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Cover illustration: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division: The torch and part of the arm of the Statue of Liberty, on display at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, from a stereograph card published by the Centennial Photographic Company of Philadelphia, ca. 1876. Featured in Enlightening the World: The Creation of the Statue of Liberty by Yasmin Sabina Khan (see p. 12).

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CArs for CoMrAdes The Life of the Soviet Automobile lewis H. siegelbaum
• winner,

2009 ed a. Hewett book prize (ameriassociation for tHe advancement of slavic studies)

sPArtAk MosCow A History of the People’s Team in the Workers’ State robert edelman
“Today’s savvy sports fan accepts that favorite games have a political dimension, without allowing that to deter from the thrill of competition. In this fascinating study of one of Moscow’s preeminent soccer teams, Robert Edelman reminds that the opposite is also true, that politics has an athletic edge. Permitting fans, managers, and athletes to tell the history of their team, Spartak, Edelman provides unique insights into the USSR and Russia.” —Louise McReynoLds, unc chapeL hiLL 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4742-6 400 pages | $35.00 clotH (catalog price: $28.00)

“Siegelbaum has produced a superb account of Soviet life as viewed through the lens of the failed Soviet struggle to match the capitalist West, and the U.S. in particular, auto for auto and highway for highway, while denying its citizens the mobility that would undermine the Soviet state. The book is a pleasure to read and brings an important part of Soviet history to light by illustrating the day-to-day workings of its economic system.”—Books & Culture 2008 | isBn: 978-0-8014-4638-2 328 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)

to the tAshkent stAtion Evacuation and Survival in the Soviet Union at War rebecca manley
“This is an indispensable contribution to the scholarship on World War II. It will certainly repay the attention of readers who are seeking a serious, informed, and nuanced study of Soviet wartime upheaval and mobilization. Drawing from source material in several Russian archives, Rebecca Manley guides the reader through debates on policy as well as the process and experiences of evacuation, resettlement, and return of Soviet civilians.” —peteR GatReLL, univeRsity of ManchesteR 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4739-6 304 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

stories of the soviet eXPerienCe Memoirs, Diaries, Dreams irina paperno
“With this, her third magisterial book, the eminent literary and cultural historian Irina Paperno moves from Russia’s nineteenth into the twentieth century, of which she was a denizen and which is now history. As usual, Paperno works at the elusive borderline between ‘raw life’ and the ‘meaning(s)’ born from its foam. The riveting interest of the stories told by history’s participants is matched by the sophistication of the analyst.”—aLexandeR ZhoLkovsky, usc 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7590-0 304 pages | $22.95 paper (catalog price: $18.36)

froM rUins to reConstrUCtion Urban Identity in Soviet Sevastopol after World War II karl d. Qualls
“The epic of Sevastopol’s destruction, reconstruction, and memorializing as recounted in Karl D. Qualls’s From Ruins to Reconstruction is both an important case study of postwar reconstruction and a significant contribution to our understanding of ‘high Stalinism.’”—theodoRe R. Weeks, southeRn iLLinois univeRsity 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4762-4 232 pages | $49.95 clotH (catalog price: $39.96)

khrUshChev’s Cold sUMMer Gulag Returnees, Crime, and the Fate of Reform after Stalin miriam dobson
“A truly panoptic study of Khrushchev’s USSR, Miriam Dobson’s book offers a perceptive analysis of de-Stalinization, especially the social and moral upheavals following the mass return of ‘Stalin’s outcasts’ from the Gulag. Based on new archival sources and covering issues as diverse as party politics, youth culture, and prisoners’ tattoos, it shows a society in the process of reinventing itself, defining new values and articulating new meanings for justice, honor, and respectability.”—hubeRtus f. Jahn, univeRsity of caMbRidGe 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4757-0 288 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

the MAny lives of khrUshChev’s thAw Experience and Memory in Moscow’s Arbat stepHen v. bittner
“Bittner’s account consistently refines and complicates the myth of the ‘thaw’ while acknowledging myth’s real cultural and social power. The ‘thaw’ myth and the Arbat myth, he argues, became entwined, even mutually constitutive. . . . An immensely rewarding and thought-provoking work.” —russian review 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4606-1 288 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)



the odd MAn kArAkozov Imperial Russia, Modernity, and the Birth of Terrorism claudia verHoeven
“Verhoeven demonstrates that Karakozov’s attempt on the life of Alexander II inaugurated a new form of modern terrorist political violence—the murder of a crowned ruler, conceived as a form of action and communication intended to catalyze further revolutionary upheaval and the overthrow of the state.” —kevin M. f. pLatt, univeRsity of pennysLvania

slAvoPhile eMPire Imperial Russia’s Illiberal Path laura engelstein
“These concise and lucid essays by Laura Engelstein reveal the complex and straitened political culture of moderate and conservative Russia in the century before the 1917 revolution. Engelstein provides a compelling analysis of the futile quests of liberals and conservative thinkers and artists to find a basis for a viable Russian national identity either in civic ideals or in Orthodox religion while facing an unyielding autocracy and an increasingly intransigent revolutionary movement.” —RichaRd WoRtMan, coLuMbia univeRsity 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7592-4 256 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4652-8 248 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)

divine soPhiA The Wisdom Writings of Vladimir Solovyov JuditH deutscH kornblatt
• winner,

2009 association for women in slavic studies’ prize for best translation in slavic/eastern european/eurasian women’s studies

“Kornblatt has written an extremely interesting and valuable book devoted to Divine Sophia, a concept which came to fascinate Solovyov and appears in many of his writings, while providing the reader with annotated translations of Solovyov’s Wisdom writings, each introduced by a helpful reading guide.”—times literary supplement 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7479-8 320 pages | $21.95 paper (catalog price: $17.56)

renovAting rUssiA The Human Sciences and the Fate of Liberal Modernity, 1880–1930 daniel beer
“Beer offers a wealth of new material on the pre-revolutionary roots of the intellectual apparatus used by the Bolsheviks to make sense of their society. The book offers a convincing case in favor of seeing the Soviet modernization project, not as a deviation from European modernity, but as ‘a legitimate offspring of the modern spirit,’ as Zygmunt Bauman has put it.”—times literary supplement 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4627-6 248 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

the old fAith And the rUssiAn lAnd A Historical Ethnography of Ethics in the Urals douglas rogers
“This extraordinarily skillful and instructive account of a community’s creation of ethical practices and subjectivities uses ethnography to illuminate history and historical study to elucidate current efforts to define community standards. Rogers’s work also speaks powerfully to the role of religion and community in the post-Soviet world more broadly.” —david L. RanseL, indiana univeRsity culture and society after socialism 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7520-7 360 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

lost to the ColleCtive Suicide and the Promise of Soviet Socialism, 1921–1929 kennetH m. pinnow
“Based on a broad foundation of sources, Lost to the Collective employs closely focused and well-argued chapters to study how specific institutional nodes—the Communist Party, the Red Army, forensic medical doctors, social statisticians—understood, tracked, and explained suicide. This impressive book should be of interest to students of Soviet history and more broadly to those interested in the interplay of social science and state policy.” —peteR hoLquist, univeRsity of pennsyLvania 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4766-2 288 pages | $49.95 clotH (catalog price: $39.96)

Meeting the deMAnds of reAson The Life and Thought of Andrei Sakharov Jay bergman
“In this superb intellectual history, Jay Bergman illuminates the rise of the public citizen in the USSR, from Stalin to Gorbachev, explaining how physicist Andrei Sakharov moved from unquestioningly developing nuclear weapons for the Soviet state to raising questions about universal human rights and even the legitimacy of the USSR.” —pauL R. Josephson, coLby coLLeGe 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4731-0 480 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)


Cornell University Press

gerMAny And CentrAl & eAstern eUroPe
kidnAPPed soUls National Indifference and the Battle for Children in the Bohemian Lands, 1900–1948 tara zaHra

AdAM MiCkiewiCz The Life of a Romantic roman koropeckyJ

winner, 2009 barbara JelavicH book prize (american association for tHe advancement of slavic studies)

cowinner, 2009 aaass/ orbis books prize for polisH studies

• winner, 2009 czecHoslovak

studies association book prize

“Zahra’s finely researched, engagingly written book makes many contributions to several different literatures, including comparative studies of nationalism, the history of the welfare state, and the history of pedagogy. Most striking is her ability to write a truly Bohemian history, rather than a Czech or German one.”—h-German, h-net reviews 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4628-3 304 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)

“This superb, meticulously researched, richly detailed book places the great Polish Romantic poet and patriot in the midst of European events of his time. . . . Koropeckyj reveals details unknown even to avid scholars of Polish literature.”—ChoiCe 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4471-5 568 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

reforMing the MorAl sUBjeCt Ethics and Sexuality in Central Europe, 1890–1930 tracie matysik
“Matysik is stunningly creative in her analysis of the formation of the female moral subject at the turn of the last century. She tightly weaves an elegant account of connections among ethics discourses, the field of sexuality, subjectivity, and citizenship, along with important explorations of religion, science, the racial imagination, and psychoanalysis.”—kathLeen canninG, univeRsity of MichiGan 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4712-9 320 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

the greengroCer And his tv The Culture of Communism after the 1968 Prague Spring paulina bren
“Few scholars have yet tackled the dynamics of what Václav Havel called ‘post-totalitarianism,’ with its myriad enticements to conformity. In this engaging, entertaining book, Paulina Bren shows us that the relationship between the communist state and Czechoslovak society was mediated by television. To understand the regime’s longevity, therefore, we would really have to sit down in the greengrocer’s living room and watch what his family is watching. And now we can.” —padRaic kenney, indiana univeRsity 2010 | isBn: 978-0-8014-7642-6 264 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

