;reat is thy !aith!$7ness@
/0 210 ?Nothin- can tro$b7e@
/0 213 ?9e )raise yo$5 Creator@
8/ 84 ?6n yo$ there is a re!$-e@
Psalm 147
/0 21" ?(in- )raise to ;od5 %ho rei-ns above@
/0 271 ?,here's a %ideness in ;od's mercy@
/0 28" ?6! yo$ %i77 tr$st in ;od to -$ide yo$@
8/ 4 ?A77 %ho are thirsty@
8/ 82 ?*athe me in yo$r 7i-ht@
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 31
1 Corinthians 9:1623
/0 215 ?Bo)e o! the %or7d@
/0 381 ?;od is here@
/0 "41 ?9a7: %ith me@
Mark 1:2939
/0 313 ?;od5 %hose a7mi-hty %ord@
/0 570 ?#es$s' hands %ere :ind hands@
/0 "22 ?&o$r hands5 3 Christ@
/0 "70 ?2recio$s +ord5 ta:e my hand@
8/ 12 ?Come to$ch o$r hearts@
8/ 2" ?&o$r 7ove is amaDin-@
8/ 81 ?+ove $s into !$77ness@
/0 71 ?Arise5 yo$r 7i-ht is come@
32 Gathering, ACE 2014 2015
Febr"ary 15 +ransi,"ration &"nday
2 1in2s 2:112
E7iEah is ta:en $) into heaven.
Psalm 50:16 ./0 ). 7754
;od s$mmons the earth.
2 Corinthians 4:36
,he 7i-ht o! :no%7ed-e shines in o$r hearts.
Mark 9:29
,he trans!i-$ration o! #es$s.
To Ponder
,hin: o! a mo$ntainto) e>)erience. Bo% %as it e>citin-< Bo% %as it cha77en-in-< Bo% did yo$ :ee) its
memory a7ive once it %as over<
6nvite a mo$ntain c7imber to s)ea: abo$t the sta-es o! the Eo$rney invo7ved in c7imbin- a mo$ntain and ho%
each has its o%n cha77en-es. 3r !ind o$t ho% c7imbers sca7e the hi-hest mo$ntain in the %or7dL8o$nt
Everest. 6t is not E$st one strai-ht ascent5 b$t invo7ves severa7 c7imbs $) to each cam) and bac: do%n to the
)revio$s cam) to a77o% !or acc7imatiDation.
With Children
,a:e the chi7dren to the mo$ntainto) and act o$t the story. H6t co$7d be sta-ed in the chance7 or ba7cony !or
more e!!ect.I 9hat mi-ht it be 7i:e on the mo$ntainside %ith #es$s< 9hat Q$estions mi-ht yo$ 7i:e to as:
#es$s< 6ma-ine #es$s t$rnin- daDD7in- %hite. Bo% mi-ht yo$ react< Bo% mi-ht it !ee7 %hen 8oses and E7iEah
can be seen< Bo% mi-ht it !ee7 %hen the mo$ntainto) is covered by a c7o$d and yo$ can't see< Bo% mi-ht it
!ee7 to hear ;od's voice< 9hy mi-ht yo$ %ant to stay there< ,a7: abo$t %hy this story is im)ortant in o$r
!aith 7ives.
Sermon Starter
,he story o! the trans!i-$ration o! #es$s is one !i77ed %ith a%e and %onder and mystery. 6t is a story to be
e>)erienced and not e>)7ained a%ay. 9e a77 enco$nter the ho7y in a variety o! %ays5 and this is oneLon a
Q$iet mo$ntainto)5 a7one %ith #es$s. 8ay %e savo$r the time a7one. 2eter %anted to )reserve the moment by
b$i7din- three d%e77in-s. Bo% do %e try to con!ine the ho7y so %e can ho7d on to the moment< Are %e too
cons$med by tryin- to ho7d on that %e miss the e>)erience o! the ho7y< Bo% do %e savo$r the ho7y moments
%itho$t !ear so %e can hear the voice o! the Bo7y 3ne< A!ter the e>)erience5 ho% do %e descend the
mo$ntain ready to reEoin society and o$r mission< Bo% does the e>)eriencin- o! the ho7y trans!orm $s and
o$r mission<
2 !in#s 2:112
/0 102 ?#es$s on the mo$ntain )ea:@
/0 232 ?#oy!$75 Eoy!$7 %e adore yo$@
/0 2"4 ?6mmorta75 invisib7e5 ;od on7y %ise@
Psalm 50:16
/0 21" ?,his is ;od's %ondro$s %or7d@
/0 311 ?;od5 %hose 7ove is rei-nin- o'er $s@
/0 "88 ?3 day o! ;od5 dra% ni-h@
8/ 37 ?Each b7ade o! -rass@
2 Corinthians 4:36
Gathering, ACE 2014 2105 33
/0 381 ?;od is here@
/0 "21 ?Eterna7 7i-ht5 shine in my heart@
/0 "71 ?+et there be 7i-ht@
8/ 154 ?Dee) in o$r hearts@
8/ 1"2 ?Christ5 %ithin $s hidden@
Mark 9:29
/0 102 ?#es$s on the mo$ntain )ea:@
/0 104 ?9e have come at Christ's o%n biddin-@
/0 334 ?A77 hai7 the )o%er o! #es$s' name@
/0 33" ?Christ %hose -7ory !i77s the s:ies@
/0 341 ?airest +ord #es$s@
8/ 8 ?And on this )ath@
/0 82 ?A 7i-ht is -7eamin-@
/0 103 ?Bo% -ood5 +ord5 to be here@
/0 413 ?3 s)7endo$r o! ;od's -7ory bri-ht@
8/ 7 ?;ather $s in@
8/ 28 ?;od o! the *ib7e@
8/ 172 ?;od says@