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A high quality finished car begins with high quality components.

effort has been spared to ensure that the finished look, ride and handling of the
HF2000 is second to none
The HF range chassis, manufactured from folded steel and tube,
isclosely modelled on the original, down to the removable rear cage cross
member. It is extremely strong but substantially lighter than the original, and
includes such details as mounting points for three or four point harnesses and
alternative engine mounts. It is powder coated, with brackets and mountings
for all mechanical components already fitted, and comes complete with full
competition roll cage.
The HF range body is an exact replica of the original, right down to the
finest detail, such as the four individual aluminium louvre panels.
When working on our GRP, the emphasis is on quality - we regularly
supply panels to owners of the original car. The panels are made in a heavy
lay-up, in an immaculate grey gel finish, while the dash and instrument
binnacle come ready-finished in black leathergrain.
The tub is already bonded to the chassis, and wheel arch panels and
front bulkhead are also fitted, as are the alloy floor and cad-plated pedals.
A supple ride is assured by the long travel suspension and carefully
tuned damping and spring rates.
Critical suspension components, such as upright extensions, are
machined from 56 ton spec. steel, and are heat treated and surface ground. All
suspension parts are either nickel plated or epoxy coated.
The front suspension offers the exact geometry of the original. The rear
suspension is visually identical but revised roll centres, together with the
facility of front and rear adjustment, make the HF range ideal for road, as well
as competition use.
The Hawk HF range .....
.... classics of understatement that says it all!
Power Sources
The standard power unit is the Lancia twin-cam 4 cylinder engine -
easily available at a reasonable price. Alternative power sources are the Ferrari
V6 or Aifa Romeo V6.
Because the HF range kit is manufactured to the highest standards, and
includes all-new suspension parts, it is straightforward to assemble, and the
final car should look and perform like a production car.
We are happy to assist customers with advice on construction. We
estimate that 300 hours should be allowed to complete the car.
All parts necessary to complete the HF range are available from Hawk
Cars. Should you require any item not shown in our price lists, please do not
hesitate to contact us because our stocks are constantly changing.
We can usually obtain any part you require. For any further
information, please do not hesitate to ring or fax us.
Due to our policy of continual improvement, we reserve the right to
amend the kit specification without notice.
and Price List
Chassis Body
Layout Mid-engine, rear wheel drive.
Chassis Tubular steel folded section frame.
Body Unstressed GRP.
Brakes 9.5 discs all round, vacuum assisted.
Steering Rack & pinion 2.75 turns lock to lock.
Front suspension Lower transverse arm.
Forward locating link - adjustable.
Upper wishbone - adjustable.
Coil over shock - adjustable.
Anti-roll bar - optional.
Rear suspension MacPherson strut with reversed lower wishbone,
leading link - adjustable.
Anti-roll bar - optional.
Kerb weight 1800lbs (depending upon spec).
Distribution Front - 43% Rear - 37%
Wheelbase 85 in.
Track Front - 56.3 in. Rear - 57.5 in.
Length 146 in.
Width 68.9 in.
Height 43.9 in.
Ground clearance 5.1 in.
Power Units
Lancia Beta inline 4 cyl., DOHC, 2000cc - 125 bhp in standard tune.
Alfa Romeo V6, 3000cc - 188 bhp in standard tune.
Ferrari V6, 190 bhp in standard tune.
Power to Weight Ratios
HF2000, 2 litre Lancia 157 bhp/ton.
HF2000, tuned 2 litre 199 bhp/ton.
HF2000, Ferrari V6 236 bhp/ton.
The black powder-coated chassis is fully bracketed and is complete
with fitted alloy floor panels. The tub, front wheel arch and front bulkhead
are pre-fitted at the factory. A 1.25 diameter 129 CDS full roll cage is
incorporated in the chassis and mountings for standard three-point seat
belts and four point racing harnesses are provided, together with mounts
for front and rear adjustable anti-roll bars. Plated pedals with rally grip
gridding are supplied.
Provision is made to run coolant pipes through the centre spine.
Rear suspension has multiple pick-up points. The chassis is also equipped
for servo operated brakes or a dual master cylinder and balance-bar
operated system. There is also provision for either hydraulic or cable
clutch operation.
At the front the HF range suspension follows the exact design of the
original and, apart from the bush sizes, the units supplied are
interchangeable with the original parts. Front suspension comprises two
lower transverse arms, these are black powder coated and with bushes
fitted; two front tie bars with adjustable rubber mountings; two upper front
wishbones in black powder coating with bushes, pivot rods, nuts and
washers; two stainless steel high angle rose-joints with boot, lock-nuts and
spacers; two upright extensions in special steel, surface ground and heat
treated. Modification to customers Fiat 132 stub axles is included.
Upgraded Nylatron bushed suspension is available as an option.