Mirrors of MeMory Freud, Photography, and the History of Art mary bergstein
“Bergstein combines her talents as an art historian with a sophisticated approach to Freud and psychoanalytic theory to tell us much about the mentality of turn-of-the-century visual culture in central Europe and its impact on the development of Freud’s thought.”—MichaeL Roth, WesLeyan univeRsity cornell studies in tHe History of psycHiatry 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4819-5 344 pages | $29.95 clotH (catalog price: $23.96) new in paperback

new in paperback

in defense of ChristiAn hUngAry Religion, Nationalism, and Antisemitism, 1890–1944 paul a. Hanebrink
“Hanebrink in his excellent, well-researched study brings together important questions concerning nationalism, religion, and the ever-present issue of antisemitism.”—slaviC review 2009 (2006) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7530-6 272 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

hysteriCAl Men War, Psychiatry, and the Politics of Trauma in Germany, 1890–1930 paul lerner
• winner, 2006 cHeiron book prize (cHeiron: tHe

back in print

BreAd And deMoCrACy in gerMAny alexander gerscHenkron
witH a foreword by

international society for ioral and social sciences)





cHarles maier

“This is sure to become the standard text on the tangled relations among war, psychological trauma, medicine, welfare, and masculinity in early twentieth-century Germany.”—German studies review cornell studies in tHe History of psycHiatry 2009 (2003) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7536-8 344 pages | $29.95 paper (catalog price: $23.96)

“In this carefully documented, illuminating study (first published in 1943), Gerschenkron analyzes the interesting problem of the relation between democracy and protection of agricultural products, particularly of grain, in Germany.”—politiCal sCienCe Quarterly 1989 | isbn: 978-0-8014-9586-1 276 pages | $22.95 paper (catalog price: $18.36)



lABorAtories of fAith Mesmerism, Spiritism, and Occultism in Modern France JoHn warne monroe
“This is an excellently researched, scholarly look at serious-minded people seeking empirical truth for the doctrines they already believed by faith, a ‘science of God.’ With a firmer grip than most writers on his subject, Monroe puts these events into their political context, showing how psychic phenomena had a rewarding way of changing shape to reflect the preoccupations of those observing them.” —the Guardian 2008 | isBn: 978-0-8014-4562-0 312 pages | $35.00 clotH (catalog price: $28.00)

BeCoMing A woMAn in the Age of letters dena goodman
“We might expect a book on girls and young women writing letters to tell us about their education and the instruction given by their mothers, but Dena Goodman takes us to many more surprising places too: to the shops where inkstands, fine Dutch paper, and fashionable writing desks were sold, to female painters choosing how to depict women writing letters, and ultimately to the hard-won sense of self gained in the act of pressing quill to paper. Goodman recaptures a world we have forgotten and recovers aspects of it we never knew.”—Lynn hunt, ucLa 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7545-0 408 pages | $29.95 paper (catalog price: $23.96)

new in paperback

ConsUMing visions Mass Culture and the Lourdes Shrine suzanne k. kaufman
“This is a sophisticated, erudite, and provocative study of one of the world’s most enduringly popular modern sites of Christian worship. Kaufman has produced an important book that will be of great interest not just to historians of France but to anyone interested in the role of religion in the modern world.”—ameriCan historiCal review 2009 (2004) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7532-0 264 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

reiMAgining PolitiCs After the terror The Republican Origins of French Liberalism andrew JaincHill
“After this pathbreaking work, the decade between Thermidor and the establishment of the Empire will no longer be a political black hole during which bourgeois interests ran wild. The classical republican theories that had animated the revolutionaries did not disappear; private interest did not replace public spirit. Jainchill illustrates the emergence of a modern ‘liberal republicanism’ that recognizes that liberalism can no more survive without republicanism than republicanism can ignore the principles of liberalism. His careful historical reconstruction will interest political theorists who are not primarily specialists in the French revolution. Although Jainchill does not mention it directly, it is tempting to ask whether his liberal republicanism does not offer hints for dealing with our own recent experience.” —dick hoWaRd, stony bRook univeRsity 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4669-6 336 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

new in paperback

why frAnCe? American Historians Reflect on an Enduring Fascination laura lee downs & stépHane gerson, editors
afterword by roger cHartier

“These historians are not afraid to open up and reveal their sensibility, even their sensuality. They express the richness of their historical vocation and the gains of a self-discovery that is made possible or intensified by distance and alterity.”—aLain coRbin, le monde –contRibutoRs–
ken aLdeR, noRthWesteRn univeRsity John W. baLdWin, the Johns hopkins univeRsity edWaRd beRenson, neW yoRk univeRsity heRRick chapMan, neW yoRk univeRsity cLaRe haRu cRoWston, univeRsity of iLLinois baRbaRa diefendoRf, boston univeRsity Jan GoLdstein, the univeRsity of chicaGo Lynn hunt, ucLa steven kapLan, coRneLL univeRsity thoMas kseLMan, notRe daMe univeRsity heRMan Lebovics, stony bRook univeRsity RobeRt paxton, coLuMbia univeRsity todd shepaRd, the Johns hopkins univeRisity LeonaRd v. sMith, obeRLin coLLeGe GabRieLLe spieGeL, the Johns hopkins univeRsity tyLeR stovaLL, uc beRkeLey

2009 (2006) | isBn: 978-0-8014-7570-2 256 pages | $21.95 paper (catalog price: $17.56)


Cornell University Press

fUtUre tense The Culture of Anticipation in France between the Wars roxanne pancHasi
“Roxanne Panchasi’s core insight is that the future can be a congenial place to think about the present— even if the thoughts themselves are far from reassuring. She shows us how certain objects—artificial limbs, vitamins, domestic furnishings, America— intruded on the French imagination of the 1920s and 1930s, objectifying forebodings of stagnation and irrelevance. Future Tense is a timely book in the cultural history of anxiety.”—RayMond Jonas, univeRsity of WashinGton 2009 | isBn: 978-0-8014-4670-2 224 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)

sUrreAlisM And the Art of CriMe JonatHan p. eburne
“Copiously (in places grotesquely) illustrated, this study is an original take on the necessary blend of politics and sociology and their nefarious offshoots of gutter journalism, lurid dime novels, rumor, propaganda, and serious art—a shaky, volatile mix that is in one’s face, mind, and sometimes nightmares. The visuals contribute viscerally to the substantive research, presented in journalistic, readable prose that depicts the noirish nature of subjects and people. This book is well done and delicious fun.” —ChoiCe 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4674-0 344 pages | $35.00 clotH (catalog price: $28.00) new in paperback

reforMing UrBAn lABor Routes to the City, Roots in the Country Janet l. polasky
In this innovative urban history, comparisons of nineteenth-century London and Brussels are interwoven in the context of industrial Europe as a whole. Polasky sets urban planning against the backdrop of idealized rural images, links transportation and housing reform, and investigates the relationship of middle-class reformers with industrial workers and their families in the struggle to control the built environment and its labor force. 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4794-5 264 pages | $55.00 clotH (catalog price: $44.00) new in paperback

the invention of deColonizAtion The Algerian War and the Remaking of France todd sHepard

WinneR, 2006 J. RusseLL MaJoR pRiZe (aMeRican histoRicaL association) 2008 counciL foR euRopean studies book


• WinneR,

“Todd Shepard’s timely and significant work will be of interest to a wide range of scholars. Using Algeria as a case study, Shepard shows how the history of French imperialism and anti-imperialism was rewritten after Algerian independence by bureaucrats, politicians, and journalists in such a way as to present decolonization as ‘a predetermined end point’ that was inevitable, rather than as the failure of a genuine project of national integration in the colonies.”—modern and Contemporary FranCe 2008 (2006) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7454-5 304 pages | $22.95 paper (catalog price: $18.36)

differentiAl diAgnoses A Comparative History of Health Care Problems and Solutions in the United States and France paul v. dutton
“By first exposing the stereotypes and then carefully exploring the distinct histories of health care provision in the U.S. and France, Dutton provides unique and valuable insight into how both countries can better address their respective health crises.” —JeReMy shapiRo, the bRookinGs institution an ilr press book 2008 (2007) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7484-2 272 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96) leuven university press—

signs of light French and British Theories of Linguistic Communication, 1648–1789 mattHew lauzon
“Signs of Light shows Matthew Lauzon’s extensive learning in a wide range of areas, including language theory, missionary tracts, and literary texts. He reorients our approach to early modern language theory in the direction of the study of processes of communication, as opposed to emphasizing the documentation of static ideals of transparency.” —LauRa bRoWn, coRneLL univeRsity 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4847-8 256 pages | $55.00 clotH (catalog price: $44.00)


