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In !ractical advice boo+s# li+e an&thin% else in li"e# there are no %uarantees o" income
made' ,eaders are cautioned to re!l& on their o$n )ud%ment about their individual
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Table o" Contents
Cha!ter 10
/inancial ,esolutions 1asics
Cha!ter 20
2one in on One 3!eci"ic Goal
Cha!ter .0
4a+e Pa&in% O"" 5ebt a Priorit&
Cha!ter 60
(or+ on a ,etirement Account Little b& Little
Cha!ter 70
Chec+ Into Automatic 3avin%s Plans
Cha!ter 80
4a+e a 1ud%et9 Trac+ -our 3!endin%
Cha!ter :0
Chan%e -our 4indset About 4one& Cha!ter ;0
Get Committed to -our Plan
Cha!ter <0
=se A""irmations to 3ta& on Course
Cha!ter 1>0
The 1ene"its o" -our /inancial ,esolution
,in%in% in the Ne$ -ear is not onl& about en)o&in%# it is also the best time
to set &our ne$ "inancial resolutions' (hile it is im!ortant to set !ersonal
%oals such as %ettin% in !ro!er sha!e and learnin% ne$ lan%ua%es# &ou
should not "or%et &our "inances' (hether &ou?re on the loo+out to im!rove
&our o$n retirement account and eliminate debt# it is all about havin% and
settin% @uantitative and realistic %oals'
It must be in &our veins to have that stron% dedication to continuall&
im!rove &our "inances not )ust "or this Ne$ -ear# but also "or comin% &ears
ahead' -ou are most certainl& a$are about the real im!ortance o" e""ective
"inancial mana%ement' -ou actuall& need this at hi%h levels o"
im!rovements "or &ou to achieve &our li"elon% dreams o" havin% "inancial
"reedom and "inancial success# $hich &ou deserve to have in li"e'
4one& 4o%ul
A2o$to 4aintain the Pled%e to /iB
-our /inances "rom-our Ne$-ear?s
Cha!ter 10
/inancial ,esolutions 1asics
-ou have been throu%h a @uite tou%h cou!le o" &ears# not to mention
decade# most es!eciall& $hen it comes to "inancial'
(ith this Ne$ -ear# most !eo!le "rom the di""erent !arts o" the %lobe#
re%ardless o" $hat status the& ma& have# are no$ loo+in% "or the most
e""ective $a&s in order to be "inanciall& stable'
-es# &ou should de"initel& tr& to maintain &our !led%e about &our "inancial
Ne$ -ear?s resolutions'
There are actuall& @uite a lot o" "actors "or &ou to consider# but )ust so &ou
+no$# achievin% $hat &ou have set out to do is all about !assion#
dedication# and real e""orts'
The 1asics
(ith the Ne$ -ear u!on ever&one# !eo!le are all at the ver& be%innin% o"
their most intended Ne$ -ear?s resolutions' Peo!le are all tr&in% to )oin the
%&m# eat healthier# %ive u! alcohol# so on and so "orth' Perha!s# no$ is also
the !er"ect time to be%in thin+in% about &our "inancial overhaul# ri%htD
(ell# b& "inance# it means !roducts such as !ersonal loans# credit cards# or
ma&be an overdra"t# or an& "orms o" "inances that !otentiall& mean that &ou
are in debt'
/or &our Ne$ -ear?s "inancial resolution to $or+# there are three essential
@ualities that &ou should ta+e into care"ul consideration' These are the
basics that &ou need to ta+e into account'
/irst# it should be sim!le' It &our resolution is too com!licated# chance is it
$on?t actuall& ha!!en' Thus# i" &ou reall& $ant to maintain that resolution
all &ear out or ma&be "or the neBt &ears to come# &ou should ma+e it sim!le
to ma+e it attainable'
3econd# &ou should also be s!eci"ic about &our "inancial resolution'
,emember# va%ue resolutions are literall& useless' It is essential that &ou
choose or set s!eci"ic resolution' /or instance# it &ou intend to lessen &our
debt# &ou need to set a @uanti"iable realistic amount as $ell as an e""ective
time "rame' I" &ou !ush &our limit or tr& too much# chance is it $on?t
ha!!en' It is better to list 1 thin% ri%ht than to have a lon% list o" 1> thin%s