At the rear, the HF range employs the same layout as the original
car and utilises fabricated hub-carriers which retain the Lancia Beta front
Parts required from Lancia Beta
G Engine*, gearbox*, drive shafts, front hub units, brake discs and righthand
side front engine mountings
G Front shock absorbers and spring pans from Coupe or HPE
G Handbrake lever, cable adjuster and rear calipers
G Washer bottle and pump
G Tyre and wheel (one only for spare)
G Heater unit from Beta can be modified to fit (instructions in build manual)
G Glove box lock
G Coil
G Ignition pack (if fitted) including the plug located on the shock tower
*Obviously, these items will be required from the Alfa 164 V6 if building the
HF3000 or similar parts from 246, 308 or Honda for other versions.
Parts required from other cars:
G Radiator Fiat X19 or Montecarlo (larger core needs to be
fitted for larger, ie other than Beta, engined cars
G Instruments Fiat 124
G Steering column Fiat 124/125/128/131 (early) or X19
G Interior mirror Fiat 124/125/132
G Front stub axle Fiat 132 or FSOPolonez
G Front brakes
and calipers Fiat 132 (2 litre has larger brakes)
G Steering rack Triumph Herald
G Door locks, catches,
rods etc. Fiat X19
G Headlamp motors
and link Fiat X19
G Panel catches Fiat X19 (Targa over-centre catches 4 off)
G Master cylinder Fiat 132/131 1600
G Servo Fiat 131 1600
Donor Car
Standard Kit
hub bearings and locking rings. The kit contains two rear lower wishbones
in black powder coating with bushes, pivot bolts, nuts and washers; two
rear leading links in black powder coating with bushes and rose-joints (to
facilitate adjustment); two fabricated rear hub carriers, powder-coated with
mountings for Lancia Beta rear calipers.
The HF range utilises a commonly available steering rack which
has the advantage of a quicker ratio than the standard unit. The kit
contains two laser-cut steering arms in cadmium finish; two steering rack
extensions; a lock limit spacer with which to modify the rack; an
intermediate steering shaft (to marry continental and imperial splines); two
alloy rack mountings with adjustable shims and a split alloy steering
column bearing.
All external panels are exact duplicates of the original parts and we
regularly supply panels to owners of original cars. Unless otherwise
stated, panels are supplied in a grey gelcoat finish. The kit comprises the
centre tub, pre-fitted to the chassis; two door outers; two black door
inners; two black helmet stowage trays; black leathergrain dashboard; pre-
cut alloy dash panel with original instrument layout; instrument binnacle
in black leathergrain; rear bulkhead in black; 2-piece centre tunnel in
black leathergrain; front bulkhead, pre-fitted; two front inner wings, pre-
fitted; front body section with headlamp mechanism brackets bonded-in; 2
black inspection covers; rear body section; bootlid; rear louvre panel in
black; two headlamp and two rear light surrounds, in black. Sloping
bulkhead is available as an option. A works type GP4 dashboard is
available if required.
The following items are also suppled with the kit. Laminated
windscreen; two door windows with pivot bolts; rear laminated window
with rubber surround; four alloy louvre panels for the front of the car;
battery tray; four door hinges and bolts; two boot hinges; two front section
hinges, and rear section hinges - all in cadmium plate; brake servo link.
Group 4 Kit Contents
All pans of the standard kit are included in the Group 4 kit with the
addition of the following package of parts which go to make a very
accurate replica of the Works car. Extra parts include the very wide
smooth, rounded shape of the rear wheel arches, as on the early
competition cars. The wheel arch flare is incorporated in the tub
moulding, whereas the later style of arch, which we also supply, uses a
separate rivetted section on the tub and is more angular in shape.
Also included in the kit are the tub with flare; wide bodied rear
section; tail and roof spoilers in black; Tour de come style roof air intake;
quad spotlamp pod and cover.
HF2000 Kit - with Lancia Beta engine mounts* 11583.00
- with Lancia Thema Turbo engine mounts* 11706.00
HF2400 Kit - wih Ferrari 246 or 308 engine mounts* 11706.00
HF3000 Kit - with Alfa Romeo 164 engine mounts* 11706.00
*All now include upgraded suspension package - see box below
Body Options
Lefthand drive option for any of the above, add 248.00
Group 4 bodykit on any of the above 1179.00
Kevlar bodywork option instead of GRP 2479.00
Group 4 Square arches to convert standard kit to late GP4 248.00
Tail spoiler** 248.00
Roof spoiler** 286.00
Front spoiler 198.00
Giro D'Italia front spoilers and wheel arches 805.00
Rally quad spotlight pod & cover** 261.00
Rally roof vent** 90.00
**These items are included in the Group 4 kit
Exhaust systemTubular manifold & silencer in stainless steel to fit:
Beta engine 973.00
V6 Alfa Engine - silencer & link pipes in stainless steel 1358.00
Engine steady bar for Beta engine 55.00
5 Stud Hub Conversion which accepts 164 Alfa Brakes 527.00
Gear Linkage
For Beta (fully adjustable)*** 280.00
For Ferrari P.O.A.