A sMAll nAtion in the tUrMoil of the seCond world wAr Money, Finance and Occupation (Belgium, its Enemies, its Friends, 1939–1945) Herman van der wee & moniQue verbreyt
“The authors tell an important—and fascinating— story of the Belgian central bank and the Belgian government in Brussels and in London during the hazardous years of World War II.”—peteR Mathias, caMbRidGe univeRsity 2010 | isbn: 978-90-5867-759-4 494 pages | $75.00 clotH (catalog price: $60.00)



eArly Modern eUroPe | MedievAl eUroPe
BeggArs, iConoClAsts, And CiviC PAtriots The Political Culture of the Dutch Revolt peter arnade
“Arnade offers breathtakingly original insights into the motivations of the individuals involved in the signal events of the Revolt, from the iconoclastic riots of 1566 to the sacks of Ghent and Antwerp. Underlying the entire book is a revisionist interpretation that sets politics rather than religion at the heart of the conflict. Elegantly written and sophisticated in its scholarship, this superb study is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of the Dutch Revolt.”—RichaRd L. kaGan, the Johns hopkins univeRsity 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7496-5 368 pages | $26.95 paper (catalog price: $21.56)

the serf, the knight, And the historiAn dominiQue bartHélemy
translated from tHe frencH by

graHam robert edwards

“This is an outstanding translation of Dominique Barthélemy’s brilliantly argued attack on the scholarly consensus of the last half century that a so-called ‘feudal revolution’ radically transformed France and other regions of Europe in around 1000, and it features two new essays written for this volume.”—stephen d. White, eMoRy univeRsity 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7560-3 368 pages | $29.95 paper (catalog price: $23.96)

eneMies And fAMiliArs Slavery and Mastery in Fifteenth-Century Valencia debra blumentHal
“This is a terrific piece of work that provides complete and bold new vistas on the lives of slaves during the transition to modernity and on the eve of the Atlantic slave trade. The archival evidence deployed here is unusually rich and abundant.” —teofiLo f. RuiZ, ucLa conJunctions of religion and power in tHe medieval past 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4502-6 328 pages | $42.50 clotH (catalog price: $34.00)

giAMBAttistA viCo: keys to the NEW SCIENCE Translations, Commentaries, and Essays tHora ilin bayer & donald pHillip verene,

“This work is essential to a correct and comprehensive view of the scholar who was at once one of the last of the humanists and one of the first practitioners and theoreticians of the modern human sciences.”—donaLd R. keLLey, RutGeRs univeRsity 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7472-9 224 pages | $17.95 paper (catalog price: $14.36)

shAkesPeAre’s foreign worlds National and Transnational Identities in the Elizabethan Age carole levin & JoHn watkins
“Levin and Watkins draw upon literary and historical studies to illuminate nation-building, the cultural and economic impact of foreign worlds, and the roles of foreign characters in Elizabethan drama.” —phyLLis Rackin, univeRsity of pennsyLvania 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4741-9 232 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

so greAt A light, so greAt A sMoke The Beguin Heretics of Languedoc louisa a. burnHam
“This is a very well-written, clever, humane, and insightful piece of history that delights, enthralls, and impresses throughout. . . . Written with considerable verve and imagination, it is based on a thorough, insightful, and diligent interrogation of a variety of unpublished archival sources.”—h-FranCe reviews conJunctions of religion and power in tHe medieval past 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4131-8 240 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)

new in paperback

the Birth of the desPot Venice and the Sublime Porte lucette valensi
translated by

artHur denner

sPlendoUr of the BUrgUndiAn CoUrt Charles the Bold (1433–1477) susan marti, till-Holger borcHert & gabriele keck, editors
The essays here—biographies of key figures, political histories, and analyses of court art—form a comprehensive portrait of the Burgundian court, while its 350 full-color illustrations vividly bring to life both the brilliance and the drama of the epoch. 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4853-9 384 pages | $80.00 clotH (catalog price: $64.00)
distributed in nortH america for mercatorfonds

“An elegant, almost lyrical historical study, it makes some important corrections to traditional assumptions of how Venetians perceived and appropriated the image of the Ottoman Empire in the early modern era.”—sixteenth Century Journal 2009 (1993) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7543-6 132 pages | $18.95 paper (catalog price: $15.16)


Cornell University Press

MedievAl eUroPe
the divorCe of lothAr ii Christian Marriage and Political Power in the Carolingian World karl Heidecker
tanis m. guest
translated from tHe dutcH by

idols in the eAst European Representations of Islam and the Orient, 1100–1450 suzanne conklin akbari
“Akbari carefully unpacks medieval practices of mapping the East, representations of Judaism and Islam, conflations of ethnic and religious terminology, and iconic figurations of the Saracen. Her book reaches beyond medieval studies to furnish an account of orientalism’s prehistory that all postcolonialists should read.”—david WaLLace, univeRsity of pennsyLvania 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4807-2 336 pages | $49.95 clotH (catalog price: $39.96)

“In Heidecker’s lucid treatment, the 9th-century scandal becomes a fascinating study of family dynamics, changing mental attitudes, and Carolingian reform. Most of all, it exposes the tensions between crown and nobility, Church and state, when it came to royal marriage.”—WaLteR siMons, daRtMouth coLLeGe conJunctions of religion and power in tHe medieval past 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-3929-2 240 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

heresy And the PolitiCs of CoMMUnity The Jews of the Fatimid Caliphate marina rustow
• winner, 2009 salo w. baron prize (american academy for JewisH researcH)

oUt of love for My kin Aristocratic Family Life in the Lands of the Loire, 1000–1200 amy livingstone
“Addressing a central question about medieval family structure, Out of Love for My Kin is clearly based on an intimate knowledge of an enormous amount of primary information—to the extent that the author often appears personally acquainted with the families discussed.”—constance bRittain bouchaRd, univeRsity of akRon 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4841-6 296 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00) new in paperback

“Rustow’s book provides fascinating new insights into the history of Jewish communities of Egypt, Syria, and Palestine [and] . . . presents a picture of Rabbanite-Qaraite relations [not] . . . as a separatist ‘sect’ and a threat to Judaism. . . . [but rather] fully engaged in Jewish community life as a whole.” —Journal oF Jewish studies conJunctions of religion and power in tHe medieval past 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4582-8 472 pages | $55.00 clotH (catalog price: $44.00) new in paperback

the MAking of sAint loUis Kingship, Sanctity, and Crusade in the Later Middle Ages m. cecilia gaposcHkin
“This is a beautifully written, well-researched, comprehensive, and insightful work on the cult of St. Louis. Scholars and students working in the fields of medieval history, art history, hagiography, and religion will find Gaposchkin’s book an invaluable resource for its content, illustrations, and bibliography.”—CatholiC historiCal review 2010 (2008) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7625-9 352 pages | $29.95 paper (catalog price: $23.96) new in paperback

the sePhArdiC frontier The Reconquista and the Jewish Community in Medieval Iberia JonatHan ray
“Using rabbinic sources and unpublished archives, Ray brings Jewish settlement of the southern Iberian peninsula into clearer focus, challenging the image of medieval Iberian society as invariably corporate and religious.”—ameriCan historiCal review conJunctions of religion and power in tHe medieval past 2008 (2006) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7451-4 224 pages | $21.00 paper (catalog price: $16.80)

woMen And AristoCrAtiC CUltUre in the CArolingiAn world valerie l. garver
“This fascinating book should appeal to medievalists in all fields, particularly those interested in gender history and art history. Garver successfully argues that women played fundamental roles in defining and transmitting aristocratic culture in the period from ca. 700 to 925.”—Jane schuLenbuRG, univeRsity of Wisconsin–Madison 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4771-6 328 pages | $49.95 clotH (catalog price: $39.96)

strUggle for eMPire Kingship and Conflict under Louis the German, 817–876 eric J. goldberg
“Goldberg’s detailed and nuanced account of the life and reign of Louis the German conveys both the success and the tragedy of the dynasty. This is a beautifully designed book, both in concept and in execution. The author uses a wide variety of sources, charters as well as chronicles, along with seals and clothing, books and paintings, and architectural and archaeological remains—to great effect.”—speCulum conJunctions of religion and power in tHe medieval past 2009 (2006) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7529-0 408 pages | $27.95 paper (catalog price: $22.36)



MedievAl eUroPe
the good wife’s gUide (LE MéNAGIER DE PARIS) A Medieval Household Book
translated from tHe

Art of the Celts 700 B.C. to a.d. 700 felix müller,

frencH by gina l. greco & cHristine m. rose
“This new—and first complete—English translation of the Ménagier de Paris makes available to a broad audience one of the key texts for our understanding of late medieval mentalities. Its lively language, excellent introduction, and copious notes make this useful to students, scholars, and anyone interested in medieval culture.”—Renate bLuMenfeLd-kosinski, univeRsity of pittsbuRGh 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7474-3 384 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

