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Alice of Human Sacrafice

There was once a little dream.

No one knows who had that dreamt it.
It was really such a small dream.
This made the little dream think...
"I don't want to disappear..."
"How can I make people dream me..."
The little dream thought..
And at last it had an idea.
"I will make people come to me.
And they will make my world."

The first ALICE was a gallant red one.

Weilding a sword in a hand in the wonderland.
Slicing down everything in her way.
She was followed by a bloody red path.
This new ALICE deep in the woods.
Was trapped as a wanted fugitive.
If it weren't for the red path that she made,
No one would think that she even existed.

The second ALICE was a fragile blue one.

He sang to the world in the wonderland.
Filling regions with so many false created notes.
That were of a crazy blue world.
This new ALICE was that of a rose.
He was shot and killed by a mad man.
It left a flower blooming sadly red.
The one who was loved was now forgotten.

The third ALICE was a little green one.

Very cute and dear in the wonderland.
She charmed people to her every beck and call.
She had made a strange green country.
This new ALICE was the country's queen.
Taken over by a distorted dream.
She was afraid of losing to death.
She would forever rule her country.

During this two children went into the woods.

They had a tea party under a rose trees.
An invitation from the castle for them was
The trump card of hearts.
The fourth ALICE was two siblings.
Their curiousity in the wonderland.
Going through many different doors.
Coming not too long ago in a yellow boat.
The stubborn sister,
And smart little brother.
Though they were closest to ALICE'S WONDERLAND.
They were never woken from their deep dreaming.
Forever they wandered in the wonderland.

Who is the next ALICE?

~Different Version~

The first Alice went walking through the woods of Wonderland

Bravely, with a fearsome sword clutched in her fevered hand,
She cut down creatures in the way of her unyielding wrath
Leaving carnage in her wake by a red and bloody path
The first Alice strayed too far and too deep in the wood
It marked her as a sinner and locked her in there for good
Much like the gruesome path that marked her murdering way
Her life remained a mystery until this very day

The second Alice was a tame and tender gentleman

Singing songs to all the folks who lived in Wonderland
He sang a song so blue to fill what's empty in the world
Creating sounds of madness waiting to be unfurled
This Alice was as fragile as the flowers all around
A madman came to him one day and shot him to the ground
His blood stained the roses to a bright and somber red
And all who shunned him loved the roses soiled from what was

The third Alice was a young and lovely girl from Wonderland
A truly pretty creature, what's not to understand?
She charmed all of the people to her every beck and call
And gave birth to a green country that rose above them all
The third Alice then became this country's sovereign queen
But she would rule her nation lost within her own distorted
All she sees is rotting flesh inside her vanity
Afraid of death, she rules in place for all eternity.

Find the bright red forest path, that's where the journey starts
A tea party with blue roses, that's where the forest parts
The invite from the queen, it actually was
The trump card, the Ace of Hearts
The fourth Alice was a curious pair of siblings who were twins
Straying into Wonderland is where their tale begins
Interested in the worlds, they passed through many doors
Inquisitive of its many makings each of them explores
The stubborn older sister and the clever younger brother
Were close to see the nature of the true Alice at hand
But both will never wake up from the dream that they had
Forever they will wander hopelessly in Wonderland

~In Japenese~

"aru tokoro ni, chiisana yume ga ari mashi ta. dare ga mi ta no ka

wakara nai,
sore wa chiisana yume deshi ta. chiisana yume wa omoi mashi ta.
kono mama kie te iku no wa iya da.
dou sure ba, hito ni boku o mi te moraeru daro u.
chiisana yume wa kangae te kangae te, soshite tsuini omoitsuki mashi
ningen o jibun no naka ni mayoikoma se te, sekai o tsukura sere ba ii

ichi banme arisu wa isamashiku ken o katate ni, fushigi no kuni.

ironna mono o kiri sute te, makka na michi o shii te itta.
sonna arisu wa, mori no oku.
tsumibito no you ni tojikome rare te.
mori ni deki ta michi igai ni, kanojo no sei o shiru sube wa nashi.

ni banme arisu wa otonashiku uta o utatte, fushigi no kuni.

ironna oto o afure sase te, kurutta sekai o umidashi ta.
sonna arisu wa, bara no hana.
ikare ta otoko ni uchikorosa re te.
makka na hana o ichi rin sakase mina ni mede rare kare te yuku.

san banme arisu wa osanai ko. kirei na sugata de, fushigi no kuni.
ironna hito o madowa se te, okashina kuni o tsukuriage ta.
sonna arisu wa, kuni no joou.
ibitsu na yume ni tori tsukare te.
kuchi yuku karada ni obie nagara, kuni no chouten ni kunrin suru.

mori no komichi o tadottari bara no kinoshita de ocha kai

o shiro kara no shoutai jou wa haato no toranpu

yon banme arisu wa futago no ko. kouki shin kara fushigi no kuni.
ironna tobira o kuguri nuke te, tsui sakki yatteki ta bakari.
ki no tsuyoi ane to, kashikoi otouto.
ichiban arisu ni chikakatta kedo,
futari no yume wa, same nai mama. fushigi no kuni o samayo tta.

(Hope you liked it. I got it from a youtube video my friend,

Amaya/Destini, showed me. I thought it was prettt grusome and cool.
Please comment and rate on how you liked it.)