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Historical Society Incorporated

November—December 2007
Newsletter No. 30

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor
Journal and Newsletter going
St Ninians Church electronic
Duncan Macdonald, a Society and Avondale Com- The Avondale Historical Journal and the Newsletter
munity Board member, came up with an idea to put a are now both available by email. If anyone would
proposal to Council for St Ninians, still closed to all prefer receiving these publications in .pdf format,
users, as a Heritage Centre/Museum. A conservation please send an email to:
plan has been completed for the site by Council.
The Society at their last meeting voted to express an This will help keep our production and postage costs
interest in what happens to the site, and that we down.
would like to have more information from Council.
Right now, we can’t commit to anything without full West Auckland Historical
information which can be brought back to a meeting
of the Society for a decision. I suppose, yet again —
Society bus tour
it’s “Watch this space”.
Sunday 20th January 2008
9.30 am. at Corbans Estate Arts Centre
Heritage Festival $25.00 (this includes morning and afternoon tea)
Bring your own lunch ! Lunch will be at Arataki
The two walks arranged along Great North Road and they are providing a room and tea and coffee facili-
St Georges went very well. The first one had around ties.
15 in the group, and the second had around 30 or so (I
lost count after I’d counted 18 heads — then an big The tour will end at Mill Cottage with afternoon tea
influx of people arrived at the last minute). Having and a tour of the site.
large photos with me of past images of buildings and
sites along the walk seemed to work very well, and For those coming via the motorway from Auckland
there were a number of questions asked. exit at the Lincoln Road exit continue the full length
of Lincoln Road taking the middle lane at the end,
cross straight over the intersection over the railway
Primary School Reunion line and turn left into the Corbans Estate where we
have arranged for 20 car parks for the day.
There have been over 300 registrations to date for the
Avondale Primary School Reunion. Final preparations Morning tea will be available at the rear of the
are underway for this event. Corban Homestead. Members will be on site to di-
rect and welcome you.
Dates: 23 and 24 November 2007
Con Anderson and Ben Copedo are the tour leaders
for the day and will give out a booklet on the places
To all readers, members and friends you will see. The first part of the tour is the Corbans
Estate after which you will board the bus. Guests
Have a safe and joyous Christmas and a
will be returned to their cars from Mill Cottage.
Happy New Year for 2008
Book your seat soon!!!!
from You can contact us by email or phone (09) 817 8822

Avondale-Waterview Historical Society Next meeting, 1 December 2007, 2.30 pm,
Lions Hall.
Guest Speaker & post to : Anne Bowie
1/11 Matiere Rd
Phil Sai-Louie at our October meeting gave a very Onehunga 1061
interesting and well-received talk on British sur- Please make sure to provide your name & phone
names and their origin. Phil told us his father, of number, & e-mail (if you have one) & which group
Chinese descent, had his first shop in Onehunga you are a member of.
which still exists today (it’s now the location of the
Hard to Find bookshop). Phil himself originally
planned to be a teacher (this showed in the way he
presented his speech, complete with small white-
A street named after a
board!) but along the way entered government ser- Richardson
vice, then the banking field. He has an interest in
many subjects — and one of them is surname ori- Society member Lorna Gagen quite rightly gave me a
gins. prod recently (so to speak) when I forgot she had sent
through a news clipping last year about a street in
British surnames occur from around the 13th cen- Papakura named after her late brother Judge Ken
tury. They became necessary due to changes in soci- Richardson.
ety from small villages to large towns and cities.
Some of the adopted surnames used were descrip- As part of a Ponga Valley development, Ken
tive in the Middle Ages when they were first used, Richardson’s grandson suggested to the Papakura
but are now, thanks to changing language, some- District Council that the new road be named “Ken
what embarrassing for their owners. There are four Richardson Street”. There was the usual kafuffle that
types of surname: arises from such matters, especially as the council
1. Those from Christian names (Johnson) there already had a similarly named street, but they
2. Those from localities (Hill) compromised and named it Judge Richardson Drive.
3. Those from occupations (Taylor)
4. Nicknames describing a person’s attributes Ken Richardson was the country’s youngest district
judge at one time, and went on to be NZ’s longest
Some of the meanings Phil gave us: serving judge before he retired. He died in July 1996.
Bottom — valley He worked as a barrister in the famous Bassett Road
Coward—cow-herd murders case. Originally from Avondale, he attended
Crap—a cropper Avondale Primary then went to Kowhai Intermediate
Daft—gentle and Mt Albert Grammar. During his life he resided at
Idle—uncultivated land Howick for a time, then moved to Papakura in 1974.
Leak—a stream Much of his career was spent at the Papakura District
Savage—wild woods Court.
Spittle—a short form of “hospital”
Wallop—stream valley So — thanks to his beginnings, we can add Judge
————- Richardson Drive to the list of streets named after
folk with a connection to Avondale.
Our Guest Speaker for December will be Chris
Kiwi, talking to us about Ponsonby.
Primary History
A Voyage of Discovery I have Ron Oates’ permission to reprint and publish
On the Manukau Harbour copies of his excellent notes taken from the Avondale
Primary School Committee minute books, first com-
piled 1990 (before Challenge of the Whau) and now
Sunday 9 March 2008 updated down to 2007. I hope to have copies avail-
Come on a sightseeing cruise, exploring the northern able for purchase in time for the reunion. These will
side of the harbour from Onehunga to Laingholm- be small A5 format booklets.
full commentary, history & nature- approx 2 hours
Leaving from Mangere Bridge 10.30 am A history of the early Whau Schools I’m preparing
Cost only $20 includes tea, coffee & biscuits should be ready soon (I hope!)
Send cheque for $20 payable to Manukau Harbour