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Gluttonous/ Imbecility/ Greedy Greedy/ Filthy/ Gluttonous &
Filthy/ Obese/ & Fat/ A coarse Sensual person/ Fat/ Imbecility/
Intelligent/ obnoxious person/ Contemptible Sloppy/
Pig Contemptible Imbecility Sensual/
An unattractive A unattractive A despicable Ignoble/ An
woman/ Dirty/ unpleasant girl or person unattractive,
Good-for-nothing woman/ A morally unpleasant girl
animals; reprehensible or woman/
therefore, person Dirty/
Dog anything Companionable
undesirable can
be called a dog/A
person/ A faithful
Familiar Restless & Busy/ woman, Restless &
(Family)/ (Hen Woman especially a Busy/ A
party: a social busybody or busybody or
Hen gathering for gossip gossip woman/
women only)/ Submissive/
Submissive/ Maternal
Gullible, Easily Messenger/ A young, usually Harbinger of
fooled/ Affection Jealous attractive girl/ peace/ Jealous/
Pigeon and Love/ Gentle/ Easily fooled/ A young,
Peace Dupe/ Messenger attractive girl/
Love/ Gentle
Timid/ Powerless/ A defenseless, A meek, Submissive/
Vulnerable/ timid, simpleton unimaginative, or Simpleton
Gullible, Easily who is readily easily led person
influenced by preyed upon/ A
Sheep others/ docile and
Impressionable/ vulnerable person
Submissive, who would rather
Dependent follow than make
an independent
A large untidy, or A large unpleasant A large, obese, A large; obese;
unattractive woman and slovenly unpleasant;
woman/ Fat/ woman/ A unattractive; or
Cow Filthy/ Stupid/ woman who has a slovenly
Strong/ Heavy large number of woman/ Fertile/
children or who is Filthy/ Stupid/
frequently Robust
Uncultured, Courage/ Swift/ Speedy/ Lofty/ Noble/ Swift/
Uncivilized/ Generosity Proud Simpleton/
Obedient/ Hard- Laborious/
working; A Dependent/
dependable and Arrogance/
affective worker Generous
Horse (specially for a
political party) /
Superiority/ A
person of
Impeccable Woman -------- Woman/ Noble

Stubborn/ Patient/ Stubborn/ Stupid/ Obstinate Patient/

(donkey work: Ignorance Stubborn/
Hard; Boring; Stupid/
Donkey Monotonous/ Laborious
"No-brain" work
(requiring little
Duck -------- -------- -------- ---------
Duckling -------- -------- -------- ---------
Lecherous/ A victim of Victim/ A Humiliated
Goat Stubborn ridicule or pranks/ licentious or Lascivious/
lascivious lecherous man Victim/
Sexual A spiteful woman A woman given A spiteful
promiscuous gossip/ Symbol of to spiteful or woman gossip/
(both male and liberty/ Prostitute malicious gossip Symbol of
Cat female)/ Resistant liberty/
(seven lives); Prostitute/
Thick-skinned, Quick/ Durable
Durable / Quick/ (7 lives)/
Curious: like to Curious/ Sly
poke their nose in
other’s business/
Sly/ Malicious
A person who An instance of -------- Boastful/ Black/
Crow brags about his boastful talk/ Inauspicious/
victory/ Black/ Ominous Audacious
Bird of ill omen/
A despicable Quiet/ Poverty/ A person who Quiet/ Poverty/
person…who Small abandons or Small/ Not
betrays trusts, betrays his or her trustworthy/
Mouse deserts comrades, party or Informer/
and thinks only of associates, esp. in Laborer/ Filthy/
himself/ Filthy/ a time of trouble/ Timid
Timid/ Quiet Informer/ Laborer
A prolific Fertile/ Innocent; A person who is Fertile/
breeder/ Docile/ Harmless/ poor at sports, Simpleton/ A
Rabbit Fast Inexperienced; esp. golf, tennis person who is
Incompetent or cricket poor at sports,
esp. golf, tennis
or cricket/ Fast
Timid/ Bad- A person who Act in a cowardly Timid/ Juvenile
Chicken tempered/ lacks confidence; manner/ Shy/ Irresolute/ Bad-
Disagreeable Irresolute/ Young/ tempered/
Weak Disagreeable
Big/ Clumsy/ Strong/ Ignorant Clumsy/ Robust /
Ox Greedy/ Stupid Unintelligent/ Big Ignorant/