“This informative book begins in 700 b.c. with colorful display pottery and proceeds through the centuries to book illuminations created in Christian monasteries in the eighth century. Concentrating on ornamentation as the Celts’ main form of expression, weapons, helmets, chariots, pottery, jewelery and coinage are shown in color and black-and-white photographs.”—the GloBe & mail (toRonto) 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4869-0 304 pages | $70.00 clotH (catalog price: $56.00)
distributed in nortH america for mercatorfonds

new in paperback

the Powers of ProPheCy The Cedar of Lebanon Vision from the Mongol Onslaught to the Dawn of the Enlightenment robert e. lerner
“This volume is a delightful and somewhat amazing picture of what happened to an eschatological prophecy written about 1240 concerning the Mongol invasion of Europe.”—the history teaCher 2009 (1983) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7537-5 264 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

the greAt workshoP Pathways of Art in Europe, 5th to 18th Centuries roland recHt, catHeline périerd’ieteren & pascal griener, editors
foreword by

peter burke

new in paperback

sword, Miter, And Cloister Nobility and the Church in Burgundy, 980–1198 constance brittain boucHard
“An exemplary piece of scholarship. The work is beautifully presented: good maps, index, bibliography. Noteworthy is Bouchard’s care to include wives and daughters in the genealogical notes; this makes the work especially useful as a reference for questions of Burgundian genealogy.” —ameriCan historiCal review 2009 (1987) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7526-9 464 pages | $35.00 paper (catalog price: $28.00)

“This beautifully illustrated, oversized volume offers fourteen essays on various aspects of art, its production, and dissemination in Europe until the 18th century, addressing such topics as the collecting and sharing of drawings, the Grand Tour, the legacy of the Carolingian Empire, the impact of classical antiquity, goldsmith workshops, and European sculpture before the Renaissance. Each essay is heavily illustrated with color plates of excellent quality of works from the exhibition.”—reFerenCe & researCh Book news 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4710-5 336 pages | $69.95 clotH (catalog price: $55.96)
distributed in nortH america for mercatorfonds

back in print new in paperback

holy entrePreneUrs Cistercians, Knights, and Economic Exchange in Twelfth-Century Burgundy constance brittain boucHard
“In addition to being an important revisionist study of Burgundian Cistercian economic practices, this clear book is an excellent brief introduction for anyone wishing to understand twelfth-century charters and cartularies.”—ameriCan historiCal review 2009 (1991) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7525-2 260 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

BenediCtine MAlediCtions Liturgical Cursing in Romanesque France lester k. little


cowinner, 1994 david pinkney prize (society frencH Historical studies)

“The book’s focus is the way that religious communities—especially the monks who followed Benedict’s Rule and hence were known by his name—used liturgical cursing to safeguard their integrity and their possessions, against both laymen and other ecclesiastics.”—JouRnaL of sociaL histoRy 1996 | isbn: 978-0-8014-8113-0 312 pages | $27.95 paper (catalog price: $22.36)


Cornell University Press

the United stAtes
Citizen BAChelors Manhood and the Creation of the United States JoHn gilbert mccurdy
“Citizen Bachelors is a good read: lucid, concise and compelling. John Gilbert McCurdy’s insightful study of unmarried young men and never-married men is an important and original contribution to our knowledge of personal identity, family, and legal status in early America.”—susan e. kLepp, teMpLe univeRsity

the Colony of new netherlAnd A Dutch Settlement in Seventeenth-Century America Jaap Jacobs
“Jacobs has produced a model synthesis of social, political, and economic history for a colonial experience that has far too long been terra incognita. Jacobs is particularly strong in his ability to take a genuinely transatlantic perspective, detailing the many struggles within the Dutch West India Company over whether its North American interest was to be a colony of trade or a colony of settlement (or, indeed, a colony at all) as well as the efforts of a few thousand Europeans to recreate something resembling a society in New Amsterdam, Fort Orange, and points adjacent.”—danieL k. RichteR, univeRsity of pennsyLvania 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7516-0 320 pages | $26.95 paper (catalog price: $21.56)

2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4788-4 272 pages | $35.00 clotH (catalog price: $28.00)

kitChens, sMokehoUses, And Privies Outbuildings and the Architecture of Daily Life in the Eighteenth-Century Mid-Atlantic micHael olmert
“The Colonial-era backyard had more activity than the actual house. Elegantly written with great insight and accompanied by many photographs and drawings, Michael Olmert’s book illuminates how the grand houses and also the more middling actually functioned in the Mid-Atlantic region. This book is essential for any serious student of Colonial America.”—RichaRd Guy WiLson, authoR of BuildinGs oF virGinia 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4791-4 304 pages | $27.95 clotH (catalog price: $22.36)

the diAry of hAnnAh CAllender sAnsoM Sense and Sensibility in the Age of the American Revolution susan e. klepp & karin wulf, editors
“The Diary of Hannah Callender Sanson is truly a delightful and compelling read. The editors both know a great deal about late eighteenth-century Philadelphia and the lives of women therein, and it shows. They give readers a polished introduction to the diary and do an excellent job of succinctly establishing the necessary contexts, from married women’s legal position to Quaker belief to contemporary expectations for courtship and marriage.”—MaRy beth noRton, coRneLL univeRsity 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7513-9 376 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

back in print

oUr eArliest ColoniAl settleMents Their Diversities of Origin and Later Characteristics cHarles m. andrews
witH a new foreword by

karen ordaHl kupperman

“Andrews writes with such fullness of knowledge, such an easy command of his material, and such vigorous presentation of his ideas that his book will be keenly interesting for all who care about our early history.”—new york times 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7544-3 192 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96)

CAstorlAnd joUrnAl An Account of the Exploration and Settlement of New York State by French émigrés in the Years 1793 to 1797
translated from tHe frencH and edited by JoHn a. gallucci

new in paperback

the heAler’s CAlling Women and Medicine in Early New England rebecca J. tannenbaum
“Tannenbaum recovers the neglected history of women’s contributions to the practice of medicine in colonial American, as well as the surprising degree to which women could exercise power through this practice within a society dominated by men. . . . Erudite and lucidly written, it is required reading for anyone interested in the history of gender in early America.”—itinerario 2008 (2002) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7493-4 200 pages | $21.00 paper (catalog price: $16.80)

“Castorland Journal is especially rich on the interaction of foreign and American land speculators and on the displacement of native peoples. Perceptive, articulate, and frank, the French authors crafted an especially detailed and insightful (and often highly critical) account of their flawed attempt to profit from the rapid expansion of new settlements.” —aLan tayLoR, univeRsity of caLifoRnia, davis 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4626-9 480 pages | $65.00 clotH (catalog price: $52.00)



the United stAtes
to live UPon hoPe Mohicans and Missionaries in the Eighteenth-Century Northeast racHel wHeeler
“Wheeler’s history is a major work and should remain as the definitive study of the Mohican mission experience for many years to come. Demonstrating clearly and eloquently that the Mohicans did not rely on hope alone to survive in a changing world, she shows that they acted and they adapted.”—the new enGland Quarterly 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4631-3 336 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

Children BoUnd to lABor The Pauper Apprentice System in Early America rutH wallis Herndon & JoHn e. murray, editors
“Struck by the unfortunate circumstances of illegitimate birth, abandonment, or abuse, free children were bound out to work in the families of strangers everywhere in early America. Herndon and Murray have brought together a superior group of scholars whose research in pauper records presents a compelling and gracefully presented account of how communities struggled to define what it meant to ‘govern’ and ‘properly parent’ pauper children.”—cathy Matson, univeRsity of deLaWaRe 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7559-7 288 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

available again from cornell

indiAn AffAirs in ColoniAl new york The Seventeenth Century allen w. trelease
“This is an important contribution to our knowledge of seventeenth-century New York, both in terms of its Dutch and English settlers and of its Algonquian and Iroquian Indian inhabitants, written with care and precision.”—the new enGland Quarterly fall creek books 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7564-1 404 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

new in paperback

killed strAngely The Death of Rebecca Cornell elaine forman crane
“This book is brief and compulsively readable, the kind of work tailor-made to grip and hold the imaginations of undergraduates in early American survey courses everywhere. . . . Crane’s use of material culture is also marvelously adept.” —reviews in ameriCan history 2009 (2002) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7527-6 256 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96)

new in paperback

relUCtAnt revolUtionAries New York City and the Road to Independence, 1763–1776 JosepH s. tiedemann
• winner, tHe

back in print

society of colonial wars’ 1998 distinguisHed book of award

federAlists in dissent Imagery and Ideology in Jeffersonian America linda k. kerber
“The Federalist thinking that Kerber explores helps to give greater depth to the more familiar history of Federalist politics, and, beyond that, she brings more of the country to life.” —Journal oF ameriCan studies 1980 | isbn: 978-0-8014-9212-9 252 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

“A rich political narrative of the Revolutionary movement, carefully researched and skillfully told. . . . Joseph Tiedemann has provided an excellent survey of fifteen years of New York politics before Independence.”—william & mary Quarterly 2008 (1997) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7495-8 356 pages | $29.95 paper (catalog price: $23.96)

new in paperback

new in paperback

the PUnished self Surviving Slavery in the Colonial South alex bontemps
“Asking new questions of standard sources, Bontemps reveals with insight and imagination the psychological consequences of objectification, and blacks’ struggle to maintain a sense of self while adapting to the brutalities and dehumanization of enslavement.”—GeorGia historiCal Quarterly 2008 (2001) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7482-8 240 pages | $21.00 paper (catalog price: $19.16)

testing the ChAins Resistance to Slavery in the British West Indies micHael craton
“Scholars interested in determining the causes of slave rebellions, the characteristics of rebel slave leadership, the autonomous organizations developed, and the ideology and styles of rebellious behavior will find this work an invaluable sourcebook.” —Journal oF ameriCan history 2009 (1982) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7528-3 392 pages | $29.95 paper (catalog price: $23.96)