that &ou can?t do or $on?t do'
Third# automated "inancial resolution is the +e&' -ou are livin% in a hectic
and bus& $orld' 3o the most e""ective $a& to ensure that all thin%s %et $ell
done is "or &ou to ma+e them &our !riorit&' And the best $a& "or &ou to
ma+e them &our lon% term !riorit& $ould be to essentiall& automate it'
These three basic "actors can be the +e& to maintainin% &our !led%e to "iB
&our "inances' It is that time a%ain $hen &ou use a Ne$ -ear as &our eBcuse
to revam! the di""erent "acets o" &our live and ma+e &our o$n "inancial
resolution' /or man& !eo!le# Ne$ -ear?s resolution basicall& involves
common as!ects li+e "itness and health# but there are also other !eo!le $ho
tr& to have some chan%es in order to im!rove their o$n "inancial health and
status' (ell# &ou should be one o" them too' -ou +no$ ho$ re$ardin% it is
to be "inanciall& stable'
Cha!ter 20
2one in on One 3!eci"ic Goal
Ever& !erson $ants to set %oals and dream bi%# but actuall& reachin% those
dreams and %oals can be o"ten di""icult to achieve' One crucial issue ma& be
that &ou are not bein% s!eci"ic about $hat &ou reall& $ant to reach or
It is de"initel& hard to start or maintain one %oal i" &our real ob)ectives are
va%ue' 2o$ever# b& bein% detailed and s!eci"ic about &our %oals# &ou have a
better chance "or success' O" course# this ma& come to &ou as a challen%e to
set s!eci"ic %oals# but %ettin% it o"" on eBactl& the ri%ht hand $ith s!eci"ic
and real !lan in hand $ill !ut &ou ahead# encoura%in% &ou to maintain and
stic+ $ith these %oals'
1e 3!eci"ic on -our Goals to Achieve ,esults
/inancial %oal settin% can !rove to be a challen%in% tas+ "or man&' It is#
ho$ever# essential no$ada&s to set a s!eci"ic "inancial %oal' (ithout an
accurate or s!eci"ic "inancial %oal# it $ill become im!ossible "or &ou to
mana%e &our "inances and &our earnin%s throu%h di""erent !hases o" &our
li"e' It should de"initel& be done considerin% in min the di""erent individual
It is also essential to create &our s!eci"ic !lan# +ee!in% into account $hat
&ou reall& $ant to reach o" achieve "inanciall&' (ell# this can be &our "irst
ste! to creatin% $ealth' Aside "rom that# &ou should also envision &oursel"
t$ent& &ears a"ter' This ma& include &our li"est&le# &our +id?s education#
savin%s# and &our retirement a%e' These are considered as the most basic
%oals that are !resent in almost all !eo!le' Plannin% &our retirement is a
ver& critical sta%e indeed'
(ealth creation and retirement !lannin% are the t$o most "undamental
!arts o" an individual?s li"e' There are actuall& lots o" resources that &ou can
bene"it "rom# resources and tools that can cater to &our uni@ue needs $hen
it comes to settin% and achievin% &our s!eci"ic "inancial %oal'
Another im!ortant ste! is to establish &our short term %oal' (hat is it that
&ou $ant to be or do t$o to "ive &ears "rom no$' This ma& include bu&in% a
car# a home# lon% vacation tri!# or !a&in% o"" &our loans# and man& more'
In addition to that# bein% s!eci"ic in settin% &our %oal is to determine $hat
&ou can do on a re%ular or monthl& basis' This is considered accom!lished
i" &ou?re able to e""ectivel& save enou%h mone& "rom &our earnin%s or &our
salar&' 1ut &ou should not be too over$helmed b& bi%%er !ictures'
2avin% a s!eci"ic %oal instead o" a %eneral one $ill de"initel& !rove to be
ver& bene"icial and re$ardin%' This a!!lies to both short term and lon%
term %oals' 1& bein% s!eci"ic# &ou are settin% the ri%ht !ath to achieve that
s!eci"ic "inancial %oal' 1e smart in creatin% &our %oals to hel! &ou be
!re!ared and con"ident enou%h to be able to achieve $hatever it is that &ou
