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Historical Society Incorporated

January—February 2007
Newsletter No. 25

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor Next meeting, 3 February 2007, 2.30 pm,
Lions Hall.
Avondale Primary School Reunion
The plan is to first record oral histories by interviewing
The Organising Committee, facilitated by Doris Selwyn, older members some of whom are in their nineties. It then
have met twice now and started liaising with Avondale intends to publish a list of all the lodges together with
Primary staff. The reunion is planned for November 2007, where they met and when they were active plus the names
the exact weekend to be decided upon in conjunction with of some who were involved in the hope that members of
the school. the public may came forward with useful information in-
cluding photographs.
The next meeting will be Monday 22 January 2007. Please
advise if you would like to be part of the organising com- Help will be needed in obtaining and collating the informa-
mittee. tion and it is hoped that members of the Society will give
advice on how to organise this stage.
Highbury Street to Community Lane Eventually it is intended to publish a book that will be use-
ful for social research and of interest to those seeking
knowledge of earlier times.
As supported by resolution of the Society, I wrote a letter Anyone who would like to help should contact:
to the Chairman of Auckland City Council’s Transport and
Urban Linkages Committee, advising him of the Society’s Jim Gilbert
support for renaming the southern part of Highbury Street 5 Chaucer Place
“Community Lane” and why (primarily because of asso- Blockhouse Bay
ciations with the community, and it is the main access to Ph 626-6359
the Avondale Community Centre.) Community Board
Member Duncan Macdonald presented the letter to the e-mail
committee on 13 December, and the committee voted to
rescind their earlier decision to rename the street
“Highbury Court Lane”. Now, it’s up to Council in the
New Year. Trading Table
$10 was made at the last meeting, and a further $20 at
Auckland IOOF oral history Blockhouse Bay Community Centre on the Santa Parade
day in December (table manned by Dawn and Lisa).
Jim Gilbert came to address the Society at our December If you have any items to contribute to the Trading Table,
meeting. I asked him to write to us describing this interest- all and any saleable items would be appreciated.
ing project:
Next meeting 3 February 2007.

Star of Auckland Lodge No 26 was established in 1879 Guest Speaking
and is housed in the Performing Arts Centre in the Pasa-
dena Intermediate School which it manages in conjunction Many thanks to Peter Blaiklock for his wonderful talk
with the school and the Ministry of Education. during our December meeting on his memories of serving
This Friendly Society group has decided to spend a year or on the police force, and general Avondale/West Auckland
more researching the history of the Order in the Greater reminiscences.
Auckland area. Since 1879 over forty other lodges were
formed and although many have since closed there are still Our guest speaker at the February 2007 meeting will be
over a dozen in existence. Phil Sai-Louie on the meaning of surnames.