Cornell University Press

the United stAtes
new in paperback

the Mirror of AntiQUity American Women and the Classical Tradition, 1750–1900 caroline winterer
“The Mirror of Antiquity is the best treatment of American women and the classics from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth century ever published. Lucid, thoughtful, and well-researched, it is certain to become its own object of study, a classic.” —Common-plaCe

BeCoMing AMeriCAn Under fire Irish Americans, African Americans, and the Politics of Citizenship during the Civil War Era cHristian g. samito
“In this important book, Christian G. Samito explains how ex-slaves and Irish immigrants helped to create a new definition of American citizenship. Their experiences in military service, determination to vote, and fervent loyalty to the federal government changed Americans’ hazy antebellum concept of citizenship as loyalty to a state into a clear set of rights and duties in a newly powerful nation.” —heatheR cox RichaRdson, univeRsity of Massachusetts aMheRst 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4846-1 312 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)

2009 (2007) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7579-5 256 pages | $22.95 paper (catalog price: $18.36)

horACe greeley’s NEW-YORK TRIBUNE Civil War–Era Socialism and the Crisis of Free Labor adam tucHinsky
“This is an important book, distinguished in quality and broad in significance. Its conception is highly original. Adam Tuchinsky is the first modern biographer to take Horace Greeley’s socialism seriously, instead of treating it as a mere eccentricity. As Tuchinsky reassesses socialism in American history, he presents a sophisticated and complex interpretation of America in Greeley’s lifetime. One of the book’s merits is the way it integrates political history, economic history, the history of the printed media, labor history, and, most of all, intellectual history.”—danieL WaLkeR hoWe, puLitZeR pRiZe– WinninG authoR of what hath God wrouGht: the transFormation oF ameriCa, 1815 to 1848 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4667-2 336 pages | $59.95 clotH (catalog price: $47.96) new in paperback

AwAiting the heAvenly CoUntry The Civil War and America’s Culture of Death mark s. scHantz
“Schantz makes a compelling case that Americans’ experiences with, and ideas about, death before the Civil War made it possible for them to understand—and even celebrate—death caused by the war. By closely reading landscapes, images, and all manner of writings on the ‘culture of death,’ Schantz discovers that Northerners and Southerners alike came to believe that how one approached death and how a people honored the dead revealed, even decided, matters of faith, community, and national identity.”—liBrary Journal 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-3761-8 264 pages | $24.95 clotH (catalog price: $19.96)

the PolitiCs of size Representation in the United States, 1776–1850 rosemarie zagarri
“Zagarri’s book is as brilliant as it is bright. Drawing her inspiration from human geography, she shows that the demographic theory of representation was ideal for expansionism, though it ironically provided the environment in which sectionalism could arise in its ugly, antebellum form.”—ChoiCe 2010 (1987) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7639-6 180 pages | $22.95 paper (catalog price: $18.36)

forgotten fireBrAnd James Redpath and the Making of Nineteenth-Century America JoHn r. mckivigan
“In this first modern study of the outspoken abolitionist and journalist James Redpath, John McKivigan resurrects the reputation of a well-traveled agitator who faded from public memory after he died in 1898. . . . His careful and fluidly written chronicle sets Redpath’s varied and controversial activities in their historical context. . . . Whatever angle they adopt, historians of reform and journalism will appreciate McKivigan’s work in uncovering the role that Redpath played in vital movements of his era.” —Journal oF ameriCan history 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4673-2 312 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

new in paperback

the wAr AgAinst ProslAvery religion Abolitionism and the Northern Churches, 1830–1865 JoHn r. mckivigan
“This well-researched and meticulously documented book thoroughly examines the efforts of abolitionists to convert American churches to their cause . . . and offers a new perspective on the failure to ensure equal rights for the freedmen after the war.” —Journal oF southern history 2009 (1984) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7576-4 328 pages | $29.95 paper (catalog price: $23.96)



the United stAtes
20tH anniversary edition

PlAying for keePs A History of Early Baseball warren goldstein
“One of the many virtues of Playing for Keeps is that it explains why we continue to care about baseball, our hopes eternally and absurdly renewed each spring and dashed each autumn. . . . This is a marvelous book, tightly structured, entertaining, beautifully written; and, like the best social history, it focuses on the particular (the story of baseball) to enlarge our understanding of the general (American society and culture).” —the nation (RevieWinG the fiRst edition) 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7508-5 208 pages | $17.95 paper (catalog price: $14.36)

enlightening the world The Creation of the Statue of Liberty yasmin sabina kHan
“Enlightening the World is a superb account of the high ideals that drove the conception, design, and execution of the Statue of Liberty. Yasmin Sabina Khan makes it clear that the monument we see today emerged from the age of democratic revolutions and liberal political ideologies such as the rights of man and freedom from tyranny and slavery. This important book explains why the Statue of Liberty still has immense relevance today.” —John bodnaR, indiana univeRsity 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4851-5 240 pages | $24.95 clotH (catalog price: $19.96)

the MAnly Art Bare-Knuckle Prize Fighting in America, Updated Edition elliott J. gorn
“An important contribution to the study of nineteenth-century American culture. Writing with clarity, vigor, and grace, Gorn combines detailed narrative with convincing interpretations. He offers the reader a judicious selection of quotations from the sporting press that capture the drama, sensuality, and brutality of the ring and its craftsmen.” —Journal oF ameriCan history (RevieWinG the fiRst edition) 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7608-2 336 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96) new in paperback

Citizen eMPloyers Business Communities and Labor in Cincinnati and San Francisco, 1870–1916 Jeffrey Haydu
• winner,

2008 laBor history book prize

“Haydu has written a well-researched and thoughtprovoking study of class formation, labor relations, and upper-class civic life during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. . . . It is a noteworthy book that deserves a wide readership and will stimulate further interest in the history of organized employers.” —enterprise & soCiety an ilr press book 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4641-2 280 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96) new in paperback

the eArnest Men Republicans of the Civil War Senate allan g. bogue
“The core of this study is analysis of the roll-call voting record, but extensive context is supplied in evaluation of biographical, institutional, and ideological elements. Bogue makes explicit his belief that ‘quantitative research can be most effective when combined with research in so-called literary sources.’ His presentation brilliantly demonstrates that he has acted on his beliefs.”—Civil war history 2009 (1981) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7569-6 372 pages | $29.95 paper (catalog price: $23.96)

the orAnge riots Irish Political Violence in New York City, 1870 and 1871 micHael a. gordon
“A carefully researched and powerful account of Irish sectarian violence in New York City. . . . There is a great deal to be learned from Gordon’s approach, and not just about the Orange riots in New York City. His description of the riots as battles between two opposing worldviews should be tested on other instances of ethnic and religious violence, both in Northern Ireland and the United States. . . . This is a fine book, fair and judicious in interpretation and sophisticated in analysis. His careful and original treatment of these two days of violence lights up some dark corners of American ethnic, working-class, and urban history.”—ameriCan historiCal review 2009 (1993) | isbn: 978-0-8014-8034-8 286 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

new in paperback

the PolitiCs of rACe in new york The Struggle for Black Suffrage in the Civil War Era pHyllis f. field
“In this excellent book, Phyllis F. Field brings quantitative sophistication to the study of politics and race. Historians concerned with the relationship between political ideology and emerging class distinctions will find Field’s analysis of the politics of race rewarding.”—ameriCan historiCal review 2009 (1982) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7563-4 266 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)


Cornell University Press

the United stAtes
CUshwA Center stUdies of CAtholiCisM in twentiethCentUry AMeriCA a series edited by r. scott appleby the United stAtes in the world a series edited by mark pHilip bradley and paul a. kramer

new in paperback

on the irish wAterfront The Crusader, the Movie, and the Soul of the Port of New York James t. fisHer
“This is a fascinating work of history that explores the rise of New York’s commercial port from the early 1900s to the 1950s and the corruption that eventually infiltrated all levels of the cargo business, until a crusading priest helped to put a stop to it—and inspired a classic film along the way.”—wall street Journal “This is a glorious book that ought to change how movie critics view Schulberg’s cinematic creation and how cultural historians interpret working-class culture in New York and New Jersey during the middle years of the 20th century.”—ameriCa 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4804-1 392 pages | $29.95 clotH (catalog price: $23.96) new in paperback

Artillery of heAven American Missionaries and the Failed Conversion of the Middle East ussama makdisi

winner, 2009 JoHn Hope franklin publication prize (american studies association)

cowinner, 2008 albert Hourani book award (middle east studies association)

cowinner, 2009 britisH-kuwait friendsHip soprize in middle eastern studies

“Makdisi’s meticulously researched, beautifully written book sets a high standard for forthcoming studies on missionaries in the Middle East. He painstakingly analyzes the roots of complex, multidirectional movements of influence, culture, ideas, and religiosity that have characterized the contact between East and West, America and the Arab world. The result is an impressive work of transnational history.” —ameriCan historiCal review 2009 (2008) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7575-7 280 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96) new in paperback