$ant to achieve' Once &ou trul& +no$ $hat &ou intend to have in li"e in
"inancial terms# then &ou are on &our $a& to becomin% "inanciall& stable'
Cha!ter .0
4a+e Pa&in% O"" 5ebt a Priorit&
Gettin% out o" debts $hen &ou actuall& have lar%e amount o" outstandin%
balance cree!in% u! can be over$helmin%' 3uch lar%e debts# $onderin%
ho$ &ou?re %oin% to %et rid o" it can lead to %reat stress' Tr&in% to !a& &our
debts and never accrue additional amount can be more stress"ul and
inconvenient "or most !eo!le' This is $h& it is basicall& essential to ma+e
!a&in% o"" debts &our main !riorit&'
,eali*in% the real im!ortance o" !a&in% "or all &our debts "irst should
al$a&s be &our !riorit&' This reali*ation $ill de"initel& lead &ou and o""er
&ou the o!!ortunit& to ma+e &our dreams o" bein% "inanciall& stable and
debt "ree becomes a realit&' -our main %oal should be to have &our "inances
under "ull control# not the other $a& around' Once &ou?ve ta+en the ri%ht
ste! o" ma+in% &our "inances &our !riorit&# &ou?ll become more a$are about
ho$ much &ou?re s!endin% ever& month and ho$ much &ou?re able to save'
Pa& O"" -our 5ebts and Live a 5ebt /ree Li"e
Ever&one $ants to live a debt "ree li"e# but the @uestion is ho$D In the
current econom& situation no$ada&s# it?s eBtremel& di""icult to live a li"e "ull
o" debts and at the same time mana%e a "amil&?s eB!ense' 3o# &ou need to
ta+e action immediatel& in order to !a& o"" &our debts' The most e""ective
$a& "or &ou to live a li"e "ree o" debts is to create a %ood bud%et !lan' /ollo$
this !lan accordin%l& and clear &our balances' I" &ou $ant to +no$ ho$ to
devise a !lan# here?s ho$0
Eno$ all &our debts0 This is the "irst im!ortant ta+e to ta+e to$ards
creatin% the !lan' -ou should de"initel& identi"& &our current debt situation
in order "or &ou to be debts "ree soon enou%h' Care"ull&# %o throu%h &our
loans# credit card statement# and other debt statements that &ou ma& have'
Calculate these amounts that &ou o$e on di""erent loans# cards# etc' and
+no$ the eBact "ull amount &ou need to re!a&' Thou%h &ou ma& be
sur!rised $ith the total# ho$ever# the idea is "or &ou to discover ho$ much
&ou o$e eBactl& so that &ou?ll be able to ma+e some arran%ements
Prioriti*e0 Once &ou?ve totaled the amount &ou need to !a& o""# &ou have to
!rioriti*e !a&ments' Consider $hich debts &ou $ill need to !a& o""
immediatel&# and $hich debts can be !aid later' The best ste! to ma+e i"
&ou actuall& have lots o" debts is to select those $ith hi%her interest rates'
(ith this# !a&in% o"" smaller debts $ill be easier "or &ou' 3ome !eo!le#
ho$ever# thin+ the eBact o!!osite' The& tend to !rioriti*e smaller debts and
leave the bi%%er ones behind'
5evise a !lan0 A"ter establishin% the !riorit& list# it?s time "or &ou to devise
an e""ective !lan' A !a&ment !lan $ill be able to hel! &ou !a& o"" those
!riorit& loans much easil&' 3o# tr& !uttin% all eBtra mone& "or loan
!a&ments' I" !ossible# &ou can even ma+e double !a&ment in order to
lessen the amount o" re!a&ment' In terms o" the smaller debts# &ou can
al$a&s ma+e minimum !a&ment until &ou?re able to !a& them all'
Automatic re!a&ment0 /or &ou to +ee! a debt "ree li"e# &ou can al$a&s
consider automatic re!a&ment s&stem' One o" the best $a&s to ma+e a
timel& re!a&ment o" debts is to create automatic re!a&ment o" debts "rom
&our o$n ban+ account' This can actuall& save &ou lots o" time# and can also
assure &ou that all !a&ments are !aid on time'
Cha!ter 60
(or+ on a ,etirement Account Little b& Little
No$ada&s# !eo!le have actuall& become more mone& $ise and start
!lannin% on "or their retirement a"ter the& %ot a )ob' That is the ver& reason