For Thema Turbo & Alfa V6*** 280.00
***Requires linkage parts from Beta
Front springs pair 66.00
Rear springs (To fit special struts) pair 90.00
Front shocks pair 317.00
Rear struts - Leda comp. units incl. spring plates, adjustable
damping facility pair 787.00
Coffin-Spoke Alloy Wheels
Hawk Cars have arranged for remanufacture of new alloy 'coffin-spoke' style
wheels as used on the Lancia Stratos. These new wheels are suitable for use on
original cars, as well as on our HF2000 and HF3000 replicas.
Specifications: Two sizes available, 8" or 12" width, both in 15" diameter. Stud pattern
for Lancia/Ferrari PCD (108mm, as per original Stratos), or for Alfa Romeo five-
stud PCD (98mm, for fitment to HF3000 replicas). Cast and machined by a
reputable manufacturer of alloy wheels. Wheel rim design allows for fitment of
larger brakes than original wheels. Material is a light and strong aluminium alloy
(not magnesium alloy)
Stradale Set (4 wheels, all at 8" x 15" size) 1581.00
Group 4 Set (4 wheels, 2 at 8" x 15", 2 at 12" x 15") 2076.00
Single/additional wheels (8" or 12" width), prices on application according
to order size.
NB. You will need to specify the wheel sizes required, and the five-stud PCD dimension
of your car (either 108mm Stratos/Ferrari or 98mm Alfa PCD).
These wheels are not available with a four-stud fitting.
Replica steering wheels with hand stiched leather bound rim 336.00
Fuels tanks with reproduction filler caps each 255.00
Headlamp rising mechanism pair 223.00
Cable kit (speedo & throttle) 110.00
Wiper kit (motor, rack, wheel box) 255.00
Hood pin kit 55.00
Seal kit (doors, front & rear body sections & windows) 160.00
Front track rod ends each 21.00
Steering Rack RHD Reconditioned outright price - no exchange 165.00
Steering Rack LHD - when available 202.00
Steering coupling 43.00
Lower ball joints each 27.00
Front wheel bearing kits each 22.00
Window slider kit 231.00
Tail lights pair 100.00
Side repeater lights pair 107.00
Reversing lights pair 68.00
Trim panels - Internal fibreglass panels, to cover roll cage, surround rear
window area, and around front curved chassis members, (for trimming
with alcantara and carpet ) set 395.00
Boot heatshield 125.00
Sloping bulkhead 435.00
Front alloy side panels set of 8 243.00
Alloy gutter set 221.00
Aluminium windscreen surround 92.00
(windscreen is supplied in kit)
Anti-roll bar kits - fully adjustable and rose-jointed
Front 280.00
Rear 267.00
Kick plates pair 30.00
Wiring loom with fuse box and relays 552.00
Spot light pod loom 107.00
Additional low mounted front spot light pods pair 132.00
Replica Stratos steel framed seats in suede pair 1115.00
Engine Bay splash panels 132.00
Special high performance aluminium radiator, fitted with twin cooling fans 695.00
Front grille 120.00
Spare front screen 615.00
This price list is an indication of our current stock but you should not be under the impression that you require every part listed to build your car. Many of the
items can be used from the donor car, obtained second-hand, fabricated or sourced from elsewhere - so it is quite possible to build a stunning car economically.
On the other hand, for the owner who does not have the time or inclination to search for alternatives we can provide every part needed for the build. Every
item we supply is right for the job so you can be sure that the car will go together with the minimum of effort when you use our parts.
Hawk Cars Limited, Oakdene, Riverhall Hill, Frant, East Sussex TN3 9EP.
Tel: (01892) 750341 / 750282 Fax: (01892) 750071 Email:
All prices are correct at time of going to press. However, Hawk Cars Limited reserve the right to alter prices and specifications without prior notice.
Should you require any item not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us because our stocks of other items are
constantly changing. We can usually obtain any part you require. For any further information or advice please do not
hesitate to ring us on 01892 750341 or Fax us on 01892750071
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ORDER TOTAL ...............................
VAT AT CURRENT RATE .......................% ...............................
GRAND TOTAL ...............................
Please note that we require a deposit of 1000 with order for a body/chassis kit, with
the balance payable 7 working days before collection. For other items, full payment
should be sent with order.
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TEL & FAX Nos: ................................................................................................................
Upgraded suspension
Lower rear wishbones with nylatron bushes, sleeves, thrust
bearings,bolts etc. 308.00
Rose joints, boots etc for lower rear wishbones pair 160.00
Front arms - thicker quality tubing, more accurately made
(re-jigged with rose-joint facility at inner end) 308.00
Rose joints, boots etc for front arms pair 160.00
Adjustable front tiebars - with rose joint mounting and clevis* 157.00
Rose joints for front tie bars pair 134.00
Nylatron bushed top wishbones pair 241.00
NB. All these parts are now included in the standard kit but they
are still available for upgrading older kits