CAtholiCs And ContrACePtion An American History leslie woodcock tentler
“Tentler’s work is thorough, nuanced, and engaging. Her argument about the centrality of birth control practices in lay lives and the significance of Humanae Vitae in the church’s history is so persuasive and well supported that her work stands as a definitive history of contraception and a major contribution to our understanding of the broader American Catholic history in the twentieth century.”—Journal oF soCial history 2008 (2004) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7494-1 352 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96) new in paperback

PAth of eMPire Panama and the California Gold Rush aims mcguinness
“Path of Empire makes an important contribution to the historiography of the California gold rush, Panama, and U.S. expansion and intervention in Latin America, challenging scholars to engage previously overlooked transnational connections.”—western historiCal Quarterly 2009 (2007) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7538-2 264 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96)

BAllots And BiBles Ethnic Politics and the Catholic Church in Providence evelyn savidge sterne
“Ballots and Bibles is a substantial contribution to the historical studies of Rhode Island. It is also an important study of ethnic communities, particularly of the Irish, that will serve to help enrich the understanding of Catholic ethnic communities in the United States as a whole.”—CatholiC historiCal review 2008 (2003) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7497-2 320 pages | $21.95 paper (catalog price: $17.56)

sCreening enlightenMent Hollywood and the Cultural Reconstruction of Defeated Japan HirosHi kitamura
“This book offers a view of the U.S. film industry’s efforts in Japan from the perspective of Japan’s engagement with and influence on the world’s cinema, as well as from the point of view of the United States in its cultural dealings with Japan.” —andReW GoRdon, haRvaRd univeRsity 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4599-6 264 pages | $35.00 clotH (catalog price: $28.00)



the United stAtes
the eCCentriC reAlist Henry Kissinger and the Shaping of American Foreign Policy mario del pero
“Mario Del Pero brings a fresh and vivid intelligence to his analysis of American foreign and domestic policy as shaped and practiced by Henry Kissinger. The Eccentric Realist is a brilliant discussion of the decidedly unrealistic nature of Kissinger’s realism, the circularity of his bipolar view of the world, and his ultimate defeat at the hands of newly powerful neoconservative forces.”—MaRiLyn b. younG, neW yoRk univeRsity 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4759-4 216 pages | $24.95 clotH (catalog price: $19.96)

in the shAdow of fdr From Harry Truman to Barack Obama, Fourth Edition william e. leucHtenburg
“This is a fine, perceptive work that constitutes a valuable coda for New Deal studies. Several pertinent insights help to contribute to discussions of the role of personalities in politics, and it is a refreshing contribution to studies of the presidency.”—ameriCan historiCal review (RevieWinG a pRevious edition) 2009 | isBn: 978-0-8014-7568-9 456 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96) new in paperback

An oUtsider in the white hoUse Jimmy Carter, His Advisors, and the Making of American Foreign Policy betty glad
“This book contributes significantly to presidential studies, diplomatic history, the study of the dynamics of policymaking, and international relations theory, especially as it bears on realism and idealism in foreign policy. This impressively documented and vividly written book is full of fascinating anecdotes.” —fRed i. GReenstein, pRinceton univeRsity 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4815-7 392 pages | $29.95 clotH (catalog price: $23.96)

AtoMiC trAgedy Henry L. Stimson and the Decision to Use the Bomb against Japan sean l. malloy
“Malloy provides an important perspective on the continuing debate about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 . . . . He presents us with an updated and exceedingly insightful assessment of the aging statesman, perhaps no longer at the top of his game yet faced with one of our country’s most challenging decisions during its most awful conflict. Malloy believes Stimson’s decision to support the bomb went against his most cherished beliefs and was for many a disappointing conclusion to an outstanding career of public service. —liBrary Journal (staRRed RevieW) 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7629-7 248 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96) new in paperback

why intelligenCe fAils Lessons from the Iranian Revolution and the Iraq War robert Jervis
“At long, long last, Robert Jervis has managed to free his three-decade-old inside postmortem on intelligence failure during the early stages of the Iranian revolution from the dark of classification, and he has coupled that with his recent writings on intelligence’s woeful performance over those Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that weren’t. This has resulted in definitive case studies of those two important episodes. ”—GReGoRy f. tReveRton, Rand coRpoRation cornell studies in security affairs 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4785-3 248 pages | $27.95 clotH (catalog price: $22.36)

lagUArdiA in Congress Howard zinn
“LaGuardia in Congress is an exceedingly well-written and highly readable study of a man and his times. It describes the career of an extraordinary human being whose background and ideology presaged the New Deal and whose specific legislative program foreshadowed and even went beyond it.”—ameriCan politiCal sCienCe review fall creek books 2010 (1959) | isBn: 978-0-8014-7617-4 302 pages | $27.95 paper (catalog price: $22.36) new in paperback

“Pollack reconstructs the political history of the national revenue state from the beginning to the present, enmeshing it in a rich tapestry of theoretical and comparative observations. A must for students of American political development.” —eLiZabeth sandeRs, coRneLL univeRsity 2009 | isBn: 978-0-8014-7586-3 328 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

wAr, revenUe, And stAte BUilding Financing the Development of the American State sHeldon d. pollack

ChArles evAns hUghes Politics and Reform in New York, 1905–1910 robert f. wesser
“An excellent account of Hughes’s governorship of New York.” —the new-york historiCal soCiety Quarterly fall creek books 2009 (1967) | isBn: 978-0-8014-7550-4 396 pages | $29.95 paper (catalog price: $23.96)


Cornell University Press

the United stAtes
Books As weAPons Propaganda, Publishing, and the Battle for Global Markets in the Era of World War II JoHn b. HencH
“Making excellent use of a wide range of archives, Hench argues that World War II was a turning point for American publishers, heightening their sense that they dealt in ideas even as it raised their awareness of the value of the commodity in which they traded. Hench maps the results in a nuanced treatment of the trade’s approach to wartime and postwar publishing.” —tRysh tRavis, univeRsity of fLoRida 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4891-1 320 pages | $35.00 clotH (catalog price: $28.00)

AMeriCAn AByss Savagery and Civilization in the Age of Industry daniel e. bender
“Bender traces the ways in which the supposed mastery of racial knowledge helped to constitute and validate the idea that large industrial enterprises and empires could be successfully managed. Bender leavens his account with the cultural, political, and social, and especially with the history of gender. His book shows how similar scientific ideas could undergird paeans to capital and some strains of revolutionary socialism and give rise to immigrant baby contests as well as campaigns for sterilization.” —david R. RoediGeR, univeRsity of iLLinois 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4598-9 344 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)

AgitAte! edUCAte! orgAnize! American Labor Posters lincoln cusHing & timotHy w. drescHer
“This valuable document collects a century of posters designed by labor organizers, for purposes ranging from workplace safety to equal pay for women. . . . It’s simply fascinating viewing that produces a sharp sense of nostalgia for a time when powerful visual art could lead to real change for the victimized.” —puBlishers weekly (staRRed RevieW) an ilr press book 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7427-9 216 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

Condensed CAPitAlisM Campbell Soup and the Pursuit of Cheap Production in the Twentieth Century daniel sidorick
“The union at Campbell Soup’s Camden plant was one of the most remarkable progressive unions in the mid-twentieth century. This superb book tells us about its accomplishments, as well as the impact of late-twentieth-century capitalism on its demise.” —RoGeR hoRoWitZ, univeRsity of deLaWaRe an ilr press book 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4726-6 312 pages | $29.95 clotH (catalog price: $23.96)

BROWN in BAltiMore School Desegregation and the Limits of Liberalism Howell s. baum “Baum writes with particular insight about the

reAding APPAlAChiA froM left to right Conservatives and the 1974 Kanawha County Textbook Controversy carol mason
“In this captivating book, the Kanawha County textbook war of 1974 becomes a pivotal saga in the rise of the New Right. Cutting through the liberal and conservative discourses that have simultaneously romanticized and demonized the poor whites of Appalachia, Carol Mason convincingly portrays the textbook protests as a ‘discursive crossroads’ that cast West Virginia’s working class as both backward and modern, as violent racists and innocent victims, and ultimately as Christian warriors battling to save the American soul.” —MattheW d. LassiteR, univeRsity of MichiGan 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7581-8 256 pages | $22.95 paper (catalog price: $18.36)

working-class ethnic whites of East Baltimore, and he shows a fundamental understanding of the workings of federal regulatory agencies and the peculiar pace at which the courts manage social conflict. The result is a wonderful combination of social science and history that illuminates one of America’s key social concerns.”—edWaRd d. beRkoWitZ, GeoRGe WashinGton univeRsity