$h& most !eo!le are al$a&s on the loo+out "or the most e""ective o!tions
available $hen it comes to retirement bene"its' There are lots o" contracts
that are reco%ni*ed b& state %overnment o""erin% %reat bene"its to the
$or+in% !eo!le# most s!eci"icall& $hen the& leave their com!an&'
Gettin% !re!ared to !lan a li"e a"ter retirement does not mean that &ou
need to sta& at home tendin% "or the %arden and read boo+s all the time'
-es# &ou can actuall& sit and relaB at home# but )ust so &ou +no$ &ou can
easil& earn enou%h mone& too as &ou do )ust that' ,etirement doesn?t mean
that &ou?re inca!acitated# inca!able o" doin% $or+ an&moreF it is onl& that
&ou need to "ormall& and !ro"essionall& leave &our com!an& that &ou?ve
been doin% business $ith or $or+in% "or'
3te!s to Ta+e "or Plannin% -our ,etirement
Invest and 3tart Earl&0 I" &ou?re li+e most Americans# !lannin% on &our
retirement must start on &ou ver& "irst )ob' -ou have to basicall& ta+e
advanta%e o" the most essential ste!s o" "inancial !lannin% that an&one can
ma+e0 invest care"ull& on a retirement account' 4ost em!lo&ers $ill
!rovide a !ercenta%e# and the best thin% to do "or &ou to ensure a
com"ortable and satis"&in% retirement is to invest on &our retirement as
earl& as !ossible'
This isn?t the onl& e""ective $a& o" savin% mone& "or &our retirement# but
it?s most certainl& is amon% the most lucrative and easiest ste!s that &ou
can ta+e to have &our lon% a$aited com"ortable retirement'
Livin% and Li"est&le Arran%ements0 NeBt# &ou should loo+ at &our current
li"est&le and consider the li"est&le &ou intend to have a"ter &our retirement'
I" &ou $ant to travel "re@uentl&# bud%et accordin%l&' 5o &ou !lan on movin%
closer to a "amil& u!on retirementD Consider the di""erent "actors and
elements $hich are im!ortant "or &ou G it is $ise to choose onl& t$o to
three situations that &ou $ant to achieve and indul%e $ith a"ter retirement'
(hile ever&one $ill eB!erience ma)or challen%es# it is still %ood to have the
Identi"& (hat -ou ,eall& Need0 /or "inancial advices# this is amon% the
cornerstones' Eno$in% the di""erent resources that &ou actuall& need u!on
retirin% is the "undamental +e& to havin% a success"ul and com"ortable
retirement' 3et s!eci"ic savin% %oals' Thin+ ahead# instead o" thin+in% short
term' ,emember# &ou can?t save enou%h mone& "or &our retirement i" &ou
don?t +no$ eBactl& ho$ much &ou need'
3avin%s ,evie$ and Annual Port"olio0 At ever& &ear end# it is critical that
&ou revie$ &our 6>1E# I,A# savin%s# and other t&!es o" investments &ou
have created "or &our retirement' (ith the hel! o" a reliable !ersonal
ban+er# accountant# or "inancial advisor# see i" &ou?re able to success"ull&
invest an&more to &our retirement' 1& doin% so# &ou are maBimi*in%
retirement allotment'
Plannin% ahead and ver& care"ull& "or retirement does not have to be time
consumin% or costl&# but the !ossible dividends can !rove to be substantial
in the end' An accurate# solid !lan be%ins $ith s!eci"ic "inancial %oals# short
term or lon% term# and learnin% $hat it actuall& ta+es in order to achieve
those %oals' ,evie$in% &our retirement account and &our !lan &earl& $ill
+ee! &ou u!dated on ho$ &ou?re doin% on &our %oals'
Cha!ter 70
Chec+ Into Automatic 3avin%s Plans
The bene"its o" savin% mone& are man&' -ou do not have to be e@ui!!ed
$ith an Economics de%ree to understand about this conce!t' It has lon%
been around "rom the time $hen mone& $as !rinted' 3avin% mone&#
es!eciall& in case o" economic stru%%les is eBtremel& im!ortant' 2o$ever# it
can actuall& be one o" the most challen%in% tas+s' -ou can never +no$ "or
