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Historical Society Incorporated

November – December 2004
Newsletter No. 14

Watermarks from Parnell Heritage
Fabriano Meeting
It was a wonderful delight at the latest meeting of the
Society, to have George Baird (author of the recent post Rendell McIntosh of Judges Bay, who has been working
office reminiscences in the Journal) as a guest speaker. on his book on the history of that part of our city called
He showed us his delightful collection of intricately wa- The Art and History of Judges Bay, has been recently in-
termarked papers he had been given from the paper fac- volved with the organising of first the Parnell Heritage
tory in the town of Fabriano in Italy during World War Summit during Heritage Week in early September, and
II. Portraits marked into the paper, visible only by being the inaugural meeting of a new historical group called
held up to the light, were a wonder to see – Hitler, Mus- Parnell Heritage. I attended both meetings, the latter one
solini, Edward VII, artworks such as Madonnna della representing our Society and conveying to the new group
Sedia by Raphael appeared as George held up his pre- the support they have from our Society in their endeav-
cious collection one by one to the sunlight of a Saturday ours to set themselves up as a heritage group in Parnell.
afternoon streaming through the window.
I gave a speech summarising how our Society came
Thank you, George, for a very special and marvellous about, what’s involved with incorporating, and what we
talk and display. Those of us there won’t forget it. do. It was well received, with a few questions being
asked from those there who were quite interested. It was
a heartening experience, as it always is when at a gather-
ing of folk who share the interest of local history. I will
Electrical bits and pieces be keen to see how this new group progresses. They will
be a group under the umbrella of the Parnell Community
to Papatoetoe Committee, along with another new group, Parnell First
(this latter group concerned with the conservation and
preservation of heritage buildings in that area, and mat-
I had put to the August meeting that we approach MO- ters to do with district planning.) Well done, Rendell.
TAT with regard to seeing if they wanted the bits and You’ve put in a lot of hard work. We’re right behind you,
pieces taken down from the overhead power poles re- and only too keen to help in whatever way we can.
moved by Vector during the undergrounding of Rose-
bank Road’s electricity cables this year. These were
items collected up (with our thanks) by the staff of
Avondale Community Library, in order that they be pre-
served and not thrown onto a tip somewhere.

However, the two-month application period, with no
guarantee at the end that MOTAT would take them,
seemed daunting. So, as the Society members who went NO MEETING IN DECEMBER 2004
with us to Papatoetoe Historical Society’s museum had
such a wonderful time, and as Ross Murray of that Soci- Next Meeting of the Society:
ety is so gifted with the way he organises his displays
there, I thought I’d offer the items to him. The Society 2.30 pm, 5 February 2005
agreed, Ross was only too happy to give the pieces a Lions Hall, cnr Blockhouse Bay and
home (they’re on indefinite loan from our Society), so Great North Roads,
with the help of Society members Graeme and Gail Elli-
son who took them down to Ross for us, the bits and Avondale
pieces have a new home. Thank you Ross, Graeme and
Gail for all your help.