2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7652-5 272 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

new york AMish Life in the Plain Communities of the Empire State karen m. JoHnson-weiner
“New York Amish traverses between the history of the Anabaptists in the sixteenth century and anthropological work among contemporary Amish communities, bringing Amish history into the larger religious narrative of New York. Throughout, the author allows the reader to appreciate the variation and complexity of these communities in a respectful way.”— phiLip p. aRnoLd, syRacuse univeRsity 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4518-7 240 pages | $24.95 clotH (catalog price: $19.96)



rUffiAns, yAkUzA, nAtionAlists The Violent Politics of Modern Japan, 1860–1960 eiko maruko siniawer
“In tracing the history of violent political groups in Japan, Siniawer not only demonstrates how they contributed to ‘fascist violence’ in prewar Japan but also reveals how democratic ends emerged directly and indirectly from undemocratic actions before and after World War II. The insight is just one of many in this fascinating study of hooligans and fixers in modern Japanese politics.”—MichaeL LeWis, MichiGan state univeRsity 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4720-4 288 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)

distriBUted for Cornell University’s soUtheAst AsiA ProgrAM PUBliCAtions the AMBigUoUs AllUre of the west Traces of the Colonial in Thailand racHel v. Harrison & peter a. Jackson,
foreword by

new in paperback

seCUring jAPAn Tokyo’s Grand Strategy and the Future of East Asia ricHard J. samuels
“Samuels shows how international constraints and domestic politics have been interacting since the late 19th century, filtering and framing Japan’s security policy choices. He argues that through all the fluctuations—and Samuels is a very astute guide through these zigs and zags—the search for prestige and autonomy have been the constants.” —the Japan times cornell studies in security affairs 2008 (2007) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7490-3 296 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96)

dipesH cHakrabarty

This volume examines the impact of Western imperialism on Thai cultural development from the 1850s to the present and highlights the value of postcolonial analysis for studying the ambiguities, inventions, and accommodations with the West that continue to enrich Thai culture. 2010 | isBn: 978-0-87727-607-4 320 pages | $23.95 paper (catalog price: $19.16)

PhAn ChâU trinh And his PolitiCAl writings vinH sinH, editor
Phan Châu Trinh (1872–1926) was the earliest proponent of democracy and popular rights in Vietnam. Throughout his life, he favored a moderate approach to political change and advised the country’s leaders to seek gradual progress for Vietnam within the French colonial system. Vinh Sinh’s masterly introduction to Phan Châu Trinh’s essays illuminate both this turbulent era and the courageous intelligence of the author. 2009 | isbn: 978-0-87727-749-1 152 pages | $20.95 paper (catalog price: $16.76)

ChAnging PolitiCs in jAPAn ikuo kabasHima & gill steel
“Changing Politics in Japan provides an up-to-date, integrated, and historically salient argument about the links between parties, politicians, and elections in postwar Japan. Ikuo Kabashima and Gill Steel expand on the rising role of the media and changes in the nature of the Japanese bureaucracy.” —t. J. peMpeL, univeRsity of caLifoRnia, beRkeLey 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7600-6 184 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96)

new in paperback

new in paperback

ChinA’s longest CAMPAign Birth Planning in the People’s Republic, 1949–2005 tyrene wHite
“White’s careful reading of documentary evidence from the 1950s leads to a nuanced and interesting picture of internal debates within the Chinese leadership and among intellectuals about birthcontrol issues in a period prior to mandatory family planning.”—MaRtin k. Whyte, haRvaRd univeRsity 2009 (2006) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7539-9 320 pages | $23.95 paper (catalog price: $19.16)

the MAking of MinjUng Democracy and the Politics of Representation in South Korea namHee lee
“The Making of Minjung puts the South Korean struggles for democracy and social justice on the world historical stage. An answer to the postcolonial predicament, a movement, and a transformative public sphere, minjung emerges as a remarkable historical constellation. Namhee Lee’s is that sort of history of the present that takes us into the future.” —nancy abeLMann, univeRsity of iLLinois at uRbanachaMpaiGn 2009 (2007) | isBn: 978-0-8014-7573-3 368 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)


Cornell University Press

AfriCA And world history
new in paperback

sACred gifts, ProfAne PleAsUres A History of Tobacco and Chocolate in the Atlantic World marcy norton

for tHe

winner, 2009 asfs book award (association study of food and society)

dArfUr And the Crisis of governAnCe in sUdAn A Critical Reader salaH m. Hassan & carina e. ray, editors
foreword by

andreas esHete

“Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures shows how the exchange between alien civilizations prefigured a revolution in taste that was both genuinely global and largely independent of the power dynamics of colonialism. . . . Norton creatively uses a wide range of sources, from Mayan artwork to early modern medical manuals to Inquisition records, to show how two frequently consumed substances were integrated into European consciousness and diet.”—times literary supplement 2010 (2008) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7632-7 352 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

“This is a unique and thoughtfully conceived book that speaks to those who are just learning about the crisis in Darfur, as well as those who are seeking to deepen and nuance their understanding of it. In addition to incorporating local Sudanese voices, the book provides a comprehensive discussion of the multiple dimensions of the Darfur crises and will certainly challenge many of the preconceived and oversimplified narratives about the war.”—ahMad sikainGa, the ohio state univeRsity a prince claus fund library publication 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7594-8 524 pages | $39.95 paper (catalog price: $31.96)

ProsPerity for All Consumer Activism in an Era of Globalization mattHew Hilton
“Hilton’s fine book traces the history of the consumer movement, focusing on how its agenda has changed and how, in the process, it has neglected two critical issues, overconsumption by some groups and underconsumption by others. . . . The powerful narrative makes insightful links to broader social and global issues.”—ChoiCe 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7507-8 328 pages | $26.95 paper (catalog price: $21.56)

dArfUr A 21st Century Genocide, Third Edition gérard prunier
“A passionate and highly readable account of the current tragedy that combines intimate knowledge of the region’s history, politics, and sociology, with a telling cynicism about the polite but ineffectual diplomatic efforts to end it. It is the best account available of the Darfur crisis.” —ForeiGn aFFairs (RevieWinG the 2005 edition) crises in world politics 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7503-0 280 pages | $17.95 paper (catalog price: $14.36)

nAtions And nAtionAlisM Second Edition ernest gellner
introduction by JoHn


First published in 1983, Nations and Nationalism remains one of the most influential explanations of the emergence of nationalism ever written. This updated edition of Ernest Gellner’s now-canonical work includes a new introductory essay from John Breuilly, tracing the way the field has evolved over the past two decades, and a bibliography of important work on nationalism since 1983. 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7500-9 208 pages | $18.95 paper (catalog price: $15.16)

new in paperback

the order of genoCide Race, Power, and War in Rwanda scott straus

winner, 2006 award for excellence in govpolitical science (professional and scHolarly publisHing division of tHe association of american publisHers)
ernment and

islAM in the world todAy A Handbook of Politics, Religion, Culture, and Society werner ende & udo steinbacH, editors
“Islam in the World Today is the most comprehensive work available on contemporary Islam and all phenomena connected with the organization of Islamic societies today. This new English-language edition will prove tremendously useful as a textbook and reference book.”—fRank GRiffeL, yaLe univeRsity 2010 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4571-2 1,032 pages | $85.00 clotH (catalog price: $68.00)

“The Order of Genocide will be an enduring contribution to our understanding of the Rwandan genocide as well as to theories of ethnic violence and genocides more generally.”—nations and nationalism 2008 (2006) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7492-7 296 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96)



diPloMAtiC And MilitAry history
new in paperback

sorry stAtes Apologies in International Politics Jennifer lind
“States victimized by aggression often harbor resentment against the perpetrator, but can apologies by the latter lead to reconciliation and harmonious relations? Jennifer Lind focuses on political rather than cultural factors in her cogent analysis of remembrance and remorse. She finds that the issue is whether apologies by the aggressor can reduce the perception of threat by former victims.”—Choice cornell studies in security affairs 2010 (2008) | isbn: 978-0-8014-7628-0 256 pages | $22.95 paper (catalog price: $18.36)

BlUe helMets And BlACk MArkets The Business of Survival in the Siege of Sarajevo peter andreas

Honorable mention, 2009 wayne s. vucinicH book prize (aaass)

“In this pioneering book, Peter Andreas tells the true underlying story of the four-year siege of Sarajevo. Peopled by war profiteers, smugglers, gangsters, common criminals, greedy nationalist politicians, and most surprisingly the endemically corrupt international peacekeeping forces, his account captures the seamy underbelly of the Sarajevo siege, all without losing sight of the suffering of the city’s innocent victims.” —RobeRt J. donia, authoR of saraJevo: a BioGraphy 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4355-8 240 pages | $25.00 clotH (catalog price: $20.00) new in paperback

fArMers on welfAre The Making of Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy ann-cHristina l. knudsen
“This is an important work that provides the most detailed account to date of the creation of the Common Agricultural Policy. Employing newly tapped archival sources, Knudsen challenges much of the received wisdom about the formation of the CAP.” —adaM sheinGate, the Johns hopkins univeRsity 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4727-3 360 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