sure i" &ou are %oin% to be a victim o" !otential la&o""# or %ettin% cut "or
hours at $or+' 2avin% enou%h savin%s that can hel! &ou and &our "amil&
survive troublin% times is indeed one o" the smartest moves &ou can ta+e'
Automatic 3avin%s Plans H One o" the 1est Plans Ever
I" &ou are loo+in% "or an e""ective means o" savin%# $ell an automatic
savin%s !lan can be the best o!tions' 1ut $hat is it eBactl&D It?s a t&!e o"
savin%s s&stem in $hich &ou automaticall& de!osit "iBed amount o" mone&
and at s!eci"ic intervals to &our investment account'
4ost !eo!le save mone& )ust as an a"terthou%ht' (hen &ou receive &our
income# the mone& is bein% allocated to mort%a%e or rent# bills# dail&
eB!enses# %roceries# amon% others' The onl& chance &ou $ill be addin%
mone& into &our savin%s is onl& $hen there?s mone& le"t' =n"ortunatel&#
o"ten there is never an& amount o" mone& le"t to save'
Than+s to the modern technolo%&# it is no$ eas& to start u! &our o$n
automatic savin%s !lan' I" &ou actuall& have a direct de!osit via &ou
em!lo&er# &ou $ill discover one eas& $a& o" establishin% this is "or &ou to
have !arts o" &our income or !a&chec+ strai%htl& directed to a savin%s
account' It does not matter i" &ou are able to save 1> dollars o" 7>> dollars#
sim!le bein% able to save mone& automaticall& $ill %uarantee &ou that !art
o" &our !a&chec+ is bein% saved ever& time &ou?re bein% !aid'
Automatic savin%s !lans have other advanta%es than the convenience and
bene"its o" not havin% to de!osit mone& manuall& to &our account ever&
month' (ell# this +ind o" savin%s s&stem ma+es it more convenient and
easier "or &ou to establish a strict !ersonal bud%et# since it?s more di""icult
to di! into the savin%s or overs!end once the mone& is automaticall&
deducted "rom &our !a&chec+' This s&stem also aid investors to continue
savin% mone& into their !ort"olios' 3o# $hat no$D Is it bene"icial to have
&our o$n automatic savin%s !lanD
I" &ou have success"ull& saved mone&# &ou are rest assured that &ou $ill be
able to sur!ass most challen%in% times# enablin% &ou and &our "amil& to
have a better li"e' 4an& !eo!le ar%ue that to have a nest e%% isn?t the onl&
means that &ou have to ta+e' The& believe that the& also have to invest the
mone& to somethin%' 2o$ever# savin% mone& !roves to be a ver& smart and
e""ective investment alone' Instead o" usin% the mone&# &ou?re savin% them
"or later !ur!oses' Investin% on somethin% ma& onl& ris+ &our mone& but i"
&ou ta+e it "or savin%s# &ou have the mone& in an& case'
Cha!ter 80
4a+e a 1ud%et9 Trac+ -our 3!endin%
1ud%etin% and trac+in% &our s!endin% is all about !lannin% &our "inancial
!resent and "uture' It?s amon% the most essential ste!s that &ou should ta+e
"or it is a "undamental as!ect o" &our "inancial !lannin%' 3uch !lannin%
entails establishin% or settin% s!eci"ic %oals H $hether &our %oals are to !a&
o"" &our debts or to save enou%h mone&' -ou basicall& need to "ull&
understand &our habits o" s!endin%'
The real im!ortance o" trac+in% &our habits o" s!endin% and bud%etin% is
about livin% $ithin the limit o" &our !a&chec+ and stic+in% $ith &our
s!endin% %oals' This can !rove to be eBtremel& re$ardin%# both "inanciall&
and emotionall&'
4a+e a 1ud%et Plan and Trac+ -our 3!endin% 2abits
A %ood bud%et !lan is created to last all throu%h the &ears' -es# &ou can
actuall& bud%et "or a short term basis to %et &our $a& throu%h challen%in%
times# but the most e""ective bud%et !lans $ill de"initel& ta+e &ou and &our
"amil& out o" bi% "inancial trouble and o" course# to &our "inancial %oals'
1ud%etin% is one o" the most essential as!ects o" !lannin% "or &our "uture
