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Historical Society Incorporated

September – October 2004
Newsletter No. 13

I would like to thank each and every one of our
members and friends reading this newsletter for the Score Range: Category A 75 and above
help, support and encouragement you have given to Category B 50 to 74
the AWHS in the first two years of our existence. It
has been wonderful seeing the dream of a historical The degree of protection afforded is adjusted to take
society here in Avondale and Waterview come to account of the relative heritage value of the place or
pass. feature concerned. To determine whether a building,
object, property or place is worthy of protection in
The Members attending the August AGM reap-
the Plan, any proposed heritage item is assessed and
pointed me as President, Alison Turner as Secretary/
evaluated against the following factors:
Treasurer, and Dorothy Maddock our Minute Secre-
tary. It was also decided that instead of having a (a) Architecture
committee of a few over the many in the Society,
that every member in the Society is effectively a • Style - Notable, rare, unique, or an early exam-
Committee Member (we do, of course, make our So- ple of a particular architectural style, type, or
ciety’s decisions at our meetings). convention.

• Construction - Notable, rare, unique, or an early
example of a particular material or method of
Isthmus construction.

Heritage Review • Age - Comparatively old in the context of the
Auckland region.
Letter received from Auckland City Council:
• Architect - Designed or built by an architect or
RE: The 2004 Isthmus Heritage Review: Your sug- builder who has made a significant contribution
gestions. to the community, region, or nation.

The Council has recently set aside money to enable a • Design - A particularly attractive or unique
review of Isthmus heritage places to be undertaken in building because of the excellence, artistic merit,
this financial year (2004-05). or uniqueness of its design, composition, crafts-
manship, or detail.
We are interested having your Committee / Society /
Group / Company contribute to the list of places you • Interiors - Interior arrangement, finish crafts-
consider would be worthy of assessment for possible in- manship, and/or detail, are particularly attractive
clusion in the schedule of heritage places in the Opera- or unique.
tive District Plan.
(b) History
It will be critical that any suggestion you make is
backed up by authoritative information relevant to the
assessment process. If you have any history on the prop- Continued overleaf
erty, old photographs or anything else that will assist us
with the evaluation of the building then please send us
copies of these as well. Next Meeting of the Society:
2.30 pm, 2 October 2004
The assessment is decided by evaluations of individual
criteria or characteristics, leading to the cumulative Lions Hall, cnr Blockhouse Bay and
allocation of a numeric score. The separate categories in Great North Roads,
the schedules of heritage places in the Auckland City Avondale
District Plan are defined by threshold scores.
September – October 2004 Page 2

• Person - Associated with the life or activities of a • Condition - Building is in good structural condi-
person, group, organisation, or institution that has tion?
made a significant contribution to the commu-
nity, region, or nation. It is expected that as a result of being listed in the
Schedule of Buildings, Objects, Heritage Properties
• Event - Associated with an event that has made a and Places of Special Value, significant heritage items
significant contribution to the community, region, will be protected and conserved, and thereby survive
or nation. into the future with certainty as valued heritage items.
As well, it is hoped that through listing, owners of
• Context - Associated with and effectively illus- heritage items will be encouraged to restore and
trative of, broad patterns of cultural, social, politi- refurbish these items in keeping with their original
cal, military, economic, or industrial history. form and value. The Schedule will also serve as a
source of information to the public on examples of our
(c) Environment built heritage, and on how the City's built form has
evolved over time.
• Continuity - Contributes to the continuity or
character of the street, group of features or build- We would value your participation in this process to
ings, neighbourhood, or area. protect the heritage of Auckland City.

• Setting - Setting and/or landscaping contributes Please send your written contributions to Ian Grant,
to the continuity or character of the street, City Planning, Private Bag 92516 Wellesley St. Auck-
neighbourhood, or area. land or fax (09) 307 7395, before December 1st, 2004.

• Landmark - A particularly important visual Yours faithfully
Ian Grant
(d) Usefulness Specialist Senior Architect/Planner
Heritage Division
• Compatibility - Present activity is compatible City Planning.
with the current zoning of the site, street, or

• Adaptability - Potentially adaptable to compati-
ble re-use without harm to the architectural ele-
ments, which contribute to its significance. AWHS invited
• Public - Capacity for needed public, educational, to become Affiliate Member of
or museum use.
MOTAT Society
• Services - Adequately serviced and protected for
contemporary use.
At the August meeting of the AWHS, it was agreed
• Cost - Cost of preservation, restoration, mainte- that we accept MOTAT’s offer to us of becoming Af-
nance, and/or interpretation is reasonable. filiate Members of their Society. They are asking no
fee to AWHS to join, propose holding Affiliate Mem-
ber meetings from time to time, and look at proposald
(e) Integrity for joint activity.
• Site - Occupies its original site? Members of AWHS have an opportunity now to join
the MOTAT Society as full members at a discounted
• Alterations - Has suffered little alteration and rate of $20 if they so wish.
retains most of its original materials and design

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