UnCovering wAys of wAr U.S. Intelligence and Foreign Military Innovation, 1918–1941 tHomas g. maHnken
“Mahnken has illuminated a significant but neglected topic. His important book will interest students of interwar military history and will be required reading for intelligence historians.”—Journal oF military history cornell studies in security affairs 2009 (2002) | isBn: 978-0-8014-7574-0 202 pages | $22.95 paper (catalog price: $18.36) new in paperback

the end of the west? Crisis and Change in the Atlantic Order Jeffrey anderson, g. JoHn ikenberry & tHomas risse, editors
“In this must-read book, an outstanding group of scholars tackles one of the most critical international issues of our time: how the transatlantic partnership will evolve in the years to come. Everyone concerned about the future of American political, security, and economic relations with the European Union and NATO is sure to find in The End of the West? compelling arguments for thought and debate.” —tony sMith, tufts univeRsity 2008 | isBn: 978-0-8014-7400-2 312 pages | $21.00 paper (catalog price: $16.80) new in paperback

the UltiMAte eneMy British Intelligence and Nazi Germany, 1933–1939 wesley k. wark
“The Ultimate Enemy is clearly, often cleverly and brilliantly, written. It has wit and panache. And, most of all, the author brings a massive intelligence and industry to bear on one of the most important topics of interwar history.”—pauL M. kennedy, yaLe univeRsity cornell studies in security affairs 2010 (1985) | isBn: 978-0-8014-7638-9 304 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96) new in paperback

UnderMining the kreMlin America’s Strategy to Subvert the Soviet Bloc, 1947–1956 gregory mitrovicH
• winner,

liddell hArt And the weight of history JoHn J. mearsHeimer
For almost half a century, Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart (1895–1970) was the most highly regarded writer on strategy and military matters in the English-speaking world. In this unflinching but balanced book, John J. Mearsheimer reexamines Liddell Hart’s career and uncovers evidence that he manipulated the facts to create a false picture of his role in military policy debates in the 1930s. cornell studies in security affairs 2010 (1998) | isBn: 978-0-8014-7631-0 248 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)

2001 stuart l. bernatH book prize (tHe society for Historians of american foreign relations)

“A solid account of U.S. national security policy toward the Soviet Union during the Truman and Eisenhower eras.”—ChoiCe cornell studies in security affairs 2009 (2000) | isBn: 978-0-8014-7577-1 248 pages | $24.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96)


Cornell University Press

history of sCienCe | historiogrAPhy
history And its liMits Human, Animal, Violence dominick lacapra
“Dominick LaCapra is a real metahistorian, constantly surveying the borders between history and the new topics arising on history’s confines. No one is better informed in this field and no one is more solicitous of history’s well-being. In this book, he shows the centrality of history to the other human and social sciences and demonstrates clearly the function of sea anchor which historical knowledge fulfills in secular culture.”—hayden White 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7515-3 248 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96)

the Mirror, the window, And the telesCoPe How Renaissance Linear Perspective Changed Our Vision of the Universe samuel y. edgerton
“Edgerton’s very readable book provides a clear history of linear perspective, with a detailed reconstruction of the Brunelleschi experiment set against the religious background of fifteenth-century Florence. It considers the spiritual and moral implications of geometric optics, and shows how artists as well as religious leaders used the new knowledge and adapted it to their traditional assumptions about visualized nature.”—times literary supplement 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7480-4 224 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $19.96) new in paperback

the AnnAles sChool An Intellectual History andré burguière
translated by Jane foreword by

marie todd timotHy tackett

glUt Mastering Information through the Ages alex wrigHt
“This stimulating book offers much opportunity to reflect on the nature and long history of information management as a damper to the panic or the elation we may variously feel as we face ever greater scales of information overload.”—nature 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7509-2 296 pages | $18.95 paper (catalog price: $15.16) new in paperback

“Cosmopolitan and cultivated, André Burguière has written an elegant and thoughtful study of the historiographical ‘school’ of which he has been a pillar for many decades. While his insider status affords him a host of trenchant insights, it has blunted neither his critical spirit nor a certain polemical bent.” —steven L. kapLan, coRneLL univeRsity 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4665-8 328 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

telling stories The Use of Personal Narratives in the Social Sciences and History mary Jo maynes, Jennifer l. pierce & barbara laslett
“Telling Stories provides an instructive and usable map of approaches to working with personal narratives. The authors’ careful readings of a number of key texts are clear and graceful.” —MichaeL fRisch, univeRsity at buffaLo, suny 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7392-0 200 pages | $19.95 paper (catalog price: $15.96)

PlUtoniUM A History of the World’s Most Dangerous Element Jeremy bernstein
“Plutonium is a strong candidate for the weirdest, most fascinating, and most frightening element in the periodic table. For it to be the subject of a book by the acclaimed physicist turned science writer Jeremy Bernstein promises a great deal. Plutonium does not disappoint, even for those who think they are already familiar with the evolution of nuclear science during the twentieth century.”—physiCs world 2009 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7517-7 216 pages | $17.95 paper (catalog price: $14.36)

stAndArds And their stories How Quantifying, Classifying, and Formalizing Practices Shape Everyday Life martHa lampland & susan leigH star,

“This engaging book serves several purposes. It explains much of the history, rationale, and politics of standards. It shows why they have huge social impact, far beyond what most of us realize, often far beyond what was intended. And best of all, it is fun to read.”—don noRMan, noRthWesteRn univeRsity 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7461-3 264 pages | $22.95 paper (catalog price: $18.36)



AnthroPology of food & ConsUMPtion reCent AwArd-winning Books
BACh in Berlin Nation and Culture in Mendelssohn’s Revival of the St. Matthew Passion celia applegate
• WinneR,

PAssion And order
Restraint of Grief in the Medieval Italian Communes

carol lansing
• WinneR,

2007 daad book pRiZe (GeRMan studies association) 2005 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4389-3 304 pages | $36.95 clotH (catalog price: $29.56)

2008 hoWaRd R. MaRRaRo pRiZe (aMeRican cathoLic histoRicaL association)
conJunctions of religion and power in tHe medieval past 2008 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4062-5 264 pages | $47.50 clotH (catalog price: $38.00)

origins of the other lAUghing MAtters Farce and the Making of Absolutism in France sara beam
• WinneR,

Emmanuel Levinas between Revelation and Ethics

samuel moyn
• coWinneR,

2008 bainton pRiZe in histoRy (sixteenth centuRy society and confeRence) 2007 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4560-6 280 pages | $57.50 clotH (catalog price: $42.00)

nal oF the history oF ideas)

2005 MoRRis d. foRkosch pRiZe (Jour-

2006 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7366-1 288 pages | $18.95 paper (catalog price: $15.16)

the trAnsforMAtion of A religioUs lAndsCAPe
Medieval Southern Italy, 850–1150

trAnsCending CAPitAlisM Howard brick
• honoRabLe

valerie ramseyer
WinneR, 2007 heLen and hoWaRd R. MaRRaRo pRiZe in itaLian histoRy (society foR itaLian histoRicaL studies)

Visions of a New Society in Modern American Thought Mention, 2007 MeRLe cuRti aWaRd (oRGaniZation of aMeRican histoRians) 2006 | isbn: 978-0-8014-2590-5 336 pages | $39.95 clotH (catalog price: $31.96)

conJunctions of religion and power in tHe medieval past 2006 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4403-6 240 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

the hoUse in the gArden eMPire of nAtions francine HirscH
• WinneR, 2007 heRbeRt baxteR adaMs pRiZe (aMeRi-

The Bakunin Family and the Romance of Russian Idealism

Ethnographic Knowledge and the Making of the Soviet Union

JoHn randolpH
• WinneR, 2008 W. bRuce LincoLn book pRiZe (aMeRican association foR the advanceMent sLavic studies )



histoRicaL association)

culture and society after socialism 2005 | isbn: 978-0-8014-8908-2 392 pages | $28.95 paper (catalog price: $23.16)

2007 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4542-2 304 pages | $45.00 clotH (catalog price: $36.00)

A CoMMon stAge carol symes
•WinneR, •WinneR, •WinneR,

Theater and Public Life in Medieval Arras

CArtogrAPhies of tsArdoM valerie kivelson
•WinneR, •WinneR,

The Land and Its Meanings in Seventeenth-Century Russia 2007 bainton histoRy and theoLoGy pRiZe (sixteenth centuRy society and confeRence) 2007 heLdt pRiZe foR the best book by a WoMan in sLavic studies (association foR WoMen in sLavic studies) 2006 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7253-4 312 pages | $29.95 paper (catalog price $23.96)

2008 heRbeRt baxteR adaMs pRiZe (aMeRican histoRicaL association) 2008 david pinkney pRiZe (society fRench histoRicaL studies)

2008 david bevinGton aWaRd foR best neW book in eaRLy dRaMa studies (MedievaL and Renaissance dRaMa society)
conJunctions of religion and power in tHe medieval past 2007 | isbn: 978-0-8014-4581-1 376 pages | $49.95 clotH (catalog price: $39.96)

generAtion eXistentiAl etHan kleinberg

ArChiteCt of jUstiCe
Felix S. Cohen and the Founding of American Legal Pluralism

Heidegger’s Philosophy in France, 1927–1961 2005 MoRRis d. foRkosch pRiZe (Journal oF the history oF ideas)
• coWinneR,

dalia tsuk mitcHell
• WinneR,

2007 LittLeton-GRisWoLd pRiZe (aMeRican histoRicaL association)
2007 | isbn: 978-0-8014-3956-8 384 pages | $62.95 clotH (catalog price: )$50.36

2007 | isbn: 978-0-8014-7382-1 308 pages | $22.95 paper (catalog price: $18.36)


Cornell University Press

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