Creatin% a bud%et !lan is at the core o" &our "inancial "reedom' I" &ou don?t
have such a !lan to bud%et or trac+ &our s!endin%# chance is thin%s mi%ht
%et out o" control' Once this situation ha!!ens# it?s much harder "or &ou to
%et thin%s bac+ on their trac+ than i" &ou?d "ollo$ed a bud%et !lan in the
"irst !lace'
1ut ho$ one ma+es a bud%etD (here can &ou be%in &our bud%etin%
Create a list o" &our income and eB!enses H The ver& "irst ste! that &ou
should do in ma+in% a bud%et !lan is to create a list' /irst# list &our
incomes' It?s essential to include all income sources' Even the smallest
interest chec+s should be included as $ell' These little thin%s de"initel& add
u!# and to have a s!eci"ic !icture o" the income is ver& critical'
NeBt# list all the re%ular bills' These ma& include &our mort%a%e# home and
auto insurance# $ater# electric# cable# !hone# and other monthl& bills' List
$hen these bills are due as $ell as ho$ much the& cost' I" it @uite "luctuates#
$rite avera%e amounts'
A"ter listin% the re%ular bills# &ou must account "or other +inds o" eB!enses'
This means eB!enses li+e %as# %roceries# clothes# !ersonal items# haircuts#
amon% others' It?s also essential that &ou bud%et &our "un thin%s such as
movies# eatin% out# stam! collectin%# or an& other variables' I" &ou do not
bud%et &our mone& "or these thin%s# then &ou?ll become disillusioned
eventuall& %ivin% u! on the bud%et'
/ind Areas That -ou Can Actuall& Cut 1ac+ A 1it H No$ that &ou?ve listed
&our income and eB!enses' Ta+e the total eB!ensesF subtract this "rom the
total income' The di""erence $ill be an amount $hich &ou?re under or over
I" &ou?re over the bud%et# this means that &ou?re s!endin% $a& more that
$hat &ou ma+e' This is not ideal' /or most# that overa%e ma& end u! to
credit cards' Then &ou?re !a&in% interest and this isn?t actuall& necessar&'
-ou should al$a&s avoid usin% credit card in order to su!!lement the
Ta+e the amount that?s overF see $here &ou can tr& to cut bac+ "rom &our
bud%et' 3ometimes# this could mean ma+in% a hard choice and &ou ma&
need to %ive u! somethin%' 1ut at the end# the re$ard could be $orth it'
(hile some thin+ that a bud%et !lan is a constraint# but it?s %ivin% &ou the
"reedom "rom $orr& and stress "rom "inances'
Cha!ter :0
Chan%e -our 4indset About 4one&
4ost !eo!le believe that the most im!ortant ste! to "inancial "reedom or to
%et rid o" debts is to devise a bud%et !lan or cut out the eB!enses' The neBt
im!ortant ste! should be to invest and save' These are considered the most
im!ortant ste!s to have success"ul "inancial %oals' 2o$ever# $ithout
essentiall& chan%in% &our mindset about mone&# it $ill be hard to attain as
$ell as to maintain such %oals'
The 4illionaire?s 4indset
(onderin% ho$ success"ul !eo!le thin+D 2o$ can someone develo! such a
mindset that can hel! in %ettin% success"ul "inancial resultsD (ell# chan%in%
&our mindset about mone& can be the best +e&'
/irst# &ou need to com!letel& revitali*e and chan%e &our thin+in%' I" &our
Ithin+in%? and Iactions? haven?t %otten &ou an& "inancial result that &ou
al$a&s $ant# then it?s time "or &ou to ma+e some chan%es' 5ecidin% to
chan%e is ver& eas&# ho$ever# to im!lement this chan%e needs sincere
commitment' The economic state has no actuall& in"luence to $hether &ou
$ill be able to be "inanciall& success"ul or not'
Provided this "act# it?s no doubt that havin% a millionaire?s mindset is
indeed a choice and decision' -ou should ma+e "irm decisions "or &ou to be
the anchor "or achievin% &our "inancial %oals' 4ost success"ul !eo!le have
stron% resolve and un$averin% commitments o" "ollo$in% actions that can
lead to accom!lishin% their "inancial %oals'
In addition to that# &ou should also learn ho$ to develo! a sense o" master&
in ma+in% &our mone& %ro$' 2o$ can &ou achieve thisD -ou must ma+e
some actions to educated &oursel" about turnin% "inancial resources to
continuous investment c&cle' Chan%e &ou mindset# turn &ou constant
havin% o" s!endin% into constant investin% to hel! increase &our "inances'
To turn &ou mind to be a millionaire?s mindset# be%in b& brainstormin%
di""erent $a&s on ho$ to increase the accumulation o" &our mone&'
Learnin% is de"initel& one o" the +e&s to chan%in% &our mindset' 5o not be
intimidated $ith learnin% thin%s that &ou?re un"amiliar $ith' This is
inte%ral !arts o" the !rocesses o" learnin%# moldin%# and chan%in% &our
mindset about mone&' The more thin%s &ou learn# &our mind $ill easil&
con"orm to ne$ ideas' -our ethic o" hard $or+ can lead &ou to become a
master in %ro$in% &our mone&'
I" &ou have "e$ limited belie"s and mindset about mone&# im!rovin% &our
"inances and $ealth $ill never become a !riorit& "or &ou' Precise# true# clear
mindset about mone& $ill de"initel& establish $ealth limit much hi%her' I"
&ou reall& $ant to achieve "inancial "reedom "or &ou and &our "amil&#
chan%in% &our mindset to$ards mone& can be the best decision'
To o!en &our li"e into abundance that is al$a&s there# &ou should tr&
somethin% ne$# sure# and sur!risin%' -ou +no$ that &our mone& isn?t
static# it?s a "lo$# comin%# and even %oin% out' -ou should im!rove &our
thin+in%# it $ill eventuall& "ree &ou to receive mone& in a s!ectacular $a&'
Cha!ter ;0
Get Committed To -our Plan
Commitment' No one can?t em!hasis ho$ essential it reall& is to be
committed to their !lans# but $a& be&ond this# &
ou should commit &oursel" to &our !lans es!eciall& &our "inancial !lans'
4ost !eo!le s!end endless time tal+in% more about their %oals and never
able to do it'
(h&D It is sim!le' The& do not ta+e the necessar& ste!s to move "or$ard
and also# the& do not commit themselves to their !lans'
Commitment is one o" the most im!ortant "actors that contribute to
success"ul "inancial %oals' /or &ou to be able to develo! result oriented
"inancial !lans# &ou should be committed'
Commitment H The Ee& to 3uccess"ul /inancial Goals
3erious "inancial %oals can?t be ta+en too li%htl&' Goals li+e "inancial
"reedom# o$nin% &our o$n success"ul business# and to live a !ros!erous li"e
are serious %oals and need certain committed actions in order to be
accom!lished' The secret to achievin% &our "inancial %oals is commitment H
somethin% that is ver& strai%ht"or$ard but not eas& to do'
(ritin% do$n all &our %oals is and act as $ell as demonstration that &ou are
committed' -ou are sa&in% to the $orld and to &oursel" that is $hat &ou
reall& $ant' (ell# i" &ou reall& $ant to achieve somethin% and i" &ou are
!re!ared to do $hat it ta+es to achieve those %oals# there is no one and
somethin% that can easil& sto! &ou' That is $hat &ou called H commitment'
-ou !lan on achievin% somethin%F &ou have identi"ied &our %oals# and even
$or+in% &our $a& to that direction' No$ $hatD Can somethin% sto! &ouD
Certainl& notJ (h&D It?s because &ou are totall& committed to these %oals'
-esJ It?s &our commitment that $ill decide the outcome'
,est assured mana%in% &our "inances re@uires dedication# vi%ilance# and
commitment' A"ter all# &ou are a human H "rom time to time thin%s mi%ht
sli! out o" &our hand' Not )ust that# success also re@uires hard $or+#
disci!line# tenacit&# !erseverance# coura%e# $ill# and "aith' (ith these in
mind# &ou $ill be able to success"ull& achieve &our %oals in li"e'
As &ou develo! und&in% commitment to achievin% &our %oals# "ailures and
roadbloc+s are merel& hum!s and not sto! si%ns' -ou %oals need to be that
%reat to "eed and i%nite &oursel" $ith meanin% and !ur!ose' 3o# i" &ou are
read& to achieve those "inancial %oals# reestablish &our commitment and see
&oursel" succeed'
Cha!ter <0
=se A""irmations to 3ta& on Course
The thou%hts &ou thin+# the $ords &ou sa& are all a""irmations' All o" &our
inner dialo%ues or sel" tal+s are streams o" a""irmations' -ou are continuall&
a""irmin% un+no$in%l& $ith &our thou%hts and $ords and these "lo$s o"
a""irmations are creatin% &our li"e eB!eriences ever& moment'
-our belie"s are learned throu%h di""erent !atterns that &ou have develo!ed
ever since childhood# man& o" them $or+ "or &ou# but other thin%s ma& be
$or+in% not so $ell or a%ainst &ou' The& are o"ten d&s"unctional and even
sabota%in% &ou "rom achievin% &our %oals' Ever& a""irmation &ou thin+ and
sa& re"lects &our belie"s and inner truth'
=sin% A""irmations Eee!s -ou on Trac+
(hen !eo!le hear the $ords A!ositive a""irmation "or successC# the "irst
thin% that usuall& comes to their mind is creatin% $ealth' There is more to it
than that# it is more than an attitude# it is a stren%th comin% "rom $ithin' It
is a "eelin%'
=sin% !ositive a""irmations aimed "or success tends to be the habit $ithin
&ou' Ever&one $ants to have and live a success"ul li"e# and the secret to this
is to build sel" con"idence in them' -our li"e ma& thro$ &ou curved balls at
times# b& $a&s o" trials# hardshi!s# and stru%%les# but !ositive a""irmations
$ill hel! &ou sta& on course and even "lourish'
(ill a""irmations hel! &ouD -ou as+' -es' ,e%ardless o" $hat as!ects o" li"e
&ou are dealin% $ith# no matter $ho &ou reall& are# a""irmations don?t onl&
hel! &ou to "eel better to$ards &our li"e and &oursel"' 1ut i" &ou use them
correctl&# the& can absolutel& mani"est chan%es in li"e G Chan%in% &our
thin+in%# re!ro%rammin% the mind# and removin% ne%ative old belie"s that
al$a&s sabota%e &ou all throu%h &our li"e' 3uch !ositive a""irmations ca
de"initel& hel!s &ou to sta& on the ri%ht !ath H the !ath that can lead &ou to
the li"e that &ou have al$a&s $ished "or'
Cha!ter 1>0
The 1ene"its o" -our /inancial ,esolution
There are actuall& lots o" bene"its "rom havin% Ne$ -ear?s "inancial
resolutions and seein% these resolutions throu%h' (ith this# &ou are
establishin% a solid "oot to ma+e necessar& chan%es in the di""erent as!ect
o" &our li"e H be it !h&sicall&# emotionall&# s!irituall&# and most o" all
(ra!!in% =!
/inancial resolutions serve to be the most im!ortant contributin% "actors to
"inancial success' 1& establishin%# maintainin%# and achievin% such
"inancial resolutions# &ou are able to see a $orld o" "inancial "reedom# $hich
&ou deserve to have'
These da&s# Ne$ -ear?s "inancial resolutions are usuall& scorned b& those
Atoo cool? individuals "or such an old "ashion idea' 1ut the real !o$er o"
havin% Ne$ -ear?s "inancial resolutions hasn?t $aned' In "act# in toda&?s
%eneration o" constant streams and ever !resent media and in"ormation#
Ne$ -ear?s resolutions are amon% the most e""ective means o" cuttin%
throu%h the cro$d and be%in a bene"icial and meanin%"ul li"e chan%es'
The bene"its are man& $hen it comes to havin% Ne$ -ear?s resolutions and
bein% able to achieve all o" those' Thus# it is essential that &ou not onl& tr&
to $rite do$n &our "inancial resolutions but also ensure that &ou are doin%
the ri%ht ste!s to achieve $hat &ou have set out to do' Ne$ -ear is another
&ear to be%in a ne$ )ourne& H a )ourne& that can ta+e &ou to the li"e &ou
have al$a&s $ished "or# a !ros!erous and "inanciall& stable li"e'
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